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Ideas / Keep Timestamp of Save Time inside Save Files
October 03, 2019, 04:17:36 PM
I use software to move save files between two computers that I play on.
This gives them the timestamp that I moved the files, not the original when the file was saved.
This then causes the order displayed in Rimworld to not be in save time order, but in alphabetical order.

I know this is a minor problem, and only shows up if you are doing things that most people dont do.
But I thought it worth a suggestion.
I have not had this personally, but a number of people on Reddit were sharing their stories of accidentally burning or almost burning colonist corpses that they wanted to keep for Burial or Resurrection.

I dont know if this not burning colonists would be the exception or the general rule, but i though it could be worth discussing to see if the default should change.
Releases / [1.0] ED-Prometheus - - (2019-01-20)
November 01, 2018, 06:25:12 AM

When a Strange Signal is detected by your colony, it leads to symbiotic interactions with heavily damaged Ancient Starship as you assist them in bringing their systems back online from the brink of disaster in exchange for access to their advanced technology.

* Shield Generators: Fortify areas of your colony from attack.
* Personal Shields: Create infrastructure to protect specific colonists and animals from damage.
* OmniGel: Growing and processing renewable resources.
* Transporters: Move people and materials over vast distances.
* Laser Drills: Drill deep into the surface to unlock the almost unlimited potential of Geothermal Energy.
* Power Transfer: Provide energy over vast distances.
* Create a Compressed Strengthened version of Stuff.

Releases / [1.1] ED-EnhancedOptions
July 15, 2018, 02:13:31 AM

This mod adds various additional options to change the way Rimworld works. These options are as follows:
- Stop Letters from being shown.
- Allow Plants to Grow 24H a day, also has an option for SunLamps."
- Prevents Traps from triggering on your Colonists and Friendly Factions.
- Allows force attack commands to be given to turrets.
- Hides the Small Power Connection Wires, Still show in Power overlay Mode.
- Suppress random Breakdowns.
- Allow Speed4 Without Dev Mode needing to be enabled, can be turned on by pressing '4'.
- Stop Forced Time Slowdown (Combat).
- Stop Stripping Corps before Cremation.
- Hide Marriage CaravanPacking and Party Spots.
- Suppress Rain caused by Fire.
- Suppressing Roof Collapse.
  -Ability to Suppress writing to the Log File.
- Ability to modifying Learn Rate.


Hey guys, I have the new mod I have been working is upto a state where I would like to open it up for feedback. It is still very early and needs a bunch more polish and enhancements, but I think that the core of it is at the stage where I would like some feedback, mainly focused on the "Quest" style system and how you deploy the new buildings. Almost every part of the mod still has things I want to do still, but I feel that the framework is there.


When a Strange Signal is detected by your colony, it triggers your symbiotic interactions with an Advanced Ancient Starship as you assist them bringing the ship systems back online from the brink of disaster in exchange for access to their advanced technology.

* Shield Generators: Static Base Defences.
* Personal Shields: Protecting Specific Colonists and Animals from damage
* OmniGel: Allows Renewable Production of Resources
* Transporters: move people and materials vast distances
* Laser Drills: Drill deep into the surface to unlock the almost unlimited potential of Geothermal Energy.
* Power Transfer: Provide energy over vast distances.
Releases / [1.1] ED-Embrasures -
July 02, 2018, 08:11:29 AM

Adds embrasures for that can be shot through, while blocking passage, giving your colonists an advantage in combat.
Enemies will still be able to fire back but your troops will be in cover similar to sandbags and can't be rushed by melee forces.
The holes in the wall allow temperature to equalise through the gaps.

Setting have been added to allow you to customise the cost and protection given.

Hey Everyone, I have started some initial work a mod that I am thinking will eventually supersede a number of my current mods, I wanted to get some feedback on my current plans for it.

The basic thing I want to change is that in a number of my current mods you get access quite advanced technology that does not logically fit with the rest of what your colony is able to develop. These are just researched and deployed as any other building in the game, not anything interesting compared to the abilities it gives you.

My mods that I am thinking of integrating initially include Shields, LaserDrill, OmniGel and advanced things like that.

What I am planning to do is changing the way that you will get the buildings and adding a bit of a quest / progression.

