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Mods / [Request] New Projectile Damage Type
« on: May 23, 2014, 08:42:29 AM »
It would be nice to have a shrapnel damage type.  Square hit takes full weapon damage and surrounding squares take 1/4 the damage.  Perhaps to make it more flexible, an effective blast radius that keeps 1/4 the damage. 

Help / Def Properties List
« on: May 13, 2014, 06:48:30 PM »
Before I keep going on this, has anyone compiled Property lists.  I'm a little over halfway on the ThingDefs.  Example  (The formatting is all messed up but...)

altitudeLayer -> Item,LowPlant,Filth,DoorMoveable,BuildingTall,FloorEmplacement,Waist,Floor,Pawn
alwaysHaulable -> true, false
alwaysShowCount -> true,false
   damageAbsorption -> 0.03,0.08,0.3,0.8
   graphicPath -> various
   layer -> OnSkin,Shell,Middle
   commonality -> 100,50
   tags <li> BasicShirt </li>

baseMaterialType -> Transparent,PlantCutout
basePrice -> 1.5,4.0
beauty -> ugly,NiceTiny,Gorgeous,Neutral,UglyTiny
bed_healTickInterval -> 2000,1000
Bed_ShowSleeperBody -> true,false
blockLight -> true
blueprintTexturePath -> various
   defaultPlantToGrow -> PlantPotato
   doorClosedSoundManual -> DoorClosedManual
   doorClosedSoundPowered -> DoorClosedPowered
   doorOpenSoundManual - > DoorOpenManual
   doorOpenSoundPowered -> DoorOpenPowered
   ignoreNeedsPower -> true
   plantsDestroyWithMe -> true
   spawnConceptLearnOpportunity -> BillsTab
   supportsPlants -> true
   turretGunDef -> Gun_TerretImprovised
   burstCooldownTicks -> 300
   turretTopTexturePath -> various
   wantsHopperAdjacent -> true
   foodCostPerDispense -> 10
   soundDispense -> DispensePaste

bulletImpactSound -> BulletImpactMetal
canFilthAttach ->true
castEdgeShadows -> true
category -> Item,Palnt,Filth,Building,Ethereal,Pawn
cleaningWorkToReduceThickness ->150
colorGenerator -> Class="ColorGenerator_StandardApparel"
   <li> <weight>10
combatTargetBuilding -> true
comps <li>
   <compclass>CompForbidable CompPowerTrader,CompGatherSpot,CompGlower,     CompExplosive, CompPowerBattery</
   <explosiveDamageType>Bomb </

constructionEffect -> ConstructMetal,ConstructDig
costList -> <li> <thingDef>Metal</thingDef></li>
coversFloor -> true
defaultStorageSettings ->
   <allowances> <categories> <li>FoodRaw</li> </categories>
   <exceptedThingDefs> <li>Human_Meat</li>
designationCategory -> Structure,Furniture,Security
designationHotKey -> O
destroyOnHarvest -> true, false
destroyable -> false
drawerType -> MapMeshOnly,RealTimeOnly,MapMeshAndRealTime
drawGUIOverlay -> true, false
drawMat -> null
eatEffect -> EatVegetarian
eatenDirectThought -> AteRawFood
eType ->
   Item, Plant, Door ,Building_PowerConduit, SteamGeyser, Bed, BuildingComplex,    Building_ResearchBench, Building_Chair, Building_Table,    Building_Turret,Building_CommsConsole,BuildingInert,   Building_PowerPlantGeothermal, Building_Battery, Apparel, Pawn

fertilityFactorGrowthRate -> 1.0,0.4,0.5
fillPercent -> 0.25,1.0
filthLeavings -> <li> <thingDef>SlagRubble</ <count>2</ </li>
fixedStorageSettings ->
   <allowances> <categories><li>weapons, FoodRaw</ </ </
flamabiltiy -> 1.0,0
generateClusterSizeRange -> <min>3</  <max10</
groundPlantable -> true,false
growthPer20Ticks -> 0.48,1.0,0.45,0.14
harvestedThingDef -> RawPotatoes
hasInteractionSquare -> true
holdsRoof -> true
iconMat_ForPrisoner -> various
itemSurface -> True
inspectorTabs ->

interactionSquareOffset -> (0,0,-1),(2,0,0),(0,0,2),(0,0,3)
interactSound -> MetalDrop
killedLeavings -> <li> <thingDef>DebrisSlag</ <count>2</ </li>
leaveResourcesWhenKilled -> true
leaveTerrain -> roughStone
lifeSpan -> 500000,200000,140000,60000,800000
linkDrawerType -> CornerFiller,Transmitter,Basic
linkFlags -> <li>Wall</li><li>Rock</li><li>Minerals</li>
maxFoodYield -> 6.0,4.0,0,7.0
maxHealth -> 100,85,120,240
menuIconPath -> various
minFertility -> 0.5,0.3,0.4,0.05
mineable -> true
mineableResource -> Metal
minGlowToGrow -> Overlit,Lit
naturalBuilding -> true
neverMultiSelect -> true
neverOverlapFloors -> true
nutrition -> 5,40
overDraw -> true
passablity -> Impassable,Standable,PassThroughOnly
pathCost -> 15,10
placingDisplayRadius -> 7.9,25.9
placingDraggableDimensions -> 1
placementRestricters ->
purchaseable -> true
quality -> Raw,Plant

