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I mean a mod that would aim to make Rimworld into a challenge game, not a drama generator.
Apparently chance of "animal self-tamed" event is not related to the number of animals on the map, or animal's wildness. Half of animals which self-tamed for my desert tribe are thrumbos. (Technically, the same thumbo self-tamed, then became wild again, then stopped migrating and stayed on the map, then self-tamed again).

Then I discovered a self-tamed thrumbo is very disappointing. Without further training, which can be very hard to provide if you live in extreme desert (with nothing to tame and train your skill), not only it will become wild again but it won't fight back when shot. Normally a thrumbo is very eager to fight back, a tamed thrumbo not so.

Having colony animals fight back when shot would be perhaps too generous to the player and defeat the purpose of high Animals skill. But I have an idea for a fun compromise:

Colony animals, lacking at the very least "Obedience"and potentially "Release" training, should panic and go into manhunter mode when shot, attacking friend and foe alike. This will make them double-edged sword, and an amusing end to a careless colony.
Stories / How Thrumbo1 became Thrumbo2
October 25, 2018, 11:34:49 AM
Hey, I'm bad at telling stories. I don't have a knack for words, but this story is interesting.

Blue Shark Minoca is my tribe living in extreme desert, which I guess you could call a year-round growing zone. Four colonists are spending most of their time just trying to just get enough potatoes from stony soil, and using the leftover time mostly for planting saguaro cacti. Without them, they can't cook, and can't build coolers.

Unce upon a time a thrumbo passed by. The magnificient creature was kind enough to dine on the cacti, forcing them to harvest some of them prematurely just to get by. Two camels and 4 chickens are hard enough to feed.

Then, out of the blue, the thrumbo self-tamed. The joy of the tribals was premature. The trumbo, together with some others, proceeded to munch on devilstrand fields scattered around the location, not to mention cotton, healroot, and potatoes. It was of no help in battle - no one has passion to animals and no one could even attempt to make it a battle beast. Worse, once it started trusting humans, it stopped fighting back! It would just ran away and serve as a decoy. Somehow, despite its immense size, one of first volleys got it a scar on its massive 80HP eye.

Eventually, with no one to train it, the thrumbo became wild again. But it caused the tribals much sweat, as they were too gentle to sell it to the passing Bulk Goods caravan or butcher for meat.

But the Thrumbo came to like the area and its diligently worked fields. It lots its migratory habits.

Then a psychic ship dropped by. At first it didn't look dangerous, but - guided by their ancestral spirits - the tribals engaged with a skirmish with it, destroying the 2 scythers and 1 lancer without much fuss other than Sparkles losing pinky and nearly losing an arm*, and only because he didn't pay attention and wandered into the crossfire. The tribals used looted bolt-action and assault rifles, as well as an excellent charge rifle from a desert cache, making short work of them.

Had they acted slower, the evil spirit from the metal hut would possess the thrumbo, and being bad shooters and poorly equipped overall they would face mortal danger.

Now, however, the thrumbo changed its mind. It became tame again. Remembering the ways of the ungrateful creature, they're going to butcher and/or sell it.
It's perplexing how much storage space apparel for a single colonist takes. In a common biome like Temperate Forest you may want:

- spare headgear (tuque/cowboy hat)
- a set of armor for raids: flak vest, flak pants, advanced helmet, flak jacket

That's about 5 tiles for space for a combat-capable colonist just for apparel. I'm only counting items that can't really be worn by a colonist all the time. I'm being generous here. I don't count jacket and duster separately, I'm not counting worn out apparel at 70% and worse pawns will not want to wear but you may not throw out immediately.

If you keep those items in rooms, you need to make each room 5 tiles larger which is no small amount. You can keep them outside on shelves, but then you risk them being damaged in raids, etc.

So, I'm wondering. Perhaps the game is designed around the idea that you are supposed to have only 1 set of clothes for all colonists? Sheriffs, soldiers would wear kevlar vest + helmet + flak jacket and flak pants the whole time, in case there might be a raid. And probably stay indoors unless the weather is mild. Colonists who WILL NOT do combat wear whatever they please. Anyone else - some sort of compromise with sturdy but comfortable leather pants, duster, cowboy hat, or devilstrand. And naturally, hardcore underground colonists will wear armor full time in their air conditioned rooms, because armor is cheaper than limbs.

