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Ideas / Picnic Cloth? Possible Mod?
October 06, 2016, 08:40:15 PM
In my current game I've got several large ore deposits a loooong way from my base. I've contemplated building a table so that the miner going out there every day doesn't suffer the "ate standing up" debuff. 

It occurred to me that a  picnic cloth might be a more elegant solution.  Either something that the miner could carry with him like equipment or that could be built by a constructor out of cloth very quickly.  Is there already a solution to this mini-problem that I've overlooked?

If not, how does my idea sound?
Rather than browsing every board on the Ludeon site I frequently use the "Show new replies to your posts." to cull the activity down to those things I'm most likely to be concerned with.

Is there anyway to cull the list further? That is eliminate some of the threads that are flagged as your having posted in them?  For example I posted in the Introduce yourself folder but I don't need to see that on my short list every time I use the "Show new replies" link.
Mod bugs / Game Crashed on Creating a new colony
August 09, 2016, 10:07:28 PM
Just started with a new colony and a new mod list. Game crashed at the world creation stage. I never saw a map. My seed was Gaia.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
Bugs / Bug(s) in setting Build Roof Region?
August 09, 2016, 12:57:01 PM
I am not able to paint in a region for building roofs that is more than 1 square into a mountain. This causes some weird conditions to pop up with what is auto designated for roofs and not.

I've had regions that I designated to NOT build a roof on get that designation changed when a miner mined through a wall as part of a long tunnel.

Withe everything else going on in-game I've not got conclusive proof that there is a bug but it sure feels like there's something wrong here.
Bugs / Hauling bug?
August 07, 2016, 12:01:56 AM
I've played the game since release 8 and it seems that a bug was introduced into the hauling logic.

Assume a craftsman is making Granite blocks.  There are two 1x1 storage areas, one a bit further off than the other. The closest one already has 73 blocks.

If the order at the crafting table is to take to the best storage area, the craftsman takes his entire output, drops off 2 at the best area and takes the rest to a less desirable storage area.

Now assume a stack of 50 blocks that arrived via drop pod. I order a hauler to haul that stack back. He makes the long trip and picks up only 2 of the blocks. The rest he leaves for another trip.
Either this is a new bug or I'm just noticing more on this play-through.
Ideas / Suggestion - Add a weapons range slider.
August 06, 2016, 06:26:18 PM
Personally, the range at which pawns open fire seems off. I know that rifles have a long range but my Hunter always seems to open fire with his survival rifle way too far away when hunting small game like squirrels. I like that he gets a lot of practice that way in the vanilla game but if playing with mods that require ammunition, this gets kinda silly fast.

Perhaps a slider would make this mechanic work better.
Bugs / Armless guy can't warden?
July 30, 2016, 12:23:37 AM
Been watching Quill18' s let's play series and he now has a guy who's lost both arms. Not surprised that he can't do many things but it seems like he should be able to warden(at least the talking to prisoners)

Apparently he can still doctor. One or the other seems like a bug.
I just finished trading with a wandering Trade Caravan from Rhine when one of their Pack Muffaloes dropped dead within my colony walls!

Don't know if I'll take any faction hit for that but it was carrying a lot of stuff that just ended up scattered around its corpse.

As I was hauling away all the goodies I'd inherited I found the cause... The wee poor beastie was hauling a supply of Enriched Uranium U235 and had no protective gear. My hauler got a bit of radiation sickness just carrying it to a safe location.
I'm loving how easy it is to find things on the long long lists of things that can be included in a storage area due to the new filter at the top. It was a royal pain several releases ago.

Now, I'd love to see a similar feature for research... Or a more typical research tree (ala Civilization V et al)
Once I've posted to a thread any new posts to that thread show up when I click on the discussion board option "Show new replies to your posts." 

Is there any way to toggle that off for a given thread? I'd like to eliminate some threads I posted on long ago but don't really care much about any more. Sometimes it's easier to only check up on some threads (like Your Cheapest Ideas & The Drunkard's Tavern) when I'm in the mood.
I have a colonist in my current game that does both research and crafting. I find myself fiddling with the work priorities a LOT because I have crafting prioritized above research.  Every time someone grabs a stack of planks he drops his research to make another batch of planks. What would be more productive and require less fiddling on my part would be for him to make planks up to quantity X but only when supply falls below Y. 

Lets say I want there to  be up to 200 planks on hand but only when the supply falls below 100 does the colonist get triggered to make more.

This seems like it would require some core logic change but it would be useful.
Can someone point me to where the save games are stored?
Is it possible to delete them via Windows File Manager?

I just started playing RimWorld again after about a year's hiatus and I created a LOT of saves as I was experimenting with things and reteaching myself things I'd forgotten. I'm about ready to start a new colony (after installing a new mod combo) In order to locate my save-game scum I created a saved game called "FindMeNow" but searching my C: drive for FindMeNow didn't turn up any hits.
Mods / [Mod Request] Naugahide (Generic Leather)
July 01, 2016, 09:59:44 AM
I've noticed that my leather storage room is getting cluttered with a lot odd leather scraps. No one type has really enough to do anything useful with. I'd like to have a means of turning these oddments into a more generic leather (perhaps with a mix of their qualities) that would be suitable for Trade garments or even for use in making furniture.

Forgive me if this is redundant. I do recall something like this a few releases ago but couldn't find a workable version when I searched for it.
Mods / [Mod Request] Herbaceous Borders
July 01, 2016, 09:55:34 AM
I've finally gotten around to beautifying my latest colony and noted that several colonists are complaining about an "ugly environment" when their bedrooms are fine and they tend to work outside a lot. 

I've started planting roses along the walkways and it strikes me as a bit bland... I've always associated well maintained areas with green border bushes. I don't necessarily want Topiary delights (although those would be nice) but can someone "bring me a shrubbery?" There are nights when I just Nee one!  :D

Forgive me if I've overlooked an existing mod that kind of has this feature. If so, a pointer would be appreciated.

I've played this for a few months now and I've felt that the order of operations is a bit off given the degree to which terrain plays a role in one's colony.

The generation of worlds creates way more possibilities than anyone will ever use but once one resolves to start a new colony one must select a landing site then the people and then the gear and only after all that can one really see what terrain one is getting.  An option to select a different landing site (once I've seen what my first choice is like) would make me happier.  Of course one CAN go back through the menus and do this but it's not as elegant as it might be.
I've built a number of colonies over the last few months and some were close to settlements while others were as far distant as I could manage. I've NOT really seen much of a difference in visitor frequency. Does proximity really affect anything?

BTW the seed "yads" generates a world not unlike a map of the mediterranean
I've played the game for a couple months now and find certain techs to be kinda useless. Perhaps it's my style of play or the way that I treat the game like a galactic sandbox but I realized that certain vanilla techs tend to get ignored a LOT.

I was curious if other folks found the same.
Mods / Hospitality mod?
April 20, 2015, 08:15:07 AM
I read a comment on you-tube suggesting that the guy use a hospitality mod that allowed you to talk to visitors and possibly recruit them.  I did a search here on "hospitality" and nothing turned up. Is there such a mod?
Mods / Most missed mods since release of A10?
April 20, 2015, 07:51:43 AM
When I switched to release A10 I went through a period of withdrawal when my favorite mods weren't available. That's been somewhat relieved with updated versions of EdBPrepareCarefully, EdBModOrder and Bulk_Meals but what mods do you find yourself missing the most?
I just had a pod crash with an unaffiliated pawn aboard. If I rescue her rather than capture her and spend time and resources healing and feeding her will she wander off or join-up? Are there probabilities? Should I just capture her at the outset?