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Ideas / Baby animals inherit tameness
August 29, 2018, 07:21:34 PM
make animals that are easy to tame or whatever pass their tameness to their babies. Pretty simple, IRL a flock of birds will raise their chicks to be used to living in domestication if you adopted their mothers
as the title says. If you want to have a doctor move rocks and help cook during certain parts of the day, but drop his horseshoes party to do fix someone if somebody gets hurt, have an option to toggle on specific pawns (or shift+toggle for all) to make priority 1 tasks override free time restrictions.
Ideas / Sequels
August 24, 2018, 04:26:06 PM
I honestly believe the groundwork being set for this game isn't exclusive to a Wilderness Survival game. The work being fleshed out would go great in other games set in the same setting but on different kinds of planets, and I think this has a great oppertunity to take the Assassin's Creed Openworld Game style of serialization where you use the hard work put in to the engine in the first game to make sequels easier and cheaper to make so you can make more and more drastic changes after the initial release

and here's the thing; you could port old saves from previous games.
So, Rimworld is a wilderness survival game where you build a compound to be self-sufficient enough to get you off the planet.

Rimworld 2; Frontierworld. A game where the survivors from the previous game make it to a low-tech world where there is a loose global military alliance confederation and no savages, where instead of Wilderness Survival it's a small bussiness simulator where you're trying to eke out a living in a planet full of other settlements that are mostly just barely riding the poverty line, where you build infrastructure to make your settlement more and more efficient and profitable, buying up other settlements and giving them the same treatment and then connecting them with infrastructure projects until you become powerful enough that you could risk going to war with nearly every settlement at once and then snow-ball to global conquest and become the ruler of the planet and now the woes of capital competition is no longer a factor as all the settlements have been unified in a way that allows them each to specialize and support eachother. The map screen is used infrequently but to switch between sites to manage or monitor your competition

Coreworld; a city management game where you found a planet, and then in Rimworld's engine play a Sim City or Tropico game but without the space constraint, where you're unfettered by the constraints of survival or small bussiness competition and build up an interplanetary empire one planet at a time. The map screen is used occasionally to jump between build sites or to respond to notifications in already-established sites or to jump back to them to build inter-connecting infrastructure between them.

Glitterworld; a war game, where the interplanetary empire you've built invades fully built-up glitterworlds. The game functions mostly on the planet-map screen, with a on-site AI robust enough to be, once set up by the player and then let go, run on its own while the player pays attention elsewhere. The game runs on FOBs to be built up, enemy emplacements the enemy has built up and needs to entrench against you and the warzones between them, and has an autonomous AI that's mostly guided in a big-picture way reminiscent of Hearts of Iron 4, where you build forts or bases, fill them with pawns, set them up standing orders and design their defenses to man and then you leave the Site back to the map to do other things or order your army from the map screen, or oversee battles directly by micromanaging pawns when they defend bases, invade enemy settlements or fight in open warzones.
Ideas / Ships!
August 24, 2018, 03:02:47 PM
we have interstellar traders, and I know that that's more of a convenience thing to give players access to items, it's been increasingly sensible for there to be whole ships that just, you know, land and become part of the levels.
They wouldn't have to be landing on the player's settlement levels, and you could get around the way they would affect the mechanics of the game as-is by having a pilot remain at the helm with a self-destruct button to -explicitly- prevent savages (such as the crash-landed players) from hijacking the ship, deadman switch and direct comms to the ship's security personel, but I think it'd be integratable.
Or at least, since it doesn't mesh well with Rimworld's survival-based gameplay loop, would probably work in a non-wilderness survival themed sequel that takes place in the non-Rim.
Ideas / Drowing
August 19, 2018, 04:52:41 PM
I was uncomfortable with the way open water in large rivers is treated as just a slower terrain to move across by the AI and the player. So! Deep water doesn't just, reduce movespeed by x but reduces the pawn's leg function by x. Pawns deep water with below 0 leg function start taking lung damage. Ocean water tiles deeper than shallow do same but also in the case of arm damage; AI with leg injuries/debilitations who are in no shape to swim, or when enemies are present who could inflict such damage, treats deep water as unpassable
Off-Topic / Spaceship shooting mechanics
May 27, 2017, 07:57:44 PM
Playing games like Starsector and Everspace, space combat games that quantify both weapon velocity and accuracy but also have hardcoded range limits on weapons​ makes me wonder: are there space combat games where range is a natural factor of projectile velocity divided by enemy maneuverability?
Mod bugs / Pawns Stop Eating
April 11, 2017, 01:36:35 PM
Every game I play my pawns stop eating after about 10 days in. I've checked the page for every mod I've got installed, attempted to correct any loading order errors I may have caused that may cause this & even uninstalled a whole lot that may be related but alas I have nothing. The annoying part of this bug is that because it takes a while for the bug to kick in it's really hard for me to pinpoint the cause myself on account of I have about 48 of the darn things installed.
So, I beseech you dearest forum to see if maybe this is a known problem before I resort to doing permutations of 48 at a rate of one try every hour or so.
List of my mods follows