I would love to have one, just one, wardrobe per colonist, which would hold 1 spare outfit. You would customize 2 sets of clothes in each wardrobe, and each colonist would switch between 2 sets in a binary fashion. The wardrobe would use 2 tiles of space, and would contain an armor, pants, vest, shirt, and jacket. When a colonist enters it, he would switch to the other outfit and insert all clothes of current outfit into the wardrobe.

Currently keeping combat outfits on shelves in rooms works poorly, because unless you micromanage you're going to end up with one room full of helmets, one full of flak jackets, one of flak vests... you may as well build a dedicated armory.
Ideas / Hunger rate for sick people
September 29, 2018, 06:40:00 AM
Most common diseases, including flu and plague, should LOWER hunger rate. When I'm (very) sick feel terrible, but one thing for sure I don't have appetite. I have increased appetite when I'm recovering from a disease.

- for most diseases, they should LOWER hunger rate. It's enough a sick pawn can't work (well) to keep others fed, and can ruin it for everyone else by vomiting in kitchen or dining room. Hunger-lowering diseases should include:flu, plague, and food poisoning.
- people who are recovering from diseases (immunity gained:100%) should have increased hunger rate.

This would result with sick pawns looking miserable and being mostly useless, but also put little strain in food. Once the epidemic has ended, recovering people would be making up for that.

Currently it feels wrong that most time a doctor spends in a sick colony is carrying meals around.
General Discussion / 'Social' is worse than ever.
September 23, 2018, 02:55:45 PM
What is the skill for again? It used to be pretty low value back when most new colonists had to be captured and converted. Nowadays there are plenty of options for new recruits, most of which don't involve the skill at all. Chased colonists, wanderers, rescue missions, ancient rooms, being nice to transport pod people, slave traders.

Price multiplier might have been changed, but at the end of the day caravans are still rare and it's just money.

It may have a role when you're a fan of capturing pirates.

The bottom line - it doesn't seem to *enable* or *allow* doing anything.
QuoteA horse trainer once said to me, "Animals don't think, they just make associations." I responded to that by saying, "If making associations is not thinking, then I would have to conclude that I do not think." People with autism and animals both think by making visual associations. These associations are like snapshots of events and tend to be very specific. For example, a horse might fear bearded men when it sees one in the barn, but bearded men might be tolerated in the riding arena. In this situation the horse may only fear bearded men in the barn because he may have had a bad past experience in the barn with a bearded man.
I post this in General rather than Suggestions, because I hope to provoke some brainstorming, and my ideas are far from finalized.

There is an ongoing balance problem in Rimworld. The only thing that seriously threatens player colonies is raids and other combat events - infestations, manhunter packs. Other events are like spices - they make things more interesting, but they won't destroy a colony outright. An early plague might if you play a tribe or are otherwise very poor, but if you use every opportunity to prepare and use a little bit of creativity (like putting diseased people in ancient cryosleep caskets) you can pass this item check.

Difficulty levels only have meaningful effect on combat events, because they're easy to scale just by adding more bodies. Which is a balance problem in itself, because it's a major source of gear, meat and leather. An infestation can feed several bear police officers in an ice sheet colony for at least half a year. It's even not too bad for humans with a good cook.

First very different game Rimworld reminds me of is Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and its player race design. Somehow it ended up fostering a culture of "race X can't do Y or wear Z". I think this school of design is really dull. Missing a helmet or glove slot rarely makes player play different, and in the end I think providing different playstyles is what counts. What about Rimworld ? Its events are often of the "You can't do X" variety. I bring this up, because scaling an event that, say, disables electricity or farming outside is not interesting. Making it last longer just makes less things happen for a longer time. Imagine a heat wave leading to a temporary migration of a pack of elephants, and those elephants dining in your fields. THAT would be interesting. If events more often had consequences beyond disallowing you do something.

So, prolonging "you can't do X" events or piling more of them on player at the same time is boring, and other ways of scaling are difficult. Scaling combat events is easy, but all colonies destroyed in combat is repetitive.

Another game  Rimworld reminds me of is Heroes of Might and Magic. In the classic first 3, there is no army upkeep cost and there's fixed army growth rate for each town. Stats of might heroes are simple multipliers which are easy to apply on ever growing armies.  Magic stats, which some heroes focus on, become less and less useful as the game develops. Spell damage (Spell Power stat) essentially scales with hero level ups, which is logarithmic in nature. Each level is harder and harder to reach. Knowledge, letting you cast  more spells, also gets less useful because battles don't get longer beyond certain point. What is the use of extra spell points if you can't use them all in the decisive battle ? "So use spells that don't rely on Spell Power so much." - but Might heroes are as good at them !

