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Stories / Poems of Rimworld
« on: May 15, 2016, 01:58:54 PM »
<Rimworld: The AI Persona>

You taste blood and metal in your dream
You wake up to the abyss, the so-called sky
I'll take you home, let me take you home
You suppress a scream against the endless lie


Just writing about the AI persona core. It's hard to believe the thing wants to kill you with 20+ mechanoids at first, then suddenly willing to guide you home as soon as you put it into your ship...

...Urm. Probably shouldn't be writing English poems though, it's not even my mother tongue... I have no way to know whether it's good, or whether it's even a poem at all. It probably needs tons of things more than just rhyme and ideas. So, if anyone can tell me whether this is good as a "poem" or not at all, I'd really appreciate it!  :D Otherwise, just read for fun.  :D

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