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General Discussion / For those who interested, hay beats rice
« on: January 07, 2018, 04:35:16 PM »
I've allowed hay to be grown in hydroponics with simple xml edit, because obtaining high quantities of hay is near to impossible on ocean ice sheet and figured out that hay beats rice even in hydroponic tray because:

* needs less micro from farmers - longer growing period

* needs no refrigerated storage

* larger stack size

* larger nutrition per day - 0.169 vs 0.148 of rice

Bugs / [B18] Faulty egg cooking logic, ingredients being wasted
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:14:58 AM »
When cooking fine meals, chefs can take 5 vegetables, 1-4 pieces of meat/milk and 1 egg and cook fine meal; but at the same time they can cook 1 egg and 5 vegetables. So basically meat/milk can be wasted. Non-determenistically (sometimes chefs pick ingredients in right order) can be reproduced by placing 1 milk, 5 rice and 1 egg and ordering to cook fine meal.

Or it's just  a coincidence?

Ideas / Compacting stockpiles
« on: April 05, 2015, 08:46:20 AM »
Colonists very like to have a lot of almost empty stacks on stockpiles and not having any place for something else more important. This could be semi-fixed with having specialized stockpiles or having stockpiles with different priorities, but the problem still might exist.
Is there any chance of giving colonists new sort of hauling task to compact stockpiles?

Help / Changing alpha-channel of pawn?
« on: March 13, 2015, 11:01:52 PM »
Is it possible? And how? I haven't seen anything like that in mods and the only pawn color change (when wounded) is pretty hardcoded.

Ideas / IThingDispenser & Hediffs can affect stats directly
« on: March 13, 2015, 02:11:10 AM »
Currently NPDs and beer are hardcoded, and there is no way to make own dispensers and bewerages acceptable by ingest job code (if there is I hope you can tell me). What I'd like to see is IFoodDispenser interface or something like that and code checking for it. More complex suggestion is to allow such dispenser interfaces for every kind of job which seeks for particular item (IThingDispenser with methods like CanDispenseOfDef/Category(ThingDef/ThingCategory), and DispenseThing()).
The other suggestion is to give hediffs ability to affect stats directly. This will allow modders and you make slaves with bad back or malaria cheaper, or make brain implants that will decrease psychic sensitivity.

Help / Where is damage calculated
« on: March 12, 2015, 01:54:52 AM »
The task is to make hediff that will affect stats such as damage resistances. As I see it is not possible because theese stats are bound to pawn def and apparel def. My next thought is to override pawn code where is damage applied to check for some hediffs and their severity. But I can't find any method which must be overriden to do so.
Do you have any elegant way to solve the problem or at least do you know the place in code where is damage calculated?

Bugs / 0.9.727 Combat cooldowns are not saved correctly
« on: March 08, 2015, 10:37:57 AM »
Actually it's not a bug, but an issue that should be addressed.  JobDriver_AttackStatic's toil state is not saved, or better say, saved incorrectly (its index is always 0 and its ticks are negative according to save file). Which gives players ability to 'cheat' in some cases. In assumption we have a gun (or melee weapon) with very high cooldown, but relatively low warmup like typical shortgun, or 'Grendel' from Rimsenal mod (30 seconds cooldown), we can shoot, pause, save, load, aim and shoot again, skipping cooldown. But also this issue causes game to lose aiming progress. Pawn starts aiming, we save when they are almost ready to shoot and after load they have to aim again.

EDIT: Also it looks like that toil changes of its defaultCompleteMode won't have effect.

Hello, fellow colonists!
Started my personal modlist full of semi-insane ideas.

This simple little mod allows you to patch scars on colonists' heads, necks and torso (other body parts can be replaced with prothesics or harvested limbs) using surgery and some human meat and leather (hummmy!).
And also now 'Bad Back' effect is applied to spine, rather than to torso. For characters who already has that effect before mod installation exists diagnose operation, which will relocate it (spess magic) to spine (or remove if spine was replaced).
But it's not all. Mod present rejuvenators (glitterworld medicine for now), which when injected can cure Frail, and starts de-aging process. But all comes at cost, after rapid rejuvenation period colonist will start suffer from accelerated aging. (This shit is so unbalanced... And I like it)
And this list is not over yet. You can make your own bionic torso at machining table and install it without removal of already installed bionics or restoration of missing organs!


