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Help / Skill Mods
December 05, 2015, 09:32:12 PM

I haven't played Rimworld in a while, I believe the last version I played was V9, and recently decided to see what has changed, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see great leaps and bounds and looking forward to V13. However onto questions...

In V9, in the CORE mods folder, you could directly change the skill values of things like gun accuracy for each rank, or the level up bonus of saying Growing will be. I checked in the V12D CORE folder, and these files are all gone. So two questions come up:

1) Why was the Skills hidden away from users in the CORE folder?
2) Is it still possible to modify those Skill values in a different way?
Mods / [Mod Request] Organ Extractor
February 03, 2015, 11:18:54 PM

I was wondering if someone could code in (I doubt the vanilla game would allow it, but if it can, awesome) a table of some sort (or bed, or whatever is your creative desire) that extracts all the organs and bionic parts from a living body. Normally, you can only extract one body part at a time and thus the moment you take something like the Heart, the target dies and is thus unworkable anymore.

So, what I'm looking for is something that could extract all of the organs at once from a body that are salvageable.

Optional: If you could make this work on corpses as well as living people, that would be awesome as well.
I was wondering Tynan if it would be possible to expose a few things for making more complex mods, where the things to be exposed aren't (as far as I know) that complex in of themselves.

In particular, could you consider exposing:

-> Damage Types, and by proxy allowing us to create new ones? (ie Different damage types have higher or lower incap chances; a Stun Gun would need to have a specific damage type associated with it so that the stun effect would have a higher chance of incapping over more conventional methods)
-> Being able to manually set Damage types for weapons. ie Having rubberized bullets that function like bullets, but have a higher incap chance than bullets.
-> Being able to make certain pieces of clothing resistant to one or more damage types (ie Bulletproof Armor) or be fully immune to that damagetype. (this may be a bit more difficult)
-> Being able to create our own area of effects; what I mean is that like a Grenade Exploding and creating a blast radius of damage, we could create our own area of effects, like say a flashbang grenade. (this may be a bit more difficult)
-> Being able to expose the code that controls Fire
-> Exposing the code determining how characters move. (ie when someone is on fire, they move a lot faster; maybe someone could utilize that code to create a sprint option)

Hope this isn't too demanding, but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.
Ideas / Limit Populations = Food
January 11, 2014, 08:41:50 PM
As suggested in a previous thread by Galileus (, using food to limit population growth rather than having fixed limits based on storytellers.

How this could work out is having food over time decompose and disappear (rotting effect). Different foods could rot at different rates. Normal grown potatoes could rot within 3 days. Hydroponic potatoes could rot within 1 day (due to being grown so fast that they aren't able to resist disease and infection as well as a normally grown potato would). Any food stored in a Food Dispenser would rot at a much slower rate (say 5 days), but would have limited storage space for food supplies (stored food would be in the form of nutrient paste; say 100 units of food or 10 nutrient meals [10 food = 1 nutrient paste without research]). This would have an added benefit that nutrient paste dispensers would only need to be restocked every once in a while rather than have colonists haul food from storage to it every time they want a meal.

This could be potentially useful once cooking or other ways of preparing food is introduced. A food dispenser could store food supplies the longest but would always grant a debuff for eating nutrient paste. Whereas making it in different ways (ie a Oven Baked Potato) would grant positive buffs for eating it but would rot faster than raw food.

Having food decompose, would naturally limit your ability to sustain a larger colony. This way you also will not be able to forever sit on a large pile of food forever; you have to be constantly producing more to replace it. So instead of having a fixed limit of 13 or so colonists, your true population cap would be based on how many mouths you can feed with your food production without starvation setting in.
General Discussion / 2 Important Questions
January 06, 2014, 04:41:44 PM
First the quotes:
1) Tynan Quote = "There are no aliens. See the docs for more info:

I can't put Reavers in, exactly, for copyright reasons, but you could have the idea of a more psychotic kind of raider. However, there are some logical issues with this. Reavers always bothered me because their style of existence obviously isn't sustainable as an ongoing subculture. What do they eat? Where do they get fuel? How do they maintain and run complex machinery like starships? If we did psychotics they'd probably be smaller, temporary groups of recently-formed crazypeople."

2) Tynan Quote = "The Thing. A colonist becomes a ravaging beast." (Storyteller Incident)

Question 1: Will there be Reaver-like enemies in Rimworld?
-> Reavers in Firefly generally ate other humans, and hunted down people for that purpose. Or they ate the food supplies off their ships and colonies.
-> They could have gotten fuel by raiding and boarding other starships and colonies.
-> They may not understand their starships actually, and may simply use basic repairs to hold them together (ie duct tape methodology)

