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Bugs / Steam online + load order "downloading"
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:21:53 PM »
this is super frustrating. i'm not even in steam offline mode. i just rebooted steam for a steam update, and now this...

Ideas / please revert combined room/beauty stats filters.
« on: January 03, 2017, 03:58:52 AM »
cheap and easy to (re)implement...

please revert combined room/beauty stats filters.

game used to have 2 separate filters for toggle in the lower right corner. one to show mouseover tooltip on room stats (very handy and worth having enabled permanently). the other to show ugly penalty values on all items in a radius of mouse cursor location (not something you'd want enabled permanently).

now these are combined. and it is absolutely obnoxious. i used to keep the room stats filter on all the time.. others i've spoke to agree. it is a horrible change. please revert it back..

Mods / a few various alpha9 [mod requests]
« on: February 23, 2015, 03:18:15 AM »
just a few requests here after playing some alpha 9...

first, i request tweaks to crafting mortar shells.

1. instead of requiring additional research (machining) to do this job... i would like a completely new workbench for this job. to be unlocked/build-able when you complete mortars research. because i find it unreasonable to require machining research after researching mortars, just to use the actual mortars. like wut?

2. after that, because i am tired of having to suspend my other craft tables each time i want my mech corpses removed, i would like a 2nd change to the machining worktable (after the above change, this is back to only being used only for grinding up mech corpses). so the change...  i'd like this to be changed to a job for "haulers" instead of crafters (just like the incinerator is now a hauler job instead of a crafter job).

EDIT: instead of using haulers for this, the ideal solution would to still use crafters, but be to set the machining table to a higher priority than stone cutting and such tables, if possible. (like stove is higher priority than butcher for a cook)

3. i would like shells to be crafted cheaper.
10 steel per is ridiculous when considering:

- how inaccurate they are,
- how rain snuffs out your incendiary so quickly,
- the trader sells mortar shells cheaper than the cost of 10 steel,
- how rarely the trader comes to sell you more shells,
- how few shells the trader has to purchase,
- and because the enemy gets unlimited shells and food supply.
- you need a lot of mortars (thus shells) to uproot an enemy mortar team to force them to stop shelling you and assault your base.

so instead of 10 steel per shell i'd love say 5 steel per to start off.

4. because the new changes to "drop on floor" in alpha 9 means the pawns are dumb and don't know to stack meals/shells to 10/25 respectively. i'd like to be able to craft more than 1 shell per work order. i am sick of seeing shells litter my floor at 1 per tile. so maybe if the job was to craft say 5 shells per work order it would create less clutter. longer craft time and such of course.

other mod requests/thoughts...

- can we get a nerf to melee shields. the regen time should be longer, and the amount of damage before it breaks should be lowered. i am sick of this melee faction running in and destroying my turrets in no time flat. i am also unhappy with these guys eating my mortar attacks and shrugging them off and their shields just regen back up before my next mortar attack...

- is there a way to nerf the enemy mortar team? to stop getting endless food and ammo? or at least is there a way to force them to assault our base after a certain period? because i am sick of the endless sieges if left to their own devices.

or do we just hope tynan nerfs/balances them?

- totally unrelated to alpha 9 - i wonder if there is a way to mod in a "hide helmet/hat" option, like most RPG games. so we retain the stats from the gear slot, but we get to see the pawn's hair/face.

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