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General Discussion / Re: Version 1.0 is content-complete
« on: October 06, 2018, 01:17:37 PM »
Unlike going through my mods and checking every one for "is there an updated version? Unsubscribe -> Subscribe new" Which I have spent hours doing before, and it's not fun.

Since when is mod management suppose to be fun?
Its suppose to be effective, fun doesn't fall into the equation.

If an update breaks saves... well tough luck, that's what you get for a pre-release game. Stop whinging and go start a new colony.

Thank you to all the modders that update their steam workshop mods so I don't have to go digging for new versions.

... The modders who didn't want to support older versions of their mods were the ones whining here.
I swear... The Dev expresses a desire to get help to support backwards compatibility in modded saves and he gets chewed out for it. The lack of respect is palpable.

General Discussion / Re: Version 1.0 is content-complete
« on: October 04, 2018, 11:50:45 AM »
Make a mod that will get added to the Mods folder in a small update. Have code in it that presents a pop-up message in the main menu and lets players click a button to copy all mods. Zero assembly changes and you can remove that mod for 1.0 when you release.

If I came up with this solution as I was reading this line I have to assume you've not spent time considering alternatives.

Or your solution won't work as well as you think it will. Not saying that is actually the case, but it is a much better assumption than insulting the Dev.

General Discussion / Re: Version 1.0 is content-complete
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:02:11 PM »
But what I am finding in need of adjustment is the team composition. I mean... if you were trying to capture a pawn...would you really go with 6 grenadiers and 7 rocket launchers? I assume you want the prisoner...alive...right? I think such a team should be compromised by Gunners mostly...Although all shooting has an equal chance to kill the target to a certain degree...this example of chasers look more like a "Sapper" team than a group of chasers...

I do tend to agree that my immediate reaction is that the raid composition is off.
But it could also be a symptom of a lacking description. The description doesn't really say why the refugee is being chased, only that they are. For all we know the raiders are just a bunch of jerks that are cruelly "having fun" blowing the crap out of one of their prisoners. Or the refugee could be an ex-raider that got kicked out for lighting their base on fire and is now being chase explicitly so they can get some violent revenge.

General Discussion / Re: the ludeon policy makes the game unplayable
« on: September 30, 2018, 05:52:51 PM »

Vanilla Rimworld is playable just fine.
Rimworld's modding system is also usable just fine.

You cramming an unreasonable "wrench in the gearworks" number of mods in and calling the game "disgusting" and "unplayable" when it inevitably crashes down around you is what is unacceptable.

Ideas / Re: A tweak in pawn logic needed.
« on: September 30, 2018, 05:45:24 PM »
I thought pawns packed a single meal in their personal inventory, so that they could eat it if they were far away from the kitchen / freezer. Did this behaviour get removed? I've been playing with my modded food, which might be incompatible, but I know in the past my pawns would take a simple or fine meal with them, to eat when they were out mining across the map from my kitchen.

AFAIK, they still do. Though there are situations that can end up using that packed meal for something else. Like if a Doctor or Warden needs to feed a Patient or Prisoner. After feeding the patient/prisoner they won't always go back and resupply before doing other tasks. Training animals is another task that might have them use their packed meal if there isn't a preferable animal meal nearby.

Ideas / Re: Very needed balance changes (0.19.2009)
« on: September 20, 2018, 06:29:22 PM »
Also I don't understand why you think that making floors claimable will require significant dev time to implement. I don't know how excatly it's working now but I imagine that there are different terrain classes with different properties. You just add property "claim" to that like you added property "wealth" before. It's no big deal.
You say that mechanically adding this property is hard. On what information you base that statement?

First off let me add a disclaimer in that Im not fully familiar with Rimworld's code, and trying to learn/explain programming in detail is not easy(it can be self taught, but there is schooling for it for a reason). So take what Im about to say as a general idea.

I am a programmer, as a hobby since I was in high school back in 1996, and recently Im attempting to develop my own game. Ive also looked into modding Rimworld and its code. (I admit I haven't looked since alpha13)

Programming is not as simple as "just adding a property" and expecting everything to start working with it. Anything and everything that you want done, must have code specifically telling the program how, when, and where to do it. And each class needs equally as extensive code relating to how to interact with the property of other classes. OOP(object oriented programming) allows "child" classes to "inherit" functions of the "parent" class, but that still means you have to specify how classes outside that hierarchy interact with the hierarchy's properties and functions. (and you may want specific classes to interact with existing inherited functions differently than its siblings, which will require a manual rewrite specific to that child class)

Rimworld has passed many iterations and at this point likely has many specific interactions with its various class hierarchies.

As a small example:
You suggested simply adding "claim" property to terrain.
But you can only "un-claim" or "claim" by first selecting an object, or with the "claim" tool.
The "claim" tool doesn't interact with terrain, and you can't select terrain.
So you would need to add "selecting terrain" functionality to the game.
Don't forget to add a "selected Terrain info panel", like how a normal selectable object gets.
How do players select terrain that a normal selectable object is on top of?
Now that terrain is selectable, how does a player "deselect" or clear all selections? (since they can't simply click empty terrain space anymore)
Should terrain be included in band box selections?
How should terrain selection handle selection through double clicking?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing in programming(as complex as most game programming) is ever as simple as "just add property".  Programming is like trying to build your own custom reality. You have to literally create your program's "physics", and manually build every interaction. If you don't, it doesn't happen. You can setup emergent behavior and reacting interactions. But the more complex those interactions become the more difficult it is to keep them in check when you add anything new.

