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Ok, so here is the deal:

I released Modular Table mod on Steam (as Itchyflea asked me to take care of his mods). Got some reports and I suspect bad mods interaction. Indeed one of the modded item defName is just "StoolLinkable" so maybe another mod has something called the same.

Now after some tests, I find out that if I bluntly rename my defName and updates the mod on Steam I will make all already-placed modded building to vanished with an error message. As the mod already has nearly 5k user I'm reluctant to break things like that just for renaming a defName.

So I need help on how I could deal with that if anyone has ideas or already dealt with something similar. I only know XML modding, BTW

At first, I thought about introducing a renamed variant alongside the old one and keep it until I remove it in several months later, hoping by then everybody has built new renamed ones but I'm not sure it's the smartest things to do.

Thank you all in advance

Bugs / Exotic traders seems to not sell AICore at all
« on: November 15, 2017, 03:04:12 PM »
Collectively spotted this one on Reddit, here.

For science, I just used replace all trade ships to call in 26 exotic goods traders and none had one plus called in exotic traders from outlands and came up empty (no mods). This falls in line with my previous experiences: in my last run to go to space I was calling in exotic goods traders to buy gold basically every time it was available and over 237 days of of play I never saw an AI core on an exotic goods trader. Obviously not trying to questioning you, but there really might be some sort of bug with that in A18 or the odds of seeing one are really low.

Bugs / 0.18.1712 - slight error in gazelle ThingDef code
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:53:20 PM »
in Core/Defs/ThingDefs_Races/Races_Animal_Arid.xml starting line 158

Code: [Select]
        <label>right hoof</label>

should be <linkedBodyPartsGroup>FrontRightLeg</linkedBodyPartsGroup>, right?

Haven't seen any incidence while in game, just stumble upon it while exploring code

Currently if another modder adds me as an author; it seems I can't updates the mod (even with the right "publishid" file in "About" folder). Right?

Or am I doing it wrong? Anyone have a tip please?

I'm pretty new on this sh... :-X $team Work$hop  ::)

Vanilla Animals Overhaul

First release - aka Konrad Lorenz edition - :

- All bears, Alpacas, Ostrich, Rhinoceros, Cow, Elk, Caribou, Warg and Elephants can now be used as pack animals and will be used by other factions. - I only used animal with bodysize > 1

- modified workgivers so animals will now follow their master for way more activities when sets to follow master for fieldworks - DoctorRescue, ReleasePrisoner, Slaughter/Milk/Shear/Train, Harvest/Cut, Strip/Bury/Haul Corpses and CleanClearSnow

On this picture you can see that Panache (the dog) is escorting his master while he harvests plant

- Lots of animals are now set to be herd animals. Meaning they should behave more as a group, especially when you will hunt them  ::)

- Cats and big Cats are now trainable (up to advanced like dogs) but are harder to train than most other pets (wildness raised from 0.2 to 0.5 for the pet).

- All Bears, Foxes and Big Cats have now a "maxPreyBodySize" attribute up to their relative own body size attribute.

- All dogs are now set to be predator (but only for the smallest animals)

2nd release - aka Charles Darwin edition - :

- Cassowaries, Emus, Iguanas, Ostriches, Tortoises, and Turkey can now lay unfertilized eggs

- Monkeys and domestic Cats had their body-size upped in order for them to be eligible for haul training (from 0.35 to 0.40 for monkeys and from 0.26 to 0.4 for cats)

- Elephants can now eat trees and the female elephant will also drop tusks

- Caribous, Deers, Elks, Gazelles, Ibexes, and Rhinos will now drop horns/antlers/tusks when butchered. They are considered quite valuable for reselling and can be used as makeshift melee weapon

- Alpacas, Deers, and Ibexes can now be milked. Ibexes produce poor-quality wool now

- Thrumbos can now be sheared (every 50 days) for their high-quality wool


- afriend for the non-vanilla bag/pack texture
- Oblitus for fixing "pack animals" to be buyable
- Coercion for all horns/antlers textures
- Spacedorf for testing save compatibility - "Seems to work ... / backup is for pussies anyway ..."

Releases / [1.0] TropiCKAPP Rainforest Mod
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:16:02 PM »

This mod alter both tropical biomes : it add a significant amount of new animals and plants to the game and increase fauna and flora diversity.
* Prisoner Tynan and Modder Colonists not included


The new tropical biomes are challenging biomes with deadly diseases, strong animals, intense rainstorms and a thick jungle canopy that makes movement and expansion a challenge.

