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Creative Rewards / Missing PK weapon?
January 10, 2017, 07:42:55 PM
I have been busy so I missed a few builds till now.  Anyway I was trying to spawn my pirate king in alpha 16 (William salt).   when he does spawn, he is always missing his spiderbot launcher.  Am I just having bad luck or is his weapon not in the game?
I don't know if any made it into alpha 4, I have only played it a few hours so far.
Anyone run into a guy named salt with a army of spiderbots yet?

I would love to see some pics or a video.  Maybe I will run into him in one of my play throughs.
Creative Rewards / Ship and planet name ideas
October 29, 2013, 07:26:37 PM
as of right now, no one has pledged in the ship-master or void god tiers so i thought i would throw out a few ideas.  maybe in the future if no-one pledges at those levels we could have a contest here.

here's my idea for the ships name RV Icarus 2 (R-379)
here's a quick break down of what all that means
RV- research vessel
Icarus 2, because of the ominous foreshadowing :) and the two because it has happened before. (he flew too close to the sun and crashed into the sea)
R-379 that's the hull number again R is for research and the first number in the 3 digit code is the class size the last two are random. all together it makes a unique hull number.

as for the planet (which i'm told is actually a moon orbiting a gas giant) i was thinking it should be something like this... Kepler-63e  it is a un-populated rim world so it would make sense that it wouldn't have a proper name yet and just the scientific designated one.  alternately i would say the colonists would give it a name after crashing.  seeing as how they are optimistic about their new colony and happy to have survived the crash i would suggest Salvation.

so the name of the planet would look more like this Kepler-63e, Salvation
(obviously don't use the name Kepler, that one is already taken.  its just a example)

anyway those are my ideas :)
Creative Rewards / i need help with my backstory
October 26, 2013, 07:49:10 PM
i spent some time trying to revise what i wrote earlier here's what i have so far.

"Salt grew up with a interest in science, he went to a good school and learned the value of hard work.
He dreamed of one day leaving his quiet home, and exploring exciting new worlds beyond his own"

Reluctant Pirate
"Salt was a Geologist for Geotek Corp, his real job was to find advanced weapon artifacts.
something about the company trying to kill him? salt went on the run, turning to piracy to get by.

I'm thinking he was blackmailed or framed for something.  I want to keep it short, and give him a good reason to go on the run.  maybe he refused to give up the latest weapon he found (spiderbots) I don't know.  i originally had him survive a near fatal accident that left him in debt, he used piracy to pay the bills
"Salt was a Geologist till a near fatal collapse left him with artificial legs and deeply in debt.  He turned to piracy to get by."  -thats what i had before.

any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated, the hardest part is keeping it under 50 words.
General Discussion / Pirate king questions.
October 11, 2013, 06:30:40 PM
@Tynan  could you give us a example of what a pirate kings stats might look like?

I'm assuming they are higher than regular colonists, you did say they were tougher.  I just don't know what range is reasonable, I've seen stats on colonists range from 3-15.

speaking of stats do colonists gain skill over time? like if a miner started with 5 mining and mines for a few days will he become a 6 or a 7?

you also mentioned pirate kings might spawn with a powerful weapon stolen from a advanced civilization.  how about some teaser info on such weapons.

I will leave this thread for other people to ask pirate king related questions too.
Ideas / Designer tier ideas, PK also welcome.
October 09, 2013, 07:22:18 PM
i thought it would be fun to hear some suggestions on what you would add to the game if you were a designer backer.

designer level lets you add a weapon, animal or plant as well as a pirate king.
so lets hear some cool ideas for weapons, animals, plants and interesting pirates!

I have been playing around with the idea of having a pirate king that doesn't want to be a pirate.  he just does it because hes in debt and needs the money.

for an animal it might be cool to have some sort of desert dwelling cephalopod.  i'm not sure what good a octopus can do in the desert but it seemed cool.

alcoholic cactus fruit, its better tasting than paste and increases happiness but negatively impacks work

lastly my weapon idea, how about just a plain old taser? that way i can flank a raider and capture them easily for recruitment.
Ideas / water as a semi rare resource
October 07, 2013, 05:39:14 AM
I was thinking water should be collected like solar panels collect power, there would be a rain catch that fills a tank that is used over time.
Alternately a little water could be collected from cacti

Pools of standing water should be super rare

Workers should consume water daily and more so when they work

Fires should cost water to put out quickly or you can pat them out slowly.

If a worker is thirsty and water is low they should stop working at full tilt to conserve water.

If water is fully out they should risk death.

...almost forgot water should be used for sanitation, with low water stores workers should also be at risk of disease.  (Think toilets, hand washing, bathing)