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Hermit's Farm Mod

Hi guys, this is my first mod. So I hope it works! In my future plans list below you'll be able to keep track of what I get done. As I finish a part i'll cross it off the list. As you can see there is quite a bit of work to be done, so it may be a week or two until I finish those parts.

Opening Remarks

Once I reach v0.05, I plan to stop adding content, and by content I mean more foods and plants. I plan to focus on deepening the mechanics of the game a little. I'll aim to alter the optimal growing temperatures of the plants so that each plant will grow faster or slower in different climates. I'll also link the yield of the crop to how long it has been under optimal conditions.

After this i'll be messing around with the an irrigation system. I'll need to implement a water pump and ditches and then add a moisture property to each tile. The moisture will slowly degrade with time and use, and only be replenished by either rain, irrigation or the proximity to water.

From there i'll move onto ground nutrients. I'll need a compost heap where rotting food or plant waste will rot down to fertilizer. A job for the colonists would be to then distribute the fertilizer to the fields and thereby increase a nutrients property of the soil. The ground nutrients will also degrade with use. The moisture and ground nutrients will then both be linked into the growth speed and yield of each crop.

At this point the mechanics for the growth of the crops will include the factors of moisture, nutrients and temperature. The player would then have to content and account for these if they are to get the most out of their fields.


I've created a simple mod that adds:
- Wheat, Rice, Barley, Oats, Rye and Maize Crops
- Flour, water, dough
- Bread, Pasta, Noodles and Boiled Rice
- Well, Oven, Flour Grinder, Worktop and Crafting Table

I've reworked the ingredients for the meals. There are now five types of meals. Rustic, Simple, Fine (no meat), Fine (no veg) and Lavish. Rustic requires only raw ingredients. The others require food to be prepared. The foods are grouped into staples, meat and vegetables. The recipes for each meal are:

-Rustic = 10 raw food
-Simple = 1xPrepared Staples
-Fine (no meat) = 1xPrepared Staples + 1xPrepared Vegetables
-Fine (no veg) = 1xPrepared Staples + 1xPrepared Meat
-Lavish = 1xPrepared Staples + 1xPrepared Meat + 1xPrepared Vegetables

The production lines follow the paths shown.

Future Plans
(crossed out is completed)
-Textures for:
-Granary,Windmill,Serving Table,Hob, and Grill
-baked potatoes,boiled potatoes, and chopped potatoes
-sliced meat,grilled meat, and fried meat
-pealed carrots,chopped carrots,boiled carrots, and baked carrots
-pealed tomatoes,grilled tomatoes,tomato sauce, and chopped tomatoes
-chopped lettuce
-cucumber,cucumber plant, and chopped cucumber
-mushrooms plant and mushrooms
-pepper plant and raw pepper
-Swede Plant and Raw Swede
-Parsnip Plant and Raw Parsnip
-Sprouts Plant and Sprouts
-Raw Leeks and Leek Plant
-onion plant,raw onion and chopped onion
-Def files:
-Add Onion,Leek, Sprouts, Peppers, Swede and Cucumber plant and raw food def files.
-Add Chopped Onion, Chopped Cucumber, Chopped Potatoes, Sliced Meat, Pealed Carrots,Chopped Carrots, Pealed Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Chopped Tomatoes, and Chopped lettuce recipes to Worktop.
-Boiled Potatoes, Fried Meat, Boiled Carrots to Hob.
-Grilled Meat, Grilled Tomatoes recipes to Grill.
-Baked Potatoes, baked carrots recipes to Oven.
-Add pastry to worktop recipes.
-Add vegetable and meat pie recipes to oven.
-Move Rustic Meal and Add Vegetarian Meal, Meat Feast Meal and Banquet Meal to Serving Table.
-Revert Simple, Fine and Lavish Meals back to vanilla settings.
-Add Hob, Grill and Serving Table def files.
-Include Telkir's expanded crops.
-Research tree
v0.07 and beyond
-Irrigation system, where soil degrades with use.
-Add orchards and apples.
-Barns and granaries to store produce.
-Cows, chickens and sheep. All can be purchased from traders and kept in pastures.

Closing Remarks

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. If anyone spots a mistake, even if it is just a description or naming thing, or a bug, please let me know straight away so i can fix it.


I may have used Telkir's expanded crop's mod as my base. I copied some of his files across and edited them. I learnt how to mod from him!

I have used parts of elStrages's God's Lubricant mod. I thought their mechanic was good. I remade the well texture though.


Hermit's Farm Mod
v0.04.1  (16/01/2015)
-Bug fixes
v0.04    (14/01/2015)
v0.03    (12/01/2015)
- Added Rice, Barley, Oats, Rye and Maize crop.
- Added Noodles, Pasta, Boiled Rice, Prepared Meat and Prepared Vegetables.
- Added Rustic Meal.
- Reworked recipes and needed ingredients.
v0.02    (03/01/2015)
-Added Dough
-Added Worktop
-Added Dough recipe
-Incorporated God's Lubricant mod to utilize the water mechanics.
-Improved Well, Oven, Flour Grinder, Bread and Flour textures.
v0.01    (29/12/2014)
-Added Wheat, Flour and Bread.
-Added Oven and Flour Grinder production buildings.
-Added Flour and Bread recipes.


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