Question 2: Will there be aliens in Rimworld.
-> I feel its necessary to re-ask this question when you consider the second quote "The Thing". Anyone who has watched John Carpenter's 1982 The Thing, knows that the Thing was an actual alien that came from outer space in a flying saucer (re-watch the first 5 minutes if you don't believe me).
-> By "alien" how would you define an "alien", Tynan? Are we talking alien as in Vulcans, Romulans, or Klingons (ie somewhat humanoid-esque)? Are we talking parasitic alien such as Xenomorphs (Facehuggers, Chestbursters, and Queens/Praetorians/Soldiers, etc...)? Are we talking genetically engineered lifeforms (Trans-Life may or may not cover this) (such as the Emohawk in Red Dwarf)? Or are we talking about some weird tentacle monstrousity that gets seen in way to many Adult-themed cartoons? What is defined as a "true" alien, when the definition of an alien is incredibly vast? Basically, I'd like it if you could define true alien for me, please? 
Bugs / Invisible food bug
December 23, 2013, 09:44:55 PM
I've encountered an odd bug. Maybe an issue with the modding process, but I've encountered this issue in multiple locations. This is in 0.254b build. Basically here is what happens:

1) If you hover over a location it says Food x6.
2) This location is also devoid of any food whatsoever. It is simply an empty square, maybe with some dirt or gravel on it.
3) Trying to build anything on this square causes all pawns with the "Building" task, to go and stand on this square. They will continue to stand on this square until you cancel the building and clear their AI. (They get stuck in a loop in other words). Clearing their AI means Drafting them and then Undrafting them.
4) The AI thinks there is food there when there isn't. Therefore it cannot build anything in that square.
5) If you drop food near the location and order someone to collect food, they don't go to that square and grab the invisible food.

I'll grab some screenshots in a moment (PrintScr ain't working so have to reload game with FRAPs active).

EDIT: Reloading the game cleared the issue. Odd. If I spot it again, I'll take a screenshot of it.
Help / Incapication
December 23, 2013, 03:01:16 AM
Anyone figured out how to modify the probability of incapicating (knocking out) a colonist or raider? Or increasing burst size for weapons? (I am using the .net reflector and reflexil, so just tell me which part of the file structure it can be found in)
Bugs / UI Freeze Issue
December 14, 2013, 12:52:18 AM
Now normally I'm unsure of how you'd get this to work, but whenever a colonist reaches either 20 in Melee or 20 in Shooting, clicking on them will cause the UI to freeze, forcing you to ALT TAB and close the process.

I say normally unsure, as I modified XP rates and needed xp for levels via modding, and if I set max skills to 19, a colonist can reach it with Shooting and Melee without having any troubles. It may be a matter of the modding process, but as I've modded about 200+ entries in the .dll file I'm unsure if its an actual problem or not. Particularly as its currently next to impossible to get to 20 Shooting/Melee normally.

All other skills can reach 20 no problem. In fact, they can reach level 100 no problem (if you modify the level cap), but not shooting or melee.

As I said, as I'm playing a modded game, I'm unsure if its something I simply did wrong OR if its an actual issue. I felt I might as well report it in case it IS an actual issue.

I'm running Build 254 on Windows 7 64bit. I've tested it multiple times and its always at LV 20 Shooting or Melee that creates the UI freeze. Attempted it 5-7 times to see if I could reproduce the problem and each time at LV 20 Shooting / Melee, the UI freezes.
Ideas / Commodities/Trade Goods Suggestions
December 13, 2013, 01:03:51 PM
My other threads:
"Firearm Suggestions"
"Research Suggestions"
"Skills and Traits Suggestions"
"Equipment Suggestions"
"Class Based Suggestions"
"Furniture Suggestions"

Here is a list of different ideas for trade goods or commodities:

-> Spices = Adds a bit of flavor to unprocessed food and to nutrient paste. Increases morale a bit by adding it.
-> Coffee = Helps to stave off sleepiness allowing people to work later into the night. Provides a morale boost.
-> Chocolate = Consuming it provides a large morale boost due to its rarity. Most colonists will save it for a day when they are feeling really poorly as a pick-me up.
-> Alcohol = What better way to remove yourself from the sorrows of life: Get completely smashed. Getting drunk causes the colonist to stumble around, possibly get into fights, but if arrested instead of going to prison, they simply haul them to bed. Completely removes all negative effects negating a potential mental breakdown. Nasty hangover in the morning though.
-> Fruit = A delicious alternative to nutrient paste. (could incorporate Raspberries into the fruit category). Provides the same benefit but with a positive morale boost for eating.

Trade Goods:
-> Silk = Nice and smooth and pretty. Could be used to make a lot of pretty clothing, tapestries, rugs, etc...
-> Wool = Nice and warm and plush. Could be used to create warm clothing, furniture, comfortable beds and comfortable pillows.
-> Diamond = A beautiful clear chunk of condensed carbon. Could be used to adorn jewelry, or possibly to create extremely effective mining and constructing tools.
-> Gold = A beautiful yellowish material that is extremely malluable and highly conductive (better than copper). Could be used to create jewelry or used to make better circuitry for machinery.

-> Antibiotics = For fighting off flus, diseases and viruses.
-> Sedatives = For calming people down suffering from mental breakdowns or coming close to a meltdown.
-> Adrenaline = For stabilizing bleeding colonists or prisoners.  Prevents them from suffering further bleeding damage.
-> Defiblrator = For reviving recently died colonists or potential prisoners (ones with yellow exclamation overtop before dying; doesn't work on any raider, just potential prisoners). 50% chance of success per Defib.
Ideas / Class-Based Suggestions
December 13, 2013, 01:16:44 AM
My Other Threads:

"Firearm Suggestions"
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"Furniture Suggestions"
"Equipment Suggestions"

Since there is different classes in game that affect which skills have increases and sometimes which skills they can't do, it may be even better to differeniate a Noble and a Con Artist with class abilities and skill sets.

