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Mod bugs / Re: Rim world modded game always pauses and error occurs
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:47:56 PM »
Log file  :D

Mod bugs / Re: Rim world modded game always pauses and error occurs
« on: February 10, 2018, 04:05:42 AM »
Thanks for your tips =)
but it still doesn´t works with rimsenal on a earlyer loading place

I also thought the error is from the prisoners labor mod but Iam getting the errors if it is dissabled, unchecked or uninstalled too. Also iam able to send my prisoners to work and they do theire normal work in the quarry from the quarry mod. Also tried to start the game wihout prisoners at work but prisoners labor mod still enabled but also this gave me no luck

PS: Thank you =)

Mod bugs / Re: Rim world modded game always pauses and error occurs
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:21:00 PM »
Edit: I searched throug my installation folder and youre right there is no assemblies folder in the place where the source foulder is but i installed all mods via steam workshop so i dont know what ive done wrong with my installation

Am i supposed to install all my mod manual?

Thanks in advance =)

Mod bugs / Re: Rim world modded game always pauses and error occurs
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:10:14 PM »
Hey thank you for your fast and polite answer =)
I tried to fix it by using RCC scanner but it don´t shows me up sicnificant errors and also the game dont give me red errors in the console only after starting the game

Sorry if i act as im stupid but im not able to fix it and the game is unplayable
if i deactivate the "pause when error occurs" the game is playable but there are many functions that does not work for example connection to the black market trader from Glitter Tech Mod

PS: my Modlist

Enabled      Load Position: 1    Version: 0.0.0      Directory: Core                       Name: Core                                           
Enabled      Load Position: 2    Version: 0.18.0     Directory: 818773962             Name: HugsLib                                         
Enabled      Load Position: 3    Version: 0.18.1772  Directory: 704181221          Name: Miscellaneous 'CORE'                           
Enabled      Load Position: 4    Version: 0.18.1755  Directory: 725576127          Name: Glitter Tech                                   
Enabled      Load Position: 5    Version: 0.18.0     Directory: 972057888             Name: Prison Labor                                   
Enabled      Load Position: 6    Version: 0.18.0     Directory: 1208163715           Name: Quarry                                         
Enabled      Load Position: 7    Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 727862986          Name: Efficient Light                                 
Enabled      Load Position: 8    Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 725465444          Name: More Trade Ships                               
Enabled      Load Position: 9    Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 784327493         Name: Industrial Rollers                             
Enabled      Load Position: 10   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 852998459         Name: Architect Sense                                 
Enabled      Load Position: 11   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 932951772         Name: Set-Up Camp                                     
Enabled      Load Position: 12   Version: 0.18.0     Directory: 817231829           Name: I Can Fix It!                                   
Enabled      Load Position: 13   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1208215797       Name: advanced powergeneration b18                   
Enabled      Load Position: 14   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1204502413       Name: Harvest Organs Post Mortem - 2.0 [B18]         
Enabled      Load Position: 15   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 724602224              Name: Misc. Robots                                 
Enabled      Load Position: 16   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1109070805            Name: Artful Robots [B18]                             
Enabled      Load Position: 17   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 747645520              Name: Misc. Robots++                                 
Enabled      Load Position: 18   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 725956940             Name: Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering     
Enabled      Load Position: 19   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1281723501            Name: Zoes Less OP Better Resource Yield             
Enabled      Load Position: 20   Version: 0.18.0     Directory: 761219125                 Name: Defensive Positions                             
Enabled      Load Position: 21   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 830221184              Name: More vanilla factions                           
Enabled      Load Position: 22   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 853043503              Name: Stuffed Floors                                 
Enabled      Load Position: 23   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 868519399              Name: Turret Collection                               
Enabled      Load Position: 24   Version: 0.18.1527  Directory: 736139206              Name: Rimsenal - Security pack                       
Enabled      Load Position: 25   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 933541240             Name: More Faction Bases                             
Enabled      Load Position: 26   Version: 0.18.1527  Directory: 725947920              Name: Rimsenal                                       
Enabled      Load Position: 27   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 811181658              Name: Barbed Wire                                     
Enabled      Load Position: 28   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1258190453             Name: Craftable Glitter Tech Weapons and Apparels     
Enabled      Load Position: 29   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1205733622           Name: Buildable Terrain B18                           
Enabled      Load Position: 30   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 930649624             Name: Moritz´s RobotSuits                             
Enabled      Load Position: 31   Version: 0.18.1772  Directory: 730899625             Name: RT's Weapon Pack B18                           
Enabled      Load Position: 32   Version: 0.18.1712  Directory: 727124440             Name: [T] ExpandedCrops                               
Enabled      Load Position: 33   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 760088748             Name: [sd] advanced powergeneration                   
Enabled      Load Position: 34   Version: 0.18.0     Directory: 736483249                Name: ED-SafeTraps                                   
Enabled      Load Position: 35   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 1288089627            Name: Heppoko Security Turrets [B18]                 
Enabled      Load Position: 36   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 826366050              Name: Stack XXL                                       
Enabled      Load Position: 37   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 857164561              Name: Stack Merger                                   
Enabled      Load Position: 38   Version: 0.18.1722  Directory: 735106432                                         Name: EdB Prepare Carefully

Mod bugs / Rim world modded game always pauses and error occurs
« on: February 09, 2018, 04:41:14 PM »
Hey Guys,

Iam having a problem with my game and im very desparate because was not able to fix the last 2 days  :(.
My game always pauses itself and Iam getting these errors:

the weird point at this is that the game worked a long time but then i removed the mod advanced transport pods because it was conflicting with prisoners labor mod and now the game is unplayable.

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