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Help / How to get rid of white edges around PNG textures?
« on: December 03, 2016, 08:08:11 PM »
As the title says, I use transparent .png textures and there are always white edges around them in-game.
How do I remove them?
Or should I use DDS instead?

Help / Remove tale related artnames for custom objects?
« on: December 02, 2016, 05:16:02 PM »
I'm creating a mod to make paintings and I want to have total control over the names of the painting. (By that I mean defining them in a xml for the game to randomize instead of getting these titles and descriptions based on tales mixed in)

I followed the structure of statues.
In Buildings_Art.xml, for "SculptureBase", the following lines defined the name and description for the sculptures.

I found ArtName_Sculpture and ArtDescription_Sculpture in RulePackDefs.
<defName>ArtName_Sculpture</defName> in RulePacks_Art_NameRoots.xml
<defName>ArtDescription_Sculpture</defName> in RulePacks_Art_PhysicalDescriptionRoots.xml

I copied, renamed and changed them to something like this.
art_name->[PaintingNamePart1] [PaintingNamePart2] [PaintingNameNumber]

When I launched the game and made some paintings.
I'm getting titles like this: Testing2 Debug 05
Which mean they worked.
But after I made more painting, I'm getting titles like:
Could not resolve any root: art_name debugLabel: null_tale

And even though I changed <defName>ArtDescription_Painting</defName> to
I'm getting art descriptions like:
Testing This artwork tells the story of the capturing of Bashkire on 4th of fall, 5501.
Instead of just Testing(Which occasionally happens.)

I'm guessing this is related to the game using generating taled based names and descriptions,
Can I remove it for the object I made(paintings)?

Support / Need a reset on download count
« on: October 02, 2014, 12:09:45 AM »
I don't know why everytime I tried to download Alpha 7 from Sendowl I get "Unable to display webpage".
Previously when I get problem like this I can refresh the page and download it.
I tried it for five times and now all my download counts are wasted. :(

My E-mail: -snip-
Reset my download count for the Windows version please. :'(

EDIT by ItchyFlea: Removed email address for privacy reasons.

Unfinished / [Planning] Useless Crap V2
« on: June 08, 2014, 01:24:48 PM »
I am currently on a trip to Cambodia right now, all my free time would be used to translate Alpha 5 dev, this project would be paused for a week.

I've made a mod back in alpha 2 called Useless Crap that adds stuff like sleeping bag and toilet into the game.
My previous attempts on developing this further has failed due to my poor "computer skillz".
Now I'm planning on starting from scratch and make UC V2.

Planned Stuff:

Briefly Planned
Working On

intriguing furnitures/decorations
Constructible Random Decorations (Due to the TextureFolderPath bug)
engineering table(metal debris melting, gun crafting...)
sound effects for weapons
intriguing weapons
Boomrat Launcher

Low Priorities
mini tech tree for most things

This is not a serious project, the fancie logo is just for sh*ts and giggles.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Stories / Randomness
« on: April 27, 2014, 10:09:14 AM »

-How about a toilet?

Back in alpha 2, I always imagine that this would happen.

Insert stuff, get nutrient paste meal.

Translations / [Translation] Chinese简体中文 - 1.7b | Alpha 8d/e
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:18:12 AM »

The current translation version is built for 0.8.657 (Alpha 8d/e)
The version included in the current game is outdated
I recommend updating it to the newest version. (If you are using Chinese Translation)


Deleting the folder ChineseSimplified in Rimworld/Mods/Core/Languages.
Unzip the archive, merge the Mods folder with Rimworld/Mods folder.
Startup the game and select the language "简体中文".

