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Outdated / Re: [Mod] (Alpha 5) Machine Gun Nests
July 08, 2014, 09:45:22 PM
Works like a charm.  :)

Just defended myself against a wave of mechanoids with two of these in-placed, dismantled 3 scythers and a Centipede.
Mods / How to add and remove factions?
June 14, 2014, 02:25:18 PM
I have no idea how to add and remove factions on this game.

I opened my save file with note pad and saw the faction list and I resumed to delete two factions I didn't wanted, but when I went back to the game my faction list was all gone! I only deleted two out of 5. (don't worry I had a second save just in case I messed something up... which I did!)

Is their something I did wrong or did I miss something that I overlooked?

Oh and can someone educate me on how to do this right. I will greatly appreciate it.  :D
I`m so stoked for the alpha 4 version  :D

No more naked colonist and now I can control what my prisoners wear, ohh... yeah very kinky  8)