-> Has a 10% chance to incapicate a target in a single hit, whether that is in melee or with a sniper rifle (ie Enfield or M25). (Its incapicate because you will face enemy Assassins with M25s and will probably have your own people knocked out)

-> All melee hits have a 25% chance to deal double damage and Brawlers take 50% less melee damage.

-> Specialized in pistol-type weapons, he can fire them twice as fast as anyone else, has +6 increased range and +1 increased accuracy.

Con Artist:
-> Has a 25% chance of getting 50% better prices with traders (ie if you normally buy food at 8 credits, with this you'd buy at 4 credits). Works only once per trader, per Con Artist (additional Con Artists can attempt to sway them). This price change remains in effect until the trader leaves, but only for the Con Artist that conned them.

Courtesan (WIP):

Entrepreneur (WIP):

-> All ranged weapons they use have +2 Accuracy. They take 25% less damage from bullets.

-> Harvests 50% more metal from veins, takes 50% less damage from cave-ins and can carry +25 Metal (so their maximum metal carrying capacity is 100)

-> Can inspire allies near them whenever they speak, which adds a +10 Morale Bonus. Can stack up to 3 times, but only once per Noble (aka you'd need at least 3 Nobles to grant the full +30 Bonus). Can also be used on prisoners to boost their loyalty threshhold faster.

-> When harvesting plants or grown vegetables they harvest +100% food (so if harvesting a potato gives +5 food, the oaf harvests it and it instead produces +10 food) and their maximum food carrying is increased by +25 (so a total of 100 Food)

-> The pirate is quicker than most colonists and moves 25% faster. He also likes swords a lot, and has a 25% chance to deal double damage with them.

-> The scientist can research two projects at the same time adding an equal amount of research to each project with no penalty for either (ie he researches at 100% speed for both projects)

-> The settler is used to new colony conditions. They keep a positive outlook at all times, and keep the positive buff New Colony Optimism at all times. They are also much hardier and have +25 HP, and can go longer without food or sleep than any colonist.

Ideas / Equipment Suggestions
December 11, 2013, 02:56:51 PM
My other threads:

"Firearm Suggestions"
"Research Suggestions"
"Skills and Traits Suggestions"
"Furniture Suggestions"
"Class Based Suggestions"


All Tools would be equipped most likely in the weapon slot.

-> Omni Repair Tool = Repairs objects much faster.
-> Diamond Power Drill = Mines objects much faster.
-> Craftsman's Toolbox = Constructs objects much faster and crafts objects much faster.
-> Grower's Toolkit = Grows plants faster and cuts plants much faster.
-> Miniaturizer Backpack = Allows people to carry more stuff.
-> Science Kit = Allows researchers to research much faster.
-> Fire Extinguisher = Allows people to fight fires more effectively and extinguish hard to reach fires that are within 3 squares of the colonist.
-> Flashlight = Allows a colonist to see in the dark.

One-Use Equipment: Costly to produce though to prevent over abusing.
-> Armor Repair Patch = This provides an instant repair of 50 HP to any structure.
-> Stimpacks = This provides an instant healing of 50 HP to any colonist.
-> Fire Suppression Kit = This device detonates (and deals no damage) and smothers all fires within a 10 square radius. Makes a big ugly mess though.
-> Seeder Grenade = This device detonates (and deals no damage) and seeds all Hydroponic or Growing Areas within a 10 square radius. Makes a big ugly mess though.

Combat Tools:
-> Riot Shield = This shield is completely bullet proof (100%) except for armor penetrating rounds (50% against these). However you can only use a Riot Baton, Fists, or a Pistol with it due to its size and weight.
-> Tear Gas Grenade = This grenade when thrown detonates it releases a cloud of tear gas. This really hurts the eyes (and any other exposed skin, like a wound) and inflicts an extremely high penalty on hit chance while remaining in the cloud and for 10 seconds afterwards.
-> Smoke Grenade = This grenade when thrown detonates it releases a cloud of smoke that makes it hard to exactly pinpoint where a target is. People can still fire into and out of the cloud but are almost certainly going to miss a target. This is useful for covering a tactical retreat, rescuing a fallen colonist, capturing a fallen raider, or for allowing people to close to melee range without worrying about being picked off by Sniper fire.

Melee Weapons:
-> Riot Baton = This melee weapon is designed for incapicating targets (or killing them if the Storyteller prefers) faster than with fists.
-> Scimatar = This wicked looking sword is great for cleaving apart flesh. A pirate's favorite.
-> Combat Knife = This short blade is ideal for stabbing and garroting people's throats. A marine's favorite.
-> Chainsaw = This rotating saw blade is normally designed for cutting down trees. Its seems quite effective at also cutting down raiders.
-> Chainsword = This is the bastard child of the chainsaw and broad sword. Its long like a broad sword but cuts like a chainsaw. Nasty.
-> Broadsword = A wide sword. Simple, but effective.

