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Help / Just need help as a new programmer
July 16, 2015, 10:51:01 PM
I want to start small, creating small mods that change the game a bit, then really make something.
First thing I want to do is mod the mortar, make it more accurate, while making it cost more. Then some other things I want to change, then I'll be set. I just want to do basic .xml code.

P.S. You guys should really make a basic help page, or I guess you assume that most people can figure out basic code.

P.P.S. I'm also only going to have access to a macbook air, not my good PC. and with limited internet access
Bugs / (Alpha 7) [Bug] Can't heal colonists.
December 06, 2014, 06:29:59 PM
When I right click with a colonist or droid (mechanical defense) on a colonist in a medical bed, The only thing that comes up is bed is occupied.
Before this weirdness, I was doing a operation on a prisoner, so I had a droid already operating, but I had right clicked 10 seconds with another droid to put the prisoner in the bed so it could operate. The prisoner was inbed, all it did was stand by for a second, then leave.
Later I was trying to cure a disease, and I couldn't make my medics heal them.
Ideas / Raider Bases
November 30, 2014, 11:17:59 PM
I was looking on the Release section, when a thought hit me. What if there was already a base located on the map. Especially on the bigger maps, there would be many. They would be fairly sized, self-sustainable, and have several turrets + skilled gunman (and also modded content, if possible).

Either that, or long time sieges, where it would build a simple walled fort, with a door +self-sustainable, hence the long time siege. The AI would also learn to repair things in the vicinity (the siege location). Also to provide modded support, the AI would pull a "blueprint" (which you can easily edit/create) from a bank to create a fortified position. Wealth would definitely apply.

Other thoughts:
This would be amazing on the bigger maps, as there would be long range sniping from colony to enemy fort.
I thought of this while looking at things related to Warhammer 40k with 2 (or more) bases attacking each other.

I just thought this would be a cool idea. And yes, I searched it up and came with nothing, which people should do before creating a new topic.
Instructions on how to download modifications for Rimworld
1) Download it. The download page could be Dropbox, google drive, GitHub, or through the forums. You need an account if a mod creator decides to put the download attached to the post. On GitHub, the mod creator normally provides a zip file on their repository, but if there is none, you can click on the green "code" button in the top right above the files and then click "Download zip."

2) The file you get will most likely be zipped or compressed, use your decompression tool of choice (winzip, winrar, 7zip with help to use it on bottom) to extract the files.

3) Move the folder into the mods folder, located in your Rimworld install location, make sure that the mods files are 1 level deep. For example, /mods/modname/defs. not /mods/modname/modname/defs which can sometimes happen. Make sure the file structure is /mods/defs/, which can then be moved the mods folder. On steam, navigate to Program Files (x86 if your PC is 64bit) /Steam/SteamApps/common/Rimworld/Mods. Then you can drag in the mod folder here.

4) Start Rimworld and select "mods" from the menu, here you can activate and deactivate mods. Never deactivate the core mod, as it will break your game. Some mods require restarting the game instead of opening the mods folder and exiting it without restarting the game. Restarting the game happens most of the time anyway, but if you want to be extra cautious, quitting and starting the game up again doesn't hurt.

5) If you add a mod which adds factions, you have to create a whole new game for the new factions to appear on the map. Remember your coordinates and seed!

6) If you cannot start your game after enabling a mod, navigate to %appdata% folder. This will either be in your user folder: /c:/users/username/, and make sure you have "hidden folders and folders" on and go to the "AppData" folder, or by searching %appdata% in windows search, then into "LocalLow." In here you should see a "Ludeon Studios" folder, navigate to Rimworld/config and remove the offending or broken mod from the "modsConfig.xml" file. This is how to recover a broken installation.


1) Download it. The download page could be Dropbox, google drive, GitHub, or through the forums. You need an account if a mod creator decides to put the download attached to the post. On GitHub, the mod creator normally provides a zip file on their repository, but if there is none, you can click on the green "code" button in the top right above the files and then click "Download zip."

2) The file you get will most likely be zipped or compressed, which means you have to uncompress the file. Most Macs already have the capability of doing this, but installing the unarchiver from the app store lets you download .rar files if you are unable to do so already.

3) Find the mod folder. Wherever you store the Rimworld app, either in the downloads or applications folder, right click or double finger click on the Rimworld application. Then choose the option to "open package contents." You should find the mod folder in there.

