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General Discussion / With a big heart and a little madness...
« on: June 24, 2014, 04:23:06 PM »
...I give you one hell of a shit storm...

Mods / 3D stuff in game
« on: May 10, 2014, 07:03:15 PM »
Been fiddling around trying to put 3D objects in the game. RimWorld has not been happy about it, but I think I'm close to getting some nice 3D cubes to replace the walls, which opens up a lot of possibility for future mods in my opinion.

Unfortunately I'm gonna have to break away from it all to get on with my exams that start in about 5 days, but I was just wondering what you guys would think of certain elements (not necessarily walls, just testing) being made 3D by a mod, and if you think it would at least be worth a shot, what would you like to see?

Help / Help with command stuff
« on: April 25, 2014, 05:20:09 PM »
I know I would generally post this under Mod Help, but I need to post the latest version of my full mod for this issue.

I cannot get the Command_action stuff to work at all. I have literally copied and pasted Haplo's source stuff on several occasions, taken advice from pawnstorm, and spent hours fiddling, all to literally no avail. I physically cannot figure out why what I have doesn't work, I even moved on to thinking it might be an issue with my XML stuff, and spent an hour fiddling with that, and I am at ends tether with it. Everytime I click my conveyor belts instead of being presented with the UI buttons for loading, the entire games UI gets removed, and the output log gets spammed to high heaven. The little selection box rectangle doesnt even appear when you click and drag.

If anyone could just take a look at what I have to see the issue, and then look at my source and diagnose my issue, I would be unendingly grateful. Dropbox link:

Mods / BetterPower+ testers
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:58:28 PM »
Basically I am looking for a few people to aid me in the testing of BetterPower+. The last few occasions I have released BetterPower+, specifically V2.3.0 it has been riddled with bugs of varying sizes which have required multiple fixes. I wish to avoid this situation from happening again, and am hoping to get some proper testing done before I send out for releases.

Testers would get quicker access to the mod obviously, and would hopefully be able to do varying lengths of testing, from a full play through for as long as they can, to specifically spawning things in and being awkward; generally trying to break my mod as quickly as possible :P

So yeah, if anyone is interested, pop over to the thread linked in my signature and write me a note. Equally you can post here or send me a PM, and I will also reply :)

Help / How many ticks and rareticks in a day?
« on: April 16, 2014, 04:03:56 PM »
How many TickRare's and Tick's are there in a 24 hour shift for the game does anyone know? If not I'll interrogate the code and find out, you'd just be saving me a job :P

Help / C# RimWorld info snippets
« on: April 14, 2014, 05:12:58 PM »
For those interested in C# programming and who may have run into issues you feel could benefit others, I was thinking you all could feel free to post them here. I'd appreciate it if this thread could be limited purely to questions followed by solutions, so no experimental or theoretical things :P

I'll start off with posting the most recent issue I had as it took place here:
Deconstruction requires that the faction be set. You can only deconstruct your own stuff. Yes, all building have a faction; maybe I should remove this because it's insensible. But anyway.

So just do

Thing t = ThingMaker.MakeThing( def );
t.SetFactionDirect( Faction.OfColony );
GenSpawn.Spawn(t, pos);

Note the use of SetFactionDirect during init.

General Discussion / Don't do drugs kids
« on: March 29, 2014, 06:05:26 PM »
Seriously, them industrial traders will sell you one hell of a high if you let them...

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Help / Can anyone explain the <surfaceNeeded> tag?
« on: March 29, 2014, 05:43:39 PM »
I still can't figure this out, what exactly does the <surfaceNeeded> tag refer to? It either has Heavy or Light associated with it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it's all about.

I'm putting a fair amount of effort in getting the finer details of everything from shadows to costs to be as accurate as possible, but I can't really do that without understanding all of the tags, and this is one of the few left I cannot understand XD

Mods / Failure to play
« on: March 05, 2014, 02:56:19 PM »
It occurs to me every time I get back round to dealing with RimWorld instead of my school work, I end up playing with the decompiled code and updating my mods. Turns out I haven't actually played the game for more than five minutes when testing mods in almost a week now XD Anyone else had a similar thing with their mods?

Unfinished / [Project] Mod Loader
« on: March 02, 2014, 04:57:11 PM »
I just want to see if people think it is worth it. If they don't, then I shan't bother. After all, its not that much work to just move the folders yourself.

Support / Collapsible Text
« on: March 02, 2014, 01:16:43 PM »
I have a few threads regarding my mod, it would be nice if I was able to cut the chunks into text which could either be collapsed or expanded. Anyone know how?

