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Quote from: Tynan on September 14, 2018, 04:14:24 AM
The pawns should just drop everything and leave.
Should they though? That assumes some form of wireless communication, which tribes may not have. Maybe there should be a messenger who comes and tells them.
General Discussion / Re: News on steam.
August 28, 2018, 02:00:09 PM
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Quote from: habix on August 28, 2018, 01:25:33 PM
No option for me..

Why even use that site then? I don't think Tynan actually releases news there. They just happened to run an early article based on his releasing B19. Tynan officially releases his news here on this forum and on his blog on this site:

Exactly.. but that's what they link to on steam under rimworld "news". Why not use the steam itself to post the news content on? Or link to his own blog?

Ahh. I see what you are saying now. I wasn't aware the devs did the posting to that news page on Steam.

I didn't think they did. I think I remember seeing some quite unfavourable or tangential (game only mentioned in passing) news pop up for some games.
Congratulations on B19, was probably the right decision to split into two releases.
Sounding good in the video!
I noticed that it's a bit hard to tell you've selected 'Merciless mode' as the colour of the inner selection circle is quite a dark brown. Maybe it should be made red to match the text colour and outer selection circle.
Quote from: Anniebenlen on July 27, 2018, 06:07:16 AM
I would like to stream my playthroughs (not really that skilled, but whatevs).  However, I believe that Tynan has said that he would rather we not stream the unstable branch since things are changing so fast and not always balanced properly.  I dunno, until I hear otherwise from him or any other dev I'm staying off of Twitch with this game out of respect. 

Just waiting sorta kinda patiently waiting for the greenlight to go.
I don't think he'll mind, especially if you put up a big sign saying 'Unstable 1.0 development build' somewhere on the screen. I'd be interested in a 1.0 stream! Also nice to see a 'not that skilled' player try it, it's kind of boring to watch experts succeed at everything
Yep, first dev I've ever seen who is not 'dealing with' or just 'talking to' the community, but is actually a central part of it. I think RimWorld is special and unique (among polished games) in what it tries to accomplish, as a story generator, and this last couple of months of development has been something I've never seen before. I hope it works as well as it seems to!

Try not to burn yourselves out Tynan and ison, we can wait a few extra days!
Quote from: Razzoriel on July 26, 2018, 09:32:25 AM
For those that don't know what I'm talking about. This is for armor in B18:

This is 1.0:
Thanks for the list. I agree, awful should mean awful, not '2/3 as good as excellent'. I'd argue there are many ways armour could be awful - links could be shoddy or missing, material could be uneven, straps could be the wrong size and so misbalance the armour etc. I liked the variety of the B18 qualities - I don't think there should be uniform jumps between the qualities, more of a bell-curve type of thing.

I think poor should be brought down a bit (~0.8), and awful down a lot (say 0.4-0.5). Maybe shoddy isn't needed, but I feel there should be a step between good and excellent. It gives the crafting profession more flavour I think.
Releases / Re: [1.0]Mine Tortoise-HELLO!
July 25, 2018, 07:57:47 PM
It's an interesting idea. Maybe animal suicide attacks is a bit dark for RimWorld, but I'd like an item of clothing which explodes when the wearer dies. I suppose this would lead to friendly fire. Also not sure pirates are quite as fanatical as terrorists...
Quote from: ison on July 22, 2018, 08:42:56 AM
Quote from: b606 on July 21, 2018, 09:50:50 AM
The other next problem is the pronoun le/la/les (not definite articles) such as in "je la veux/je le veux" (I want it) which is different of lui/elle (him/her).

Is it different than NAME_pronoun? Does la/le depend on whether "I" is female or whether "it" is female?

Quote from: morticinus on July 22, 2018, 03:45:33 AM
is it possible to add more customisable words for grammar.xml file like:

This will most likely be addressed, though I'm not sure if adding more customisable words would be the best approach here. Some languages have many pronouns, so remembering all their names could be difficult. Perhaps something like this would be good:

[PAWN_nameDef] [PAWN_gender ? był : była]

Or, if the language has 3 genders (male, female, neuter) then:

[PAWN_nameDef] [PAWN_gender ? był : była : było]
Not french native, but pretty sure it depends on whether 'it' is masculine or feminine.

For example: 'Je le veux' means 'I want him' or 'I want it', if 'it' is masculine. 'Je la veux' means 'I want her' or 'I want it', if 'it' is feminine.

Hope it helps.
Quote from: Jstank on July 25, 2018, 04:41:44 PM
Quote from: towhead on July 25, 2018, 04:17:48 PM
Quote from: Teleblaster18 on July 25, 2018, 03:49:29 PM
-One request:  is there any way to fix the "can't clean off fresh blood/dirt" issue that currently exists (and existed in B18)?  This was something that I really hoped would get addressed in 1.0, because it's maddening, and feels "gamey":  currently, a pawn has to leave the room to be able to clean off blood and filth that was generated while they were in the room.
Can double that, this cleaning micro is maddening. Btw your doctor doesn't need to leave the room, it's enough just to stay there on a spot for a while, like 10 seconds or something.

