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Bugs / Null reference at "WildManShouldReachOutsideNow" method.
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:05:24 PM »

I am running the game with the mod "Colony Manager", of the Fluffy. The mod has some functions like "Check if the target are reachable" that calls some pathfinding functions, that raise an error at "WildManShouldReachOutsideNow". After some "ILSpying", I found that, this method is called inside a "Pathfinder.FindPath" mathod, and the pawn parameter passed to this method is null, since it was created on "TraverseParms.For(TraverseMode mode, Danger maxDanger = Danger.Deadly, bool canBash = false)"....

So, I think that WildManShouldReachOutsideNow should be adjusted to allow a null pawn, but I might be wrong.

In any case, I think that this scenario should be reported here.


How close we are to the release of the 0.19 / 1.0 version?

Days, weeks, months?

Help / [AutoEquip] Need help to upgrade do A13
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:13:45 PM »
In order to upgrade the mod Auto Equip to the last version, is necessary change de the Def "Defs\ThinkTreeDefs\Humanlike.xml", to override the "JobGiver_OptimizeApparel" but, if I just copy and past this file to my mod, the game crashes when a Raid Occurs. How to I fix this?

Support / PC Crashes on Windows 10 and Visual Studio
« on: September 25, 2015, 10:34:06 AM »

After upgrading my Laptop to windows 10, RimWorld constantly crashes, when I am in other applications, like Visual Studio... I am missing some Unity plugin or something like this?

Help / Question for AutoEquip: Locate the apparel
« on: September 19, 2015, 09:02:08 AM »
Hi folks!

Another question for AutoEquip! I am writing some GUI for the mod, clarify the apparel changes... It will show in a list, similar to the "Gear" tab, the desired apparel... in this list, i want to make a context menu "Locate", when the user click on it, it automatically select the item, and move the map to centralize it... You guys allready do that?

Help / Question for AutoEquip: get WorkTypeDef of StatDef
« on: September 16, 2015, 11:59:05 AM »

I am writing the AutoEquip mod, and I gave a pretty good idea for the mod: Prioritize the stats of the priority jobs! Ex. if the "handle" has a "1" in the priority queue, the "Taming Animal Change" stat is automatically selected.

But after half hour of ILSping I still don't know a automatic way to get the used StatDef of a WorkTypeDef... Any ideas?


This Mod allows you to change the way the game chooses Apparel of colonists. Instead of always choosing Apparels with better armor, you can choose to prioritize other attributes, such as social impact, research, or crafting skills.

Changelog & Download
Version a13* (22/04/2016) (Auto Equip)
* Changed the mod Auto Equip to be completely public (github).
* Anyone can modify the source of it and send "Pull Requests".
* The "Pull Requests" should contain the file "" already with the changes. This is the final file for downloads.
* Accepted the "Pull Requests" of the Killface1980.

Version a13v003 (22/04/2016) (Auto Equip)
* Treating HeatWave and ColdSnap incidents for cold / warm needs.
* Created a option to priorize Stats of the works performed by the pawn.

Version a13v002 (20/04/2016)
* Changed to use CCL (Comunity Core Library) detours to inject in the AutoEquip. Now, AutoEquip depends of the CCL.
* Sorted the Stats in the Selection Window.

Version a13v001 (05/10/2015)
* initial a13 release.
* Removed many unstable things for the precious version. Now, the pawns look only in the storage for apparels to wear.

Version a12v013 (05/10/2015) (Auto Equip) (Auto Equip - Infusion Handler)
* Fixed Equip tab.

Version a12v012 (01/10/2015) (Auto Equip) (Auto Equip - Infusion Handler)
* Send right files, previous are old ones.

Version a12v011 (01/10/2015)
* Now the colonist equip items that aren't in inventories. (Now equip dropped on the ground.)
* Screen of Outfit Selection: Created a Button "Status..." on Apparel selection. This button allows manually chooses the status by colonist. The game will combine the status of the outfit and the status of the Pawn to make the selection.
* Screen of Outfit Edition: Created a Check-box for allowing the colonist status make part of the selection.
* Speed improvements, rewritten the code that makes the apparel selection.

Version a12v010 (26/09/2015)
* Changed to make harder to a colonist drop its outfits.
* Fixing UI on newly recruited colonist.
* Changed how Temperature change apparels.