Outdated / [MOD] (Alpha 2) Coloured Lights+
« on: March 01, 2014, 04:52:51 PM »
    Coloured Lights+

    I'm going to be merging this mod with my BetterPower mod for alpha three using proper custom DLLs, but for now, this download's all you need :D

    This mod adds in several new coloured lights with the research to unlock the filters for them. It also adds in various new different types of light for use in your base.

    • Sun Lamps in red, green, and blue
    • Standing Lamps in red, green, and blue
    • (WIP) Outside lights which can be rained on without catching fire
    • (WIP) Indoor lights which can be built into your walls during construction

    Mod Team:


    How to install:
    - Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
    - Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

    Version 1.0
    • Added Sun Lamps in red, green, and blue
    • Added Standing Lamps in red, green, and blue

    [attachment deleted by admin: too old]

    Outdated / [MOD] (Alpha 5) BetterPower+ (V5.0.0): Updated 16/07/14
    « on: February 28, 2014, 07:36:51 PM »

    This mod adds in various new methods of producing power, storing power, and using power. All of which require various different levels of research totalling over 35000 points of in game research time on top of what is already in game. BetterPower+ also has an addition which can be used in conjunction with it: BetterPowerHard.


    Some of the major features in BetterPower+ (including its two additions) are:
    >> BetterPower+
    >>> Conveyor belts
    >>> New methods of power generation such as coal burning, lightning harvesting, and wind turbines
    >>> New methods of mining such as drilling through steam geysers
    >>> New incidents including space debris and plasma storms
    >>> Wall lighting
    >> BetterPowerHard
    >>> Power loss inherent in all methods of power transmition
    >>> More realistic power transmition capabilities early game

    Mod Team:
    >> Architect - Project lead / XML manipulator / C# DLL creator
    >> mrofa - Texture artist

    How to use:
    >> Research the building or research paths you wish to unlock
    >> Build researched stuff
    >> Own raiders
    >> Repeat for all new methods of power generation and usage

    Alpha 5 - BetterPower+(V5.0.0):   BetterPowerHard(V5.0.0):
    Alpha 4 - BetterPower+(V4.1.0):   BetterPowerHard(V4.0.0):
    Previous versions can be gained by messaging me and asking for download links.

    Also, this mod is featured here for all those who wish to download. However, check the version number matches the one listed here, as it may not be up to date.
    Downloads of BetterPower+ and its additions for previous versions of RimWorld that are not listed here can be found on the wikia.

    Screenshots and Videos:
    A quick video can be found by clicking the image below:

    How to install:
    >> Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
    >> Activate the BetterPower mod in the mod menu in game for default additions.
    >> Activate the BetterPowerHard mod in the mod menu in game for changed wall additions.

    Please, feel free to post opinions, ideas, textures, and anything else in the comment section below.

    Change Log:
    "//" means that the feature is in progress, and not yet released.
    Code: [Select]
    >>// Changed lights built with nuclear waste to cause fear in colonists.
    >>// Changed research techs into more of a tech tree with progression rather than all at once.
    >>// Changed hoppers to now decide what storage they take based on what they are placed next to.
    >>// Added better nuclear power generation through addition of component buildings.
    >>// Added sorter for conveyor belts.
    >>// Added bio-power generation methods.
    >>// Added circuitry, only a cost component of advanced electrical buildings
    >>// Added power cell items of varying quality.
    >>// Added new mysterious object incidents. Some are less explodey, some are not.

    >>// Changed coal burner to allow for wood burning too.
    >>// Changed vanilla incidents to be affected by AA turret.
    >>// Changed trader defs so that they are actually up to date with alpha 5.0
    >>// Added exercise bike.
    >>// Added frames similar to those which can be found in Minecraft's RedPower mod.
    >>// Added frame motors.

    >> Removed buried power conduit.
    >> Bought BetterPowerHard up to date with alpha 5.

    >> Bought BetterPower+ up to date with alpha 5.

