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  • September 24, 2022, 10:41:00 PM
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Mod bugs / Try to place direct/near command not working
« on: August 06, 2022, 03:03:23 AM »
The try to place direct command does not work for some reason following pops up on the debug (I am using mods). Do  I just need to go through every mod and try and sort it out, or can anyone narrow it down. Thanks a bunch,

Exception filling window for Verse.Dialog_DebugActionsMenu: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.DebugThingPlaceHelper.Verse.DebugThingPlaceHelper.IsDebugSpawnable_Patch0(Verse.ThingDef,bool)
  at Verse.DebugThingPlaceHelper+<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<TryPlaceOptionsForStackCount>b__0 (Verse.ThingDef def) [0x00000] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
  at System.Linq.Enumerable+WhereListIterator`1[TSource].MoveNext () [0x00037] in <351e49e2a5bf4fd6beabb458ce2255f3>:0
  at Verse.DebugThingPlaceHelper.TryPlaceOptionsForStackCount (System.Int32 stackCount, System.Boolean direct) [0x00080] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
  at Verse.DebugToolsSpawning.TryPlaceNearThing () [0x00005] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
  at Verse.Dialog_DebugOptionLister.DebugAction (System.String label, System.Action action, System.Boolean highlight) [0x0003f] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
  at Verse.Dialog_DebugActionsMenu.DoListingItems () [0x00077] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
  at Verse.Dialog_OptionLister.DoWindowContents (UnityEngine.Rect inRect) [0x00176] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
  at Verse.Window.InnerWindowOnGUI (System.Int32 x) [0x001d3] in <81af9f8a18324e17b286924a43555a7c>:0
UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace ()
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Log:Verse.Log.Error_Patch1 (string)
Verse.Window:InnerWindowOnGUI (int)
UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI/WindowFunction,int,int,UnityEngine.GUISkin,int,single,single,UnityEngine.GUIStyle)

Mouse position stack is not empty. There were more calls to BeginScrollView than EndScrollView. Fixing.
UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace ()
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Log:Verse.Log.Error_Patch1 (string)
Verse.Widgets:EnsureMousePositionStackEmpty ()
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Root:Verse.Root.Update_Patch1 (Verse.Root)
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Root_Play:Verse.Root_Play.Update_Patch1 (Verse.Root_Play)

Help / My mod list wont load even though they are all updated to 1.1
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:41:00 AM »
So I made my mod list and for some reason they wont load. When I restart to load them none of them will actually and when I go to the mod tab in game they all disappear/reset (using mod manager). The mod manager appears to be loaded but only core and royalty are on the loaded mods side. Any help is appreciated.

Mod bugs / 3x Speed is Equal to 1x speed on Season change to Spring
« on: September 03, 2019, 05:44:51 AM »
When the Season changes from Winter to Spring the game speed slows down. I have set the speed on 3x but everything moves at 1x speed. If  I set the game to normal speed its very slow. Upon the season change from Spring to Summer the game runs normally again. This occured after the I installed two vanilla animals mods and  sometimes raids go wrong. Other details on saves this occured on a Boreal map extreme size

[attachment deleted due to age]

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