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General Discussion / Psychite Addiction
March 08, 2023, 06:42:58 AM
Wasn't this a 30 day recovery in the past? I swore it was which is why I despised addictions so much. I just noticed it's only 15 day recovery while playing earlier. Was it a change when 1.4 and Biotech came out?
Ideas / Butcher corpse recipe
May 05, 2022, 05:53:37 PM
The one thing I really wish was in the game, is that the butcher corpse recipe was able to check a specific stockpile like most other recipes in the game currently. Kibble has this option, why doesn't butcher corpse? It would be so much better so that each bill would only check a stockpile associate to the meat type (human, insect or animal). Even in Oskar's VE Cooking - Sushi, the human surimi recipe can find a specific stockpile.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but it's one of the things I find really lacking.
General Discussion / Reinforced Barrels
December 20, 2021, 05:46:00 PM
I'm looking for an answer from the Dev Team on this question.

What was the reasoning behind requiring the barrel in the initial crafting of a mortar when not using the "Classic Mortars" option?

I understand it helps with the accuracy and is needed for the rearming. If you happen to not get sieged or able to do an off-tile combat mission to acquire some "free" mortars, this means you have to craft them for defense. However, the barrels are only available on Exotic Traders and hampers the building of any on your own if you don't happen to get any traders or rewards. I would think the mortars could still be built without the barrels, and them added once you acquired some just as if you are rearming it.
I noticed this issue this morning. I can make and alter zones, but can't change the order they show up in schedule/animal GUIs or prioritize which it belongs on. I have a slightly modded with vanilla and Royalty, but they are only QoL mods, nothing game changing.

Previously I had the ability to reorder the zones and decide if they were for colonists or animals. I didn't read anything about this being changed.

Save file:
Can someone explain this to me? See the attached images and explain to me how the actions are as they are. He can prioritize hauling the corpse, but can not pick up because of too heavy??? It's not because of the items already being carried (see second image), as the pawn in question being asked to do it is one of the cooks and had just dropped meals off in the dining room.

The corpse on the table came from another pawn's Corpse Obsession not a few seconds before.

*edit* for more info, all my own colonists get that same thing "can not pick up: too heavy" but all the refugees don't have it.

*edit 2* adding burial options, same greyed option appears.

*edit 3* this is a lightly modded game but can't see it causing this. only 25 mods and nothing other than QoL mods.
Bugs / Market value on corpses
October 29, 2021, 07:00:23 PM
This may not be a bug but more of an oversight. Fresh Corpses have a market value when loading a caravan, but the info window for the fresh corpse doesn't have a market value on it. (see attached images) I have verified the the value shown on a "load caravan" window is about what the combined value of the meat and leather produced from butchering. I just think it's an oversight that the value isn't on the info window for a corpse like it is for any other item. Perhaps a newer player might think as I mention below, that the corpse doesn't have market value because the info window doesn't list it.

For whatever reason, I've played thinking the corpses had no value because of the lack of market value not being on the info window. Sometimes to the detriment of having lots of animal corpses in a freezer (or human raiders in a freezer for meat eater pets) thus inflating my wealth not thinking about it.

If this got put into the wrong section, I apologize but it was worth mentioning.
Had the Shuttle Assault quest "Basil's Air Assault" prior to the new update. After the update I went to do the quests, two times to verify. Both times after killing the opposition, I couldn't load the shuttle with any colonists or items. See screenshots attached.

Save file link:
Found this bug/error earlier this morning while playing. Started the colony as Rich Explorer, Sea Ice, Randy, Losing and no Ideology DLC active (just vanilla and Royalty). Added is the cropped pic of the info window when meal was targeted. The meals gave no "warmth" mood bonus or chemical tolerance, but it's something I don't see as being correct as you can't make them in game with Ambrosia. If these are supposed to be ideology meme usage (like human meat ones for Cannibal meme), then that's the only time they should appear at the beginning of the game.
Bugs / Colonists went idle after a quest fail
July 06, 2021, 04:31:22 PM
I reverted Rimworld back to 1.2 for my stream colony, but when the Refugee quest I had active failed due to one of them being killed after they went on a Berserk mental break, every colonists went idle. I couldn't right click any objects for them to do, Constructers would build anything in the zone they were assigned, not even after drafting and undrafting. I don't know if something happened with the version revert or not. Yes this colony is a modded colony but all the mods were working. I'm hoping the player log file has info to help, as I was streaming when the problem arose and I closed the game to go back to a new 1.3 colony since I couldn't do anything with the 1.2 colony.

Save File:
Bugs / Refugee Quest has no Bio info?
May 26, 2021, 01:47:53 PM
I accepted a refugee quest (see pics below). Once all 5 appeared on the map none have info in their bio gui window. All have gear I can access like a normal pawn. None have their temp hourglass icon on the colonists list at top of screen. None say they are of both their own refugee faction and my colony's, just mine. I didn't have this issue yesterday when I accepted a different refugee quest. I can't remember where the save file is stored so if you could point me to it, I'll add it for more insight.
General Discussion / Drug Tolerances and Drop rates
March 11, 2021, 09:57:07 AM
Can someone explain why even though I have my drug policy set to 3 days between uses for Psychite Tea, that it doesn't seem like tolerance drop back to the next level down once it's into Large or Massive from a binge? I seem to be able to use this method just fine on Small tolerance, but the pawns with higher tolerance I just can't seem to get them to go down. With the schedule I have set up, they should be losing an extra 1.5% tolerance between doses. This method should be viable in wheening them off a drug, thus being an alternative to Cold Turkey usage for addictions.
General Discussion / Cavaran asking for gold
March 08, 2021, 03:41:13 PM
I have a quest asking for gold trade, but when I go to the caravan setup I can't find gold on my list of items available to pack. It's home zoned, in a stockpile and there is 467 of them. I just don't understand why it's not visible when it has been for trader caravans that visit. Maybe, I'll have to "manually" load them into the caravan before they leave as a way to get around this.
General Discussion / Monument Design Adjustment?
March 04, 2021, 03:21:31 PM
Came across this monument from the quest shown in the image attachment. Without marking one of the outer walls as "Forbid" until the end of construction, there's the chance the pawns can't complete it without deconstructing something again depending on the materials you use/have available at any point of construction or how you assign materials to be used. Just wondered if it might have been a minor oversight.

Thanks for the enjoyment from the game.
Bugs / [1.2.2723] Untargetable dirtiness
August 15, 2020, 04:45:32 PM
I have a filthy kitchen area with sterile tile, but I can't target the filth to clean it. The pawns clean everywhere else in home zone or whatever zone they are currently set, but this area is ignored as though it's not there. I'm wondering if there is a small error as I've saved the game and reloaded yet still not able to target the filth. Playing Vanilla and most recent 1.2 update.