The general idea is that it would go like this:
* a time after you have a comms console you would pick up a distress call from a survivor on a military ship that is damaged and going to crash into the sun.
* They need help to save the ship and give you the ability to send them power and metal so that they can fix the ship. They promise you advance weapons and technology if you help them.
  * Once the ship is stabilized in return for continued supply of power/metal they will bring fabrication systems online and you can order them to drop pod down things (mostly minified buildings)
* There would still be a minimal research cost, but it would be small compared to the complexity of the building as you are just learning to operate something instead of building it from scratch and you do with most buildings. But there would also be a Power/Resource cost before you can use something.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would be interesting to have a different way to acquire things, or would the more steps just be annoying and you would rather unlock and build things normally.
CompExplosive on Apparel Detonate where the Apparel was put on, not its Current Location.

I tossed up posting this in the Mod bugs section as this needs a mod to show the issue, but as I think this is an issue with Rimworld Code I posted it here, sorry if I should have posted it over there.

This started from this thread:

The core issue appears to be that CompExplosive.Detonate Method Calls "parent.Kill" before calling "parent.PositionHeld"  to get the location for the explosion. Doing it in this order PositionHeld will return the same value as Position (which for Apparel is the last location that it was spawned in the world / when it was equipped). Calling parent.PositionHeld prior to "parent.Kill" appears to function correctly and return the current location of the pawn.

I propose that you fix this by caching the value of parent.PositionHeld early in the execution of the CompExplosive.Detonate Method.

Here is a version of the mod by Rustic Fox with a Harmony patch to fix the issue:

With most of the interesting code happening here:

You can use that mod to replicate the issue. Deleting the .dll files will run the mod how it was originally displaying the issue.


1. Run Rimworld with that Mod Enabled.
2. Open a Colony.
3. Use Dev mode to Place a "Firefoam Belt"
4. Have a Colonist wear the belt.
5. Move the colonist away
6. Strike the Colonist with Lightening
7. Wait for the detonation

8a. Without the .dll files observe that the detonation happened where the belt was last equipped.

8b. With the .dll files observe that the detonation happened around the colonist as expected. Opening the Console should show something similar to the following log entries, logging the value of Position and PositionHeld before and after killing the parent.

Executing Detonate_Prefix
PositionHeld Cached
Parent Pos: (123, 0, 110) Parent Pos Held: (141, 0, 103)
About to Do Explosion, PositionHeld now returns Parent Position, not the same Pos Held Value as before the parent was killed, so use the cached value.
Parent Pos: (123, 0, 110) Parent Pos Held: (123, 0, 110)

As you can see I have a workaround, but I think that this should be fixed in the Base game, even if it wont become apparent in Vanilla games currently.
Bugs / [A18] Manhunter Wargs broke through a Door.
November 18, 2017, 01:58:57 AM
I just had a manhunter pack of wargs show up.
I ordered all my colonists inside and forbid the doors with the intention of waiting them out.
They then broke down the door and started attacking my colonists. (everyone is ok now if you were wondering)

I dont know if the bug was that they killed the door or the text of the event needs to be updated as it now specifically says that they can't pass doors.

I suppose you could argue that by destroying the door and then passing through where it used to be they did not technically pass through the door, but that seams a little deceptive. :)
Unfinished / GRimworldMaps (Google maps for Rimworld)
October 02, 2016, 02:52:23 AM
Here is something that I gave been working on for a while, taking screenshots from Rimworld and converting them for use in a Website, kind of similar to Google Maps.

Here is what I have done so far.

This is the map from the Succession game I did ( , with an image at the end of each persons turn so you can see how the colony changed over time. Dont know how much further I will develop this, I mainly wanted to see if it could be done.

Hash collision when loading a map caused by custom ThingDef.

This error is Similar to and but the solutions presented there are not working for me. Kilroy232 was able to work around it by just removing the assembly and Hatti fixed by setting a defName (I am assuming that he was not using a Custom C# ThingDefs), so that was a different root issuing causing the same errors.

In Alpha 15 I have been unable to successfully load any map while I have a .dll loaded that contains a class that inherits from "Verse.ThingDef". I am not entirely certain if there is something additional that needs to be done in this latest Alpha or if there is a new bug/change in the Core game that means we are unable to do this.

