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Ideas / Extended End-game ship?
« on: February 23, 2015, 11:27:16 PM »
I am a big fan of Rimworld, but before even going to the endgame I can already see that the ship thing is kind of bland. The ship seems far to easy to make and I feel that there should be more things added to make the game run longer.

Air-pressurization procedures
Description: Teach your colonists to pressurize the air inside of the ship. If the ship isn't pressurized, well...bad things will happen. Just pressurize it for the best.
Research: 2000
Work to make (Well I don't know any of the work things so I'll go by in game hours:)20 hours
Size: 2x2 block
Resources: 1000 steel
                 300 silver

Cryo-stasis research
Description: Learn how cryo-stasis works so you can make cryosleep caskets to get your colonists off this hunk of junk and to get back home. If you can find it.
Research: 3500
(Branches into cryosleep caskets)

Ship Propulsion
Description: Teach yourself some physics to prove to the world you can make a home-made reactor to get yourselves home. DYI at it's finest.
Research: 3000
(Branches into ship engine)

Ship Hull/Floor
Description: Plate your ship with this futuristic hull made of random alloys melted in a mixture of uranium and gold! It's foolproof and is GUARANTEED to save you in any situation!
(Looks like gold+copper+steel)
Research required: 1000
Cost per block: 25 steel
                       25 gold
                       25 silver
                       5 uranium
                       10 stone blocks
Cost per floor: (Basically 2/5 of the cost)
(Must surround whole ship with this and make floors in the whole ship to be able to leave planet

Ideas / Getting people to actually complete their tasks?
« on: February 21, 2015, 01:34:53 PM »
Okay so I'm kinda pissed off alot now because I want people to construct things.
So they go and construct things when I say prioritize and they get the first thing done.


I think that we should make it so that people actually complete their constructions when they are prioritized to construct things instead of just leaving it.

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