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Support / UHD/4K problems
« on: November 18, 2016, 06:55:25 AM »
I've been playing rimworld for quite a while now and its a rather strong addiction.

Just upgraded to a 40" samsung UHDTV over my previous 55" sony 1080p and... rimworlds UI is just too small - its literally unreadable on a 40" screen, which is pretty crazy when you see 28" 4K monitors for sale on the market.

Part of the problem is that the game doesnt actually seem to change resolutions, when its fullscreen 1080p my TV actually reports its still running at 4k - i guess the game just runs a scaler instead of changing resolution?

I've tried gaming at 1080p instead and the fuzziness causes eyestrain very quickly so i guess i simply cant play anymore until i find a fix - is there any mods or UI hacks to simply double or quadruple the size of text and UI elements? Has there been any official mentions of support for that?

Bugs / [0.8.657] No audio if PC use slept/hibernated. [USB/HDMI audio]
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:59:07 AM »
This one will surely only affect a small minority of players, but i've found that using HDMI or USB audio (or just audio with hotplug detection) can cause a loss of sound after using standby or hibernate.

Quitting the game and starting it again immediately fixes the issue.

In other games that have suffered this issue, changing between audio modes or soundcard outputs in-game has fixed it, but rimworld has no such options. Any chance a 'reset audio' option could be added in, even in the dev/cheat options?

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