    >> Fixed coal production getting stuck in walls surrounding it.
    >> Fixed issue with laser drill time resetting upon a power failure.
    >> Fixed various issues with data not being saved when games are saved.
    >> Fixed confusion with hoppers not accepting food by default.
    >> Fixed lightning rods all receiving strikes at the same time.
    >> Fixed wall lights being OP.
    >> Fixed framerate drops caused by having too many wall lights on a single map.
    >> Fixed lightning rod failing to acknowledge different weathers.
    >> Fixed wind turbine failing to acknowledge different weathers.
    >> Fixed coal feeders accepting things that they shouldn't.
    >> Changed lightning rods to be more balanced.
    >> Changed steam vents to damage pawns standing on them when they vent.
    >> Removed wire spools completely.
    >> Removed Tinker's table.
    >> Removed changes made to map generator for mod compatibility reasons.
    >> Removed modifications to traders until a time where the modifications can be re-implemented properly.
    >> Added method of destroying thick rock roofs.
    >> Added lights built using nuclear waste.
    >> Added AA turret to deal with falling raiders and general debris in its range. (Will only shoot mysterious objects on release, further upgrades to follow)
    >> Added medical bay for injured colonists. They won't use it unless drafted to do so though.
    >> Added power cell.
    >> Added power cell draining station.
    >> Added power cell charging station.
    >> Added more research.

    >> Fixed coal miner creating coal where colonists cannot reach it.
    >> Fixed barbed wire not damaging colonists when they pass through it.
    >> Fixed laser drill drill time getting reset every time the game saves.
    >> Fixed issue with nuclear control spawning waste randomly.

    >> Fixed charged wire not damaging pawns as they move through it.
    >> Fixed laser drill failing to create steam geysers.
    >> Fixed coal miner failing to produce coal.
    >> Fixed broken mysterious part incidents.
    >> Fixed nuclear waste failing to deplete.
    >> Fixed conveyor belt loading and unloading over-textures being drawn at the same angle no matter what the rotation is.
    >> Fixed conveyor belts offloading goods explosively.
    >> Added power monitor texture.
    >> Added generator part texture.

    >> Fixed outdated designation categories stopping buildings from being displayed in the Architect.

    >> Bought BetterPowerHard up to date with alpha 4 build.

    >> Changed nuclear waste so that it stopped randomly rotating when it had finished decaying.
    >> Added detection belt.
    >> Fixed crossing belt texture rotation.
    >> Changed mod description.
    >> Simplified conveyor belt usage. (Removed loader and unloader belt, conveyor belt can now be set to load and unload stuff).
    >> Changed conveying method of conveyor belts to accept debris items such as nuclear waste.
    >> Fixed depleted uranium trying to tick when it shouldn't.
    >> Fixed over draw issue with conveyor belt textures, so now things can be seen underneath conveyor belt covers.
    >> Fixed some coloured lights being immune to rain fall.
    >> Increased power production capabilities of wind turbines significantly.
    >> Changed wind turbine texture.
    >> Added animation to wind turbine texture. (Experimental)
    >> Added wall lights emergency mode.
    >> Changed the texture and name of buried power conduits.
    >> Changed items failing to stack when coming off of conveyor belts.
    >> Stopped asteroid hit and engine part fall from occurring in unbuildable spaces around map edge.
    >> Increased energy production rate of wind turbines.
    >> Added power net monitor.
    >> Added new mysterious object incident.
    >> Removed coloured lights and their research.
    >> Removed flood lights and its research.
    >> Removed wire spool costs of all buildings.
    >> Bought BetterPower+ up to date with Alpha 4 build.

    >> Reduced charged wire damage.
    >> Increased the amount of wire gained from metal at tinker's table.
    >> Fixed nuclear control glowing persisting after nuclear reactor has been destroyed.
    >> Fixed pathing errors caused by nuclear waste and depleted nuclear waste.
    >> Tidied up wind turbines code.
    >> Reduced chance of asteroid hit and plasma storm occurring.
    >> Changed steam vent back to the structure designation category.

    >> Completely overhauled lightning rods and how they worked.
    >> Removed metal cost from buried power conduits, and increased wire cost.
    >> Removed lighting from nuclear waste.
    >> Increased decay time of nuclear waste to 14 in game days.
    >> Changed laser drill to only hiss when powered.
    >> Increased time taken to dig a steam geyser using the laser drill to 10 in game days.
    >> Added message displayed when nuclear waste becomes depleted.
    >> Added depleted nuclear waste debris.
    >> Changed nuclear waste so that it becomes depleted nuclear waste when it has finished decaying.
    >> Increased the amount of damage the nuclear reactor will take before it explodes.
    >> Nuclear reactor will no longer explode when damaged if no uranium is in it.
    >> Removed wall lights emergency mode until I can get them working more reliably.
    >> Optimised all code so less calls are made every tick when it really isn't necessary.
    >> Fixed compression error with nuclear waste at save time.
    >> Reduced the number of wire resources spawning on colony start.
    >> Changed steam vent to the floors designation category.
    >> Added crossable conveyor belts.
    >> Changed tinker's table texture.
    >> Increased gain from deconstruction of fallen engine part.