Added Animals :

Jaguar, Panda Bear, Tiger, White Tiger, Tapir, Junglefowl, Peafowl, Okapi, Snow Leopard, Arctic Hare

Added Plants :

Ferns, Palm Tree, Mahogany Tree, Strangler Fig, Bromeliad, Wild Rice, Bamboo, Taro, Stump Tree, Banana, Lemongrass, Coconut Palm, DreamVine, Heliconia, Jitter-Weed, Wild Smokeleaf, Wild Psychoid, Wild Cotton, Rafflesia, Hive in a tree

Added Consumables :

Taro Root, Coconuts, Bananas, Jitter Berries (drug), Lemongrass, Dream Root (drug and can be used to craft Neutroamine), Honeycomb

Some tips for surviving in tropical environment:
  • Clear out plants for pathing. The dense jungle will considerably slow down pawns.
  • Wood is abundant, but trees take a long time to chop down. Prioritize time and resources and focus on smaller trees and plants when clearing large areas.
  • Foraging is a viable food option. Look out for rice, bananas, coconuts and lemongrass.
  • While rare, jitter berries, smokeleaf, psycoid, healroot and cotton can also be foraged.
  • The rain forest provides a lot of cover. Clear out areas to hit enemies, or use the cover to your advantage.
  • Some animals in the rain forest do a lot of damage and are very fast. Choose fights wisely and try to avoid being ambushed.
  • The rain forest rains a lot, so consider this when deciding on power and building options.
  • Remove rafflesias from your area as these drastically reduce beauty.
  • You can stop plant movement sway in the vanilla options menu.

All new arts were done by Coercion

Unfinished / WIP[A17] Superior Crafting Revived
« on: November 05, 2016, 05:17:03 AM »
I will make a proper "beta" release here for putting you into contributions for feedbacks ;P , but I wanted to let you know that I was working on updating Superior Crafting by Abrexus to A15. No ETA for now it's a side side side side side project I'm working on, for several weeks, at a very low pace.

I had to cut down all .DLL related functions and it will surely be safer to rewrite the whole thing from scratch (in fact I may end up doing that) but here is a link to the github repo where I work on this :

This is the first "startable" version (without a shit load of red errors at starts) I managed. Now I need to slowly test and change/tweak cost and/or techlevel requirement and things like that. (I started with a A11 version of the mod)

Now I started this thread more to start to gather ideas/advices and such, rather than enforcing someone to test this in it's current state.

 I was thinking/remembering that this mod was at the core of most mod packs I saw in the past and was wanting to bring this gem back to the community.

I’ve made up my mind : I will take the last Abrexus’ version and slowly convert all of it in a new rewritten-from-scratch mod, using all CCL features in order to retain maximum compatibility.
I want it to become a “Core Crafting Mod” as a framework for other mods to “plug into”

And like Abrexus was saying :

Help / [Data]Modder's Spreadsheets - All Apparels & Weapons data tables in
« on: September 02, 2016, 12:10:15 AM »

Hello fellow modders,

while working on past and future mods what I find the most difficult to do is balancing objects/weapons/buildings/etc... I find it hard and at the same time I feel like it's very important...

So in order to try to achieve vanilla-like balancing I happen to made some spreadsheets with extracted data from the XML files of the game (I already shared a animal spreadsheet a bit around not so long ago). It was rough and not so friendly for the eyes... But because i'm a nice guy  8) I polished them a bit in order to share them with you.

Apparel Data preview

Hats & Shield Data preview

Guns Data preview

View it in html

Google Spreadsheets Version
(with option for download as .xlsx or .csv formats)

Other data source you should look at :
- RimWorld XML Auto-Documentation by milon -
- XML Documentation Database by Dingo -

Suggestions, critics and such are greatly encouraged please  :P

I'm actually working, with several peoples out there, on a mod that will introduce some new factions and like I said I want them well balanced (at least the best I can achieve to) so weapons data spreadsheet will follow shortly. In fact in the end I hope to be able to create a framework/template for helping modders to implement factions, in tandem with Cpt Ohu's "Humanoid Alien Races" Framework.
;D So stay tuned ;D


    Just a thread where I will regroup my smaller mods in order to not flood the forum all over. Just pure XML tiny mods *. (no CCL, no C# for better interoperability and quick update between alphas  ;) )

    * unless otherwise stated

    Craftable Molotov Cocktails

    Just craftable molotov Cocktails, nothing less, nothing more.
    They cost 50 chemfuel units, 50 Cloth units and 50 Beer to produce (at the Crafting Spot or Refinery)
    Crafting them requires the research project "Refining" to be finished. And a minimum crafting skills of 3.


