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  • September 24, 2020, 05:59:22 PM
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General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: January 03, 2019, 04:29:57 AM »
Hi! I'm Dwane.

I recently fell in love with this wonderful sim. I was drawn to this game since I heard of it from people who played Dwarf Fortress frequently, on youtube and my steam recommended. I didn't get my hands on it until full release partly because I've been burned in the past by other titles in the same genre that failed to come out of early access in a acceptable state such as Towns and Gnomoria as well as the fact that this game was gifted to me by a close friend of mine this Christmas!

I enjoy any off-brand frosted shredded wheat cereal the most, the kind that come i large resealable bags! I also try to buy in bulk with any cereal I come by. I'm down for coco-puffs and coco-crispies (flintstone brand)

I got onto this forum to share a Idea I had and after searching steam discussions I saw I was more likely to get noticed here than any other avenue. 

Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
« on: January 02, 2019, 11:21:39 PM »
-Stack-able Sleeping Baby Animals- I.E. Baby animals sharing beds-

Hi! I Recently got this game but, so Far I've clocked a little over 170-ish hours into it. Recently I had a idea for how the standard animal beds should work for infant/tiny animals. It occurred to me when I had a large cluch of chicken eggs had hatched and I was somewhat unprepared and didn't have another dozen beds ready for the now-hatched chicks. This might only be relevant to egg laying animals but It could also be functional convenience for any animal that gives birth to more than one animal.

How It could work
  • Adolescent Animals can stack up the to total mass of one single adult of that race or to what seems appropriate given the type of the bed and it's size compared to the sprite of the animal
  • Per animal that's on said bed/box a sprite overlapping them depicting them sleeping in a cute ball of fluff 
  • Baby animals might just be able to sleep under or on their parents

Thank you for your consideration :0)

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