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The description for Bridge reads that "you can build non-heavy structures on bridges," but it actually only allows "light" structures as show in the "i" tab.

Coolers, for instance, have a "Medium" terrain support requirement, but won't build on Bridges.

Either the "you can build non-heavy structures on bridges" text is inaccurate or vague (shouldn't "non-heavy" include all the weight classes that aren't heavy?), or the actual Light-only support should be changed to match the description.

Is this intentional?

If I force them to remove it, they won't replace it, unless I unforbid the tattered item they just removed, in which case they'll just put on the tattered item :/

There are 100% unused items of that clothing type available, but they won't go and put them on :/

I've been playing Rimworld since the days of Alpha 7 (that's quite a few alpha versions prior to Steam Release).  TBH, I think overall the game has been made much easier since then ... manhunter packs would instantly target doors if your colonists were inside, and toxic fallout was much worse (its been strongly nerfed since -- originally nothing would survive, including trees or plants, and it could persist for years).

Part of me longs for those days, and yet some things seem a bit overpowered -- like a drop-in mech attack.  Dropped right in my kitchen, and the Scythers that emerged one-shot killed (that is, the first shot instantly killed) a colonist that was behind cover despite having both power armor AND a power helmet.  They also one-shot killed both of my colony Wargs.  This despite my having a significant numbers advantage.  I've defeated several Poison ships only by using snipers, slow-kiting the mechs at range by continuously focusing my snipers on the fastest mechs with ranged weapons.  However, the drop-in mech attack gave no opportunity for this, and ultimately it destroyed most of the equipment in my kitchen, its walls, and the equipment in a general purpose room which had the dining table, recreational equipment and my electric tailor stations and research desks.

Power armor and helmet is expensive, but seems a waste that Sycthers with charged lancers seem to completely negate it.  One-shot kills despite armor or how tough wargs are supposed to be seems a bit imbalanced now in relation to everything else.

Unfairness is a part of Rimworld, though, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.  It does seem like Scythers are a bit too strong, though, if the "best" armor that is hard-to-get is mostly useless against them along with genetically engineered super-animals.

There is a "minimum skill" listing which combination of skills a Bill requires, but I do not see where it actually shows which Work Priority task category it draws on (from the Work tab), and Bill tasks with no minimum skill requirement doesn't even show which skills benefit that task (I suggest all bills show which skills improve execution of that task).

Stories / Frustrating event RNG combos
« on: July 13, 2018, 04:16:41 AM »
Poison ship hit just as I was starting to research Precision Rifling, but then a High psychic drone hit, forcing me to get my colonists on Smokeleaf which, of course, slows down my colonists.  Meanwhile the poison radius from the poison ship hit my entire Devilstrand crop.

Ideas / Complexify soil and crops
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:28:07 PM »
Different plants prefer different soil conditions.  I propose fissioning 'soil fertility' into 'soil nutrients' and 'soil moisture.'

Its my understanding (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that the ideal terrain for rice is actually marshes/marshy soil, it needs a lot of soil moisture.  Corn does better (I understand) in drier soil.  I believe (again, not sure, any real life agronomists to fact-check my poor understanding?) potatoes are hardier versus cold weather (they are tubers and the important part grows underground) so could maybe be a crop that works well in cooler climates and less prone to being destroyed by cold.

I know there a lot of suggestions have been made for making water into a resource for colonist use (drinking/thirst, showers, cooking and brewing, irrigating crops), and certainly my suggestion to make soil moisture as a factor is another argument for this.

Soil moisture could and should fluctuate, of course -- rain adds moisture, and a drought (long period without rain, could maybe be an event that's hidden until its already been a quadrum or so since a rainfall) could starve the soil of moisture and be harmful to moisture-sensitive crops.  Irrigation systems could alleviate this, but maybe particularly long droughts could cause rivers to dry out and irrigation systems to resultingly fail (maybe, as an emergency measure, energy-hungry moisture condensers could be built that condense moisture out of the air into potable water).

