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Ideas / Psychotic breaks and mood.
October 06, 2014, 06:35:40 PM
Currently psychotic breaks aren't that scary unless the colonist that breaks has a good melee weapon/skill. If not the colonist just ups and punches a few times and is incapacitated or killed.

Psychotic breaks are also super easy to avoid, as long as someone has a bed and eats and you have some graves you are pretty much free never to worry about mood till a psychic drone/ai core turns up. In general mood seems too forgiving, for a basic colonist the threshold is 10%. For them to get that low they either sleep in the corpse stockpile or are bleeding out on the battlefield. Whilst there are some traits that raise the threshold they don't have that much effect overall.

A small change would be have the colonist use their weapon rather than default to melee. (Although it could be abused by people de-equipping colonists when at imminent threat levels.)

Other ways would be to add new behaviours to the break; say a colonist breaks but instead of being hostile starts fires around the base OR appears to carry on but plants a bomb. Anything that would make them a threat.

Maybe have a two thresholds, the first one being something like 'rebellious' where the colonist works but against the colony; during their normal tasks they have a chance to set fires/bombs, cook meals that give food poisoning, damage patients being treated/infect them etc. You can arrest them as normal but you might be tight pressed and be willing to risk the chance of bad behaviour.

Then the second one being the berserk one as per normal.

Basically mood is too forgiving a mental breaks are too easy to avoid and not a real issue for the player.
Bugs / [W|0.7.581] Graphical glitch with smoke
October 04, 2014, 11:44:59 AM
Smoke from fires (more so with fires being put out) causes giant lightning bolts/power icon to flicker appear randomly around the smoking area.

I'm playing on a fresh world/colony on Arid landscape w/o any mods.

As the lightning bolts flicker around it is hard to show easily but I caught a few in screenshots.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]
Ideas / Faction Work Parties
September 20, 2014, 09:57:35 PM
Mainly this is a way for enhanced diplomacy and to have some extra stuff going on on the map.

The general idea is that when you have a comms console you sometimes get requests from factions for them to be able to work on 'your' land. This could increase relations with the faction whilst costing resources, or lower the reputation if you outright refuse.

So a tribe might call up and ask to be allowed to come and hunt deer on your map (a more advanced faction might want to mine?), if you accept they send some hunters and hunt till they haul away a set amount of deer corpses. As a player you might feel it more profitable to have stronger ties to the faction (and maybe some meat shields if attacked  ;)) and just live off vegetables for the time being. This could of course create situations like have a crop blight after accepting and having to compete for meat to survive.

If you refuse the request you'd take a penalty to relations and maybe if low enough relations the faction sends a work party anyway. You could ignore it or choose to fight them.

Ideas / Mushrooms, Mycoprotein and Vegetarianism
September 17, 2014, 05:31:11 PM
Three ideas that tie into each other.

Firstly Mushrooms as a crop. It only grows at night and in dark areas, so you'd be able to find it in natural caves around the map or grow it in hydroponics tables. It acts like potatoes though may be slower growing.

Secondly Mycoprotein which is just protein derived from fungus and what all the quorn/vegetarian meat is made from. For mycoprotein to be made a you'd need mushrooms and a fermentation vat (which you would have to research). Add mushrooms to the the vat and after a while it'd produce through a nozzle some shaped mycoprotein chunks. These chunks would act as meat for the purposes of cooking.

Thirdly Vegetarianism as a trait. The trait means colonists won't eat meals containing meat but get a mood boost from eating prepared meals without meat. To start this means that Vegetarians wouldn't be able to eat anything above a simple meal although they wouldn't be as unhappy due to it being meat-free.

So to tie it all together Vegetarian colonist would require the colony keeps making a few simple meals rather than just cook the highest meal forever. Then after a bit of research you build a fermentation vat and grow some mushrooms and you can start producing fine/lavish meals that vegetarians eat and get even more of a mood boost.

The Mycoprotein would also help in colonies to supplement normal meat production during times of siege or in biomes with little wildlife.
Ideas / More diverse default names.
September 16, 2014, 10:25:50 PM
Most of the names I've seen are western and a smaller amount east asian names which obviously goes with the firefly aesthetic.

So I feel it might be nice to have more diverse names added to the default list.

You would be able just crib like the top 10 for different regions from websites like these:

This should be pretty easy to do if it is just copying and pasting into a name file and so wouldn't take up too much development time but would end up with a more diverse cast of pawns throughout the game.
I think it would be a neat idea if the Storyteller Ai you select had an effect on how you picked your starting colonists by limiting the amount of times you can reroll them.

If you pick Cassandra you have 3x rerolls, so you have some input but you have to weigh up whether it might be worth rerolling someone just because of some traits. Allows for moderate challenge in fitting with Cassandra's intended playstyle as you still have some influence but can't reroll till you get 3 perfect colonists.

If you pick Phoebe it is like it is now infinite rerolls. Matches with Phoebe's playstyle as you can just keep going till you get what you want.

If you pick Randy no rerolls, deal with it. Matches Randy's ethos with it being a truly random start.
Bugs / Meal Ingredients merge + Graphical Issue
September 11, 2014, 11:46:23 AM
When cooked meals are stacked they take on the ingredients of every meal in the pile. This may not sound like a problem but if you 'accidentally' cook a meal using human meat, all the meals will still stay labelled as having human meat in them. So you'd have to forbid the whole pile of food and start a new untainted set of meals.

To illustrate here are two images showing the meals in the stack and a single meal having every ingredient available on the map in it (not human meat, in this colony). Agave fruit is listed despite Agave fruit only having appeared in a random pod drop earlier on in the colony's life.

These images also show the graphical issue that the Architect menu covers up some of the ingredients in these meals due to the amount of ingredients.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]