From the looks of the error log everything is being given a short hash of 0.
I have tried stripping everything out of one of my mods in order to identify what was causing this issue.
I have managed to consistently reproduce the error using a .dll with only a singles .cs file and no .xml files (Except About.xml)

public class ShieldBuildingThingDef : Verse.ThingDef

I am not the only one having this issue, I know rikiki and haplo have mentioned it (or very similar) on slack.

I have attached the error log and mod I was using to reproduce this error.

I have been looking through ILspy but I have not helped me fix the issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Maybe this would be better done using Comps.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
I saw a discussion about marketing the game and a point that was brought up was that it suffers from some of the same issues that Dwarf Fortress does, in that the game has fun stories, but without a context from playing the game it is hard to convey quickly.

I Remembered seeing some Dwarf Fortress infographics about stories that players had that and think that sorting similar could be done for Rimworld. If 2-3 similar infographics could be produced and released around the steam release date I think it could be helpful in encouraging people to try the game, as these could be easily shared on Reddit / Twitter / Facebook.

Here is an example of the find of thing that I am thinking.
Ideas / Better Mod Management (Order / Warnings)
June 06, 2016, 10:42:16 PM
With the imminent steam release coming soon with workshop support and all the new players that entails.
I think that the Mod Management Screen could do with some enhancements to make it easier for players to manage their mods, mainly dealing with Load orders and dependencies of the more interconnected mods that require a specific order.

At the very least I think it would be good to include the functionality of "EdB Mod Order"

I think it could also be good to implement support for the kind of thing that I was experimenting with in my Rimworld Mod Manager.

The idea being that mods can define other mods that they Depend on in XML, and these definitions can be used to warn about issues in the load order. So for an Example a Mod that is a Compatibility patch between "Combat Realism" and "Shields" would list Both of those mods as Dependencies in its XML.

Then on the Mod Managment screen a warning could be given If either of those mods:

  • Were not installed
  • Were not activated
  • Were activated later in the load order than the compatibility patch.

Yes they information can be given in descriptions and readmes, but I feel that this covers 90% of load order issues that can happen and if the mod management system can be made more robust and I think this would improve players perception of the game when they try installing mods, and maybe not asking for help so much.
Poll Question

How would people prefer I handle the New Alphas on Steam?

After the Official Release update the existing Entry of mods to the new release as I have been doing previously.
Or Create a new Mod Entry for each Alpha.

I thought about it and I dont have a strong preference right now, so I figured I would put up the poll and see what everyone prefers.
So feel free to comment and vote in the Poll.

Enhanced Development

This is a continuation of my previous mod from A12. Rather than a single mod with multiple parts I have split them up into separate mods as much as possible.Please let me know if you think something could be changed or is unbalanced.

A17 Mods:

A16 Mods:

A14 Mods:

A13 Mods:

Note that mods are only listed against their most recent Alpha version, but may be available for previous version on GitHub.

To download go to the specific mod that you want to download, click the link to take you to the GitHub release section, download the Release file, do not get the source files, I make no guarantees that they will work.

An alternate download is available here:

This is a github repository that should contain the latest and previous downloads. Press the green button and then download .zip if you dont know what to do.

Mods are also be available on the steam workshop.

A log of the most recent updates is avalable at:
Please goto the new version in the link:

Enhanced Development

This mod is the continuation of my previous mod "Enhanced Defense": but renamed to reflect it being more general that just combat. This mod has been created with a number of distinct modules. Theses are designed to allow you to only have to use the parts of the mod that you want to. I have some information about the modules in this post, If you want more information read the .pdf manual. This is still a bit of a work in progress, let me know if you notice any bugs or things that are unclear, especially in the manual.

The manual is a work in progress, if you see something that could be explained better let me know and I can improve it.


Old Downloads:


Reverse cycle Cooler
Adds a Reverse Cycle Cooler. Identical to the standard cooler except that it can easily be rotated to reverse the direction of the temperature flow.


Adds a Stargate System, Allows for the Transport of Personnel and Supplies between Colonies.


This mod allows you to place shield generators. They are expensive and power hungry but can really strengthen your defences. The shields will stop projectiles that try to enter it, but allow weapons to be fired out.


Adds Personal Shields into the game. Allows you to construct a building capable of upgrading your colonists to have a personal shield capable of protecting them from damage.