EDIT: to be way clearer, the problem is that after a certain amount of time I get the notification that one of my colonists is starving, so I double check and yes, they have food, in their bedroom right next to them and if I select the pawn & right click to manually order them to eat the darn food, the option to force eat will be there but clicking on it doesn't do anything, the popup menu remains and the game doesn't respond to me clicking on that item in any way.
edit edit: I don't use nutrient paste dispensers, don't ever take prisoners

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Stories / Rimworld Hates Me
April 10, 2017, 12:18:09 PM
Settled into a mountainous map that just happened to have a valley that runs perpendicular to the coast, then at its very end cuts over to give access to the sea, giving me a perfect V shaped chokepoint to build my base into. Smoothing the valley walls to give 0 cover between entering the valley & actually reaching my buildings at the depth of the valley took very little time, so I set up my rice farm, built my fishing pier, laid down my barbed wire apertures across the entrance, built my trench just far enough from my buildings to not affect my base's beauty, then ordered every inch of dirt between my trench and the barbed wire fence across the entrance of the valley planted with tall grass to deter tree growth and slow any attackers, filled the No Man's Land with incendiary landmines, then had every inch of un-plantable rock at the base of the walls covered in barbed wire and bought an AMR and a soviet DMR.

My base was invincible, without cheesing. Nobody could even get close to us. To reach the base would require crawling over barbed wire and trudging through brush while surviving a good hour's sustained sniper fire without recourse. As winter nears we're even building a mortar fire-base into the trench-line so even a siege will be doomed to failure. Our stockpiles are full, our fields are full of the highest yield crop available to us, unharvested because we simply don't have room for all this food-- our cafeteria's freezer has already become nearly half the size of our entire base. So as we watch the last rain & settle in for the cold months, I discover as a the rain stops & a lightning bolt strikes into my freezer that every single colonist I've gotten (accepting all), save for one single (by-now crippled) starter, will not fight a fire.

I set my firefighter to go put out what he can in the foodstores so my other colonists can transfer as much as we can out, but the fire started right next to the door, so it's a close fit and there isn't much time. I send a colonist to go deconstruct a new entrance at the far side of the building, but before he can get there the colonist in the store with the firefighter gets in a social fight (apparently one of them was rude!?) and gets his ass knocked out. So I stop the door-digger, send him to drag the idiot out of the room which is quickly approaching 1,000 degrees (f or c, you ask? At that point it doesn't matter) intending to make him take his place but then he, and I kid you not, has a mental break, goes berserk, enters the 1,000 degree furnace of a food store and stabs my lone firefighter unconscious before leaving him and his helper in the blaze.

By the time my colonists have dragged the poor lone firefighter out of the blaze, stripped their homes of metal & laid down a concrete firestop to save what we can, the fire has already spread to every single thing save for my colonists' bunkhouses. The food, the fields, the stockpiles, all the ammunition & weapons & apparel, gone. The fuel & generators are all gone too. There is no medicine for the one firefighter, so he's incapacitated permanently, and as the final vestige of flame begins to burn out, deprived of fuel, and I contemplate just how doomed my colony is a final, last-minute winter-rain graces us with an hour of sprinkle and the back-up battery I kept in one of the bunkhouses to ensure my colonists never freeze to death, which has been stripped of its walls and roof to make the firestop, explodes into flames and the rain stops.