    Corrected Workgivers

    - Re-introduce the old "Repair" work type, so now Construction and Repair are two different skills in the work-planner.

    - Moves harvesting work type into the plant cutting category so you can now prioritize harvesting over sowing. As a counterbalance, trees can "harvest fail".

    - Also contain a XML patches that makes "Stone Cutting" depending on the "Construction skill". Because "Stone Cutting" is giving XP in this skill.

    > Be cautious to plan your work priorities accordingly.             
    > Note that now harvesting wood on tree can fail.                           
    > I highly recommend mixing it with XeoNovaDan's "Plant cutting is for growers" which shows the relevant skills. - Mehni


    Thanks to XeoNovaDan, it was while reading the code of "Plant Cutting is for Growers!" that I thought about that.

    Thanks to (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Mehni who provide the code for the planting/harvesting tweak

    More MiniMods :


    Unfinished / Yet another Starwars or WH40K mod - help me choose please
    « on: August 26, 2016, 11:50:44 PM »
    So I'm willing to make a mod with a bigger scope than things I have already done. I was thinking of adding new factions, items (weapons and table/recipes maybe), races, etc - anything that can be done with pure XML

    I think i know enough of xml modding to do something like that. The challenge drives me in but the real problem I have is I can't produce art by myself. That's why I spend the last few days lurking on the outdated mods section + some of the older mod posts I found...

    And the thing is there is quite some assets left from old mods for Warhammer 40K and/or Starwars mod but idk if there are already/still some mods like that

    So far I found armor and weapons for those two themes. If I were to start something like that I will want to work open sourcely on Github for any one to be able to contribute (hell I will be happy to work on/maintain a community-made mod).

    I also have in mind to try to make a template for creating factions more easily. I want more diversity in my rim world factions choice. (Fallout, Terminator, Cavemen, ... you will help me add more after the framework is ready)

    Any advices/recommendations/requests/art donations will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Warhammer40K weapons mod just updated to A14

    Thread locked, all users interested in mod go here please:

    Adds basic animal surgeries and bionics to Rimworld

    This mod is fully compatible with Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

    Following parts are added to the game:
    • animal brain stimulator. Fits all animals.
    • bionic animal eyes. Fits all animals.
    • bionic animal heart. Fits all animals.
    • bionic animal lung. Fits all animals.
    • bionic animal liver. Fits all animals.
    • bionic animal stomach. Fits all animals.
    • bionic animal kidney. Fits all animals.
    • simple/bionic animal ears. Fits all animals.
    • simple/bionic animal jaw. Fits all animals.
    • simple/bionic animal spine. Fits all animals.
    • simple prosthetic/bionic animal arms. Fits monkey and megatherium.
    • peglegs. Can be crafted with 1 wood. Fits all animals. Least efficiency.
    • simple prosthetic/bionic animal legs. Fits all animals.

    All parts can be obtained from traders, except peglegs.

    All parts can be crafted at the included Animal prosthetics table. Crafting requires a skill of 5-12, depending on part.

    Simple parts are slightly lower in efficiency than natural parts. Bionic parts are higher.

    Simple/ bionic legs, arms and jaws do melee damage now, depending on type.

    All parts need medicine skill and 1 medicine to be installed. Please check medicine restrictions in you animal's health tab. Simple parts need a skill from 4-6, bionic parts need a skill form 8-10 to be installed.

    Make sure to delete your old mod folder before any update.

    Also added to github release:

    Lite version (adds only limbs) // NoCrafting Version (no crafting at machining table)





    Prior Versions


    Mod Team:

    Updated, overhauled and expanded from Latta's A13 Version

    Hi all , I don't know if this kind of thing may appeal to all, but i guess some will like this kind of data. Sorry it's a reddit link but all is wrote there.