There are basically 2 alternatives for solving the HOMM1-3 scaling problem:
a) make everything else scale with Spell Power, even spells that don't deal damage. And make spell power scale just as fast as conventional armies, for example by making it on rely on "wizards" stack.
b) introduce army upkeep costs, or army attrition like in Heroes IV. It was (too?) easy to defeat fairly big armies without any losses.


It's hard to say for sure because Tynan is tight-lipped about difficulty and storytellers, but Rimworld is seemingly using the "A" approach of trying to scale everything, including piling more and more events on player. Toxic fallout won't happen in first year, but then it might. Raids obviously get bigger, and wealth is a factor. The downside: finding a way to scale all events with difficulty is very difficult itself.

What if instead of scaling all other threats UP, it merely scaled raid growth DOWN and increased various upkeep costs ? More food to feed your colonists, clothes wear out faster, walls erode, especially in storms and harsh weather, machinery breaks down. This would help with ever-increasing colony wealth, which is currently out of control. Soon, there are no things to buy, especially in a year-round growing zone. This way, you wouldn't have to increase raid size, not so quickly, anyway. A new colonist would be a new mouth to feed. Animals and plants would need more care. More emphasis on resource management and survival, less on killboxes and trapped corridors. More diseases that drag on and develop mostly when you run out of medicine. Earthquakes, meteor storms.

Either way Rimworld colonies accumulate wealth much faster than they spend them. Scaling raids up with wealth, punishing players for being successful is playing whack-a-mole.
Off-Topic / Photos that remind you of Rimworld
August 20, 2017, 11:45:26 PM

Ideas / Display EFFECTIVE skill level
July 18, 2017, 07:31:49 AM
On colonist detail page, please display both nominal skill and effective skill. I understand for some skills the calculation is more involved or slightly more ambiguous. But there's no reason I should have to do these in my head or test in dev mode!! I want to know who's better crafter - my skill 5 youngster, or crippled skill 15 geezer.

If you're feeling pedantic, you could display more than one number, like "crafting quality", "crafting speed".

And I mean these should go on the skill page, the one with passion flames.
Off-Topic / Catchiest movie and game themes
May 30, 2017, 06:09:57 AM
Post the catchiest movie themes and game themes you know. Don't post themes you only care about they come from a movie/game you're sentimental about. I want only genuinely good tracks in this thread.

Return of the Living Dead (1985)
(Unusually good mix of comedy and horror. Lots of action. Moderate gore, shameless nudity, punk theme.)

Victory - Pirates&Mike Brady (a.k.a. "Morze" theme)
(The theme is from 1982 "The Pirate Movie", a really crappy comedy. For years it was the opening theme of a Polish TV show about sailing.)

from faker import Faker
fake = Faker()

Scientist, research (maths): +Research
Primary School Teacher: +Social, +Research
Archeologist: +Research, +Mining(?)
Paramedic: +Medicine
Fine Artist: +Art
Office Manager: +Social
Tree Surgeon: +Growing, +Medicine
Sports Development Officer: +Social, +Medicine
Careers Adviser: +Social
Administrator: +Social
Psychologist: +Social
Seismic Interpreter: +Research, +Mining(?)
Accountant, chartered management: +Social ? +Research ?
Best Boy: +Social(?)
Theatre Manager: +Art, +Social
Farm Manager: +Growing, +Animals
Cartographer: +Research
Prison Officer: +Social
Designer, television/film set: +Art/Crafting
Nurse, learning disability: +Medicine, +Research
Travel Agency Manager: +Social
Legal Secretary: +Social
Drilling Engineer: +Mining, +Research(?)
Clinical Psychologist: +Medicine, +Social
Ergonomist: +Crafting
Engineer, Automotive: +Construction?
Therapist, Music: +Medicine, +Art
Market Researcher: +Social
Garment/Textile technologist: +crafting
Environmental Health Practitioner: +Animals, +Growing
Minerals Surveyor: +Mining, +Research
Librarian, Public: +Social
Communications Engineer: +Construction/+Research ?
Information systems manager: +Research ?
Landscape Architect: +Growing
Fashion Designer: +Crafting
Editor, magazine features: +Social(?)
Magazine journalist: +social(?)
Warden/Ranger: +Animals, +Shooting
Intelligence Analyst: +Social, +Research
Building Surveyor: +Construction, +Research
Veterinary Surgeon: +Medicine, +Animals
Chemical Engineer: +Research
Biomedical Scientist: +Research, +Medicine
Statistician: +Research
Fisheries Officer: +Animals
Science Writer: +Research, +Social

