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Bugs / [B18] Unable to progress in Tutorial
February 14, 2018, 10:06:15 PM
While using the learning helper you are unable to progress if you have a colonist incapable of violence as one of the steps is to equip all colonists with weapons. Unfortunately colonists incapable of violence refuse to even hold weapons and I have been unable to find a workaround (unless I'm missing something obvious)

I only noticed this as my girlfriend recently bought the game and became so frustrated at this that she stopped playing altogether after only 15 minutes.
Stories / So it finally happened.
July 07, 2016, 02:22:20 AM

After almost a year and a half of waiting these two finally got hitched and finally used the Church I spent all of 15 minutes building the moment they got engaged XD

This was the first time a colony has lived long enough for it to happen since A13 got released.
Stories / Worst Colonists
June 01, 2016, 10:49:45 PM
So I was creating a new colony and this gem of a colonist got rolled

No social skill, dislikes both genders.
Can you say crotchy old woman?
Stories / Short story. Duchess to the Deceased.
May 29, 2016, 06:51:53 PM
My second short story towards my "Rim Obituaries" series.
This story series focuses on a previous colony I maintained for around 8 ingame years. These short stories are how the occupants of "The Vault" died. The events are not portrayed exactly how they occurred but rather how I imagine they occurred.
This story is a selection of Journal entries leading up to a Mechaniod invasion that ultimately ended the colony.
Hope y'all enjoy.

16th of December, 5002
Entry 1

There are some things I just don't talk about. Relationships. Escape. Happiness. Living 'till next week.
I'm are stuck here, may as well not get my hopes up.
My name is Anastelle Decena, Duchess of the Decena estate on the planet Ryondie. But we aren't on my estate anymore. This is the Rim, and I am not a ruler here. The people here call me Ana, it's not much of a title, but it's better than "The Late Anastelle Decena". Life here is hard. If you want to live, you work. If you want to die, leave. Though I could never leave, I owe my life and surely my sanity to these people.

21st of July, 5003
Entry 148

Why didn't I take those hunting sessions more seriously? Knowing how to handle a gun might have saved my leg.
Some pirate gang from a settlement nearby decided to assault the Vault without our scouts noticing. Thanks guys.
They ambushed a work site were we were testing our IED's to break through rubble. In hindsight, not their smartest move. Also in hindsight, shouldn't have been taking cover near the rubble we were clearing. It was already unstable so the gunfire dropped it, right onto my leg.
I must have blacked out because I woke up yesterday in the medical bay with a bionic leg grafted to my nervous system. This will take getting used to.

3rd of January, 5004
Entry 473

Sometimes I think about what life would be like if I hadn't boarded that ship. If maybe my life would have taken a different turn, or whether I'd still be stuck in that stuffy dress lording over those beneath me who desperately try to live until tomorrow. Maybe I would have left, gone on some adventure to the major cities. But no, instead I got on that ship. The Orion XI was its official name. The crew affectionately referred to it as the Jewel. On account of how its window's sparkled in the starlight I'm told. Fat load of good that did when the hull was burst open.

8th of March, 5004
Entry 604

It's days like this that I almost wish I was back on that fucking pirate vessel. At least then I knew I was going to be fed everyday. Lockdown for a week. All because some idiot tribal decided to rip the hull off of a mechaniod ship that crashed a few kilometers away. They were massacred. When the salvage crew went for survivors, instead of body bags, all they needed was a mop. Our own gunner crew even had troubles with those Scythers.
The hallways were stained with blood that day.

7th of May, 5006
Entry 895

The proximity alarm for a salvage op on a nearby ruin was tripped today. The Vault scouts dismissed it as a "non threat". As annoying as it was to spend another 6 hours on lockdown at least it postponed the day's chores. It was raining cats and dogs out there.

8th of May, 5006
Entry 896

The same proximity alarm was tripped 7 times over the course of the night. Scouts lost contact with the surveillance equipment stationed there.
The whole Vault is on edge but no direct warning sirens have been triggered.
This doesn't feel right.

//DATE -- 09//05//5006
//TIME -- 04:47

                     -- Gun shots to torso, right arm, neck and right thigh.
                     -- Burns to right arm and right thigh.
                     -- Bruising
                     -- Extreme blood loss.
                     -- Rupture of right lung.
                     -- Rupture of liver.






