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So I want one colony of mine to meet and live with another colony. I've spent a few hours studying the save code and how it makes the colonists relate to the map.

This is a bit of a can-of-worms and I was hoping to understand the programming logic a little further, theres something i dont fully understand and need help clarifying on.

in a save file, it appears that each colonist has 2 sections of xml that relates to it.  First section is "Tale Manager"  which gives each colonist an ID and basically says they arrived in a pod, gives them a map placement, and assigns an owning faction ID.

The 2nd section is "Things" which defines the pawn, thier skills, what they are wearing ect.

My question is.. how do the two relate?  Let's say John Doe is given an ID of "1" in the tales manager section.  When he is referenced as a pawn object, there is no field that references the tales manager id of "1", how does the game know that these two definitions go together? Is it by name fields?  Is it even important to preserve the tales manager definitions in the splice?  or is there a section that im missing?

Help / Fishing Backstory?
August 28, 2015, 05:34:56 PM
With the addition of the animal skill, fishing has been bumped off the screen in the "Prepare Carefully" mod setup screen (atleast for my resolution), I tried to hardcode this skillgain in the backstories but the skillgain def seems not to be "Fishing", does anybody know the name of this skillgain definition?
Help / help finding apparel textures
August 28, 2015, 01:46:21 PM
I'm doing clothing mods and im trying to find the core clothing textures like (shirtbasic shirtbutton ect.)

Anyone know where I can find these texture pngs?  I feel like ive looked everywhere, even doing a *.png search on the entire RW directory. no luck.