Compatibility with 'Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering' checked. Could be compatible with everything else.
Used FixBone as inspiration.
Version history:
2.0, removed unused xmls. Could still be working.
2.1, source attached. Added way to treat 'Bad Back'
2.2, added rejuvenators.
2.2.1 - applied rejuvenators to whole body, not brain.
2.2.2 - fixed insane pain factors, added 'hidden' pawn activity - aging, rebalanced aging rates.
2.3.0 - Added bionic torso.
2.3.1 - Made bionic torso 'mod-friendly' so it won't replace Hediff_InjuryLocal derived classes.
2.3.2 - Fixed some bugs

Never Stop Looking
In short, with this prothesics mod you can make your own Adam 'Bossfight' Jensen (who never asked for this).
  • New trait 'Inquisitive'. But it's not just renamed 'Prosthophobe'
  • New type of prothesics - augmentations. They do not replace body parts, instead they are just added to them as additional hediffs (if you know what does it mean). But also they add negative effect - ever-increasing phantom pain (reaches maximum at day 12 without injection). Only way to reduce it - neuroposine injections
  • Two new types of surgeries - augmentation and neuroposine injection (requires only one medicine of any type at the moment). Augmentations are appliable only to organic parts (for the sake of balance). They do not cause negative prosthophobe and positive prosthophile thoughts also.
  • Augmentations implemented - GlassShield, CASIE and Rhino (non-craftable and probably due to high price(12000) even unbuyable at the moment)
  • Guys with 'Inquisitive' trait are immune to phantom pain
Download from dropbox

This mod is far from being finished, better to say it's just a tool, I hope you'll figure out how use it and improve. I have not much experience to implement all planned features.
For example you can turn those 'augmentations' into genetical enhancements, nerfing pain effect (giving it treatability and renaming as 'adaptaion').

Update 0.1.1: included source code.
Update 0.2.0: Added Rhino dermal armor. Now mod is confilicting with everything what modifies vanilla damage types.
Update 0.3.0: Added Glass Shield cloaking system. It is less impressive than it could be. All it does is just reducing chance to be shot by 50%. I'm working on effects, if you have any idea how to apply alpha channel to pawn, tell me, please.

Recoil Compensation stat
Added new pawn stat - recoil compensation, which greatly reduces (best reduction I've achieved was 57%) cooldown between attacks (the very time your pawn spend after shooting stupidly standing still). This stat is affected with manipulation and consciousness activities, as well as shooting skill, 'Trigger-happy' trait increases compensation even further. Soft-capped at 70% adn 60%, hard-capped at 50% (you won't reach it anyway).


Go and fire with this 'Grendel' now. Haven't noticed any issues, but utilized dirty hacks you can see in attached source code leave no doubt - they must exist. Tynan, don't open it. Please.

Updated to 0.0.2a now this stat will work with all verbs which inherit from Verb_LaunchProjectile, and even if some do not it will not break everything into jerky animation at least.

Meal dispenser
Now NPD can dispense meals (simple and fine). Added 2 more research projects to improve NPD. Apperance was replaced with Kirid's small side dispenser (which one I favor), if you want good old look - replace mod files with ones from Vanilla-like (or activate Vanilla-like as mod after MealDispensers).
Will affect only newly built NPDs.


Not only beer, that it is! Now pawns will consume all drugs and beverages automatically. It is temporary solution before Tynan's fix. Less deeper and thoughtful code, but it works at least.
Updated to 0.2 - limited search distance to 30 tiles. Due to game implementation this distance ignores walls and barely passable and hazardous locations. I have alternative version, but it might cause pathing issues (game reinitiates all paths). But it's still much better than pawns walking to other side of map for booze.

Note for modders. If you think that you can use or improve stuff posted here - you are free to do it. Most mods have (unreadable) sources.

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