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Stories / Squirrels: the Most Dangerous Game
September 07, 2014, 08:23:41 AM
It was a mid to late game colony.  The base had but a single entrance guarded by around 30 turrets.  The dozen colonists drank mojitos in the swimming pools and laughed in their security as the defenses cut down the hordes of pirates with relative ease.  Everything needed to build the space ship was assembled; construction was begun. 

Then, suddenly, some evil caused all the squirrels on the map to go insane, and viscous.  Around 50 squirrels came charging at the gates.  The first salvo of turret fire cut down the lead squirrels easily but while the turrets cooled the main body of the squirrel force flooded through the bottle neck.  Unlike pirates, squirrels are fast little buggers who don't stop to shoot and they swarmed through the bottleneck and were everywhere in the flash of a furry tale.  Turret shots flew wildly through the air in all directions mostly missing the fast small squirrels as they swarmed over the first unwary colonists in the fields. 

At that moment the colonists realized that perhaps squirrels were not to be trifled with.   Unfortunately they had continued doing whatever it was they were doing, thinking that if the defenses could kill pirates with machine guns then ravenous squirrels could not be any threat.  The colonists were scattered to all the way to timbuck 2 as the hordes of squirrels battered down the front doors with shear weight of numbers and they were in beyond the firing arcs of the turrets. 

The nearest colonists huddled in groups behind the flimsy, steel but actually made out of paper, non squirrel proof doors of Rimworld and checked their high powered rifles as they listened to the screams of the prisoners being mauled in the next rooms.  When the doors fell each pocket of colonists made a valiant stand, and each and every man and woman was overwhelmed and devoured by the hordes of mad rodents.
Ideas / Colonists Automatically Upgrade Gear.
September 07, 2014, 07:33:02 AM
I wish that as my shortbow wielding naked colonist walks by a power armored corps with an ultra death rifle, that my colonist would take the armor and rifle from that corps automatically. 
Ideas / Prioritize Activity by Location Selection.
September 07, 2014, 07:13:00 AM
I really wish there was a way to prioritize activity/production by area. 

Fore example if you are trying to build a wall you should be able to select the area the wall will occupy and then the person with the highest priority to build the wall will drop everything and go do it.  If you prioritize the crematorium your best crafter should start continuously burning corpses without you having to micro individually.  There should be levels of priority so that you can have more than 1 going at the same time. This could get tricky because the highest priority crafter and builder might be the same person in which case the second highest priority crafter should go do it the second task. 
Bugs / Power connections stop working after a while
September 03, 2014, 09:13:32 AM
I'm running on a Lenovo W500 laptop, Windows 7 x64.  At first everything works, but after a while new electric appliances cannot be connected to the power grid.  The old appliances still function but any new ones act as if they are not connected.  Clicking reconnect does nothing.  Restarting the program or even rebooting doesn't solve the problem.