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Help / Wild animals produce milk
« on: February 04, 2016, 03:59:39 PM »
So after going trough all the files of the core game I'm still unable to get wild animals to produce milk. So far I know that the animal has to be tamed in order to start producing milk. I would like to have wild animals to produce milk to test some stuff. Does anyone know if its possible?

Bugs / (SOLVED) A10 Permanent Naked Debuff
« on: June 07, 2015, 06:23:50 AM »
So I've started playing Rimworld about a few days ago and one of my colonists has a permanent naked debuff. It doesnt matter what she wears, even if its just a pair of pants or a full armor, she Always has the debuff. I've looked into the save file but there was nothing to be found, looked everywhere. Some thoughts just dont show up in the save file, only thoughts I've ever found in the save file was the disturbed sleep debuff. Does someone know where the thoughts are located for pawns?

EDIT: I can't reproduce it since it happens randomly, sometimes it doesnt happen at all and sometimes its whenever I equip some gear.

I would like a mod which allows me to grow every kind of plant in a growing zone of hydropinic basin. I need to grow agaves for a mod but the only way I get them now it by waiting for a resource pod crash. I know there is a mod out there for this but it hasnt been updated since Alpha 2

Bugs / Small grammar error
« on: August 24, 2014, 12:30:32 PM »
I've noticed that when an industrial trader comes in range it says "its a industrial trader" while it should be "its an industrial trader"

Mods / [Request] Colonist Modifier Mod
« on: May 01, 2014, 09:05:22 AM »
I would like to have a mod which when you start a new colony you can edit your colonist like gender, age, traits, backstory and appearance.

Or is there already a mod like this?

General Discussion / Getting started
« on: February 28, 2014, 05:36:56 PM »
IDK if this is already posted or not. If so say me.

Getting started, when you have got the game (any kind of reason bought, copied) you want to play it. Cuz thats why you buy it. So what do you do to play it well?
Step 1: When you are in the homescreen click on new colony.

Step 2: You choose for a storyteller (use chilly casandra classic)

Step 3: Chose your colonists and map size, when you choose your colonists if your not happy with them click on random you get a new one. You want a scientist for research a miner for mining ores and a settler which is a all-rounder.

Step 4: When you land click on architect and than click on orders and mine the yellow rock near your landing site (which is metal, you're gonna need that).

Step 5: If you want people doing jobs on priority click on overview (Bottom-Right) and than click on manual priorities (Upper-Left) with than lets you see numbers, by default only 4's. When you right-click on a square it sets the number higer. But when you click on a 4 the square has no number in it right-click again and you see a 1. That colonist will now do that work first and than goes to other ones if that job has nothing more left to do.

Step 6: After you've done all the other steps, you want to get power click on architect to get the little menu and than go to buildings where you are gonna see some buildings. If you see a geothermal vent nearby (a round black hole on the ground) you want to place a geothermal generator on it to get constant power (4000 W). Otherwise you want to place a solar panel. Note: if you only use solar panels you are gonna need batteries to get you trought the night.

Step 7: When you have your power you want to get food. In alpha 2 you can draft your colonists (click on them and press R, make sure they have a gun or it is gonna be melee). Then go to an animal and press F. Now you see a white circle around the colonist this is the range of the gun. When the animal is in range left-click on it to shoot it. After it died you want to haul it to your dumping stockpile or normal stockpile. You are gonna need a butchers table to butcher it. Note: when you have killed the animal you see a little X under it left click it and press F to allow it to be moved. Or build a nutrient paste dispenser you need to place hoppers near them and keep them filled, only then colonists can get nutriënt paste.

Step 8: You want to build your base protected and well. Almost all the times you spawn near a cliff (huge rock wall on an edge of the map, sometimes 2 and very rare 3). If your a new player I suggest you build your base in the mountain which gives you natural protection and you may find resources and sometimes underground geothermal vents/geysers. Protected power plants, very handy. But if you build in the cliff you are gonna have to clean up the place and keep the light in it. Otherwise colonists go insane and may leave your colony. If you think you are badass you build your base in the open area. Note: To build in the cliff use the mining order to mine the rocks out for your base.

Step 9: When you have desagnated the mining area where your base is gonna be, you want to be carefull cuz the roof may collapse if its too far away from any support like a wall/rock. When you mine out the area you want to make bedrooms for your colonists a kitchen and general room with a comms console to contact orbital traders a research bench to research and whatever you want to place in it. You may also want a inside growing area using hydroponics (needs to be researched) and you want to lay down carpets (also needs to be researched) in order to keep your colonists happy.

Step 10: You want to have some defence againsts raiders normally I use this
- or | Wall
X Sandbag


You can also do this this way


If you want you can use turrets if you use them right. I would personally not use them cuz they are not balanced out yet.

For now I leave it here. Tell me what you think and mayby give some feedback.



Help / Copying colonists?
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:37:11 AM »
I want to copy a colonist from one save file to an another save file so I can have the same colonists but in different save files. Does anyone know how to do this?

Ideas / What are your BIG ideas for Rimworld
« on: February 02, 2014, 03:35:37 PM »
First I want to say sorry if somebody already has make this kind of topic.

Second what would you like to see in Rimworld which are BIG things or things that are hard to implement?

Here are a few of me.
  • Watch Towers. You can build them for extra vision and better range for snipers.
  • Land Mines. When you have just researched them they will ignite for every target colonists raiders and animals, when you research them further you can set when they explode. Note: you can ignite them by hand they have to be triggered
  • Plant Destroyer Mk I. Well its what it says, It destroys plants (very hand for clearing plants near your base so when there is 1 little fire it wont spread.
    • Plant Destroyer Mk II. This one destroys the plants and also disables plant growing on the ground. (you can still put a hydroponics table on it and grow there)
  • Rock Rubble Destroyer. It destroys rock rubble in seconds so you can get rid of it fast, So you dont have to blow it up. Note: You have to research this item.
  • More colored carpets. Yay rainbow base!
    • Carpet Fiber. Carpets now use wool or some kind of fiber. (can be bought from a furniture trader or crafted).
  • Better Turrets. Well we all know turrets are rubbish and are only able to be used as a bomb. Now with some extra research you get get more range, damage, accuracy, health and the ability to change the LG-15 to a minigun and back! (minigun has to be bought from a combat supplier. Ps you can get the minigun in alpha 1 by spawning him in)
  • Bulletproof Vests. When equipped colonists get 20-30% less damage. Durability will degrade over time. (only able to get by buying or crafting)
    • Juggernaut Suit. Bulletproof suit wich protects colonists fully and when equipped 95% less damage. But also slows colonist down by 75% and only when equipped this suit the colonist is able to shoot with minigun also unable to shoot from cover so you can have him hiding behind a wall but he doesnt get around it to shoot! Target size is 150%.
  • Different Traits Traits like night vision so they can see better in the night than others. Night blind so they see very less only when somebody shoots he knows where to shoot. Eagle-eye they have a natural better accuracy so shooting an melee are better.
Give some of your BIG ideas in here. :)

General Discussion / Colonist with extra health
« on: February 02, 2014, 09:58:12 AM »
As far as I know colonists have a max health of 100. Somehow I got one with 150 max health, and no I didnt edit a save file!

Edit: Here's the link.

Ideas / Traits
« on: January 29, 2014, 12:56:33 PM »
I would like to some more traits like eagel-eye or polio so they need to be carried or walk very slowly. I would also like having people only have 1 eye or a lazy eye. Or have some kind of ''quickscope'' wich is that they can aim pretty fast. and if you have any suggestion, tell it  ;)

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