Worn Equipment:
-> Body Armor = Reduces damage taken from melee and ranged attacks.
Ideas / Skills and Trait Suggestions
December 11, 2013, 02:36:51 PM
My other threads:
"Research Suggestions"
"Furniture Suggestions"
"Firearm Suggestions"
"Equipment Suggestions"


Firefighting = Increases melee skill if you beat it without a fire extinguisher. Increases shooting skill if using a fire extinguisher.

Plant Cuting = Increases crop yield (ie how much food is produced when cut) with higher skill.

Cleaning = Increases social skill slowly (think of it as when someone is doing cleaning they are concerned about everyone else's welfare by making their living environment a little more tidy)

Social = Have the ability during combat (with at least 7 in social) to encourage attacking raiders to surrender when there is 33% (or less) of the raiding force left (so if you were raided by 9 people, once it got down to 3 you could attempt to force a surrender). These raiders drop their weapons and act as if they are normal people passing through (which can be captured as normal). Each individual raider gets a persuasion roll. Each colonist with at least 7 social can attempt to persuade them. (Makes nobles useful during combat).

Medicine = Increases social skill and research skill (research because it sometimes takes adaptive thinking to solve a person's physical problems or ailments)

Hauling = Turn into a skill. Levelling it increases carrying capacity (how much food/metal can be carried in a single load) and increases movement speed while carrying a burden (up to normal speed)

Shooting = Allow it to decrease miss chance AND decrease required aiming time (the time it takes to line up a shot(s)).

Melee = Allow it to increase hit chance AND give a chance to deliver a knockout blow (incapicates target); this chance would start out low and increase as you gained levels and only be something for someone to rely on if they had high Melee skill.

2) Abilities: (ie ManualDumb)
NOTE = The intent with these changes is to make these penalties less of a penalty and more of a blessing IF played right. An Assassin could be put on Combat Role for as long as needed and not suffer morale penalties and increase in combat skills faster than any other due to having the traits. This would make Specialists: Assassin, Courtesan, and Nobles; highly sought after due to the fact that they level up their skills at a much higher rate than anyone else with the same skills; Think of it as the cost of specialization into a specific field; they are great at their specialization but terrible at everything else.

If someone has:
-> Intellectual = This character increases in Manual Skills faster (Growing, Mining, Constructing and Repairing) than characters that don't have Intellectual.
-> ManualDumb = This character increases in Social Skill faster than those that don't have ManualDumb.
-> ManualSkilled = This character increases in Research Skill faster than those that don't have ManualSkilled.
-> Social = This character increases in Melee and Shooting skills faster than those that don't have Social.
-> Caring = This character suffers no morale penalties and remains at a constant morale level (ie -20 for very hungry; can still starve though) but cannot level up Social.

Ideas / Research Suggestions
December 11, 2013, 01:24:25 PM
NOTE: Some of these tie in to my other suggestions which will be linked to in this thread.

"Furniture Suggestions"
"Firearm Suggestions"
"Skills and Trait Suggestions"
"Equipment Suggestions"

1) Unlock Research - Research that unlocks new technologies, buildings or objects.
2) Improvement Research - Research that improves upon an existing building or object.
3) Spontaneous Research - Research that occurs by spending time at a research table with NO PROJECT currently active. Could be useful to do when other more desirable projects are finished and/or your researcher has nothing better to do.


1) Unlock Research
-> Robotic Assistance [Requires = Advanced Computerization] = Unlocks the ability to build Drone Towers and the accompaning drones. These are: Cleaning Receptacle (Cleaning Droid), Combat Tower (Combat Drone), Harvesting Tower (Harvesting Drone), and Repair Tower (Repair Drone)
-> Firestarter = Unlocks the ability to produce flame-using items, such as the Furnace, Flamethrower Turret and Fireplace.

2) Improvement Research
-> Advanced Computerization = This makes computers more power efficient and able to process more things at the same time. Objects affected are: Comm Station, Personal Computer, and Turrets.

EDIT = Currently shovelling snow, so be back in a bit to add more to this thread.
Ideas / Firearm Suggestions
December 11, 2013, 11:25:36 AM
My other threads:
"Furniture Suggestions"
"Research Suggestions"
"Skills and Traits Suggestions"
"Equipment Suggestions"


NOTE = Junk weapons could be wielded by early raiders or could be crafted at the Work Bench as an early weapons before you have the money to purchase real ones.

NOTE2 = Being that there is spaceflight and travel throughout the cosmos, I'd think that there would be the possibility of highly advanced weaponry compared to today, things like Laser weapons, Plasma Weapons, Railguns, etc...

-> Junk Pistol = A very basic pistol created from spare parts and scrap metal. Not as effective as a regular pistol, but its better than nothing.
-> Machine Pistol (ie G18) = A fully automatic pistol.
-> Heavy Pistol (ie Desert Eagle) = High power, lots of kick (recoil)
-> Magnum (ie .44 Caliber Revolver) = Old Western style Heavy Pistol
-> R2 Charger Pistol = Miniaturized version of the R4 Charger Rifle
-> Laser Pistol = Fires a beam of energy in a line, hitting multiple targets. Instantly hits, highly accurate, but now damage.
-> Plasma Pistol = Very good against flesh and armor, but very inaccurate.

