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Just in case anybody was wondering: I'm obviously on a long, quite hiatus and am simply busy beyond reasonable belief. It's the whole dad-work-life balance thing. And I'm very confident that I don't think I'll finish updating everything before 1.0 is released... so I think I might just wait for that to happen, or maybe start converting things to 1.0 now.

It's unfortunate, I know.

Here are some quotes that are on my mind:

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
~William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, 1600

He who has made a thousand things and he who has made none, both feel the same desire: to make something. ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin
Yes and No.

So, when it comes to adding research prerequisites to the recipe Maker itself, no. It can only have one. (For reference, building thingDefs can have multiple using a different tag).

You can get creative:

A prerequisite for the work bench and a separate prerequisite for the item itself

You can make the item require several parts, of which each part has its own prerequisite.
Mods / Re: Community Animal Pack
April 28, 2018, 10:30:49 PM
Those are great looking drawings. You should get on the discord, they have a great community of other artists which could help you finish them/give you feedback  :)
Quote from: Umbreon117 on April 27, 2018, 08:21:49 PM
How crazy would you need to be feeling to make this Combat Extended compatible? :p

(Not saying to do it, just curious. It's a fun looking mod, but it looks like it has a LOT of weapons)

We've looked at it. I'm not saying that CE is off the table (because CE adds a lot of combat mechanics that would be useful for our style of game play), but CE also adds a lot of stuff we'd have to very diligently remove from the game such as guns and grenades. So the question for us is if we can get a similar or better experience by developing those mechanics in house, using a more appropriate mod to comp, or adding some new libraries to the project. My initial review suggested that one of the latter two options would likely be the best course of action.

But that hopefully won't stop anybody from designing a CE compatibility patch  ;)
Quote from: Hugsterman on April 24, 2018, 12:52:03 PM
thanks for the response, really cool to see. Another question if it's ok:
Would it be possible to do something like have incredibly powerful, legendary monsters that individually act as their own faction in that you can gain and lose favor with them?

There are plans to have more dynamic and interesting factions in game. We haven't delved too deeply into how the implement that specific feature, but I suspect that it'll be easy enough. Major threats will typically have their own faction, bases, and followers. If your settlement gets large enough, they'll attack and lead their forces from the front line. In the future, this will likely be how ancient dragons, hostile archmages (archmagi?), elder elementals, dire druids, fiends, demons, devils, void wraiths attack.

Quote from: Jackalvin on April 25, 2018, 11:53:04 AM
If you can't make a one man faction, give it minions. What self respecting dragon has no minions? None. Th- thats who.

My thoughts exactly! Early game threats will include your standard tribal raider trying to break your table, as well as that legendary creature's minions, as the game ramps up, you'll be met with tougher, more diverse threats which will challenge your defenses. 
You should post a few images  ;)
Outdated / Re: [B18] Colorful Sterile Tiles
April 26, 2018, 11:30:19 AM
It's the mod we all didn't know we needed!  ;D For whatever reason, I always like to make a red cross in the middle of my hospital, so it's nice that this can be done with a red sterile tile.
Quote from: Hugsterman on April 21, 2018, 11:22:38 PM
Hello Eroks, I found this mod today and I have to say: I'm in goddamn love. I was trying to get a medieval fantasy run to work in rimworld and the sooner this mod is in b18 the sooner that dream shall be reality. No pressure though, I understand this stuff is complicated and I am more than happy to wait for EO to reach it's full potential.

I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm... it helps keep me going though these long grinds!  :D  I won't make any promises on when the next build will be playable, as there is way too much going on for me to guarantee that I'll be able to work on this or that on any given day. At this point, I can say we are closer to a B18 product than we are to a A17 product. I would post a picture of my error log screen, but it's not that interesting...

QuoteJust two questions: I saw you mention playable races and potentially using races from other modders if they are ok with it. 1: Are the argonians of blackmarsh possibly on that list?

Basic answer: they are on the short list of possible candidates for a "sooner" rather than "later" implementation. There are a ton of great races out there, and we'll likely prioritize those with a slight fantasy flare first and retool them into one of the core races found on Eorth. Modraneth has done some excellent work creating profiles for numerous races and societies within Eorth and we want to make sure that whatever race mods get initially included line up well. For example, here is a snippet from our working draft document:

