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General Discussion / Re: Caravan exit weirdness
November 19, 2021, 09:17:15 AM
Last time I checked, they exit the map on the side they are travelling to. So if you want them to exit east, send them to the world map one tile east of your base, then make your real caravan. A bit janky, but I think it'll work.
I usually start with 1-3, and get sick of the threat-scaling mechanics around the time I get my 6th person.
The sprite for Christmas trees is cut off by the back half of a pew, if built to the north. See screenshot.
I'm not trying to role-play converters, just people who have grown up with or gradually joined this group, and are unlikely to be turned to other religions.
How can you convert people to your ideoligion in the early game? The social-person role needs at least three people in your ideoligion, and I've only got two right now. From my last game, I believe you can convert prisoners and then convince them to join your colony after that, but right now I'm playing a relatively peaceful colony, and only have guests. I don't necessarily want to have a tonne of people in my ideoligion, but I'm actually just trying to prevent my peoples' beliefs going extinct - last game, some random guests converted my people to theirs, and the ideoligions the non-player factions use are usually pretty trash.
The room that the stove is in needs to be tiled; It's not a radius or other area as the info text implies. If you're short on space, the cheapest option is to have a 2x3 room just for your stove, right beside your freezer. I usually have them a bit bigger, so I can squeeze 2-4 stoves in the same room as my colony grows.
The tough temperature precept is actually just for mood, not actual temperature range or resistance to heatstroke or hypothermia. (Just tested right now with my existing game, and a brand new one with the right precepts. Same temperature range on naked colonists: 16 - 26 C ) I too, thought it would be a lot more useful. ^^;
Dryads are not sorted by their type (wood, medicine, etc) in the animals menu, unlike other animals.

To reproduce:
- get some berry-maker, wood-maker, etc dryads from trees
- spawn some monkeys and cows
- tame all of those with the dev tools
- note that the dryads are all an unsorted mess, unlike the other animals
IMO, having people lose their beds when they go on a couple days of caravan, or when re-locating a bed are more annoying because they happen more often. Usually, I only switch people's beds when they get married or divorced, or if there's one person who's greedy / jealous for an extravagant bedroom.
It seems appropriate for nudity mods to be responsible for any such extra settings. The default game just draws pawns as indistinct ovals without visible genitals.
Ideas / Re: A charitable way to kick pawns out.
August 21, 2021, 01:17:10 AM
I'd definitely send out unwanted colonists with loads of supplies, even without the charitable ideology. Just avoiding a mood penalty, in exchange for some resources seems like a fair trade to me. You could even give it a bit more depth, by having it take a few days to pack, say fare-wells (similar to insulting mental breaks, but with socializing instead), or have a farewell party sending the people off!  : )
I'd also hope they patch it. The night-person trait was rare enough that you often didn't have an entire caravan of night-people, but with this night-ideology stuff it definitely hurts.  : )
General Discussion / Re: Farm animals and temperature
August 18, 2021, 11:04:20 PM
Quote from: Canute on August 18, 2021, 10:46:27 AMI think it is intended [that animals don't come inside on their own] since animal's are not that clever.
That makes no sense. The description of the animal flap explicitly says that it's made for animals to use on their own. If they're smart enough to know where their bed is, they're smart enough to know that it's warm.
General Discussion / Re: Farm animals and temperature
August 18, 2021, 10:31:18 AM
That just sounds like a bug. When I was trying out the animal changes in the beta, they always just went to their barns at night, but I was playing in a moderate desete climate, not cold.
What's everyone's picks for the strongest, most debilitating, and most fun memes or precepts?

I think Tunneler is overall the strongest single meme, since it's got some good upsides, and not much downside. Living in small spaces, with quick tunneling, growing mushrooms on every available square inch for free? Yes please! Nudism's probably the most debilitating for a single meme, since it's just mood debuffs unless you restrict your pawns to temperate climates or take changes with death. The most fun I've had so far, has been with Tree Connection, since the guar trees seem very space-efficient compared to other crops, and grow without problem on sand, giving a nice boose to extreme desert colonies!  : )