So, to all of you who ask about making Rimworld multiplayer; it already is. There is no way my game isn't linked to the internet with Tynan sitting on the other side, cackling as they doom us
Ideas / Outter-RimWorld
April 09, 2017, 05:32:02 PM
Space RimWorld! I think the game is aaalmost at enough content that it could, theoretically (not that I imagine this is even within the realm of things Tynan would do at this point) be made into a space sim without having to change many of the core mechanics
What I'm thinking: rework the temp mechanics (adding/removing heat that bleeds away/builds up constantly) into atmosphere mechanics (same deal only %100 structure walls have 0 permeability, too little loses consciousness & too much is toxic). If I were to will this fantasy-alt game into existence I'd balance the passing out so that a pawn could theoretically (though never doing so without being manually instructed or setup to do so) leave an airlock suitless & 0-g leap to another nearby airlock, or, if blown out of a structure in decompression could potentially make it back if not too far from an entrance (see also: opening of a new game)
And for a less simple mechanical change: base tiles of a map become empty space, & the terrain that is there is not fixed in place. Terrain that's consecutive at time of map-gen or attached to each other by players moves as a whole, with pawns & other actors (and other terrain that collides with it) adding momentum based on a simple weight x force & inflicting damage on structures objects or pawns struck. A section with power provided to a player-controlled thruster will automatically have its momentum adjusted to 0 by a pilot, and any section needing to be held near a player controlled structure (say, scrapping op or boarding an enemy ship) could either be welded on in an emergency or, if the player has time or preemptive intent, could have a tether constructed & used. Otherwise entropy applies: the longer and more you interact with a sector the emptier it becomes with sections drifting away, forcing a wasteful player to move on/forcing a player who's lost power long-term to drift into a new sector with new content & resources.

So, game starts thus: that ship in the background of the main menu of RimWorld breaking up over the planet? You start on the section of it breaking off. Something has struck it & sundered it into sections no bigger than one map space and you start as either three random people whose crypods ejected them upon catastrophic structure loss (or, the three who made it to a maintenance airlock (with basic equipment) after being ejected from cryosleep into vacuum drifting away from the ship anyhow) or one person who was already up when it happened & made it to an escape pod with some provisions & equipment or five people who were up & made it to an emergency (no equip) airlock with nothing but the shirts on their backs (see: current game's starts).
The section you start on is way too big to be stabilized in the opening & is drifting into a neighboring tile of map that's experiencing a map-wide catastrophic condition that will wipe the player out if they don't free themselves from the starting ship, so you have to scrap what you can to build yourself a floating can, salvage anything you can get your hands on to scrape together some semblance of life support & thrust control (even if you have to weld a charged battery bank to the piece of floor right next to a cryopod, detatch the two from the hull, have your pawn strip the starting airlock for the two airtanks it feeds from, jump into your lifeboat, point a tank in one direction & break the valve off and cryo themselves until the battery runs out & ejects them in a different tile of the map

