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Stories / Commandos
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:04:54 AM »
As rain hammered down on the makeshift shed, Sellers mustered all her remaining strength to keep watch on the surroundings. Mansnovic had dragged her back from the battle and patched her up as best she could, and Sellers had done the same once she regained consciousness. The wounds were at least covered now, but she felt herself drifting towards blissful dream. No pain there, no acrid smell of blood and ash, only sleep...

"The three objectives are each held by a sizable force of armed hostiles. You will do whatever is necessary to break their morale and send them running. After you have successfully taken out the objectives, activate the beacon and we'll send a shuttle to your location. You have free access to our armoury and quarters, to stock up on whatever you may need and can carry. Dismissed."

Mansnovic stirred, and Sellers snapped back to life at her pained groans. Mans' leg was badly hurt and had developed an infection, but Sellers was too weak to scrounge for medicine among the pirates. This was the last of their targets and they had killed almost all of them before they gave up and ran. But Mansnovic had been punched out by two charged shots, and Sellers had barely held off the knife-psycho coming up on them, getting slashed across her arms and left leg.

Their first target was dispatched without issue. They had left a building abandoned close to their compound, which allowed Mans to creep up close and blast the place apart with her launcher. Sellers had mopped up with her automatic and grabbed a nice sniper rifle from one of the corpses. The second was better entrenched, up against a hill, but they carried mostly close combat weapons and tried to rush them as Sellers picked them off. Mansnovic held on to her launcher like a child on Christmas, scrounging up a load of incendiary cells with glee.

And here they were now. What next? They'd stashed the beacon a few kilometers away, to keep it out of the pirates' hands. Sellers cursed and wished she hadn't been so confident. There was no way of getting back there without ripping her bandages and bleeding out. And Mans wasn't moving anytime soon.


No, no I can't-


She drifted into the void.

(To be continued?)

Mods / [A16] Missing "Make medicine" bill on Drug Lab
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:55:47 AM »
I've unlocked the research for medicine production, I've built the lab, but all I get are the psychoid products (only other unlocked drugs). I tested without mods and it shows up there.
This is my modlist:

I'll be testing it mod-for-mod when I have the time, but any help would be appreciated.

!! Be advised that this story is graphically explicit. It has been punctuated by a .GIF image, illustrating the scene as it happened in-game. !!

Thunder and rain rolled across the valley, and started to wash away the blood of the massacred pirates. One survivor remained, and five figures surrounded him.

"Please", Avila said through clenched teeth, hugging his abdomen. "You don't have to do this. Let me go, please!"

"Shut the f*ck up, scum!" roared Mole. He looked Lilith straight in the eyes. "You know what you need to do. Prove your loyalty, or join the rest of your friends in the dirt."

Lilith looked over at Avila, and then around at the gathered colonists. Boots glanced over to her husband and indicated her approval with a sly smile. McGee looked down at the ground. And Short...

"Do it, Lil'."

The rain grew stronger. Lightning struck somewhere to the south, illuminating the carnage. Lilith faced Avila. She had not quite known him, not at all in fact. He belonged to a different crew and she'd seen him once, carrying cargo. But here he was now, naked and afraid. And she had to kill him.

She stepped forward. The pistol she had been given suddenly felt heavy and dull in her hand. She reversed her grip, holding it by the barrel, and knelt beside Avila.

"Please, don't..." A spark of hope suddenly entered his voice. He whispered frantically. "Listen, I-I have a plan. Knock me out, and then I can escape and get more guys back here. We'll rescue you, no problem, we just need more firepower and-"

She struck him hard across the jaw. Once more, breaking his nose. Her third missed and fractured his collarbone. Her body shook from the cold rain and the rising adrenaline. Fourth strike, cheek bruised. Fifth, front teeth and upper lip. He howled in pain, trying to cover his face with his free hand.

"Please, NO! AGHH!"

Lightning struck again. Avila's blood had spattered everywhere, up on Lilith's arm and across his rocket launcher. Mole had picked him off early before he could use it.

Lilith stood up and reeled for a moment, letting her rushing blood settle. Avila blubbered and howled again. She kicked him hard, shattering a rib and knocking the air out of him.

"Finish him off!" she heard Mole yell through the downpour.

Avila tried to crawl away, and she stomped his leg twice, fracturing his knee. She circled around to his head. He cried out in desperation.

"No, no no... PLEASE! DON-"

Her boot connected with his head just above the ear - crunching - and Avila went limp. Staggering back, Lilith breathed heavily while wiping blood and water from her face.

Mole felt Avila's pulse, closed his dead eyes and stood up. "Good. Take his launcher. Short, get their rations before they spoil. McGee, gather up the charge rifle and the ammo. Let's hurry up, I don't want to stay out here longer than necessary."

He looked at Lilith, paused, glanced at Avila's body, and back at her.

"You did good, kid. Let's get home."

Lilith stared at Avila and slowly unclenched her fists. The others were used to the looting and had already started to head back to base. A moment passed. Then she bent down, grabbed the launcher, and followed them. The rain washed away her tears.

Mods / [Mod Request] Feeder Stockpiles
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:14:23 AM »
Just what it says in the title - Smaller stockpiles which are at the same priority as larger stockpiles, but do not get ignored by pawns when they haul stuff. If you've played Dwarf Fortress (which I assume you have, considering Rimworld and DF are practically bedmates) you know what I'm talking about. Let me elaborate.

(In the image, the distance between the mining site and the ware-
house is drastically shortened, but imagine it being across the map.