    In fact I will try to put it there
    Code: [Select]
    public class RoomStatWorker_Impressiveness : RoomStatWorker
            // Methods
            private float GetFactor (float baseFactor)
                if (Mathf.Abs (baseFactor) < 1f) {
                    return baseFactor;
                if (baseFactor > 0f) {
                    return 1f + Mathf.Log (baseFactor);
                return -1f - Mathf.Log (-baseFactor);

            public override float GetScore (Room room)
                float factor = this.GetFactor (room.GetStat (RoomStatDefOf.Wealth) / 3500f);
                float factor2 = this.GetFactor (room.GetStat (RoomStatDefOf.Beauty) / 6f);
                float factor3 = this.GetFactor (room.GetStat (RoomStatDefOf.Space) / 125f);
                float factor4 = this.GetFactor (1f + room.GetStat (RoomStatDefOf.Cleanliness) / 2.5f);
                float num = Mathf.Min (factor, Mathf.Min (factor2, Mathf.Min (factor3, factor4)));
                float num2 = (factor + factor2 + factor3 + factor4) / 4f;
                num2 = (num2 + num) / 2f;
                return num2 * 100f;

    So if I understood it right :

    You start from this :
    • [(Wealth/3500) + (Beauty/6) + (Space/125)  +(1+(cleanliness/2.5))] /4 and you keep the value for later.
    • You choose the smallest of the 4 values in parentheses (It's what Mathf.Min means) and keep it too
    • You add those two together and divide by 2 ( it's this bitnum2 = (num2 + num) / 2f)
    • You do a x100 and should have the impressiveness value


    I find roughly 33.75 which correspond to mediocre.

    Confirmed IG by Mehni

    I also  have the Chance of Surgery success computation method but is it the kind of information that you all consider useful? If not sorry ;-)
    If yes I'm sure we can dig some more, asking to fellow modders, etc.

    Plus I saw that my colleague-data-addict-from-reddit, Mehni is now on this forum. Hi buddy

    [B18]As Simple As Rack


    • Add simple racked storage solutions, accessible after smithing research (all structures need a bit of metal as a frame). They are declined in various size and can be constructed from stone, wood or rock.
    • They can store any items in the game but are not preventing decaying (meaning that your stored items still need to be under a roof to stop decaying; putting a storage rack outside will not suffice) Default storage settings are set to: "Normal priority", "all except corpses & chunks" and "No rotten allowed".
    • Those ones are "minifiable" : you can move them around without deconstructing them.


    • Also add refrigerated storage solutions, accessible after Air Conditioning research. They are declined in the same sizes and can be constructed from stone, wood or rock + a fixed amount of steel and one component.
    • They can store any items in the game and are refrigerated so they preserve foods, meals, medicine and corpses from rotting. They need to be powered for that. Note: even unpowered (or switched off) items stored in it will still not decay because it's a door-closed storage.
    • Those ones are not movable but they're so sturdy that they can be used as roof supports (if you have really big storage needs :-p). It may be wise to review roof-collapsing rules on the wiki

    • Also add a simple neon lamp just because it was with the pack in which I salvaged the storage graphics and it goes well with the rest graphic-wise

    B18 On Github :
    (Click on

    Or Steam WorkShop

    CCL mod Rimfridge mod is mandatory and should be set to be launched BEFORE this mod in modlist

    • All graphical assets (and the idea about using roof holding structures) are from Saularian in [A11 Terra Firma Mod Pack]
    • A big thank you to the team, half of the mod used to use their modified classes
    • A big thank you to Vendan, and Kiame now, for making the Rimfridge mod ! - (without this I couldn't have made the refrigerated part since  A15 version)

    Outdated / [A15]Stay! - remove pets following master behaviour
    « on: August 02, 2016, 02:24:08 AM »

    Quote from: the readme
    Master-assigned pets now behave like any other tamed animals. They stay in their restricted area if assigned to. They no longer follow their master AT ALL. If the master is drafted they seems to stay in the Home Area.

    Download Version 1.0
    on Github (Click on Stay!.zip)

    This is a really quick and dirty work i've done seeing all the request. I really hope someone will search for something more elegant

    Thanks to all the modding community on SlackWare and other part of the web \o/

    Colorblind Friendly Mod

    Mod description

    Change colors in History Tabs Charts and in the Work Planner ("Restrict" button) in order to be more distinguishable

    This mod can be added to an existing save

    Download on Github :
    (Click on

    Documentation Used
    This mod came from this request on Reddit.

    I used information find on this site: Color Universal Design (CUD) - How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to Colorblind people

    (especially this chart)

    I would like to say that I'm glad I saw AxlColeButler suggestion because as a web-developer I will now apply all that I have learned and try to use a barrier-free color pallet. And as human being, it's always rewarding to help somebody ;)

    Please feel free to contribute to this project : reports errors or suggestions by creating an issue on Github

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