This wall of text brought to you by: boredom at work!
Title says it all. People recovering from a panther mauling jumping out of bed to go punch a panther because having been mauled by a panther makes them unhappy is super stressful and unfair. I don't mind the berserk as a thing but it tends to force so much consequences that it almost guarantees a feedback loop.
I have an idea to fix it tho. If someone is currently resting to recover from injury or waiting to be worked on by a doctor and they have a mental break, instead of going berserk they just, get depressed and refuse to leave the bed until the break is over, even after they've been fixed.
Not sure how hard it'd be to make but I've seen other mental break mods and I think this'd be a big improvement
Ideas / New mental break: Depression
April 08, 2017, 03:23:57 PM
Idk if anyone else has had this problem but none times out of ten my game ends because somebody who receives a wound for aa good reason (defending), while in bed recovering because they are in so much pain they can't move, has a mental break, gets up and runs outside to punch a panther, getting mauled & bedridden for longer, guaranteeing that they'll go berserk again before they get out of bed to go play horseshoes, and will eventually bedridden somebody else who will go berserk & assault them, locking the two of them in an unbreakable loop until they're dead because the catharsis from one mental break isn't enough to counteract the fact that now their bed is covered in their blood from the last 5 berserks they've had since they got bedridden & I can't build a new medical ward if my whole colony is trapped in ER fight club
So, easy solution: if mental break while testing or patient'ing, they have a high chance to get "depression" mental break in which they simply won't get out of bed until they snap out of it, simply to prevent unstoppable one-or-two-person break-loops
Kind of annoying that I have to manually order 3 times to get a general worker to mine a piece of wall to completion so he'll finish it and be able to perform the higher-priority build that he needs the steel for because the pawn has something he could be cleaning on the other side of the map that he keeps stopping what I'm ordering him to do
Bugs / Doctor forbidding self; cannot be healed
July 20, 2015, 05:48:51 PM
Doctor is wounded, every time she lays down and I get the other healer to go fix her it says she cannot, that she's forbidden.
Click the wounded pawn while she's laying down and right click on the bed that she's in and one of the options that comes up is prioritize treating herself, which makes her get up and go do something else.
Dunno if this is a known bug or not but it appears she's going to die to this 1% bleeding rate cobra bite no matter what...
Alpha 11a, no mods aside from some that just add buildable objects in
Mods / [Mod Request] Mining suspension
July 20, 2015, 05:42:01 PM
Mod idea: When there are no constructions pending (that require metal), mining is suspended. That way you could prioritize building over mining, and your pawns will go off to mine when they need the steel and then stop once what they would need it for is completed
Ideas / Medical priorities
July 20, 2015, 05:15:52 PM
Colony that hasn't gotten its harvest of xerigium in yet runs out of starting medicine. Colonist A (backup doctor) gets bitten by a cobra, right before a fairly lengthy attack that keeps everyone tied up. One of the other colonists, B (main doctor) goes berzerk because of the corpses she's having to clean up and some of her (minor) injuries, beats colonist A up before getting contained. Once B has cooled off, colonist A goes dazed, stands in a field for 2 days letting her completely irrelevant cobra bite get infected. She eventually snaps out of it, goes and lays in bed and I set the doctor to go patch her up, and the doctor proceeds to stand there and fix bruises until she goes berzerk or dazed from neglecting herself, and the patient dies of infection. I reload save, make the doctor work on the patient until she's on the brink of snapping, then go and collect herself for a bit and get back to it and still the patient dies. I do this about 12 times, and can never get the patient to 60% immunity before she dies.
I get that this game fucks you and it's supposed to, but it shouldn't fuck you just by not allowing you to save a character from a inevitably fatal infection because the doctor thinks putting ice packs on bruises is more important. A pawn that's recieved fewer bruises than it takes to incapacitate them from pain shouldn't be incapable of being saved from a bite that hasn't even become infected yet by a not-incompetent, not-crippled doctor because of how many bruises they have. I feel this would be fairly easy to prevent.
You could either make the game automatically prioritise serious illnesses or injuries by the % of impairment that it's causing and whether or not it can/will get worse (for example open wound/progressive illness/infection>broken bone/bruises/chronic condition), or just give us the ability to click on a condition in the health screen and mark something that a doctor could operate on as critical and make it the first thing that the doctor would try to deal with when they go to operate on the patient.

Also, doctors working on crazy people when they're unconcious is a thing. I get that being able to restrain somebody would be something that needs to be worked on, but for now could we be able to rescue somebody who's in some way non-compliant with the player (berzerk, dazed...) and doctor them while they're unconcious if they, say, get beaten stupid or collapse from exhaustion? Cause watching somebody who's hurt lay unconcious in a field and die of something your doctor could prevent but won't because of what their mental state would be if they were awake is just frustrating.
Title says it all. Playing a challenge mode where I have 1 noble lord who handles guns, performs some minor medical work and deals with prisoners, a (sex) slave who cleans and patches people up, and a researcher, all of whom do nothing else and are worthless, prissy assholes, and one cataract-stricken blade-handed moodless cyborg who has to do everything to carry the group (I call it the Royal Family challenge).
Zombie invasion activated, as well as a couple of other minor enemies mods, and some security mods (manual ones, not the "infinite turrets ones", I mostly just wanted barbed wire and trenches), high challenge mode and randy random in a constantly raining rainforest.
Biggest challenge? Slave gets bitten by a cobra, then the Lord and the cyborg are stuck for a bit gunning down a horde of zombies. Lord goes to fix her, and she snaps because she's been in pain for a day and gets beaten up and thrown in bed. Is now covered in bruises. Lord proceeds to stand there doing I don't know what the fuck you'd even do to treat bruises one by one, but before she ever gets to dealing with the tiny cobra bite, she snaps and either goes berserk (locked in the patient room till she calms down) or dazed and stands around for a day or two.
Minor bite develops into infection. By the time the doctor snaps out of it, patient snaps and can't recieve care because she's either A) crazy for aa day or two (and dies of infection) or B) is now covered in even more bruises.
And thus is the cycle born. Doctor won't treat the FATAL infection because patient has so many bruises that trying to get her to heal her until she fucking deals with the infection has her standing there until SHE snaps and then needs medical care. And it has nothing to do with the challenge I've imposed on myself because I gave all of them mood boosting traits.

Am I the only one finding this inevitable game-breaking oversight that doctors seem to have no priority in dealing with legitimate injuries over minor bruises?