Submachine Gun:
-> Junk Submachine Gun = A submachine gun made from scraps of metal. Not super effective, but somewhat better than a Junk Pistol.
-> Military Submachine Gun (ie MP5)
-> Suppression Submachine Gun = This submachine gun fires rubber bullets instead of normal rounds designed to stun and incapicate targets over outright killing them.

-> Junk Rifle = A single shot rifle that is made from scraps of metal. This is better than the Junk Submachine Gun but not by much.
-> Automatic Rifle (ie AK47) = What game isn't complete without a AK47?
-> High Caliber Sniper Rifle (ie M99 or 50 Caliber Rifle) = More power, more kick.
-> Battle Rifle (ie FN-FAL) = Similiar idea to Enfield, except its not a bolt-action weapon.
-> Automatic Marksman Rifle (ie M110) = A sniper rifle that isn't bolt-action, basically.
-> Railgun = Fires a single highly penetrating shot (ignores cover).
-> Laser Rifle = Fires a single beam of energy in a straight line, and can hit multiple targets in the line. Deals minor damage though (as it only penetrates as much as the laser beam has width) but has extremely long range and is extremely accurate and hits targets immediately.
-> Plasma Rifle = Melts armor and flesh real good. Fairly inaccurate though, so best used at close range.

-> Sawed-off Shotgun
-> Double Barrel Shotgun
-> Quadruple Barrel Shotgun
-> Automatic Shotgun (ie AA-12)
-> Belt-Fed Automatic Shotgun

-> Sticky Grenade = Sticks to whatever it initially hits, whether thats a wall, a person, or the floor and then detonates shortly after.
-> Napalm Grenade = A grenade that when it explodes creates a cloud of napalm (which napalm is actually a gaseous compound) which remains in the area for a while. Any fire-effects, explosions, plasma, laser, or richochets (bullets that hid walls) detonates the cloud turning it into a raging inferno of fire. Most things are burnt to a crisp, including people, weapons, walls, fortifications and last but not least psychotic squirrels!
-> Cluster Grenade = This grenade when it detonates it launches 8 mini grenades randomly within 2 squares, that explode on contact with whatever they touch. Can potentially maim or kill multiple opponents with this weapon.

-> Light machinegun = This is your standard machinegun. High rate of fire, fairly inaccurate.
-> Suppression machinegun = This machinegun fires rubber bullets. Also high rate of fire, fairly inaccurate.
-> Minigun = This weapon requires a wind-up time, but once it has, it fires constantly until the colonist stops firing. Highly inaccurate except at close range.
-> Bulletstorm = This weapon makes the minigun look like a kid's toy. This thing has relatively no recoil, highly accurate, and sports about 3 times more bullets fired than the minigun. Fortunately its extremely rare and it consumes bullets like no other. (Think Typhoon from Crysis 3)
-> Gatling Shotgun = This weapon is scary at close range. Like the minigun, it requires a windup period, but instead of firing bullets it fires shotgun shells at insane rates. Woe to the poor sucker caught in front of this thing. However, the recoil on it is so bad that you are unlikely to hit anyone unless they are within 5 squares of you.

Dual-Wielding: Wield two similiar weapons at the same time. Doubles rate of fire, loses accuracy and each weapon's aiming is independent of eachother. What can be dual wielded:
-> Pistols, Submachine Guns, Grenades (Molotov is a grenade), Sawed-Off Shotgun.

-> Grenade Launcher = Launches a grenade at a target. Propels the grenade farther than manually throwing it. Comes standard with Frag Grenades. Can switch out ammo type to Napalm Grenades, Cluster or Sticky Grenades.
-> Rocket Launcher = A powerful boomstick. By the way the exhaust shoots backwards inflicting fire damage, so be aware of positioning. The rocket travels in a straight line.
-> Homing Missile Launcher = Fires a missile that homes in on the nearest target. Also backfires exhaust.
Ideas / Furniture Suggestions
December 11, 2013, 01:26:30 AM
My Other Threads:
"Firearm Suggestions"
"Research Suggestions"
"Skills and Traits Suggestions"
"Equipment Suggestions"
"Class Based Suggestions"

1) Lights:
-> Power Saving Lights = Lights turn off during the day, and turn on during the night.
-> Colored Lights = A lamp light that is in a different color (ie Red, Blue, Green, etc..). Increases prettiness of the room.
-> Spotlight = A high-intensity light that is brighter than a Sun Lamp and has greater lighting distance, but restricted to a 45 degree angle.
-> Strobe Lights = These bright flashing lights can cause a target near them to be dazed (count as stunned) if they look at them. Its advised not to put them anywhere where your own colonists might accidently see them.