QuoteLizardkin have an innate caution that ensures that they don't act on impulse, though they are ruthlessly efficient once moved to attack or defend themselves. The organized and formal factions of lizardkin tend to be neutral to other races and societies, rarely attacking outright in spite or territorial dispute. The more chaotic, militant factions are known for engaging in raids to capture resources or slaves, though they tend not to pick sides and raid as they see fit. As a people, lawful or chaotic, they relish the most in the opportunity to defend their homelands, doing so with a powerful fervor. Lizardkin aspire to take as many prisoners as possible when attacked and force them into a life of solitude. Their homelands tend to be dotted with traps designed to incapacitate rather than kill and constant patrols sneak through dangerous areas hoping to ambush an unwarry party. An assaulting force should expect to incur heavy losses from skirmisher hit and run tactics, merciless ambushes, unforgiving traps of all sorts--all before reaching their final destination and beginning a raid or siege. Only trusted allies are shown the hidden paths that allow safe passage. Becoming such a trusted ally is often difficult, as outsiders are met with suspension, at best, and outright hostility in most regards. Still, if such trust can be earned, lizardkin are faithful allies. For example, when traders enter their lands with good intentions and a social fight happens they will never resort to physical warm but instead rely on insults. Lizardkin's have a strong dislike toward goblins. They display a certain proclivity toward enslaving them for enlavement's sake, often gaining enjoyment from making them the practical targets of torment.

Quote2: will the playable races have unique attributes, such as argonians, for instance, having an increased healing rate due to their hist skin or something similar?

Yep! The specifics are still being worked out. We want to have a racial or societal group have unique traits based both on their blood and their lifestyle. For example, our lizardkin will tend to generate at Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, or Lawful Evil; have a slight boost in strength and constitution; move quicker through water terrain; be accomplished melee combatants; and receive mood buffs from keeping prisoners and when defending against raids and sieges.

On that note... here today's minor update:

The Wargod's Crest

QuoteThe Wargod's Crest was handed out to skilled officers and warriors in Pang Li's army and eventually took a ceremonial tone, falling into the hands of nobles and kings over the many years. During the Warring Times, Gluttony sought to corrupt the followers of perfection and claim a Godstone that had surfaced upon Eorth. This calamity had nearly pushed the Master of Masters to the brink before, out of desperation, he turned to this childhood friend, The Lady of Valor. Eager to test The Master's resolve and prowess in combat, she agreed to come to his aid if he could best her in honorable combat. He agreed, and it is said that the battle ended in a draw, with neither overcoming the other. Although he did not fulfill the challenge, she was impressed, and crafted a Katana imbued with a runeforge of a Green Dragon, Sword, and Shield (which would later becoming known as the Wargod's Crest). She obliged that any hero he bestowed the Katana of Valor's Perfection upon would find allies among any struggle against tyranny.  Such allies would carry the Wargod's Crest and be graced by her protection.

The Wargod's Crest was originally an item from Medieval Times and it has now attained legednary status in Epic Omega  ;) The Katana of Valor's Perfection is an artifact inspired by Steeps of Destiny by Alexandr Zhelanov.

We've been working on getting all the weapons, armors, animals, and monsters converted to the new B18 standard. I've had to resist a very strong urge to add new things and simply get our B18 release finished.  ::)

Most items, especially weapons and armor, will come in four grades: common, magic, legendary, and artifact. Some of Medieval Time's legendary and artifact items will be carried over with new flavor text and building requirements, as above, but most will be new items that pay tribute to those who've helped contribute to the mod or tell the tales of Eorth.

  • Common items can be forged or crafted from standard materials at an appropriate workbench with the necessary prerequisite research project.
  • Magic items are common items enhanced with the essence of mana. Mana shards provide the magical energy to bestow unique powers and properties on these items. An established, well-to-do settlement will likely have numerous magic items and its main adventurers will likely be sporting an entire set of magical gear.
  • Legendary items are rarer, powerful, and radiate with an aura of magic or divine power. Mana Crystals provide the magical energy of legendary items. While not always unique in the sense that there is only one in existence (as artifacts), these items are hard to come by or create. A well established, powerful settlement will have a decent handful of items and it's main adventurers might have one or two of them each.
  • Artifacts items are very rare, powerful, and ornate. They radiate with an overwhelming aura of arcane or divine power, often requiring the direct intervention of an amazingly powerful creature or deity to create. These are sometimes the objects of world quests and can be found hidden or, in some cases, locked away in a dungeon.
Mods / Re: Community Animal Pack
April 22, 2018, 07:38:40 PM
What sort of permissions are associated with this project?

In particular, can it be included in mod packs?
For today's update, I would like to present the "final" research tab: The divine and moral tab!

War and Peace Tab

I say "final" because I doubt it's truly the final, final tab. However, it'll be the last major addition to the research screen on our way toward getting a B18 release. As with war and peace, this one is a bit smaller compared to the others because many of the mod comps we've added thus far have not dealt directly with religion or moral philosophy. And as with war and peace, I suspect that this will expand in the future to potentially include astrology, pantheons, and the establishment of cults and religious organizations.

One apsect that I would like to highlight is the clear delination between good and evil. EO uses an alignment system akin to its DnD origins. Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos are physical states just as much as they are philosophical mindsets. Evil individuals tend to embody evil itself, for example. When we line up alignment, philosophy, and magic, we tend to see evil individuals subscribe to a certain school of magic, necromancy. Necromancy is not necessarily evil itself. Many loremasters believe that if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects--these loremasters are not (generally) evil.