What I'm trying to say is that real-world jobs sound very repetitive and boring when translated to Rimworld.
Some traders, especially trading ship, could sell high tech devices player doesn't have researched, like mortars. I think hospital beds are already sold sometimes. A multi-analyzer can be uninstalled, therefore it might be sold by an exotic trader, for an outrageous price. Same goes for improvised turrets.

The way to balance it and keep research from being obsolete would be inability to repair breakdowns until you have the technology researched. And hospital beds should sometimes break down (or maybe just fueled by medicine and last a really long time).

Note mortars are currently already available before you research them, and for free.

For people who really hate technology, you could add a rare event "wisiting engineers" or just make engineers or technicians randomly appear among visitors sometimes. He would have a floating wrench icon next to him similar how traders have a question mark. You could pay a technician a lot of silver to repair your devices (more money if you don't provide your own components).

Combat suppliers could sell ready IED traps of various kinds, which could be later installed. If you feel that's too powerful, you could require a skill check when installing/uninstalling and if you fail it blows up. You would need a skilled... constructor ? to install them with minimal risk.

EDIT: researched, not manufactured
Stories / A story of sorts.
April 04, 2017, 02:57:16 AM
Quote from: ALWAYS_ANGRONPraise The Mighty CORN
wake up, eat corn
Lunch time, eat Corn
Dinner Time, eat Corn.

My profession: Corn Farmer.
Fend off raiders, eat corn
tend to hospitalized colonists, feed corn.
Binge eat, Binge corn.

Create an entire warehouse, can be filled with tens of thousands of various products.

Catch Plague, eat corn
Mechanoids attack, eat corn.
Go Beserk and behead your wife, eat corn.

Food Stockpile. Corn Stockpile
Place down farm plot, designate CORN

Socialise with fellow colonists, TALK ABOUT CORN
Convince prisoner to join, COAX WITH CORN

Thrumbos enter, tame with CORN

simple meals, MADE WITH CORN
psychotic break? EAT CORN

Organ farming, in the name of CORN

General Discussion / Not what you expect
April 04, 2017, 02:55:25 AM
Quote from: ALWAYS_ANGRONPraise The Mighty CORN
wake up, eat corn
Lunch time, eat Corn
Dinner Time, eat Corn.

My profession: Corn Farmer.
Fend off raiders, eat corn
tend to hospitalized colonists, feed corn.
Binge eat, Binge corn.

Create an entire warehouse, can be filled with tens of thousands of various products.

Catch Plague, eat corn
Mechanoids attack, eat corn.
Go Beserk and behead your wife, eat corn.

Food Stockpile. Corn Stockpile
Place down farm plot, designate CORN

Socialise with fellow colonists, TALK ABOUT CORN
Convince prisoner to join, COAX WITH CORN

Thrumbos enter, tame with CORN

simple meals, MADE WITH CORN
psychotic break? EAT CORN

Organ farming, in the name of CORN

Ideas / Mentors and Apprentices
April 02, 2017, 10:28:12 AM
* Some skills are too hard to train: they're dangerous (Melee), or they pretty much require some equipment to start doing (Melee) or they use precious materials (Sculpting, Crafting, depending on your biome), or there's a heavy penalty for failure (Medicine), or there are only a few tries per day (Taming, Recruiting).
* Some players counter this with exploits like shooting at a wall, building stone chess tables. Producing items you don't intend to use, like cooking meals to throw them away or sell. Removing/Attaching/Removing/Attaching a simple prosthetic leg on a prisoner a la doctor Mengele. Growing huge fields of flowers or cecropia trees. Are you going to repeatedly sell and buy items to train Social (not that it currently works that way).
* With a few skill exceptions, this results in an unrealistic situation where masters are employed for most actions, while rookies remain bad, and don't learn anything.
* Some colonists feel genuinely useless and don't contribute.
* Rimworld focuses on small scale colonies, so building schools doesn't sound right, besides schools don't support the nomadic / tribal playstyle.