2) Structures:
-> Recycling Facility = Recycles SLAG and converts it into Metal. Also grinds up ROCKs and converts it into a very small amount of Metal. To avoid abusing it over using Dumps, make it cost something like 500 Metal (pricy, but lategame, you have tons of metal and too many ROCKs.). Also allow it to recycle unused weapons taking up storage space (for when a Slave/Combat Trader isn't nearby) and convert them into Metal.
-> Cleaning Receptacle = This receptacle is used for the mobile cleaning droid. The receptacle must be emptied every so often by someone who is set to clean. Empting the receptacle takes the same amount of time as cleaning one square.
-> Weapon Rack = This is a special form of the equipment rack. This is where people stash away their own personal firearm when they don't need it. This object would keep track of whose weapon is whose. This also would allow people to use other forms of equipment (when it gets implemented) in the same slot as their weapon.
-> Combat Tower (name is placeholder) = This structure sends out a flying combat drone that attacks any objects near the Combat Tower.
-> Harvesting Tower (name is placeholder) = This structure sends out an automated drone that automatically harvests any plants within its area. This could be very useful when you have 10+ Growing Areas and 20+ Hydroponic Tables.
-> Repair Tower (name is placeholder) = This structure sends out an automated drone that automatically repairs any damage structures within its area.
-> Gate (I'm thinking of the gate mechanism from Tiberium Sun) = Basically like a much larger door, but is built to survive explosions, bullets and fire. Could be used with walls to build a fortress. The gate could be set to open automatically for friendlies and remain closed for hostiles.
-> Riot Turret = Similiar to the Sentry Turret but instead fires a close range automatic weapon that fires rubberized bullets at high velocity (they hurt a lot but don't kill outright... unless you get one to the throat or in the eye). This of course causes a lot of stunning and sometimes incapicates a target outright (allowing them to be captured later)
-> Work Bench = When crafting is implemented, this could be used to craft items at.
-> Flamethrower Turret (@Windruf) = Spews a stream of fire at short-range. Lights anything and anyone on fire. Best to be used by firing into a flame-resistant space.
-> Fire Suppression System = This simply removes fires within its operating radius (think of it kind of like a sprinkler system but not with water; some kind of fire-resistant foam). Makes quite the mess but kills fires quick. 
-> Furnace = Burns up dead bodies quickly. Expensive to build and operate though, so when space isn't an issue, use graves.
-> Field Medic Tent (Must set whether tent is for colonists or prisoners) = This hastily built structure comes with 4 beds that can only be used by incapicated people. The purpose of this facility is to be able to move critically injured colonists to a bed immediately (where they can heal up over time and stop losing health) OR to house critically wounded prisoners. A prisoner-tent, will heal up wounded prisoners to about 10 HP at which point they can be moved to a prison-room. A colonist-tent will heal up colonists until they can move again, at which point they will return to their own beds. A field medic tent will also allow people with Doctor roles to attend to the wounded. This facility could be placed really close to the actual fighting so that wounded can start healing as soon as possible.
-> Ultra Battery = This functions similiarly to a regular battery that stores energy, except its 3 batteries the occupies a 2x2 space. Normally to have 3 batteries it takes 3, 1x2 spaces. Stores the energy of 3 Batteries.
-> Fission Reactor = This produces a lot energy in exchange for Uranium. Requires Uranium to function.
-> Micro-Solar Cells = These solar cells take up a 1x1 space. They produce 100 Energy at maximum light.
-> Bio-Fuel Generator = These generators produce energy by burning food to produce energy. Not very efficient, but useful when you have too much food OR when there is an eclipse and you need energy.
-> Fusion Reactor = Produces even more energy than the fission reactor but requires Deuterium to function. 

3) Appliances:
-> Washing Machine = Gets all that dirt and blood out of clothes. Small morale increase once per day.
-> Microwave = Heats up nutrient paste. Makes it slightly more edible, which makes eating plain nutrient paste slightly better.
-> Microphone + Loudspeakers (two objects) = Allows a single person to speak into a microphone to broadcast some news or something. People hear if through loudspeakers. This counts as a Social Interaction for everyone who can hear it. (@jsteel726) Also allows a person to announce to the whole facility of impending bandit raids or psycho squirrels that allows colonists to get prepared for combat faster. By getting prepared you may need a dedicated "square" for combat placement where colonists will head to and wait for the bandits to arrive.
-> Shower = Removes dirt and grime from skin and reduces body odor. Increases morale.
-> Toilet = Who doesn't want a nice object to relieve yourself on; beats the alternative. Increases morale.
-> Sauna = Allows stressed out people to relax in a nice steamy room. Increases morale. Needs a source of steam (ie Geothermal or heated up coals or something)
-> Personal Computer = A small computer that could be placed on a table or a Desk. Takes up 1x1 Space. Could be used to create logs for each colonist and may help some have less stress as a result by writing about the things in their day.
-> Fireplace = The crackling of flames and heat it releases makes the environment somewhat more pleasant to be in... at least when the fire stays in the fireplace (best to build fireproof walls near it)