Ideas / Re: Very needed balance changes (0.19.2009)
« on: September 20, 2018, 01:12:27 PM »
... I wrote complete guide to how beat merciless naked brutality...
Beating the hardest difficulty or identifying exploits, does not make someone good at balance.
It helps, but it is not what makes someone good at balancing.

Also, I have heard this argument for decades. The idea that being a top tier player makes that player good at balancing the game for the lower difficulty levels is BS. You think you can account for the "average" player but the very fact that identifying those exploits and playing merciless naked brutality as if it were "laughable", is what ensures you don't know how to balance around the average player.

Not every player reads guides. Not every player is observant enough to identify exploits(or even when they should be used). Not every player knows how to beat the "Rough" difficulty, let alone merciless naked brutality. Even more so merciless naked brutality "with no risk with 1 pawn with no micro-managing".

To your example. I think that solution to floors is to make ancient ruin floors claimable like ancient ruin walls.
I see you edited you OP to reflect this.
Before the edit, and to which I was responding, it simply stated "wealth should be removed from floors".
Also, your solution is not a balance fix. It is a mechanic fix.

AFAIK, The only reason Tynan has not implemented claimable floors, is because floors count as terrain and mechanically terrain can't be claimed. Changing that is going to require either a complete rewrite of floors to be a different class than terrain(which means also rewriting how literally everything else in the code reacts to the new floor class), or a complete rewrite of terrain(which require rewriting how literally everything else reacts to claimable terrain, and ensuring there isn't another avenue for exploits as a result).

Im not saying I don't want to see claimable floors.
Just that the change is not a balance change it is a mechanical change. And the change would require significant dev time to implement.

Ideas / Re: Very needed balance changes (0.19.2009)
« on: September 20, 2018, 09:12:33 AM »
Also I think that vanilla should have good balance, so that more people enjoy it.
What you think is good balance is not what others think is good balance.
You will not end up just making it so more people enjoy it.
You will end up making it so more people enjoy it in exchange of more people hating it.

For example:
I disagree with 1.
  • Floors originally did not have wealth. It led to spamming gold floors.
  • Deconstructing ancient ruin floors is not stupid. It is no more ridiculous than finding still usable "compacted steel" in mountains.
  • While I would like to see more items get reduced item efficiency as they are damaged, it should not be added to every item. An organ's health is an abstraction of the box it is in, so it's reduction in health should not effect the organ's efficiency. A light stand's health should not effect it's light range or intensity, since most of the light stand is the stand and not the light bulb. (damaging a light fixture very much has a binary affect on it's ability to produce light) The same for conduits, and most other appliances that deal with electricity.

Frankly, I trust Tynan's sense of balance way more than yours.

Ideas / Re: Very needed balance changes (0.19.2009)
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:12:15 PM »
By the way, I'm willing to participate in making game challenging for good players for free. Because I think that it's challenging for average and casual players but it's waaaay too easy for good and hardcore players because of flaws in balance that can be easily fixed (and thosw fixes won't affect average and casual players almost at all).

Then you want to go to the modding forum.
Free balance changes that cater to your needs and excludes others is exactly the kind of changes that modding is well suited to support.

... Is that a death due to gut worms? Or maybe you can be results oriented and say its your fault for not having them sleep off map in a caravan tile?

Or put your hospital under a mountain roof.
You don't have to build a mountain base to make use of a mountain roof, and neither should a refusal to build a mountain base exclude using the mountain roof for certain important rooms.

Vomiting during combat situations has a much higher chance of getting a competent players pawn killed than any actual disease. It basically means you cannot position them aggressively at all since you may get story told with a 10 second stun.

It is so dangerous I would rather take a plague in most cases.

That is still not death by gut worm though.
That is death by "being put in a combat situation instead of remaining on bed rest".

Not to say it isn't sometimes necessary to put patients on the front line.
But it is a good idea to understand the actual cause of death.

... penoxy does not protect against most lethal disease called gut worms...
Wat. Is joke?. ...gut worms is not lethal...

I always just assumed infection prevention was abstracted as apart of medicine/healroot.

"Higher quality makes infections less likely..."

Each medicine type has a base tend quality. This quality changes based on the doctor's skill, but assuming the same skill each medicine type provides different tend quality chances:
Healroot at lvl 9: 63%
Medicine at lvl 9: 100%

General Discussion / Re: Things you refuse to do in the game
« on: September 18, 2018, 12:46:57 PM »
No cannibalism, no using or selling drugs(excluding Penoxycyline, Ambrosia, Smokeleaf; never social), no trap corridors, no mazes, no shotguns, no Sharp melee, gold or silver is currency or for Adv. Component only, no selling buying or harvesting pawns(corpses, prisoners, or colonists regardless of origin) ...

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

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