Bugs / Unable to operate on rescued visitors.
April 09, 2016, 02:31:34 AM
I had a trader group get mauled by wild animals that were totally not enraged be me -shifty eyes- YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING
Anymeow, I managed to rescue one visitor, however they lost a leg in the combat and I am unable to give her a replacement. So she is literally just lying there draining what little resources I currently have.

Not sure if this is a bug but it sure is annoying
Bugs / Insanity Lances Bug or not?
October 23, 2015, 12:27:17 AM
So I found out that you can hit mechaniods with psychic insanity lances to give them a mental break...
It instantly started trying to shoot at its fellow mechs and the rest quickly killed it.
Is this a bug or working as intended?
Stories / Fight for the Rim. Or Die on the Rim
October 19, 2015, 12:41:51 AM
So I decided to try my hand at some creative writing based on a colony I did using EDB's scenarios mod where you start with only one colonist.
The following is what I imagine going through the head of one of my colonists right before the colony went to shit.
Here's what came out of that. This is very rough work as I only really put 3 days into it but I hope y'all enjoy.

Life on the Rim. It's not exactly a difficult life. But it sure as hell isn't an easy one.
On the Rim we live by a simple code. "Fight for the Rim; Or Die on the Rim."
My name is Michael Austin, but I havn't heard that name in a long time. Here on the Rim, I am simply Micro. Another pawn in the endless battle for survival that I, and many others now call a life. It wasn't a choice for many of us, it was help the colony, or die. That was the choice we were given. I'd seen countless that chose the latter, preferring to take their chances making it back to whatever slum they had slunk out of, praying to whatever deity that was out there to let them pass. For some it was a choice they made willingly, without the risk. There were those that joined this hellhole out of their own free will, I will never understand them. Why you would want to live here, on this desolate rock, is beyond me.
For 5 years now, I have awoken in my pod of a room, barely big enough to house the bed inside and ate with the 20 something people living under this one roof. Chatter would be sparse, not going beyond how well we slept or about some odd dream that occurred. We all knew we had work to do, we did so every day, that didn't mean we liked it. There were crops to be harvested, metals to be hauled and animals to be tended to. Today was just another day on the Rim. It was days like this I would almost hope that one of the local tribes would mount another fruitless assault on our walls. That they would foolishly wander across our minefield, thinking they had mapped it properly from last time, thinking they could actually reach the plasteel reinforced vault door that sealed us from the dangers of this wasteland. Of course, I don't want it to actually happen. All it would mean is another day on lockdown and more cleanup work to do for the next few days. There would be corpses to strip and haul, walls to repair, mines to relay and in Singer's case, bodies to butcher. Singer...She wasn't exactly what you would call, stable and everyone knew that, yet no one wanted to say anything. Because everyone knew her story. She was the first. The sole survivor of the Civilian Transport Ship, Neptune IX. That got caught in crossfire and crashed on this god forsaken planet. For 6 months, she was alone on this hellhole of a rock. For 6 months she had no one to talk to but the squirrels. For 6 months she survived constant attacks from pirates, tribal warriors and psychotic animals. 6 months of doing anything alone is enough to drive anyone a little insane. If the second had come even a day later, she might not have made it at all.
No one is quite sure who the second was. Singer refuses to talk about him. All we know for sure, is that deep within the catacombs of our little colony he rests, a single sarcophagus sits, sealed away. We know that Singer loved him dearly, and that she almost ended herself along with him the moment he died. Because of this, that room is forbidden by colony law. No one is to enter it, not even Singer herself is allowed down there, in fear of what might happen should she see him again.