[Alpha 8]1.7b - Updated for 0.8.657. (Alpha 8d/e) Re-aligned file names.
[Alpha 8]1.7 - Updated for 0.8.652. (Alpha 8b)
[Alpha 7]1.6b - Corrected several lines. Translated over 100 untranslated lines.
[Alpha 7]1.6a - Bug fixes from the community as well as some better fitting vocabs.
[Alpha 7]1.6 - Updated for 0.7.581. (Alpha 7) Fixed a crap load of problems from 1.5a.
[Alpha 6]1.5a - Yep, 5 minutes right after upload. Grammar fixes.
[Alpha 6]1.5 - Updated for 0.6.532. (Alpha 6) Minor fixes.
[Alpha 5]1.4b - Code fix and grammar fix.
[Alpha 5]1.4a - Corrected one translation error. Added 5 untranslated lines.
[Alpha 5]1.4 - Updated for 0.5.492. (Alpha 5)
[Alpha 4]1.3g - Updated for 0.4.466. Grammar correction. (Alpha 4f)
[Alpha 4]1.3f - Updated for 0.4.462. (Alpha 4e)
[Alpha 4]1.3e - Added one missing file that translates death messages. Works in 4c(461).
[Alpha 4]1.3d - Updated for 0.4.460 (Alpha 4 Public Release)
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.3c - Updated for 0.4.439 (Works in 440/441)
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.3b - Updated for 0.4.437.
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.3 - Updated for 0.4.436.
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.2 - Updated for 0.4.435. Grammar fixes. 100% translation.
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.1b - Pronunciation fix, code fix and partially translated the remaining 1%.
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.1 - Updated for 0.4.433, sorry that I missed 430. 99% translation, grammar error fixes.
[Alpha 4 Dev]1.0 - Initial Release, 98% translation.
[Alpha 3]0.6 - Final Version, grammar correction, code correction and translated the missing lines.
[Alpha 3]0.5 - Everything except weapons are translated.
[Alpha 3]0.2b - Removed an extra full stop sign. Corrected misunderstood "run in the background" translation.
[Alpha 3]0.2 - Defslinked partially translated. Although these would still be English until the game fully supports translation.
[Alpha 3]0.1b - Corrected one spelling error, solved the broken new colony problem.
[Alpha 3]0.1 - All Codelinked lines translated. Not working because new colony is broken if the language is chosen.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Support / [SOLVED-ish] Problem with language translation
« on: April 17, 2014, 02:54:48 AM »
I've been working on translating the game to Chinese since multilanguage is supported in Alpha 3.
The codelinked part is completely finished and I've ran into a problem.

After the translation is finished I can't create a new colony.
Loading old colony is fine, but whenever I tried to create a new one "Generating world..." just flash for once and nothing happens.

I've located the error within 5 lines.
When I change these 5 lines back to English the game works fine.
(Picture attached to show which 5 lines am I talking about)
(The entire chinese language folder is also attached as an zip archive for any fellow Chinese reading guys to use)

I havn't updated to 3F, yet.
Mostly because the game have too much to explore and I'm busy translating.
I'll try to update tonight and see if it is fixed.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Outdated / [MOD] [Alpha 2] Useless Crap and Overpowered Turrets
« on: March 10, 2014, 11:38:46 AM »
Sorry for my English as I'm not a native speaker.
This post includes 2 mods that I made for myself just for fun.
Then I found this forum so I decided to release them.

Screenshots are attached so you can see how they looks.

The first mod is "Useless Crap"
It adds 3 useless craps to the game.

The first one is sleeping bag.
I made that because sleeping spot is unacceptable for me and bed looks pretty odd outside.
It is cheaper (only 5 metal) than a bed and quicker to build but a little bit less efficient (0.9 compared to bed which is 1.0) however it's better than a 0.8 efficiency sleeping spot.

The second one is Strawberry Hydro-whatever-that-word-is-pronounced basin
Not having a option to choose what to grow on the hydrothingy is just not fun.
So I made a Strawberry version of the original one.
It still requires the research, however it's very expensive. (40 metal compared to 25 metal for a normal one). Mostly because berries would not give a negative motive when eaten raw.

The third one is the toilet.
Yup, a toilet. It's basically a chair. Eating while sitting on a toilet is what you do in Crashville, don't ask me, it's the traditions.

The second mod is Overpowered Turrets
It adds 2 turrets to the game.
Featuring awesome sound effect and turretish looking.
However I didn't bother to balance this mod, it's pretty overpowered.
Most raiders would just be shot to death instead of knocked unconscious.
If you are tired of endless raiders or you wanted to tune them on your own this is the mod for you.

One is the heavy turret drone. It's very tough and it's pretty damn effective against mid range enemies as the heavy machine gun mounted on top of it would tear the enemy to pieces. The draw back is it's very expensive. (450 metal)

Another one the overwatch turret drone. Basically a sniper turret. It shoots as far as a M24 but with way higher frequency (18 rounds per minute), slightly lower damage and a little bit higher accuracy. It's pretty weak (145 hit points) and still very expensive (400 metal)

Oh, one thing comes with this mod is C4 Charges, basically the same as blasting charges. It does not require the research, cheaper and have a smaller blast radius.

Pictures are attached and please comment so I can know it's good or utterly terrible.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

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