    >> Changed the length of decay to be randomised for nuclear waste.
    >> Fixed wall lights spawning wire every time they changed again.
    >> Fixed engine part and wall lights being not being de-constructable.

    >> Fixed wall lights spawning wire every time they changed.
    >> Fixed chance error with plasma storm incident.
    >> Fixed coal feeder accepting wires.

    >> Added delay between complete construction and damage dealing on barbed and charged wire.
    >> Removed wire cost on walls.`
    >> Removed metal cost on conduits.

    >> Fixed issue with conveyor belts producing buggy items which colonists couldn't interact with properly.
    >> Changed wall lights to flicker when damaged.
    >> Reduced chance of asteroid hit occurring.
    >> Changed where coal gets spawned to when mined by coal miner.

    >> Fixed sun lamp requiring research unnecessarily.
    >> Fixed belt feed not accepting all items.
    >> Added steam vent. Entirely aesthetic, but does blow cool steam.
    >> Added wire spool item.
    >> Changed map generation so that wire falls with you on colony start.
    >> Added work bench for tinkering.
    >> Fixed old trader kinds to bring them in-line with alpha three.
    >> Changed anything capable of transmitting or receiving power to require wire during construction.
    >> Changed coal miner to needing to be built upon a steam geyser.
    >> Fixed more spelling and grammar mistakes.
    >> Fixed sun lamps and flood lights never making an are brightly lit.
    >> Fixed errors regarding no overLight categories in XML files.
    >> Added nuclear waste item. It glows, decays, and inspires fear.
    >> Changed nuclear reactors so that they produce nuclear waste.

    >> Fixed the bugs causing lights to make the game crash.
    >> Added a message to display when the plasma storm begins.

    >> Added barbed wire.
    >> Added charged wire.
    >> Added charged wire research.
    >> Added laser drill texture.
    >> Removed ability to outright dig steam geysers.
    >> Changed coloured light textures.
    >> Spell checked all in game text (probably quite badly).

    >> Added falling space debris incident. Currently only causes plasma storms.
    >> Added asteroid hit incident which opens up a steam geyser on impact.
    >> Wind turbines now require two spaces in front of them and spaces behind to operate.
    >> Wind turbines now output power based on a random integer in a range to simulate fluctuating wind speed
    >> Wind turbines now change output range based on current weather.
    >> Removed Wind farms.
    >> Added coal power plant.
    >> Added coal feeder.
    >> Added coal miner.
    >> Added steam geyser digging laser.
    >> Added nuclear power plant.
    >> Added coal resource.
    >> Changed hopper default accepted resources.
    >> Added conveyor belt.
    >> Added loader belt.
    >> Added belt feed.
    >> Added unloader belt.
    >> Added coloured lights.
    >> Added emergency wall lighting.
    >> Added outdoor light.
    >> Added large battery.
    >> Added small battery.
    >> Added 29100 points worth of in game research.
    >> Added buried power conduit, has considerable more health than a normal conduit.
    >> Added lightning rod.
    >> Removed efficient battery.
    >> Removed pumping station.

    >> Added power cost to all methods of power transition.
    >> Removed power transmition from default metal walls
    >> Changed power conduit's rain resistance.

    >> Added BetterPowerHard contents
    >> Changed all buildings bar wind farm to block light
    >> Changed shadows on wind turbine and wind farms
    >> Changed name of Efficient battery research to fit in GUI
    >> Disabled electrical fires on Large battery
    >> Fixed lava pumping stations being available before pumping was researched

    Outdated / [MOD] (Alpha 2) MoreTurrets
    « on: February 28, 2014, 06:32:20 PM »

      This mod adds in four new turrets, each with its own various benefits and research tasks to unlock including:
      • Reduced reload times
      • Increased fire power
      • Increased armour
      • A wonderful mixture of all three

      Mod Team:
      How to use:
      Research all 3 new research topics to unlock the Ultimate Turret. Each individual research will yield one turret of its kind as a base modification of the original turret.



      How to install:
      - Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
      - Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

      Please, feel free to post opinions and ideas and anything here, this is the first mod I've ever made for a game, so go nuts XD[/list]

      [attachment deleted by admin: too old]

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