Servos whirred as I moved my arm, dragging the massive hunk of stone that our miners had dug out of the mountain side. My true arm was lost just a few days into life on this rock. A Scyther, as we had taken to calling them had unloaded two rounds into my lower shoulder, severing the nerves. There was no saving it, no matter how hard Singer had tried. While the GlitterWorld technology gave us almost super human strength and maneuverability, they couldn't perfectly replicate the sensation of touch. Everything felt slightly off using this arm. I couldn't quite get used to it, despite having it for almost 4 years now.
I often wondered who the second really was. We all did, but Singer won't talk about him. She doesn't talk much about anything anymore. She spends her waking hours alone in the kitchen, silently preparing meals for the colony. The only time we see her even remotely happy is when she's in there. Usually carving into some previously living thing, be it animal or human. No one questions her reasoning for being happy then. We all know she spent 6 months alone here, it makes you do some things most other people would frown on.
I had just shaken out of that daze and kept trudging along, dragging the stupid rock, praying for any reason to drop it and move on.
My prayers were answered, but not in any way that I liked. Frantic messages were going off in my earpiece. The voices were jumbled due to the amount of different people all talking at once but one message stood out. Singers voice ordering everyone back into the Vault in the only way that she knew.
"Two minutes 'till armed", was the last thing said before the coms died. Everyone knew what that warning meant, everyone had two minutes to get their asses back into the Vault before it would be sealed and the minefield armed. Breaking out into a full sprint, I ran towards the Vault, rifle drawn.
Pain shot through my body, seemingly originating from my calf and I fell face first into the ground. Twisting my body, I see the mechanical monsters that took my arm. Another round hit my bionic limb, creating a shower of sparks as it twitched and spasmed. A third lodged itself in my torso. It might have hit something important. I was beyond caring at this point. Thinking there were here to finish the job, I lay, unmoving as the mechanical terrors skirted around me, ignoring my presence. They had done their job, they had brought me to a state where I would no longer fight back. Their next target was the Vault.

The Vault had been sealed. Roll had been called. One was left behind. That one was me.

It happened from time to time. Someone wouldn't make it. Whether it was a conscious decision or simply a case of bad luck and timing. Someone wouldn't make it in time and there was nothing we could do about it. Those two minutes given were carefully chosen, it gave everybody enough time to get back to at least the Vault door from all of our work sites, bar the occasional trade route with some of the local tribes. The warning is clear. Drop what you are doing. Now. Get back to the Vault. Live. Those who fail to do that. Die. We all live by these rules because no one expects it to be them on the other side of that door. From the moment that door is closed, if you are on the outside, your com link is cut and are assumed dead. If by some miracle you survive, you will be welcomed back. Though, that's just what we assume would happen. No one has survived not making it back to the Vault. Now it was my turn. Maybe I would be the anomaly in the data. Maybe I would be the one who made it back.
Maybe I would die. I couldn't be sure. All I know for sure, is now my life is is probably about to end.
My name is Michael "Micro" Austin, and these are my final hours.

Today I stopped fighting for the Rim. So today I die on the Rim.

General Discussion / Military Aid
September 28, 2015, 09:23:10 PM
Is it just me or are the groups that allies send after you call for help just pathetic?
I was halfway through fighting off some tribals when a mechaniod party landed nearby so I called an allied Outlander town for help.
They sent 3 people....with shivs...
Like...It would have been more help if they didn't come at all because they died too damn quickly.
Even after spamming the send help button and burning through around 10k Silver, the best weapon any of the little groups that came was a little PDW :/
Bugs / Binging Lasting about 3 seconds
September 28, 2015, 07:32:04 PM
So quite a number of times now 2 of my colonists, (it only seems to happen with these 2) have gone on alcohol binges lasting about 3-5 seconds each. It isn't even enough time for them to grab a beer. They get halfway and decide against it but they still get the Catharsis mood buff

I am confuse but not exactly complaining, free +15 mood :/
Stories / Animal Breeding
August 26, 2015, 01:08:10 AM
It's amazing how quickly it can get out of hand

I started with one Sow and 2 Pigs....That was around 7 ingame months ago
Stories / Bro Iguana
July 26, 2015, 04:47:52 AM
So recently I had an evil ship part drop almost on top of my base. As usual I got my colonists into defensive positions and triggered it.
Then there was an alert to a Mad Animal, namely an Iguana.
This Iguana then began to track the Scyther instead of my colonists so I ignored it expecting it to get killed in around half a second.
Much to my surprise the 2 Scythers completely ignored it and continued to shoot at my colonists while this little Iguana slowly killed them XD

This Iguana is my new favourite colonist, his name is Steve.

Bugs / [W|0.6.532] Zombie Prisoner?
September 28, 2014, 07:54:47 PM
So I was playing normally when all of a sudden I hit a massive lag spike around my base.
I soon discovered it was one of my prisoners having a spasm on the floor.
It appears that she was holding several meals but decided not to eat any and starved to death!
But she wouldn't die, instead she was incapacitated and taking constant damage from starvation but refused to die.
I then set her to be executed but she still refused to die.
Then i had one of my colonists shoot her for about a minute but that still didn't work.

I have seen other people have the food holding bug but I have yet to see a report of this
As of yet I have been unable to recreate said bug