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Not update specific, but if my caravan returns to map on the northern part of the map, the prisoners instantly have the notification they are trying to escape and do unless arrested in time (Rare for a warden to be near by for return to bed). It's under a mountain next to an auto door and close to the prison. If the caravan spawns anywhere else, it is in open air and the prisoners seem to stay until a warden attends to them, even though it's a few hundred tile walk.

Am I missing something? It seemed to happen around about the time the update that animals needed to be lead to pens, but I also dug through the northern mountain at that time.
I've had a colony running for a few real world years, and I've never had a colonist drunk or overdose on this schedule. Currently have one pawn who drank until he passed out over a week, and another getting addicted to psychite tea. Has there been a change in something I'm not aware of, or does this sound like a bug? Beer set to once a day max, at 40% mood, tea set to once every two days. All colonists are set to this, but only 2 seem to be affected so far.
Loaded the game yesterday, all was normal. Loaded today after the update, all my "dark" (I think it was called that, the dark grey) carpet has been removed and is now soil. The file is pretty old, it may have something to do with it. Red carpet built at the same time is still present.

The center to bottom of the map has hallways with dark carpet and centre red walk ways, these are now red centers with soil around them. The soil spots are the affected tiles.
Not so much a bug as a very specific text interaction. My pawn is a Trauma Savant, has the description for the condition, "losing the ability to speak". They also have a removed tongue giving the mood debuff "Missing Tongue" that reads "I am missing my tongue! It is so frustrating not being able to speak!

Being so niche, I can't imagine needing a change, but perhaps trauma savant could "thought disable" the mood debuff like bloodlust and human leather clothing?

I don't think you'd need it, but attached are my log and save. Pawn "Hines 127th Experiment"
Loaded the game before the update and hair was pink, today after loading the game, pawn "Reindeer 60th prisoner" now has brown hair.
Tried restarting the game, putting on a hat and taking it off. No change.

My save file
Not a bug, but perhaps disproportionate. Colonist died from a Tantrum targeting high explosive shells to be destroyed. Pawns don't tend to have any breaks that lead to direct self harm, targeting high explosive (or fire, anti ect) is suicidal and not in line with other Major Breaks.
I groom factions that come to trade, something has desirable traits, I arrest then send off a drop pod of gifts and relations rapidly fluctuate.

Ally is at 100, arrested their pawn, drop to -75. Sent off a drop pod, rise to 100, arrested pawn reaches his room, back to -75. Two relation drops from the one action, the arrest and the moment the prisoner is dropped at bed.

Also, not a bug but seems a bit cheap, arresting desirable pawns then sending a gifted drop pod to immediately restore faction relation seems a tad odd. This normally works but the first time I've send a gift drop pod so early.
Had a bridge in the home area destroyed by a friendly mortar, it doesn't rebuild like other structures with the auto rebuild of destroyed structures feature turned on.
Cook/melee died in fight, use resurrector mech serum within an in game hour or so. When they woke up, I had found all work priorities had been reset to 3 instead of being retained.

Included pictures of pawn log, work tab, save game and log file.

[Edit: No mods have ever been used.]!AgGAu6IcVh42j1WhRNhb5B4DmBdK?e=aeIL4A
Unsure if bug, My stone types have changed according to world map. My granite deep drill is now drilling marble. Another user on general has reported a stone change as well.
Have a few deep drills around, two have kept drilling after running out of resources. I've just seen a third come up with the exhausted resource message, clicked it, the drill it linked to had just run out, continued to drill.
Vanilla, never modded. Non-DLC. Everything running as normal.

Rare Thrumbos event, pan over to see, notice one is dead and not allowed. Log indicates missing "Shattered" skull caused death 3 seconds ago. Animals spawned 3 seconds ago.

I have never seen animals spawn dead, nothing further I could add to help.!AgGAu6IcVh42j1B9yEgpR-2JrDia?e=WsxbNP

Thank you!