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Bugs / Changing entrysong leads to CTD
« on: March 17, 2017, 03:34:10 PM »
If change in songdefs entrysong clipPath to another, from mod, would work fine, until switching language to another, lead to crash to desctop with:
Code: [Select]
Trying to call FMOD_RESULT __stdcall AudioClip::ScriptPCMReadCallback(struct FMOD_SOUND *,void *,unsigned int) on non-legacy AudioClip!

Outdated / [A17] Old style research menu
« on: December 25, 2016, 06:05:04 AM »
Many of you would love to return to the old style research menu (before A16).
Your dreams fulfilled, this mini-mod make research menu great again  :D


Support / [a16] Can't get projectile through damageInfo
« on: December 16, 2016, 05:17:15 AM »
Hello all. While updating Combat Realism encountered with the problem that can't get dinfo.WeaponGear.projectile
It works on a15 and earlier.
Meanwhile dinfo.WeaponGear works fine and show weapon thingdef. But if add projectile goes to null.

CR using this redefinition to get instigator weapon ammoPenetration to calculate armor penetration:
Code: [Select]
ProjectilePropertiesCR projectileProps = dinfo.WeaponGear.projectile as ProjectilePropertiesCR;

I am trying to find the cause for a long time, to no avail. I suppose its Rimworld error. Need help.

Outdated / [A16] Combat Realism [closed]
« on: November 11, 2016, 03:20:29 PM »
Combat Realism:

This mod is an extensive overhaul of the game's combat to make it both more realistic and more tactical and engaging.


All weapons have been rebalanced:
  • All weapons have ranges corresponding to their real life effective range. This means sniper rifles and heavy machine guns can easily cover half the map provided they have line of sight.
  • All weapons do damage in accordance with their calibers. No longer does putting a scope on your weapon make your bullets fly 5 times harder. Bullet speed is 1/5 of real world muzzle velocity.
  • Rate of fire is based on real world values.
  • Cooldown times are based on a weapons action type. Automatic weapons have very low cooldown, while pump- and bolt-action take significantly longer. For sniper rifles it is also based on type: .50cal anti-materiel rifles cannot be fired from the shoulder and need time to set up and tear down.
  • Weapons inflict penalties based on their loaded weight: -0.1c/s movespeed and -2% workspeed per kg.
  • Market values have been rebalanced in accordance with weapons' new power.
  • Shotguns fire 8 low damage pellets instead of a single projectile with damage depending on how many hit.
  • Many explosives now use a new fragmentation effect, scattering lethal shell fragments over large distances.
  • And more...
The health system has been rebalanced:
  • Generally, limbs are tougher while organs are squishier and bleed much more. A rifle shot to an unprotected heart is lethal, but it does not send an arm flying. Only repeated hits or a high power round (.50cal, Lasgun, etc.) can destroy limbs.
  • Internal body parts are significantly more likely to be hit. The human body is chock-full of vital organs and you are much more likely to hit one of them rather than this generic "torso" area that 80% of vanilla bullets would hit.
  • Battle wounds cause more pain, more bleeding and more penalties overall.
  • Walls and rocks are nearly impervious to bullets while explosives deal increased damage.
The aiming system has been redone:
  • Pawns have two stats, one for aiming and one for shooting
  • Pawns have to lead and estimate range on a target
  • Guns have inherent shot spread and dynamic recoil
  • Bullet height is tracked to determine collision. If a squirrel is behind a wall of sandbags you can't hit it
  • Collision is now dependent on how close the bullet actually passes to the target instead of pure RNG
  • And more...

New inventory and ammo system:
  • Pawns can carry various sidearms and items in their inventory
  • Carrying items confers penalties based on weight and bulk of carried items
  • Inventory space is limited
  • Weapons have magazines and need to be reloaded
  • Reloading consumes ammo
  • Different ammo types give different effects
  • Ammo can be looted from raiders, bought or crafted

Armor system has been redone:
  • Projectiles have armor penetration now
  • Deflection chances and damage depend on the relation of armor penetration to armor reduction
  • If penetration is too low damage won't go through the armor
  • Shots absorbed by armor might still cause bruises
  • And more...