Version a12v009 (25/09/2015)
* Fixed GUI bug on prisioner click.
* Add some Translation Text

Version a12v007 (23/09/2015)
* Fixed 2 colonist wanting the same Apparel.

Version a12v006 (23/09/2015)
* New Gear tab: Add the display of "To Wear" and "To Drop", to help find out what the mod is doing.
* On Gear tab: New Option: AutoEquip Details, to help find out how the item score is calculated.
* On Gear tab: New Option: AutoEquip Compared, to help find out why this item are equipped.
* Add Stats based on work: Now, AutoEquip chooses some stats, with low priority based on the work performed by the colonist.

Version a12v005 (18/09/2015)
* Bug fixing. Now, if 2 pawns need the same equip, the system check is one of them are currently using the apparel...

Version a12v004
* Bug fixing. Pawn going naked, now the always choose wear something...

Version a12v003 (16/09/2015)
* Now scan other pawns to find best equip.

Version a12v002 (15/09/2015)
* Recompile Infusion Handler to work with the last version of the Auto Equip.

Version a12v002 (12/09/2015)
* Cosmetic change on Outfit Screen.

Version a12v001 (12/09/2015)
* Initial Version.

I put all the sources and (Defs, C#, Photoshop (With Shapes)) along with the Mod. Additional, I put the code on github

How to install:
- Unzip the contents of 'Auto Equip' and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mods in the mod menu in the game.
- If you use Infusions mod, Unzip 'Auto Equip - Infusions' and enable both.
- Create a new world and a new game.

Feel free to use and modify this mod, and include this in your modpacks.

Outdated / [A12d] Soulkata Mods, less butcher Ant Meat
« on: September 01, 2015, 06:38:39 AM »
Hi folks! Long time no see! Thanks to TheGentlmen, who converted the AbilityPask to the latest Release!

Mod List

A12d Ability Pack Tool that helps modders to add special abilities on their Pawns.
A12d Alien Ants Faction New faction of nasty Alien Ants.
A10 Mecha Tanks - Add a new tank unit to the pirates faction.
A12 Faction Gauntlet Tool used to measure the faction Ballance, or just see enemies fighting themselves!

Source Control

Help / Make class AgeInjuryUtility public
« on: August 30, 2015, 06:22:04 PM »
I dont know where is the best place to ask this... but how to ask to the class "AgeInjuryUtility" and its methods to be make public?

Help / Healing Weapon
« on: August 30, 2015, 06:16:09 PM »
I am updating my mod, AlienAnts, and I asking myself about a old dream, a gun that shot friendly targets, and when hit, heal their friends... Someone already works on this?


A simple idea was add some requeriments for workshops and kitchens! And lighting is the logical option! :)

Help / New Debug Button
« on: April 12, 2015, 09:34:18 PM »

I am concerned about the balance of my Alien Ants... So I want to make a utility mod, this mod will have only a button that create 2 raids of diferent factions, and make them fight!! So, based on the fight results, I can balance them...

Almost everything is ILSpied ( :) ) only missing the option to create this "Button" on game... My initial idea is create a new debug action button... But its hardcoded... Then a hole new debug is also an option... (Managed to create the button, but click doesnt fire the event!)

I want to draw a faded material, here is my code:

Code: [Select]
Material material = this.Graphic.MatSingle;
material = FadedMaterialPool.FadedVersionOf(material, 0.2f);

UnityEngine.Matrix4x4 matrix = default(UnityEngine.Matrix4x4);
matrix.SetTRS(this.exactPosition, UnityEngine.Quaternion.AngleAxis(this.exactRotation, UnityEngine.Vector3.up), this.exactScale);
UnityEngine.Graphics.DrawMesh(MeshPool.plane10, matrix, material, 0);

This draw a full opaque sprite (like 1.0 alpha) or a transparent sprite (like 0.0 alpha), what I am missing?

Help / ED Shield
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:29:37 AM »
Is my impression, or the thread about ED mods has been deleted? I Wanted the ED Shields, and cannot locate it! :)

Help / Corpse ThingDef
« on: March 19, 2015, 01:25:14 PM »

How I access the Corpse ThingDef? I want my mechanoid corpse provide cover, like the rock slag!

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