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Bugs / Eating loop
April 13, 2014, 05:21:47 PM
One of my colonists grabbed some muffalo meat, went to a table to eat it, and wouldn't eat it, but the "crunch" sound that's made when someone starts eating was looping over itself several times per second. The issue was later fixed when I drafted him, had him run away, did the same for another colonist who tried to eat it and did the same thing, and my hauler brought it away.

I grabbed a screenshot of how things looked when it occurred. (Keiko is the bugged eater in question)

General Discussion / Stockpile Issues
February 05, 2014, 07:35:28 PM
Am I the only one who feels that the stockpile system as-is is extremely inefficient?

This is especially frustrating with a launch pad, as there's no way to move things from one stockpile to another without changing priority then placing an order to haul those resources, then changing the priority lower so that they don't use the launch pad as your primary stockpile. I feel like it should be much easier to have resources go where you want them to go.
Ideas / Advanced Colonist Relations
January 04, 2014, 05:50:31 PM
It would be great down the line for characters to develop strong relationships with one another in some way, be it best friends or rivals, or maybe even love. Maybe if one character's best friend dies in a bandit raid, he loses even more happiness, and gets a bonus to friendly chats with his friend. Maybe if an intense hatred comes up between two characters, they'll occasionally get into fights, and in the worst case scenario, kill another if the warden can't arrest them in time, without the impending warning of a mental break.

Some relationships could just be specific traits working in conjunction with one another, some could just be unavoidable happenstance (this colonist ate the last of our food while I was still hungry!). Things like this would serve to really make the colony come alive.

Also, seeing the impenetrable kill-zones that some people have created, this would provide a way for internal threats to materialize, giving people more to worry about than the next bandit attack. If someone keeps stealing things from someone he hates, or one of your characters is getting ambushed and beaten up by another, it would broaden the game experience beyond "have food and stay safe"