New suppression mechanic:
  • Pawns have a suppression threshold dependent on their mental break threshold and current mood
  • Bullets flying past pawns will add to their suppression meter depending on the bullet's base damage and chances to penetrate the pawns armor
  • Once the threshold is reached pawns will run for the nearest cover
  • If suppression keeps building past the threshold a pawn will eventually hunker down
  • Hunkered pawns gain a lower profile, becoming impossible to hit through most hard cover but they also can't move or shoot

Important note: As many people have been asking about this, improvised turrets have been changed. Instead of being built they are made at the machining table and placed as minified furniture.

(Already included) Combat Realism Defence:

This is an addon introducing various defensive structures:

  • Barbed wire: Slow the enemy, cheap to build and lets gunfire through without providing cover.
  • Embrasures: Walls that let you shoot through them.
  • M240: Medium manned machine-gun turret, excellent for decimating enemy forces as they approach your colony.
  • Cannon Turret: A manned cannon emplacement. Fires HEAT shells that are effective against enemy armor and clustered infantry alike
  • AGS-30: Light-weight automatic grenade launcher, punches through even the heaviest cover.
  • Heavy Turret: Heavy automatic gun emplacement with a high caliber gun and improved health.
  • Charge Blaster Turret: Rapid-firing advanced auto turret with high rate of fire and range.
  • KPV: Heavy machine gun firing large caliber rounds, good for suppressive fire and taking out heavily armored targets.

The embrasures and barbed wire can be built while the new turrets have to be bought from combat suppliers.


Note that as far as I'm concerned taking donations falls under "commercial use" and you do not have permission to use my work if you plan on collecting donations.


Mods that modify vanilla weapons, walls, bodies or body parts (human and mechanoid, animals are fine), rock walls or rock chunks are inherently incompatible, meaning whichever mod is last in your load order will overwrite the changes of the other. Mods that add new guns, body parts, etc. are not incompatible but will likely be unbalanced in the context of this mod.

Known issues:
  • Sometimes enemies don't properly attack pawns behind embrasures.
  • When hunting, pawns will close to point-blank range for an execution but will be unable to hit particularly large animals like rhinos.

  • NoImageAvailable - mod author
  • Killface - coding, updating
  • Alistaire - coding, misc art
  • fluffy - coding, misc art
  • Latta - coding, Korean translation
  • Spoonshortage - translation
  • A friend - art
  • stinkycat752 - art
  • Shinzy - art
  • DaemonDeathAngel - consultant on the topic of pain caused by bullet wounds and knife attacks.


  • Combat is very lethal as most weapons have the potential to oneshot a pawn. Wear body armor to eliminate this risk as only a few weapons are capable of destroying organs through an armor vest.
  • Weapons are generally best at their individual range brackets. Shotguns, SMG's and sub-carbines rule close range combat, assault rifles dominate the fields and sniper rifles can take out enemies from far away. MGs also have a lot of range and firepower, however they are highly inaccurate and are therefore best used against clusters of enemies.
  • Make sure to build up your defenses in time. You don't need killboxes but a well placed heavy machine gun can make a group of tribals turn tail before they even reach the colony.
  • Stick to cover and watch your flanks. Pawns in the open are very vulnerable. Make sure you bring appropriate weaponry for the battlefield, charging through rifle fire to get into shotgun range is a good way to get killed.
  • Use rapid fire on automatic weapons to suppress high value targets. Suppression prevents the use of aimed shot and can make pawns hunker down. Putting a lot of MG fire on a pawn with a rocket launcher might make the difference between him whiffing or blowing up your pillbox.
  • Make intelligent use of aim modes. Use aimed shot to hit far-away targets and snapshot to get the first strike in close quarters. Use single and burst fire to take out single targets and auto fire to suppress or break up clustered enemies.
  • Choose the right ammo for the enemy you are facing. Hollow-points shred unarmored opponents but are easily deflected while armor-piercing rounds excel against body armor and Mechanoids.
  • Mortar shells are lethal but their fragments can be stopped by sandbags and other obstructions. Take cover to increase your chance of survival.
  • If you're having trouble with Centipedes, try crafting EMP weapons. Wait until they are in range of your defenders, then hit them with the EMP, it will stun them and do a fair bit of electrical damage. To take them down you will need weapons with high armor penetration or explosives so plan your loadouts accordingly.

Current release available from GitHub here

  • No CCL required
  • Download and install the CR Core using standard installation procedure
  • Disable Achtung mod if exist (already included)
  • Place Combat Realism Core below Core in your load order

Outdated / [A12d] [AI] Enviro SK v.0.7b Hunger (02/11/15)
« on: September 20, 2015, 09:51:52 PM »

Enviro SK
Rimworld AI enhancement

It's a small modification that expands intelligence for animals. Now the animals are divided into carnivores and herbivores for real!