Mods / B18-compatible Hydroponics mods?
« on: December 10, 2017, 08:39:17 PM »
I know there have been some good hydroponics mods that allow different-sized hydroponics tables and/or self-lit hydroponics tables that don't require a separate sunlamp, but I did a search on Steam, found like 5 or 6 such mods, but not a single one had been updated to B18. :/

So what B18-compatible mods are out there that allow different-sized hydroponics tables, or have their own sunlamp built in?


There are a lot of situations where I want to try to tame dangerous wild animals for my colony, but only want my best handler to attempt this; at the same time I have a lot of colony animals I want to train.  Failing at taming a wild animal is likely to result in serious injury, so I only want my best handler to make the attempt, but training colony animals is more manpower-intensive, and good for training up my colonists, but unfortunately there's only one 'Handle' category for assigning jobs.

If taming vs training animals were separate, this would be simpler to manage.

Even Phoebe Chillax gets a bit Randy Random sometimes. :P

(Not attempting to report as a bug, I know its working as designed -- for you new guys, challenging chaos is an intentional feature)

Bugs / [β0.18.1722] Invisible pawn 'go to' blocks
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:12:36 AM »
I've long noticed a quirky issue with giving drafted pawns 'go to' movement orders, in that for some reason, I can't order pawns to go to specific tiles despite there a) not being anything obstructive (like a tree) in that tile and b) no other pawn has been given movement orders to that tile (I do know only a single pawn can be given an order to go to a single tile).

I am currently playing with mods (Prepare Carefully, HugLib & Hospitality), but this is an issue I've seen in vanilla.  I have attached a screenshot showing which tile is currently seemingly inexplicably blocked; the green circle with checks I can order pawns to go to, but not the red circle with an 'X' immediately below the door.  Here is the savegame (again it has mods -- Prepare Carefully, HugsLib and Hospitality -- but I report with confidence I have seen this issue in vanilla games, its a bug I am not certain what triggers it, so I don't know how to recreate it to submit a clean vanilla occurrence):

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Link to savefile:  (filesize too big to fit in 600 KB post attachment limit; even .ZIPping I have been unable to get it below 2 MB)

This is a completely vanilla game (no mods).  Lisa has Sleeping Sickness; she is laying in bed, but her status is 'Resting,' which is the status colonists have when heading to bed, instead of sleeping.  She keeps getting 'stuck' like this.  Is this working as intended or a bug?

I've tried a few games on Tropical Rainforest, plenty of trees to chop for wood, but seems a bit strange its foliage-lush but has no wild harvestable food plants (aside from cave mushrooms from maps with caves) nor wild medicine plants.

Ideas / Attract/Repel mechanic
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:40:40 AM »
This may be too basic to introduce, but how about attract/repel game mechanics that affect pawn behavior?

Pawns incapable of 'scary' would be repelled away by gunfire, explosions, large predators, etc.  This could include untrained animals.  Pawns might also have things they are attracted to, wild herbivores for instance might get attracted to your colony's dense farming on maps that are spartan for forageables.

This could lead to new traits, such as 'Extrovert' whom seek to be near others, and 'Introvert' whom seek solitude.

Animals should generally be afraid of gunfire or explosions, unless they are trained to acclamate to it.  Social groups, such as herds of herbivores, could even stampede away from predators that are particularly powerful, or form up to fend off a predator, which could make for interesting dynamic gameplay (not just maddened against humanlike pawns if one of them is hunted or shot).

General Discussion / [α18] Prisoners no longer replace tattered clothing?
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:26:30 AM »
I seem to recall in previous versions, I could create zones in prisoner rooms for clothing, and prisoners would wear them (as colonists would) if their current clothing were tattered (or they didn't even have that particular article of clothing).

This doesn't seem to be working in Alpha 18, not sure if it was intentionally or unintentionally removed, or if I'm remembering previous version functionality or not.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

A colony animal wandering anywhere near a cave easily triggers an attack, which is very tough when just starting out before you have had time to build any defenses or acquire decent weapons.  Maybe tone down their aggression trigger area, have them not trigger on colony pets at all (attack if they are are triggered already, but maybe not trigger to attack just because a colony animal meanders near the cave), or maybe colony animals could be repelled away by the mega-insects (so they won't just meander near enough to trigger attacks).

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