recipes -> <li>various</li>
repairEffect -> Repair
researchPrerequisite -> Stonecutting
resourceCountPriority -> First,Last,Middle
restEffectiveness -> 0.8,1.0
roomBarrier -> true
rotatable -> false
seedEmitAveragePer20kTicks -> 0.40,0.35,0.05
seedShootMinGrowthPercent -> 0.6
seedShootRadius -> 3,15
selectable -> true,false
size -> (1,1)
stacklimit -> 75,1
staticSunShadowHeight -> 1.0
storeCategories -> FoodMeals, ResourcesRaw, PlantFoodRaw,Manufactured
surfaceNeeded -> Light,Heavy,Diggable
terrainSourced ->true
texturePath -> various
ThingClass ->
   Building, ThingResource, Meal, BuildingDoor, SteamGeyser, Building_Bed, Building_WorkTable, Building_PlantGrower, Building_ResearchBench, Building_EquipmentRack, Building_Chair Building_OrbitalTradeBeacon, Building_Glower,Building_TurretGun, Building_CommsConsole,Building_Grave, Building_GibbetCage, Building_PowerPlantSolar, Building_PowerPlantSteam, Apparel

tickerType -> rare,Normal,Never
topWindExposure -> 0.1,0.3,0.08
transmitsPower -> true
usesStandardHealth -> true,false
wildCommonality -> 0.3,0.7
workToBuild -> 350

Ideas / Virus Attack
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:14:37 PM »
Virus Attack - One of the raiders has a virus program.  He will hunt out a powered object and upload a virus.  The virus will attack a random system on that power grid with a % chance of success.  The virus will have a chance to spread to other systems if the initial hack is successful.  Shutting all power to the systems might be a good way to purge the system.

Outdated / [MOD] (Alpha 4) Fusion Generator
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:26:39 AM »
I have updated the Fusion Generator to remove the description error for Alpha 3 409.  The tech still must be researched and resources required are 300 metal, 200 stone, and 20 uranium for 2500 power.  Updated for Alpha 4's new menus.  Stonefloor has also been updated on Google drive.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Bugs / W|0.2.363 Haul jobs ignored in Prison areas
« on: March 22, 2014, 07:16:40 PM »
Alpha 2 Windows 0.2.363

If there is a prisoner in a prison area, haul jobs will be ignored until they are converted.  I had captured 2 raiders and was out of prisoner beds, I added a temp sleeping spot to a existing prison area.  One of the prisoners died three steps from the bed.  There was also a piece of slag debris in the prison area. The prisoner turned out to be one of the difficult to recruit.  You could not prioritize hauling the body and the debris marked for hauling was ignored.  When the prisoner turned, the body and debris were immediately hauled away.

Ideas / Go to Colonist button
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:40:02 PM »
I seem to waste alot of time looking for colonists with high values in certain stats.  Perhaps in the overview screen a button to go to the highest skilled worker in a trait would solve the problem.  I seem to look for social, shooting, and construction the most.

Stories / Yea, but it could be worse
« on: November 08, 2013, 02:25:39 AM »
Yea, life's a struggle and we all have obstacles to overcome.  I've had my share.  Born a slave on Neptarus, I was running irridium carts at age 5, by 10 I was flashclicking veins.  Worse beating I ever received was for lying about some iron ore I was smuggling back to the shelter.  It wasn't like the iron would bring any value, it was that I had lied about taking it.  I was laid up for a good week recovering, but I learned how to tell the truth very well.  There were some breaks along the way, our camp had a former techy that taught us how to read, and the foreman let us use scraps to improve our shelters.  The owner was always running on a tight margin and people were always being sold off.  I think owner cheated the military on a contract, or at least they said he did.  That's how I made my way off that slag heap, I was part of the reparations.

That was the start of my military life, course a former slave doesn't get a choice spot and it was commissar for me.  I really didn't have any ties to anyone anywhere, so I didn't have any problems "reporting" on the troops.  Most were to lazy to work the truth to get out of trouble.  If they didn't bother putting in the time to turn a proper truth, I sure didn't spare any details in my reports.  Anyway, sticking to the truth has a funny way of showing lies on others and I was good at my commissar-ating.  I was actually on the officer roll call and heading back to Altarus to receive a commission when our transport started crumbling.

Still don't know what happened to the ship, but I did make it to a pod and landed here.  Two others wound up in my sector.  Both appear to be Urbworlders.  From what I hear slaves could have it better than some of those hell holes.  Tall goofy looking guy named Huck keeps talking about the soil and how nature makes the best landscape.  Can't shave cause he's a bleeder, and can apparently eat anything.  The other one is nicer to look at.  Vida was a navy scientist and fills out that uniform in all the right ways.  Has that damn navy cut and can't picture her with real hair yet.  She spouts of Tech praises and how given enough time, resources and experimentation everything can be overcome.  She apparently would much rather be in "civilized spheres".

Well we are stuck here for at least a while, we better get to flashclicking.

Day 1
  Vida suggested we head up north near a geotherm and block off entrances to our valley.  We got the geotherm gen built thanks to Vida schematic reading and my skill with the flashclicker.  We closed off most of the entrances to the valley and at least its a calm night for roughing it.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

General Discussion / Logo
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:32:54 AM »
I'm no artist and this is just paste and clip, but this is what I imagined the logo would look like

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Ideas / Electric Fence
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:02:38 PM »
The fence would keep things out without blocking line of sight.  You would have to turn the fence on and it should be a big power drain to limit the amount of time it could stay active.

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