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General Discussion / images in the forum
September 13, 2016, 09:13:44 AM
I'm trying to put images in my post on the forum but I don't know how to do this. the button insert image dosent appear to do anything. what am I doing wrong.
Mods / Mod request- Warhammer 40,000k
May 12, 2016, 09:22:42 AM
Ive been reading up on this after seeing battlefleet gothic armada on youtube and id just love to see some space marines and chaos forces as well as orks and other cool related stuff ( plsss if u do let me call in impirial reinforcements. Instant impirial guard regiment here i come) but yeah i thought itd be cool to have some adeptu astartes help me out with my rimworld survival. Pls consider
General Discussion / prison mechanics
January 29, 2016, 09:03:24 AM
i was curious. i just learned that we now have prisanors that are actively trying to escape, picking locks, stealing weapons, and generally making sure that we start to just remove prisoners legs when we get them. but i gotta ask, does anyone know of any new anti escape mechanics being implemented. door lock upgrade, prison guard designation, reinforced doors, stun turrets, non-lethal weapons. anything? because i relly dont wanna have to reort to mutilation everytime i get a prisoner. that'd be kinda annoying after a while. 
I was looking recently at the darkness mod, and it looks really cool. I find it terrifying to attacked by wargs in that dark. But i i need u to update it pls. Id love to use it but i cant till u update it. Pls do.

And also, if someone, just as a defence to this mod, could make a small spotlight mod that lets u place spotlights in order to see better. I saw ones in a turret collection but i just wanna get the one thing, not loads of stuff, and i would love to see it as more of a permanant fixture rather than a turret.

Sorry if i sound nagging, just i love to mess with this and i cant wait till this sorta this comes out, and the mods updated.
Ideas / FTL+rimworld
August 23, 2015, 10:10:12 PM
For anyone whose played FTL (faster than light) they know that it is a decent space game. I was thinking a while ago about the rimworld ship building mechanic. Imagine u could build an actual spaceship. If u had hull parts, consoles, storage containers, oxygen generators, medical compartments, thruster engines, weapon hardpoints ect. Imagine u could take ur colinists out and control your spaceship, which u built, as u explored a galaxy.

Youd could have hydroponics on board to make food, or just buy it from traders, or grow it while landed on another planet. U could explore a random gen star map and take ur colinists out anywhere. This could mean that thier story could continue on over many planets. U vould board and attack other ships and space stations, invade a mechanoid hive, attack midworld cities, subjegate tribes, and leave colonies on multiple planets, which u could come back and visit when u want.

There could be a whole ship vs ship system, where, like ftl, critical componets are key to victory, and ur ship could have an armour rating and and take damage is specific areas of the hull. You could blast out the wall of the enemys armoury, then board them, and take over thier ship while they are unable to fight back because all thier good guns are inaccsesable. Ur guys will require food and oxygen, or you could just shove them in thier cryptosleep pods and control the ship using the AI core, saving u valuable resourses. U could buy guns to mount on ur ship, or build them yourself. Enact ur own repairs or take ur ship to a professional. Land on a new rimworld, and live in ur landed ship as u scavenge for resources to upgrade it. Make ur ship stronger with better armour, from steel, to plasteel to even some sort of lightweight composite. Add more weapon hardpoints, better engines, more efficent reactors, better weapons, buy more skilled crew, better storage, better AI ect.

Now i dunno if this is even possible, and while i seriously doubt that itll ever happen, im curious what others think of this idea.
Support / Plsssss help
August 07, 2015, 11:46:06 PM
I tried making a new world today when i started up, but it wont work. Keeps coming up witn

Exception filling window for Rimworld.Page_CreateWorldParams: System.ArgumentNullException: Arguement cannot be Null.

Pls help. The mods im running are craftable medicines, EDB interface and prepare carefully, embrasures, EPOE, fasioning hyperweave and synthread, glitter tech, all ish's medieval mods, wave survival, and weapon crafting. Heeeeeeelp me
Problems with extended prostetics and organ engineering mod. I had it working perfectly not long ago, but now, if i have a new part from the mod it wont allow me to install it on a colonist. I dont know why, but the button just isent there. I also have the prpare carefully mod, and with that i can put it on my starting colonists, but i cant do it any other way. The other mods im using areedb interface, craftable medicines, zombie apocalypse. Pls help
Ideas / Cryptosleep
July 08, 2015, 09:07:02 PM
In one game, id basically lost when a bunch of mechanoids killed my best three dudes and trashed my base. We brought down the last centerpede but i only had 4 guys left by then. I was a little bored, id been playing for a few hours, and i wanted to screw round and do something new. So i took my forest map, and just trashed it with dev mode. Its now nuclear volcanic wasteland with hundreds of corpses everywhere, at a permanent negative temptiture and with an evil ship at extreme levels out front, and the map covered in snow.

