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Ideas / Scavenger
August 14, 2014, 08:09:46 PM
The ability to harvest the organs or desireable body parts of the fallen or alive depending on how demented the user was for use in transplants by the doctor of the colony or for sale on the slave market or perhaps black market. Certain parts would be % difficulty to harvest and if you failed that attempt was over no soup for you. Extremely high level skill to transplant a brain which would come with benefits and allow you to bypass certain injuries (ie. your best chef got his hands lopped off in a freak killer rabbit incident so you plop out his brain in a risky surgery and put it into some other body whose hands are still healthy voila restored chef)

Scavenger Stat - skill tied with doctor that allows the harvest of healthy organs or parts (like eyes)
Transplant - ability to use someone else's as your own with surgery
Mad Science - using harvested parts for mad doctory things (increase movespeed with that extra leg place a pair of eyes on the back of your head etc give yourself scyther legs)
Walk in Freezer - keep all your special bits nice and farm fresh
Black market - place to sell illegal organs and parts or buy them
Black market doctor - someone you can hire to perform otherwise risky operations on the fly for a price or harvest things for you (you'd need to post guards with him in case he decided to make a break for it with the goods, he's a bad bad person)