4) Move the folder. Either copy and paste (Cmd + C) or click and drag into the folder.

5) Activate the mod. Open Rimworld and select the mods tab. Never deactivate the core mod, as it will break your game. Activate your mods, and start a new game.

Rimpy, an external application to help with managing and ordering mods: Steam GitHub
When installing, always keep a window showing your downloads, and another showing the mods folder. Helps installing a lot easier.
Steam Workshop makes everything downloadable with clicking the subscribe button. It also allows for mods to be updated without reinstalling it.

If the mod author has not stated how to update mods, follow these instructions below!

Simply just replace the old folder with the new one, (keeping the name of the old file). Some mods require you to start a new game, as it may crash and or corrupt the game/world files if you try to load it up. This means you may have to create new worlds or colonies to update the mod!
Modsync is a good tool to keep mods updated and it keeps your mods organized

If you are having trouble, restart your game and restart your computer. Or make new worlds...
If you have any more problems, PM me and if you still have trouble try Support.

7z OR 7zip HELP
I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to use this
When you first install 7zip, it will probably be in either "Program Files," or "Program Files (x86)."

The (x86) is if you have a 64bit computer. Or if you install off of Google Chrome or any other browser except Internet Explorer, it will be in your downloads folder.
Then when you open the file, you will get a bunch of weird files and programs. You will most likely have a program called "7zFM.exe" When you open this program up, you will get:
"Computer, Documents, Network, and \\. (maybe not the last one).

Then double click on Computer, and then double click on C:\, and then double click on Users, then on your user (for example, mine is Iwillbenicetou), then you can go into the downloads folder from there.
Then you get downloads and you can expand any file you want. And if you close 7z, it will save your location.


First, you should look to see what the mod author suggests. Some mod authors use Mantis (a program), or Github's issue tracking program to find and report bugs. If the mod author specifically does not say this, post your issue in the thread/post.

Always include these following ideas/rules

1) A DETAILED description of your issue. What was happening before, how did it crash/freeze up, what did the error say. What were pawns doing (Colonists, animals, enemies) doing before. What mods were you using? What was the mod order? Things like these

2) Include the file output_log.txt file. You can get here by going to where the Rimworld.exe/.app file is located. For PC users, open the RimWorld1135Win_Data file. For macs, you should find it in this string of files: /Users/[your user name]/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log. For Linux: /home/[your username]/.config/unity3d/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/Player.log. Inside should be the Output_log.txt file. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE CONTENTS. Instead, attach it to your post by copying it onto the desktop and attaching it (for easy attachment). If the file is too big, use the code BB tag, like this:

and copy and paste it in here.(use the forum's [ code ]the log text[ /code ] and delete the spaces between the square brackets)

3) Misc. details. For example, if you edited the mod files, put it in here. Or if you got it from a modpack, explain it.

Great people who helped shape this guide into its final form
Skullywag. Thanks for the grammar help! Much appreciated since my grammar wasn't so great when this was first written.
Julia Ellie. I love your amazing small additions and I appreciate your points in this guide.
Vogonistic. Thanks for reminding me to add mac support back in.
Tynan. You are the reason this guide exists, thank you for all the support!
milon. Thank you for pointing out my mistake in reporting bugs on mac and linux. Then for pointing me to enystrom8734 for his guide on reporting bugs.
enystrom8734. Thanks for the help, especially the location of the output log text file for mac and linux.

Since Alpha 6!
Bugs / Colonist Broken
August 30, 2014, 06:39:05 PM
When I was playing one of my colonists showed could not string or something, and later died, but could be controlled. I could not move, but it showed all the alive actions. Any help?
Support / Colonist dissapered and showed weird error
August 23, 2014, 09:11:10 PM
I was playing a regular "survival" and one of my colonists started to display a wierd error, I then thought, "how about I arrest him, them make him join again, to reset it a bit." But when the person got to him, he took him, and then the guy dissapered. He is now a ghost where I can do nothing with him, but he is just there.

Edit: I started up Rimworld again and foun he had been deleted. I have no idea what happened. I did a dev cheat and got another colonist.
Help / How to make a mod pack
August 20, 2014, 09:21:20 PM
I think it's easy but I really don't know the actual steps to do it. I'm going to make a mod pack soon, and I need help to get it started.