I locked my surviving people in my half finished base, deep inside a mountain, inside cryptopods. And i left the game running. Unfortunetly even on max speed for two hours i didnt get too far ahead in time. What id like is to hook up an AI core to my pods, that skips me a certain amount of time foreward, to when itll wake up my people. The map realoads and stuff degrades and all in that time. I just think itll be a cool little side feture thatll only really be good for a really late game thing or for cheaty players. But i think itd be a little fun to do
Ideas / Gene mods
June 25, 2015, 08:34:17 AM
Id like to see gene modification become a thing. And not just to give my best fighter way OP stats, but i wanna take away plants resting piriods, make them produce more, and be harder to kill. This sorta thing could work in groups, like affects individual fields. Say ive got a field of potato plants. I then introduce the modified genes. It works like an infection. It spreads through the plants, many of which will die. If enough live however, the trait can then be passed on to the next generations of crops. If not enough survive then the generation will die off and you wont get the bonus's. This rish would increase the more different gene traits ur implamting at once, and the strength of the genes. The better the bonus, the higher the failure chance. This means u could either gain considerable food bonus's, or lose the entire harvest. Its risky, but very good. If it works. But then modding ur colonists is a whole other ball park. Besides the incredably difficult technology needed to build a lab workstation to produce the gene mods, a human has a lot more stats influencing it survival chances. Their physical health, their traits. And then the different abilities to give them. U could increase physical health or nental apptitude. This means u can upgrade something like thier eyes to see better, or thier skin to be tougher. But then if it fails u could lose the person, or they become a vegtable. Or maybe they have (an insanly rare) chance of having the mods take hold too well, the person goes nuts with super strength, super speed, and a resistance to melee weapons and bullets. This balences the huge rewards for the possible chatastrophic losses. On one hand u could gain a handful on supersoldiers, on the ither, u could lose ur best people, or they could tear ur base apart. But these mods wpuld give u a greater oppertunity to face enemy raids head on, because ur guys are tough enough to take it, or to just make them slightly faster, better skilled, to fix bad backs, aid old age. Let them haul more. The possibilitys are endless.
Ideas / Roofing
May 29, 2015, 12:19:06 PM
Id like multiple types of roofs. One normal and the other armoured. Because curremtly when i build a moutain base and i get sieged its fine, they cant do anything, but when i build an open base they blast my base to bits and kill tons of my guys in thier sleep. Id like a roof that could take 2-3 hits, just to balence out the risks, and you make this roof cost metal while the other dosent
Ideas / Multiplayer ideas?
May 24, 2015, 02:51:04 AM
I was thinking of a few ideas for a rimworld multiplayer. I was thinking that a rimworld multiplayer would be something like normal rimworld. The server would generate a a world and some AI enimes same as normal. But then you could have multiple people on the same map, comunicating through the coms console. Then these players could form teams or alliences. These guys could then (assumeing an attacking system has been implemented) co-ordinate attacks on other teams, either doing so individually or in huge whole teams raids where each player gives a few (or many, up to u) troops to the teams army, and they control thier own troops in the attack, but theres one guy who is elected as war leader and co-ordinates and directs the army as whole. You could also have a war tresury where each player donates some silver or resources and the war leader puts it too use, either buying gear, feeding/ equiping the troops, or hireing external help. Such as raiders in a siege have stuff constantly dropped down to them, you can hire the traders to supply ur army during its attack and seige. Combat suppliers drop weapons, shells and medicine. Slave traders could send you lots of weak and badly equipped slave which you could throw at the enemy like cannon fodder, using them to soften them up before the real attack. Others could drop stuff for food, buildings, mortars, turrets ect. You could also send this army to help a fellow teammate being sieged by the enemy army. You dont have to be part of an army, but it gives u a portion of the loot, delived to ur base automatically. And it also gives you gear from ur team and maybe captives as well. Id like to hear others ideas about multiplayer though, and weather mine are any good
Ideas / Attacking
May 04, 2015, 07:23:49 AM
I dunno if anyones ever felt this way, but while playing a game of rimworld theres a point when ur guys get so op amd ur base gets so tough, that it gets almost boring. I mean i love the game, its amazing. But after long enough its just the same thing over and over again. I would really love it though if i could go to a pirate base or a settlers base and really get them back fir all those attacks. Raid back for once. Itd only be for later in the game cause youd have to be pretty tough to go up against pirates and trives on thier home turf, but itd just add a whole new aspect to the game, something to go towards, because i would love the chance to wipe a few pirates out, and while its all about defense, id really like to get the chance to attack for once
Ideas / MMO, huge open worl ect
May 02, 2015, 11:55:29 AM
Hey ludeon/ everyone else. I was thinking about rimworld at one point and i thought, the game ends with building a spaceship and flying off right. Well, what if it didnt. What if u built ur own spaceship, crewed it with the people u get off ur starting planet, and fly it round the galaxy, visiting glitterworlds and modern worlds and of course other rimworlds, fighting pirates off ur ship, trying to keep everyone fed, the ship full of oxygen, and ur enemies from blasting u out of the cosmos. U can go to astroid belts and send your guys out to mine them, and go to planets to trade, steal, raid or just to relax for a bit. And i mean i love rimworld, its an amazing game. Just now my heads full of all the posabilitys that this game has. Just imagine doing this huge open galaxy, then dumping mulitiple players in it, to work together. To compete for the best gear, or just to kick the crap out of each other. It would be amazing. Tell us what u all think cause i just love the idea.