4) Rooms:
-> Sleeping Bag = Allows anyone to use this, even if they currently own a bed. This allows you to place sleeping places near the place of a person's work if they are too far from town and may suffer a mental breakdown.
-> Rug = Adds a slight increase of prettiness to a room.
-> Painting = Something nice to look at on the wall. Adds prettiness to the room.
-> Window = Allows people to see outside. Adds prettiness to the room and reduces the negative effect of the cramped environment.
-> Sunroof = Allows people to see the sky while inside. Adds prettiness to the room and reduces the negative effect for cramped environment.
-> Desk = Essentially a mini table that is 1x1 square big.
-> Personal Belongings Chest = This object stores all of a colonist's personal belongings, such as clothing, trinkets, a hidden stash of chocolate, etc...
-> Bookshelf = Holds books that can be read at a later point.
-> Love Seat = Dunno why they call it this, but one of these for sitting in. More comfortable than a regular chair.
-> Sofa = A large area for people to sit on. More comfortable than chairs.
-> Medical Bed (@todofwar): Rapidly increased healing, and causes starvation to have a much lower depleting effect in case you can't get them food quickly. Expensive and requires research, only can be used by incapacitated, and colonists automatically go for unoccupied med beds with incapacitated colonists. Can be designated for prisoners, same rules as prison bed apply, and prisoner must be moved once they are well.

5) Fortifications:
-> Bunker Wall = A combination of sandbags and a hard wall. Allows people to shoot from inside and get shot from the outside. However, the ones inside are more likely to hit an enemy than an enemy is likely to hit them (ie more likely to hit the bunker instead)
-> Collapsible Barricade = Functions a lot like a sandbag, but can be toggled to be active (which provides cover) or inactive (which causes it to slide into the ground removing any speed penalty).
-> Trip Wires = These could be used for two functions (maybe both at same time): One, it trips them causing them to be stunned and two, it could trigger a blasting charge to detonate. Triggering a trip wire destroys it (one-time use). Great for slowing down a large troupe of raiders. Can be used with a Claymore for a nasty surprise. Your own colonists will avoid their own tripwires (as they know where they all are).
-> Stabilizing Tripods = These could be built on a Sandbag or Bunker. What these do, is reduce the aiming time for anyone using them to stabilize their gun (a lot of real-day snipers or people who man machine guns use these to reduce recoil and stabilize their aim). These could be very useful for people using Enfields or M25s.
-> Combat Cells = These are specialized battery cells that are only used for quickly recharging any weapon connected to it. This would be useful if the Recharger Rifle would require quick recharging to continue firing. These explode if hit so be careful where you place them.
-> Ammo Box = These contain ammunition for bullet weapons. Useful if weapons ever need to require to have ammunition to fire. Will explode violently if lit on fire (afterall bullets contain gunpowder and when heated it explodes)
-> Chainlink Fence = This fence prevents entry but, it can be shot through. Basically a wall with tons of holes in it. Doesn't provide cover either. Bullets and Lasers pass through the fence. Grenades, Molotovs and Explosives hits the fence (and can bounce off)
-> Fireproof Walls = These walls are designed in such a way that they cannot take fire damage and take less explosive damage. Great to be used in combination with the Flamethrower Turret.
-> Sniper Roost = This 1x1 structure can house a single colonist in it. Its essentially a tall 1x1 tower that can be built into a wall or free-standing. It offers the best protection for the sniper, without imparing the sniper's field of vision, which allows him to shoot at a target anywhere around the tower. Since the tower is higher up than most structures, sandbags and rocks do not provide as much or any cover.
-> Landmine = This is similiar to a blasting charge, but has a smaller detonation radius, deals more damage and activates the moment ANYONE walks onto the square. Kaboom!
-> Claymore = This is similiar to the landmine, but is triggered by hitting the tripwire. The claymore detonates immediately, and has a greater explosive radius than the landmine but requires a tripwire to make it useful. This kind of weapon is better used as your colonists will avoid tripwires, but cannot avoid accidently stepping on a landmine square.
-> Howitzer = A stationary artillery weapon designed for shooting artillery shells over great distances that when their shells reach their target they explode, sending metal fragments everywhere. Could also give the "shellshocked" debuff to anyone who gets wounded.
-> Mounted Gun Turret = This like the tripods is mounted on a Sandbags or Bunker Wall. It allows a colonist to use a heavy machine gun or minigun to mow down incoming enemies. It has a high rate of fire and quick aiming, but can only hit targets within a 45 degree angle.
-> Mortars = These stationary objects launch grenades up to a great distance away. Must be loaded with some kind of grenade and used by a colonist.
-> Speedbumps = These iconic objects used for slowing down cars, can also be used to slow down people.
-> Trenches = This dug out areas in the dirt provide excellent cover for those in them from bullet fire. However grenades, are extra lethal as the contents of the grenade will get stuck in the trench. Takes some time to get into and out of a trench (longer than moving over sandbags)
-> Cannon Turret = This turret fires tank-sized rounds at a target. Does high structural damage to rocks, and structures and fragments deal some damage to raiders. A direct hit from a Cannon however will deal serious damage to a raider.
-> Forcefield = Functions essentially like a wall, but is invulnerable to all damage and provides 100% cover.
-> Forcefield Emitters = These are used to power up forcefields. These are extremely costly to build and requires an Emitter for each square a forcefield will appear at.  These require a lot of energy to keep running though. 
-> Laser Fence = This wall-like object provides no cover and can be moved through. However, moving through it inflicts some damage.