Key features in v.0.2
  • Carnivores felt hungry can go to hunt other animals.
  • Animal chooses target by multiple criteria, starting with the distance.
  • Hunter select target based on the size and strength his victim.
  • Hunter butchering corpse for some meat..
  • Some animals, can't attack other animals, because of their physical capabilities and eats after hunter.
  • The animal will not hunt if it is not needed... but...
  • There are some types of animals  that like to kill.
  • Tame animals don't attack their owners.
  • Animals won't attack own race.
  • When the tame animal gorged on, is returned back.
  • If there is no food, and the animal is very hungry, it may decide to take a bigger goal...
  • Or leave a map... like in vanilla.

Additional features in v.0.3: Wild hunt
  • hungry wild animal will now consider the colonists as food.
  • tamed animal can attack wild animal with own race.
  • wild animals can support his pack!

Additional features in v.0.4: Back to back
  • Wild pack animals can defend own animals.
  • Animals trying be together and find his relatives.
  • Agressive herbivores can defend together.
  • After butchering will appear gutted corpse (not meat). Only animals can eat it...
  • Animal full rebalanced, based the food chain.

Additional features in v.0.5: The Shawshank Redemption
  • Intelligent animals could funtime. (thanks to Fluffy).
  • If the animal is locked and very hungry it tries to break out (thanks to Fluffy).

Additional features in v.0.6: Wild nature.
  • Added new animal AI:  Herbivore harmless.
  • Apparel drop from pawn, after eating animals, but heavily damaged. (thanks for isistoy).

Additional features in v.0.7: Hunger
  • Tamed animals will not be consider friendly or neutral guests as potential food. But as soon as the visitor became aggressive - hungry tamed animal will break him to pieces.
  • When any wild hungry animal select player's unit as target, will come a message about it.
  • Fixed red errors.
  • Few rebalance distance for search targets and herds.

Updated to 0.7b
1. Disabled bash function for animals, that caused big freezes.
2. isGuest check fix. Tamed animals tried to check own faction for goodwill.


  Inspired by Pidgett
  Contributions from the entire K9 team.
  Special credits to mrofa, abrexus, ramsis, isistoy, igabod and fluffy :)
  Realised by Skyarkhangel.

Download v.0.7b Vanilla version.

Outdated / [A12] Skynet SK v.1 (29.08.15)
« on: August 28, 2015, 09:39:28 PM »

Adds a new mechanoid-type faction to the game. Skynet concluded that all of humanity would attempt to destroy it and impede its capability in safeguarding the world. Skynet's manifestation is that of an overarching, global, artificial intelligence hierarchy, which seeks to exterminate the human race in order to fulfill the mandates of its original coding.

For this solution, Skynet has these machines:

  • The Terminator (type T-800) is an infiltration unit, part man - part machine. Underneath it's a hyperalloy combat chassis, microprocessor-controlled, fully armored, very tough. But outside it's living human tissue. Flesh, skin, hair, blood, grown for the cyborgs. The endoskeleton is actuated by a powerful network of hydraulic servomechanisms, making Terminators superhumanly strong.
  • The Terminatrix (type T-X) is designed to not only terminate humans but also rogue Terminators reprogrammed by the Resistance, an "anti-terminator terminator". It is a composite of the T-800, a solid endoskeleton covered with a liquid metal "mimetic polyalloy", allowing it to take the shape of any humanoid it touches. Because it is only coated in this material, it is possible to remove it from the endoskeleton using immensely strong magnetic force, such as that from a cyclic particle accelerator.

Personally restricted for Ninefinger with Ultimate Overhaul Modpack using any content made by skyarkhangel.



v.1  mod, SpecialForces + resurrected "ColonialMarines" includes:

- Marine Personal Armor
- Marine Ballistic helmet
- Marine T-shirt with "marines" across the chest for all body types.
- Marine Jumpsuits for all body types.
- Marine M41A Sturm Rifle
- Marine M249 hand MachineGun 
- Desert Eagle .45 ACP (Marines favorite toy)
All marine apparel craftable.

v.2  mod, SpecialForces + resurrected "ColonialMarines" includes:
- SpecialForces ghillie overalls
- SpecialForces ghillie hood
- Marine vestplate
- Marine military pants
- SpecialForces tactical mask (balaklava)
- Marine sturm mask
- Thread cutter (also known as VSS Vintorez)
+ Unique weapon shot sounds
+ Added Russian language support

Also.. using Aparello opportunities by Shinzy. I made some new fantastic things.. like balaklava  8)

Special thanks to Shinzy  ::)

Personally restricted for Ninefinger with Ultimate Overhaul Modpack using any content made by skyarkhangel.