NEW: These shields can now be applied to animals.


Allows the creation of a Wireless power grid.
Wireless power Nodes can transmit or receive power from the grid.
If the grid is overloaded it will completely shutdown all receiving nodes and require you to reactivate them.


This mod allows you to have a renewable source of Metal and Stone.
You start by planting and harvesting the OmniGel plant.
You then need to research and build a MK1Replicator.
This is a workbench that allows you to transform the OmniGel that you harvest into slag or rock.
You then use this in the standard rock cutting or slag refining benches are in rimworld to get usable materials.


Adds a Laser Drill that allows the creation of new steam vents, and a Laser laserFill that allows you to remove unwanted steam vents. Both of these operations will take a considerable amount of time.

Embrasures is a mod that adds 4 new wall types (one for metal, stone, wood and logs). The walls have openings for colonists to shoot at their enemies, while not allowing any to pass through. Basically, they look like holes in the walls but they work more like like impassable sand bags (it looks like a hole in each block but the whole block is open to let through bullets).

-Plants will grow 24 Hours a day if they have sufficient lighting
-Effects PlantPotato, PlantStrawberry, PlantCotton, PlantDevilstrand, PlantXerigium, PlantRose, PlantDaylily


Adds a Vent System that allows you to Equalise the temperature between two Rooms.
Uses a modified cooler graphic, does not matter what direction it is placed. Power it on to equalise the temperature between two rooms, power it off to keep the temperature separate. Made out of Stuff, has the same health as a wall made from that stuff. Except for the power switch none of the buttons will do anything.
Mods / Steam workshop discussion
July 01, 2015, 08:17:01 PM
By now you have all probably read the announcement of the steam release and workshop integration.

What does everyone else think about it?
I know with the Skyrim mods for a lot of people the Steam Workshop never really replaced the Nexus.

But Rimworld mainly is just using the forums to support and find mods which isn't ideal, leading to treads and lists and of mods (greate work to those guys), but that just puts the pressure all on one person to keep it updated.

I think that because of this reason the workshop has the potential to become the primary place to find and download mods for Rimworld.

The only issues that I can think of is getting mods for the DRM free version and dealing with the ordering in the mod management screen.
I have an idea to fix the mod manager here:

Effect do you think that Workshop and official release will have on mods?
I think that with the announcement of the steam workshop integration the Mod management screen needs a bit of an overhaul. I have noticed a few mods (mine included) now have been getting more modular in order to allow you customise your player experience or to build on other existing mods, and as a result of this need to be activated in a specific order.

I have been wondering how this will work with the steam workshop, will the workshop automatically activate the mods in game or does the player have to enable them?

Either way I think that at the very least we need the ability to move mods up and down in the load order before the 1.0 steam release.

I also think that in About.xml of mods a (optional) dependencies tag should be added.

For example in my Stargate module it could look something like this:


This would be a list of modules that it depends on and need to be activated before it. Maybe have another tag for modules also need to be activated but not in a specific order. This could then throw a warning if the user tries to activate them in the wrong order, and possibly to automatically activate them when using the steam workshop.
You cant build on the very edge of the maps. This area is shown with a white line. (See attached image)

However i think it would be very helpful if the line was displayed when mining was selected and was displayed on top of mountains rather than being blocked by them.
I think this would greatly help when mining out mountain bases on the edge of a map.

[attachment deleted due to age]
TLDR; looks to me like you are missing a test for "if (this.Resting)" in Plant.TickRare(). That is causing plants to keep growing at night (with sun lights) while saying that they are resting on the InspectString.
I was looking into updating my Plants24H mod and so was looking through the code for what has changed in Rimworld.plant. I noticed that there is now a "private bool Resting" that is being tested for in the inspect string, but I could not see where the test was being done in the tick event. I fired up the game and it looks like it is not being tested for and so plants can keep growing.

1. Start new game
2. Designate a growing zone (I used Potatoes) and have people plant there.
3. Build and Power a sunLamp in the growing Zone
4. At night the description of the potatoes will say resting, but the growing % will continue to count up. if they are in range of the
Sun Lamp

At point 4 I would have expected the % grown to remain constant.

Admittedly this is what I wanted to do in my mod, but in the base game this is a bug (unless you have changed what resting means.)