6) Recreation:
NOTE: (Stress Reliever = Morale boost; interchangeable)
-> Pool Table = Allows people to play pool. Counts as a stress-reliever and a social interaction. Slight increase to shooting (as it takes practice to make the balls go where you want them)
-> Ping-Pong Table = Allows people to play ping-pong. Counts as a stress-reliever and a social interaction. Slight increase to shooting.
-> Punching Bag = What better way to relieve stress than to punch something? Counts as a stress reliever and increases melee.
-> Shooting Range = Helps to relieve some stress and helps to improve shooting.
-> Privacy Booths = Booths where a couple (MM MF FF) can go for some "privacy". Whether that is just to be alone with eachother, or something "else". I'll let you guys think of what that may be.

7) Drones:
NOTE: (Accompanies Furniture):
-> Automatic Cleaning Droid = This small robot automatically cleans your Home Zone. Can only clean a few places before needing to drop off its garbage. Can be destroyed; someone designated as Construction must rebuild it at Cleaning Receptacle.
-> Combat Drone = Attacks enemies within range of the Combat Tower. Can be destroyed; someone designated as Construction must rebuild it at Combat Tower.
-> Harvesting Drone = Automatically harvests any plant within range of its Harvesting tower. Can be destroyed; someone designated as Construction must rebuild it at Harvesting Tower.
-> Repair Drone = Automatically repairs any damaged structure within range of its Repair Tower. Can be destroyed; someone designated as Construction must rebuild it at Repair Tower.
EDIT: Will update as I think of new stuff. Cheers!
Ideas / Suggestion: Manual Dumb Trait Change
December 11, 2013, 01:00:22 AM
Make it so that people with Manual Dumb can clean and fight fires (normally its just fight fires). Since cleaning levels no skills and only makes the environment look better for morale purposes, I think it would make sense to allow cleaning, if they can firefight. Ones normally with Manual Dumb are usually useless to the colony except in VERY specific circumstances. I'm looking at you Nobles and Assassins. It would make it so that they at least do something semi-useful for the colony AND clean up blood splotches and not show up as constantly not busy.
Mods / Mod Request
December 09, 2013, 11:30:08 PM
Could someone make a mod for me by chance? Please and thank you. This mod would:

-> Level up difficult skills a lot faster (Social, Melee, Guns, Mining, Research and Construction) by 4x current values.
-> Allow all trading ships to carry additional credits by about +200% current values.
-> Increase the chances that a trading ship will come by +50% current values.
-> Increase maximum population to 20 colonists.
Ideas / Bunch of Suggestions
December 09, 2013, 04:24:38 AM
Really liking Rimworld thus far. Finally figured out how to trade, and trading is very useful. Have a few ideas to give:

-> Make it so that there is more variance in prices. Have outliers that occur seldomly in prices, such as extremely high/low prices.
-> Make it so that the higher the Social Skill is, the better your overall prices for buying/selling are.
-> Create new commodities such as: Spices [ie Salt, Pepper, etc...] (If added to nutrient paste in improves the taste, so nutrient paste doesn't taste as bland), Alcohol (Provides a short morale booster if taken sparingly by colonists), Silk (Could be used to make very fine tapestries or carpets)

-> Create new topics:
1) Agricultural Improvements = Increases growth rate of plants in Growing Areas.
2) Scientific Collaboration = Increases research speed dramatically when at least two people are performing research (requires two research tables)
3) Armor Theory = Increases hitpoints of auto-turrets and makes them slightly resistant to bullet-weapons
4) Defensive Measures = Unlocks Barricade (more expensive and better cover than sandbags) and Mounted Gun (A colonist can use this where it is set up)
5) Flak Armor = Provides some protection for colonists against explosive weapons and exploding objects (like boomrats)
6) Field Medicine = When someone goes to rescue a colonist, they can administer first aid that can sometimes revive them (if there health isn't too low).
7) Solar Refinement = Solar cells provide more energy
8) Vehicular Transportion = Unlocks the Sand Buggy. This is a vehicle that is costly to build, but allows colonists to travel quickly over the map, and carry a lot more goods, or people than normal. Requires electrical charge-ups occasionally to refuel.

Defensive Structures:
-> Minefield = Any hostile that wanders through this is killed off or wounded.
-> Barbed Wire Fences = This slows down enemy units, that may try to find a different route to get to your base.
-> Barricade = This metal object is built to survive bullet impacts and protect those hiding behind it. More effective cover from enemies and provides some protection from explosions.
-> Mounted Gun = This assault weapon is mounted on a barricade or sandbag. It allows a colonist to fire at enemies within a 45 degree arc in the direction the weapon is facing. Has good range.

-> Power Saving Lights = These lights only activate when a colonist is near it. This causes them to consume less energy overall compared to other lights.
-> Target Dummy = This thing can provide some target practice for those colonists with low shooting skills. May be useful when they have to put those skills to the test against a raiding party.

The big thing I've noticed that could use work is the Research menu. If you have a dedicated Research person with 12+ in that skill, they become useless quite fast (except for carrying and cleaning of course). Trading also could use some work. But, the fact that its pre-alpha and actually functions is amazing. Keep up the great work, Tynan!