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So currently I'm working on a mod that would allow you to lower an animal's wildness via 2 surgeries to the brain so you wouldn't need to spend time with upkeep. These implants need to be able to lower wildness but I'm not sure how.
Help / Re: New to modding, have a couple of questions
August 29, 2018, 07:00:39 PM
1. Not that I've found. The most I've had was around 375-400 so you could probably go higher2. Not really, it all depends on how they're coded3. Depends on the modder, some don't update at all while others have updates rolled out before the version is stable4. No
Thanks for updating Uuugggg! Most of these mods are on my must have list for playing. I can't wait to play some B19 with them
This looks really interesting. I cannot wait to see what all else gets added to it!
Okay so I already checked the forums here for a solution but nothing helped. I have ironed out every red error except for these ones and its frustrating the hell out of me. I'm following the same format every other mod uses and what works for me on other projects. So far the people over at the discord haven't been any help either. Any kind of insight or solution is much appreciated.

HugsLib -

Actual mod can be looked at in the attachments

[attachment deleted due to age]
Quote from: Harry_Dicks on February 28, 2018, 03:21:14 PM
Wait, so is this technically count as a second colony, or does this count as still being part of map one? If this is still part of map 1, and there are zero events/incidents that can happen on this secondary map.... then this is freaking huge for me. I could have my cultist do all of their dirty secret cult stuff deep in my dungeon now! ;D

Harry, this counts as a second map, if you go to the world view when you have a mine active it will show up as another location on the same time as yours
Hey I have a problem currently. I cannot seem to get my colonists to go to the other map. In the screenshot you have them standing over the drill and are able to take them down into the mine. But when I do it it doesn't work, even after the hole has been dug
Can raids occur in the mines? Because that'd be dope if we could have some underground combat
So far I think the easiest to learn are: Mining, Crafting, Growing, and Intellectual. All these can be made so that they are done pretty much all day every day, making it pretty easy to level up, growing also has the benefit of leveling from tree cutting.

Intermediate Difficulty: Medicine, Animals, Art, and Construction. Medicine and animals are pretty situational IMO because it depends on whether you actively keep animals and prisoners. If you can capture raiders and the like medicine becomes extremely easy to do, and animals the same way. Training boars 1-70 in hauling will level you up pretty good.

Hard: Social, melee, and shooting. Social takes a lot of effort from a dedicated person and a steady supply of people to use it on (i.e. prisoners). Melee and shooting both are using fairly sparingly compared to the rest of the skills in the game. Leveling up shooting either takes hunting or raids, and melee is used almost exclusively in raids. So lots of risk for little reward