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Bugs / Prisoners and medication A6
« on: September 08, 2014, 10:09:29 PM »
Prisoners receive medicine even if I do not check the box to allow it.

General Discussion / A6 Prisoner Conversion
« on: August 30, 2014, 10:05:22 PM »

Was playing my first A6 game now that school is over and I have not converted any prisoners to join the colony. Six prisoners have been in prison for months and have never had problems like this before. Was a change made in A6 to make it harder to convert?

Bugs / A5 spaceship/friendly tribe randomness + suggestion
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:10:36 PM »
Possible spoiler with spaceship crash and I may have found a bug.

     The colony has been around 150+ days on randy and have good standing with 3 local tribes and I am in the middle right of the map. The spaceship crash event showed up in the bottom left corner of the map and I began to work on solving that issue as a large group of friendly tribes folk showed up in the same corner as the spaceship for a visit which got the attention of the mechs. About one minute later another friendly group shows up to help with my colony with the mech issue. They spawned close to the left bottom corner but had a small ridge between them and the mechs, but could not get past the mechs without getting their attention. In both friendly groups about half of each stayed and fought while the other half kept moving to my base.
   The Mechs made short work of the tribes people and I was using a mixture of mortars and run and gun to cut the mechs down. While micromanaging my drafted colonists to undraft the hungry/tired and resupply them with others from the colony I noticed that the friendly tribe that came to help became hungry and had my kitchen/dining room full like a soup kitchen eating meals faster than my cook could pump them out and some resorted to just eating the raw resources. There were at least 40 tribesmen in this group and I had never seen them go inside closed rooms before or take resources. My hauling colonist kept taking the meals off the table away from the tribesmen and putting it back in the stockpile because unlike when a colonist has a meal they did not become forbidden.
   The reason I say this may be a bug is the friendly tribes folk that came to help stayed in my camp while the mechs defending the spaceship stayed by said ship half a map away. I was able to kill mechs and destroy the ship but the friendly tribe stayed in my camp. They were taking the negative effects of the psychic drone when the ship was up and now that it was gone they were just standing around. They became very tired and slowly broke one by one and as each one broke they were killed by their tribe. I had to keep my turrets off and colonists drafted away from the huge group as to not overshoot and agro them all. After the group of 40 was taken to about 10 and many of their friend’s bodies were burned they stabilized but still slowly starved to death.
     Also I know it has been brought up in quite a few other threads lately and I have never noticed it more than during this current game but drafted/in combat colonist have become crazy micromanaging with food and sleep. Or during the drone event I would have people that were tired/hungry but when I undrafted them they wanted to go work instead of sleep/eat taking even more negative effects. I suggest a “go eat” and “go sleep” button and like in many other threads a reduced hunger/sleep loss while in combat which has become even more of an issue with removing sieging raiders/spaceship across the map. I also noticed that there is no longer a prompt for “drafted colonist needs a break” which makes managing mortars and front line soldiers a micromanaging nightmare. Maybe a small hud with the list of colonists and their “needs” tab viewable. If anything is not clear or you have any questions let me know.

Ideas / Soldier/Veteran Skill/Successful Defense Bonus
« on: January 31, 2014, 06:53:34 AM »
So far I like the fear mechanic but I would like to see some skill or modifier that would reduce it. Some characters are combat veterans or marshals that would not be as effected or more used to seeing or creating dead bodies. Treat it like any other skill, the more you fight and kill the more desensitized you become to seeing death.

For a marooned space colony I would think there should be a happiness bonus for a successful defense of your colony from raiders. Maybe only to those that took part (drafted) in the fight, while non-drafted members have reduced happiness/increased fear during the fight.

I also would like to see more ways to remove bodies. I have a cemetery that is almost as big as my colony after 100 days. Some ideas:
mass graves - reduced happiness if you put colonists in them, maybe cost materials to make, maybe add ability to burn bodies in mass grave to make room.
Furnace - Smaller than MG but burns bodies completely in an hour or so.

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