Outdated / [A11b] Pleasure_SK v1.3 (14/06/2015)
« on: May 24, 2015, 10:16:11 PM »

A11b update

This mod, the hard modified combination of the three mods:
Weed: by blaze7736
Finer Things: by DeaconBlues
+ SK texture pack.

For vanilla version. Its desirable to disable mods to avoild conflict: Weed, Finer Things.

The intergalactic drug dealers wants  to settle near you! Needs to start new world!

Simply un-rar the file into the mods folder.

Have fun!

Credits: blaze7736, DeaconBlues

A11b v. 1.3
A10f v. 1.1

Help / uranium... radioactive attribute?
« on: May 16, 2015, 11:59:18 PM »
Does anyone have ideas how to make radioactive attribute to the uranium... ?

Releases / [1.0] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise
« on: May 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM »

At first would like to thank the creator of the game and all modders whose mods i used.

The idea to create this project, appeared after using other modpacks, in which I didn't like a game balance. Some of its mods greatly simplify the gameplay, making it soon not interesting.
The main idea of the Rimworld to overcome difficulties that you'll encounter when landing on the planet... The more problems you will have, the more interesting it will be your story... You have a goal, a heavy goal - to survive. It make Rimworld worth replaying again and again...

Main focus based on the growing complexity of the gameplay. Trying to achieve greater..Maximally immerse the player into gameplay and stay there for a long time. More than 100 research are waiting. When you start playing, you immediately understand everything... Campfire welcomes you.

Join us! Our discord channel:

Hardcore SK  can be loaded with only 4 activated mods after CORE (minimal comfortable start), in the following order:
Core, Hugslib, AlienRaces, Combat Extended, Core_SK, ResearchPal

All other mods may be removed, but some of them require other, like Misc. mods require Misc. core.
It makes easy to update project and improved opportunities for players to switch off available mods.

User guide for correct install.
1. Delete or transfer to another place all mods in Rimworld mods folder, except main "Core".
2. Go to: 
For Windows users:
C:\Users\your user name\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config
windows button + R -> the Run dialog will appear
type %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow -> this will open the appdata folder
For Linux users:
/home/your user name/.config/unity3d/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/Config
For Mac users:
/Users/your user name/Library/Application Support/RimWorld/Config
Delete all the files that exist in that folder.
And copy new "ModsConfig.xml", which at the root of the archive modpack.
3. Copy other mods into Rimworld Mods directory.
4. Check mods in the game. Play!

Our team:
Co-ordinator - Rhyssia
Artists - Abhay, Qwe, EtherDreamer, Arai, Owlchemist
Coders - NotFood, FelGoblin
XMLs modders - Sidfu, Owlchemist, Freijie
Guide Writers - Murdantiks, Adenia, Soyaman
Translators - Rey, Ivanzyfer, FaHT1k, mora145, totobrother

Special Thanks to:
SpoonShortage, Mrofa, Fluffy, Zhentar, Brrainz, Dubwise, Erdelf, Fotos, Greeny, Hunt3rKill3r, Lambert2191, Vursteen, Tuvia, Dunkhan, jnkyacc,  Jalordon, Varmonger, funs777, olizit, Quelling, pongvin, zachary-foster, funs777, lex1975, evgeny-k, Moon.
And to anyone else we might have missed!

If you would like to show your support for the original work and content provided by the SK Project Team you can find our Patreon at the following LINK. We would like to stress that this Patreon is only for our efforts and contributions and is no way affiliated with the Mods or Mod Authors used in our pack. We thank you for your consideration in supporting our work.

Any use of the code or textures in this pack requires the permission of the respective mod creators. Project contains SK team works, before using any of submitted сontent, please request and I'll tell you the author of the mod or any other content.

With best regards,

Download latest version on Github!
Here you can find always the latest version. Currently: 7.0, Code name: Sunrise for 1.0.

Download all versions from Nexusmods

Previous versions:

Hardcore SK A17 v.6: Endevour Final Release (21.12.17)

Hardcore SK A16 v.5.1: Jewel Final Release (07.06.17)

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