In this example, to be effective in managing their time, the pawn should haul their freshly mined steel to the smaller stockpile, resume mining, and let another pawn with higher Hauling priority fetch the steel to the warehouse. However, currently pawns will choose to haul stuff to the nearest free stockpile in order of priority, which could send them to the warehouse, which is wasting their time.

So! Can this be done? My spontaneous idea is an interface similar to the "Set Owner" function (to set the "parent" stockpile), but I wouldn't know how to implement that.

Help / Defining Zones?
« on: May 01, 2016, 07:03:05 AM »

I'm looking for some help in defining a new type of zone, with a certain affordance (for a custom terrain). I can't seem to find any files in "Defs" that handle those. Are they defined within some .dll?

Stories / They're uhh... very close, you could say
« on: April 29, 2016, 10:59:48 AM »

Okay. This is by far the most cringe-worthy thing I've experienced in RimWorld. First things first:

Naoko and Physics are lovers. Yuliya is Naoko's mother. Naoko and Physics just got their own double-bed room. Yuliya is the only one with artistic merit in the colony. I think you can see where this is going...

An excellent-quality wooden sculpture, depicting Naoko and Physics... getting it on, and "depicted by the careful arrangement of hundreds of tiny alpacas". I... I can't...

"Nice chat with Naoko". I don't know whether she's seen the, erhm, commemoration or not, and frankly, I don't want to know.

Can I Brew It? v1.5.2
This mod adds new alcoholic beverages, based on the plants available for farming. They are crafted at the Brewery.

Added items:
  • Vodka, made from potatoes
  • Strawberry Wine, made from strawberries
  • Bourbon, made from corn
  • Tequila, made from agave
  • Sake, made from rice

Planned items:
  • Zubrowka, made from Vodka and haygrass (thanks, Patrykbono20!)
  • Kefir, made from milk
  • Brandy, made from distilling Wine
  • Advocaat, made from Brandy and eggs


Current version is v1.5.2, which is compatible with Alpha 13.

Latest News:

(As written in response to Mackinz:)
I'm still working on getting time for the update (as the job mentioned is 10h * 4d /week), but it's planned and coming. I need to make a thorough investigation into how the fermentation barrels work and how they recognize recipes, but after that it should be a matter of copy-paste-adjust for the different drinks. There might be a placeholder graphic for the "Still" workbench, but hopefully not.

With the release of Alpha 15 it looks like my old problems of consumption are about to end! I am hoping to pick up and finish development of a compatible version this week, but might delay to next week due to new job. Still, very exciting!

Alpha 13 is finally out and about, and I've managed to find some time for updating "Can I Brew It". Current version is v1.5.2, which I'll be updating to v1.6 once I've implemented the Still and the above planned beverages.

When A12 came out, the game didn't throw any error messages when I tried the old version with A12. Instead, it turned out that my mod had added a separate Brewery with my recipes because of inheritance issues related to the new "castEdgeShadows" effect. This has been hot-fixed as of v1.5.1 - the mod now adds the recipes to the original Brewery.

- Older news cleared -

General Status:

I will keep working on this mod with regards to updating for future versions of RimWorld (and perhaps finding time to implement the planned features), but until the issue with colonists not recognizing the beverages as alternatives to beer has been fixed, the mod on it's own is essentially broken with regards to that behaviour. A fix has been made by UMK (, though it seems it has not been updated since A11.

All items and recipes work as intended, they just need to be manually consumed (Select colonist -> Right-click item -> Select "Consume [item]"). This is understandably not very player-friendly, and also means that playtesting the features and stats of the drinks will be very cumbersome. Please let me know of any other fix which takes care of this outside of the core mechanics.

A first attempt at balancing the beverages in terms of market value, nutrition and joy amount, and parameters related to crafting (cost, output, work time) has been included as of v1.5. If you'd like, feel free to post a reply here and tell me what you think of the attributes and how they're good or bad.

Planned Features:
  • Skill requirements for crafting the stronger beverages (vodka, bourbon, tequila)
  • New drinks based around the additional crops and animal products in A12
  • A "StrongAlcohol" health effect for the stronger beverages
  • The Still, a new worktable for producing the stronger beverages

Nexus Link:

How to install:
  • Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
  • Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.
  • Enjoy responsibly!

Help / How does the beer texture work?
« on: March 08, 2015, 05:58:00 PM »
Hello forums  :)

I'm currently working on a mod which will add some new alcoholic spirits and brews. It's based in Alpha 9e. Everything has gone smoothly with some minor fixes here and there.

Now I've started to implement my own art assets, and I looked at the assets for Beer extracted from the "resources" folder, available from the stickied art source thread started by Tynan. There are two images there, "Beer_a.tex" and "Beer_b.tex". In the .xml file "Items_Drugs" the graphicPath for Beer is "Things/Item/Drug/Beer", and so I figured that in order to replicate this file relation I'd need to write my items with paths like "Things/Item/Drug/Vodka", and name the image files "Vodka_a" and "Vodka_b", etc.

When I launch RimWorld having followed this logic, the main menu log throws an error stating that the "Vodka_a" and "Vodka_b" files are loaded but not used in any active mods or base resources. I understand from reading again on the Modding section of the wiki that the files need to have their full name stated (extension excluded) in the texture path, but then how can the native Beer object have an accepted path at "Things/Item/Drug/Beer"? Does it generate "Beer_a" and "Beer_b" at runtime or is there some other mechanic at work there?

Thanks for giving this a read!

PS. To clarify, the two images, "Beer_a" and "Beer_b" depict a single bottle and five bottles of beer, respectively.

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