I am going to "third" this. Specifically, I want the cook to clean up the dirt on the floor so my pawns stop getting food poisoned every other meal. The food poisoning is ultra-obnoxious atm.
Oh wow, I had no idea this was a thing, and was so annoyed with the pawns not cleaning up the blood and dirt! Consider it fourthed.

Also, just a nice suggestion: RimWorld can be quite a relaxing game and it's often nice to follow a colonist (or animal!) around and see what they do. How about double clicking them (not their portrait) sets the camera to follow them around (until the camera is manually moved)? I believe the Sims had a similar feature. I would like to see the day in my colonist's or animal's life unfold.  Another option would be to shift click them.
Suggestion: maybe when in-game and loading the world map, it should say 'Loading world...' instead of 'Generating'.

Also, I think it's non-intuitive how to butcher animals to a beginner. I think if you have at least one valid butchering bill, you should be able to right-click a suitable animal and select 'Butcher creature'. My sister is new to RimWorld and killed a boomalope, she wanted to butcher it specifically before it burnt away.
Quote from: Polder on July 18, 2018, 08:08:09 AM
The increased revenge chance on elephants is very noticable and a plan B for dealing with an enraged elephant horde is definitely required. Out of two hunting attempts, both resulted in an enraged horde. Maybe this was just bad luck but it seems that the chance of this happening increased as well. When going big game hunting, multiple layers of doors, preferably of something more durable than wood are recommended. On the other hand, when an entire horde comes knocking on the door, one can easily generate several thousand silver worth in goods (counting meat, leather, tusks).
Glad to hear this. On my earlier arid playthrough elephant tusks were far too easy a source of wealth.
Quote from: DariusWolfe on July 17, 2018, 02:30:16 PM

Absolutely none of that is mandatory. I like a good shooter, a good medic and a good social; Everything else is optional, based on how I want to play this particular colony; I try to get a good mix of stuff, but research, even now, is still one of my lowest priorities, and melee has always been, and continues to be, even in the newer paradigm of considerably stronger melee.

Even industrial-age+ colonists crashlanding on an unknown world aren't going to know how to build all of this stuff from the get-go; It's honestly a kindness that we have electrical engineering. I'm a pretty technical dude, with mechanical and electronic experience, and I couldn't build a generator, cooler or heater without a lot of time spent figuring out how. The fact that I have a basic understanding of principles and a solid idea of what's possible puts me head and shoulders above a primitive tribesman, but I'm not going to have the knowledge from the beginning; And chances are good that a random sampling of 2 other people aren't going to, either.

So while I do some research, I go primitive. I hunt only as much meat as I can reasonably eat in a couple days. If I have even a half-ass farmer, I farm. If I've got nothing but shitty farmers, I still farm. Research is more important than it was, but it's still quite doable without it for quite some time. This feels real, this feels right; It's always bugged me how quickly a random bunch of strangers can build a high-tech colony, so moving away from that is a good change.
I agree, research felt too quick previously. The changes place more importance on it, and allow more diversity of playstyle throughout a run

I agree that 'Char' doesn't seem right. I didn't have a problem with the tabs being different sizes. I suppose 'Stats' could work, but it doesn't feel as 'RP-ey' as Character.

There's no point trying to argue about research from a real life perspective - obviously a random person from our society (an industrial civilisation) would know barely any of the techs, not even complex clothing or furniture. Who could turn raw materials like stone and steel into a refrigerator? I think putting these things behind a research barrier is better for gameplay.

The only concern I have is being able to survive a heatwave - this really does necessitate researching a cooling tech which may be impossible without a decent researcher in many biomes.
Quote from: Numar on July 17, 2018, 05:07:46 AM
Quote from: Tynan on July 17, 2018, 03:30:55 AMRemove friendly chat prisoner interaction mode since it's purposeless and confusing.
Well, I used it on prisoners I didn't want to recruit but I wanted to sell to level social and to light up the mood of the prisoners. Sad to see it gone.
+1 for this, I used it a lot if I wasn't sure if I wanted the inmate, but wanted to prepare social. I think its meaning is self-explanatory when seen next to 'Chat and Recruit'. It was also good for RP.
Quote from: Madman666 on July 16, 2018, 04:12:15 PM
That d just make for a very long winter and thats it.
Yes, what would be wrong with that? It makes perfect sense and would strain food resources etc.; currently I agree that volcanic winter is a bit too mild. I would also like it to start mild and then worsen.