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Ideas / Turret targeting "Bill" on enemy health.
« on: May 26, 2016, 06:55:22 PM »
I love Rimworld and the community mods, however,  I feel something needs to change with turrets. From watching one of my favorite youtubers play Rimworld and from seeing it myself when I play the game, turrets need a way to switch to a new target when fighting multiple pawns.

I think a bill on turrets would fix this. With a bill you can specify at how much health the turret should be attaching that enemy, unless its the last enemy then all turrets keep attacking.

Out of 6 turrets 2 of them could be attacking from 100% to 75% health, another 2 could go from 75-50 and the last 2 from 50-0% health. If there are 4 targets then the turrets that are told to attack pawns with the most health should attack the target with most health even if that target is below the "bill" rule.

I would like to see this because multiple times I've seen several turrets attack the very fist enemy they see when there is a raid, over killing that 1 target then going on a reload pried at which point your waiting for them to start attacking again. My suggestion is to allow us to specify at how much health each turret should be attaching that enemy, this would allow us to use them more efficiently and not have 10 turrets attack the same target, unless its the last target.

Thank you,

When I play Rimworld or The Sims I try and visualize room/house size to try and get them as close to what I think is big enough without it looking like the hallway is a bedroom. I do this by looking at how much space an object in game uses to real life in this case the double bed, which is 2x2, to me this would be a queen or king size bed in real life, 1 square would be a hallway.

I did a paint comparison of my room and what it might look like in Rimworld. I also used 2 squares as the height of a human which would be the length of the queen size bed.

My point throughout this discussion is that 6x5 for a room in Rimworld is to much to keep your pawns happy, at least to me it is. The room I have linked the picture to is in squares, the squares are there to represent the size of real life objects to Rimworld. The yellow outline is my bed, red is the door and closet and the black/orange is my stand/tv.

To me, my room is quite large, big enough to have an extra queen bed if I wanted, however, its only a 3x4 room, yet its got enough room for everything I need, but the pawns in Rimworld are not satisfied with a room this size and want something more to a living room.

I remember reading about a mod that made it so pawns would be happy with a room of 3x3, however, I cannot seem to be able to find it, or if the mod author even updated it.

My request for anyone reading this post would be, if they have time or are willing, to create a mod that lowers the need for such a massive sized room and allow pawns to be happy with a 3x4 or 3x3 room size.

Link to the bedroom I think is ideal for a happy Rimworld pawn.

I have a room that's 2 walls thick, its for prisoners, however, after seeing that the room (which is a 5x5) cannot be warmed up I checked my colonist rooms, same thing. Even though the room is not being used at all the heater cannot keep it warm.

The temp outside is -75, but the heater cannot keep a room of 5x5 2 walls thick warm? Build 2 heaters per room?

Thank you,

Mods / (SOLVED) Stop degradation on some items.
« on: April 21, 2016, 08:27:15 PM »
I created a good amount of artillery shells for sieges and poison ships, however, by the time I realized that the shells have an expiry date it was to late and I lost a good 40 shells or so (not that I know of any good way to preserve them anyways).

I understand this is part of the game, but for the shells to degrade within a few months is quite short, to me anyways.

Items like the artillery shells or the medicine (not sure if medicine is supposed to be first-aid) should have a good amount of years before they degrade, or not at all.

Thank you,

General Discussion / A13 - What to do with Incapacitated guests?
« on: April 21, 2016, 01:37:58 AM »
I've rescued some traders that got attacked by elephants. Problem I'm having with these guests is that one of them has no leg and the other just wanders my halls (she might also snap soon).

I cannot perform surgery on the guest to help him and I cannot ask them to leave, also, I cannot build guest beds to have them calm down or rest. So what are my options? Kill the guests and lose on reputation with that faction?

Thank you,

Alright, the guest who was roaming my halls left. Still need a way to help the other.

Help / Wind turbine - Nothing in the way but they still stink.
« on: April 17, 2016, 04:28:04 PM »
So, I've got myself about 4 solar panels and 2 wind turbine. The 2 wind turbine hardly work. I have the WT build where there is no obstacle or trees in its way (I built a wooden flood under them).

I understand how WTs work, however, I hardly get maybe 5% of the WT power most of the day, along with how many eclipse the game throws at me, well, lets just say I'm not surviving winter.

Is it posible to get 30-50% of its power is I place it somewhere else maybe?

Code: [Select] - This is the TW location.

Code: [Select] - This is the general area I have the TW in.

I appreciate any help or clarity if this is normal in Rimworld.

Thank you,

Just realized this is in the wrong forums, can a mod please move it to the appropriate forums, thank you.

Ideas / Rimworld download page!
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:10:33 PM »
Not sure if this has been posted. I would really like for the download page to show what version the game was on. Just like when you download the game and uncompress it the folder would read RimWorld722Win, but the download page just has the name of the game. Would be good to know at least the version of the alpha.

I only bring this up because of hotfixes. I've downloaded alpha 8 when it was released, then again a while after and the version of the alpha has changed, which I did not know happened. I always thought that then the alpha was released the updates on the changelog was just things being added to the new alpha, unless that still the case and the current version only gets hotfixes without notice?

Anyways, my point is, if I did not download alpha 8 again I would have never seen the new version, which is why the download page should at least show the version of that alpha. As for the game notification of new updates, I never get it unless its a major one, like a new alpha, otherwise, it never tells me of new versions of that alpha.

General Discussion / Siege and Mountain
« on: December 25, 2014, 06:12:54 PM »
Why can I still get shot with a mortar shell even tho I am in a mountain? I mean, there "is" a roof over me, so why can a mortar shell go through it and still hit me, but doing anything else like using solar panels you cannot do.

I would have thought that, if you're in the mountain, mortar shells cannot hit you. That's the point right, being covered by rock over your head to be safe. But instead, they just fly in as if you're outside, with walls and no roof.

As long as the area the shell hits is mined, it goes through, but un-mined rock, you get that nice satisfying sound of mortar shell hitting rock. Your digging into the mountain, not digging in an up.

Sorry for the weird rant/somewhat rage like post. Maybe I was expecting more thought going into this when Siege's wore added into the game.

Mods / [Request] Towers / Wall mounted turrets.
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:00:20 PM »
It's been a little while since I played RimWorld or got any new mods for it. I wanted to know if anyone made a tower mod. Something that is higher then the walls, and for shooting raiders before they get into your base. Maybe a turret mounded on a wall, something like that would be great as well, and I don't mean on the side of the wall I mean sitting on top of it.

I apologies if this has been asked.

I understand why you start with 3 colonists, but I want more.

As for the dig into the earth part, I was looking for something more like dwarf fortress. I want to be able to dig down or up.

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