Having said all that, embracing the moral philosophies associated with an alignment can enhance your play style... (but might make put the opposite alignments in a bad mood)  :)
Help / Rimworld B18 Default Texture Files with Paths
April 17, 2018, 09:24:05 PM
No credit for me (I'm just reposting from the Discord)

Rimworld B18 Default Texture Files with Paths:

Credit goes to @dianne for sharing and @Alias for the work in making the directory; and I guess also @DæmonĐeathAngel for pinning the share of the directory on the discord  ::)
Alright... short update for today. Presenting our warfare research tree:

War and Peace Tab

This tab is a bit smaller than the others. Much of the work in creating EO thus far hasn't focused too much on warfare related concepts, therefore there wasn't much that need to be designed to create a baseline framework. I do suspect this tree to expand a lot in the future, especially when our attention turns more toward war and diplomacy. There have been some great additions to the modding community that would fit nicely in this tree and I look forward to adding them to EO at some point!

Settlement and City Tab (2nd Iteration)

Short update for today. As noted previously, we continue iterating through different setups for the settlement and city tab. This one is definitely improved over the previous tab: Drug Production and Medicine Production have been disentangled from each other a bit more and the Farming Tree was stretched out to be more appealing and coherent. I think there is still work to be done with the Trade Tree and Cooking Tree, but we're looking better each day! ;D
Quote from: Jackalvin on April 11, 2018, 11:57:16 AM
I can't wait for the B18 version, What races will be playable? The Kobold Dictorial State must happen!

I don't want to make any promises I can't keep in regards to playable races for the Build 13e for B18 release. I can confirm that humans will continue to be a playable race, and blade wielding, manhunting crabs will be a thing  ;). The team has discussed the plethora of outstanding races that are now available within the community and there is a strong desire to implement many of those in the near future--provided we can get permission and we come up with a good backstory for them.

Here is today's update:

Arcane and Spellcasting Tab

A few items of note. First, this one was designed to be basic and a bit spacious. This is to contrast the inheriently complex trees on the other tabs. B18 will see some introductory magic, but we wanted to leave room for specialized "arcane projects" and this tree has room to slide in new technologies without disrupting the rest of the tree. As mentioned before in this thread, there are four main schools of magic. We're still honing in on how exactly to balance schools vs spheres vs design vs playability. Having said all that, the original working document provides a slight bit of insight into how magic worked in the pencil/paper world of Epic Omega.

You'll also notice that these projects are slightly more expensive--magic, even a tiny bit of it, will have a powerful effect on the settlement. My goal was to create a system where the player needed to pick carefully how they were going to specialize. Hopefully in the future when we start work on coding, we can find a creative way to propel the storyline forward based on your progress in this tree (and the divine tree) in a manner similar to the original Alpha Centauri.

There will also be a victory condition associated with this tree--simply build all four Towers of Mastery and open up a portal back to the Multiverse to escape Eorth. Be warned though, escaping, while a victory in one sense, will leave a few mysteries unsolved.
Quote from: BlackSmokeDMax on April 10, 2018, 02:14:54 PM
That looks incredible!


Here is our update for today:

Settlement and City Tab

Above is the settlement and city tab. This collection of trees are specifically related to technologies to enhance your settlement, build industries, and support different professions. This tab differs from Crafting in that most of the technologies here produce resources, as opposed to crafting, which tends to create specific items.

The miniature Trade Tree relates to enhancements which improve the settlements ability to buy and sell in general. Establishing a guild hall is a very costly investment, but will allow the settlement to churn out specialized goods and money making products much faster.

The Medicine and Drug tree relates to creating medical supplies and drugs. Big surprise! Medicine is notably different from healing potions and cure wounds spells. Medicine works as you'd expect it to work from RimWorld. It's a useful, non-magical way to treat injuries. The latter work more like a non-addictive luciferium or resurrector mech serums. In general, magical healing is super effective, but slightly expensive. Since your adventurers will tend to be getting their arms and legs chopped off regularly, you'll want to save the powerful magic for them and use medicine to support the settlement in general.

Farming and Cooking enable different aspects of the game. Some are planned future mod comps (such as silk production, orchards, and mushroom farming). Others are as you'd expect them to work. One major difference is that many plant worktypes require both a farming technology and a culture/society technology. What this means is that when you play a dwarf and are making an underground fortress, you'll have a different selection of crops than if you're playing as a winterborn tribe.

To be honest, I'm likely going to rework this tab a little bit more in the future. It's sort of "shallow." This is an interesting contrast from the other tabs, but it's not visually appealing to me. At the very least, I might just shift the miniature trees so they are presented differently. What are your thoughts?