I have a solution.

In this picture, a blue "A" stands for Apprentice. The colonist won't perform that job normally, but when looking for a job to do, if
1) there is another colonist doing this job (potential mentor)
2) and if the apprentice colonist currently has no higher priority jobs

then the apprentice colonist will go to the mentor, and hang around him using same movement pattern colonists use when recruiting, taming and training. The apprentice will learn at 50% speed, will gain xp equal to half of xp gained by master, and will contribute +2% to work speed / success chance. By being an apprentice he can't learn more than 70% of master's skill level. Training Melee becomes slightly easier, you can have one well armored mentor and a few apprentices following him.

If there's no available mentor performing the job, the apprentice could go to a bedridden colonist who has this skill, or an idle colonist who has this skill, and ask him for advice Bonus points if you display values of disabled skills, so for example a colonist who is great good at shooting but his adult backstory disables it due to some trauma, can still teach others by giving advice. This would give "won't do X, Y and Z" colonists a potential use, and Rimworld has no shortage of those!!

Bonus: in this way almost useless colonists could also work as bodyguards. Assign an "A" on mining or hauling, set threat response to crossed swords. If a hungry predator strikes, you will have an armed colonist nearby to help.
Bonus: new stories. Neemor periodically goes for Mining advice to Kyle. I think story potential is better if the master isn't required to be doing the task at the moment, because then you can have apprentice periodically interrupt mentor doing something else with questions. If you implement it by making the apprentice go fishing for advice training/taming/recruiting style, then you automatically support bedriden colonists.
Bonus: potential for new traits, like Observant, Good Teacher. The latter would be especially good on old colonists. It would be best if they could give advice.

Either way, there's something very wrong about Rimworld that colonists never learn from each other!!
Ideas / Morale system for (colony) animals
March 27, 2017, 10:05:14 AM
Currently chicken, pig, dog hordes are stupidly effective against raids. I think a natural remedy would be giving animals morale rating. Most farm animals would scatter easily after taking a few casualties (more courage in bigger groups). Wargs, wolves, bears, elephants, cobras and other predators should be better for combat and have a higher morale rating. Animals assigned to a colonist would be considered a group, their morale values summed up and after dropping below certain percentage they would run away.
Ideas / World Map music
March 26, 2017, 02:57:11 PM
This is a good excuse to add a new piece of music to the game.

Feel free to hijack this thread to post most memorable world map themes!

Ideas / Two creative ideas to limit rampant growing
March 19, 2017, 06:02:38 PM
1. Plants lose HP when someone walks over them. Just a little, but if you place your fields inside colony walls your crops will be often walked upon, and may eventually be destroyed.

2. Localized rains.

Rains currently affect the whole map. Whenever there's a big fire, invariably a big rain occurs and extinguishes it all. I'm not sure why this is done, but I suspect two reasons:
a) to prevent maps from becoming completely barren too often
b) there are performance issues

Well if those emergency rains were localized, you could write some insidious code that prioritizes extinguishing remote parts of the map first, and leave the walls of fire approaching your colony untouched. Fun for everyone !

Plantations should be natural fire hazards. Currently I never really feel threatened by fire unless all my buildings are wooden. I only need to build a small firebreak, not to completely stop fire but to delay it enough that an emergency rain occurs. This includes flashstorms.
Ideas / Reverse-engineering items
March 17, 2017, 01:11:40 PM
For some research topics, having a corresponding item available should give a 20% discount bonus to researching it.  These could include:

* pemmican
* devilstrand (bring a piece of devilstrand apparel)
* brewing (bring beer)
* complex clothing (pants, duster, jacket etc)
* drugs (bring the corresponding drug to the research table)
* nutrient paste (bring nutrient paste meal... they can be bought)
* (only in A17)
* (only in A17)
* Medicine Production
* Multibarrel weapons (bring minigun)
* Charged Shot (bring charge rifle)
* Powered Armor (bring powered armor)
* Ship cryptosleep casket (pawn would take notes or photos at an ancient cryptosleep casket then research them at a research table; if that's too hard require building a research table in the room with ancient cryptosleep casket)
* Ship Computer Core (bring AI persona core)

If that wasn't clear, researcher would haul a corresponding item to the research table and then research it with a discount. Should technologies with an item available have research cost increased to compensate ?

This reverse engineering could be fun because random events could influence your research priorities (even more).