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Ideas / Sappers: Advanced Raider Type
October 20, 2013, 10:11:12 PM
Apologies if this has been suggested, or if there is a better thread for this to go (feel free to move this where you will Mr Moderator).

I was trying to think of ways to disrupt the turtling tactic I fully intend to utilize -- that of digging an impenetrable style base into the mountains.

I thought a brutal if somewhat inelegant solution might be a raider type that appears after a few seasons who is able to mine. Someone that targets the cliff-face first, rather than the colony itself.

I see there are explosives in game that can be used in mining or offense/defense. Perhaps Sappers could use that device to randomly clear portions of your mountain.

Story-wise they would be seeking an alternative route into your base by tunneling into the cliff. In practice, they would probably be blowing up portions of the map.

It would mean some raiders have a way to change the landscape, forcing you to adapt. It would hopefully also create problems for the turtle style colony.

I understand that they probably won't mine intelligently or with direction, but it could still provide an interesting spanner in the works.

Or perhaps I've just had too much coffee today... *shrug*