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It bothers me that we just completely abandon a colony site. ESPECIALLY if we have to leave good stuff/people behind. My idea is to give the option to instead make the colony autonomous, so it acts like any other settlement/base of a faction, YOUR faction in this case.

Your own settlements may come in multiple sizes/classes depending on what amount of wealth/people you left behind. The smaller size may struggle to stay alive and request your help (like a delivery or destroying a enemy outpost). If you help em they may grow faster/if you don't help em they sustain damage (up to getting completely destroyed).
The settlements would grow slowly overtime on their own, depending on the size they are already and will grow faster the bigger they are (the time when you are a small settlement is the most dangerous because many things could kill you/set you back, but once you have redundancy you will survive most of the time)
Once they have a certain size they may send supply caravans/people to help you, like "call" from em asking what you would like/need or if you want a new colonist. This help would maybe only happen once or twice per year determined by the size and amount of settlements your faction owns (they would all throw stuff together, so you wouldn't get a supply offer from every single settlement your faction owns).
Settlements BELOW the "stable" size would substract from the overall offer because they also would get deliveries to help them. (tho you would get em regardless of your settlement size if you want, as you are the "leader/s" of the faction)

Regardles of size they would send trading caravans.

I would be happy about any other ideas. Also: This idea is avaible for "claiming", any mod author that likes this idea jsut ask me! :D

Ideas / A HUGE thread with ideas
« on: April 20, 2014, 05:39:05 AM »
I really love this game and I want to give some ideas I have. It is possible that some of the ideas are already posted/implemented (via mods etc.). For all mod creators out there: You can use my ideas at will, but I would like an information/question about it and some feedback what you deem a good idea and what you think is a bad idea! ;)
ATTENTION: Long wall of text of doom from my brain incomming! :P

First of: Water and water-related stuff
Yes I know that many want this and here are my ideas about it:

Bodies of water (lakes, rivers etc.), air-moisture, moisture in general (moist/wet grass won't burn for sh... for example)

Water related Techs:
Well/Pump/Automated Well (to get groundwater), water-collectors (from rain-collecting to getting water from the moisture in the air [Water-trap, works like a wind-trap and could be combined]), power generation from/with water, waste/sewage-water and water-treatment

And for the transportation: Either water is handled as the other resources, or the liquids are transported via pipes etc. (Pipes, Liquid-tanks etc.)

Power-generation ideas:
Steam-generator, Combustion-generator, Gas-generator, Wind-power, Fission and Fusion power. Maybe even "Bio-Power": Organic beings produce electricity on their own (mainly animals, Humans etc.), so an "Bio-Generator/Reactor" would be possible. "Forced/Artificial" Geothermal power: As there are tests in RL with it already, I think it could be implemented too, but it HAS drawbacks: You have to drill deep and then pump water down and because of this "forced" process there is seismic activity (lowering/raising of the ground [wich results in damage to buildings. Buildings wich stand in the are for a long time got cracks etc. AFTER it was used/tested in the area] and micro-earthquakes)

"New resources":
Water, Sewage, Low % Alcohol, High % Alcohol, Fuel, Gas (maybe different kinds?), "Low-Tech materials" (wood or such), High-Tech-Materials (Carbon fibers etc.), Plant-Mass, Organic-Mass, Anorganic/Nuclear waste, Oil, Chemicals

Plants / ideas for them:
Bamboo (wich isn't it already in the game?! It's one of the most usefull plants. You can eat it, build stuff with it etc.)
Plants wich will produce other stuff besides food (chemicals, drugs), aggressive plants (Man-eating plants / Meat/Flesh eating plants). And they will spread on their own depending on their Spread rate and they'll even spread to other zones
And plants should have their own stats: Growth and Spread rate, water need, Fruit/Chem/Drug yield, "Terraforming" value, Cold/Heat resitance etc.
Manipulation of plants: Change/Manipulate their growth rate, water need, fruit yield and spreading rate

Creation of Alcohol/Fuel:
Destillery (non-/electrical): You put some plants in and get Alcohol an Fuel out of it. Ethanol and Methanol are produced, one of them is EXTREMLY bad for you (both are bad but one of them is a real killer.... don't remember wich though  :-\) and would be used as Fuel and you could use the High-%-Alcohol in cases of need as fuel too. Your colonists will change High-% in Low-% to be able to drink it at an rate (they'll water it down, because drinking 80% Alcohol is a bad idea)

Planets, Planet-Zones etc.

Not really HARD Zones/Planets more like different stats to them: Moisture, Temperature etc.
Examples: Hot and High-moisture = Jungle, Cold and High-moisture = Snow/Ice, Hot and low/no-moisture = Desert

These "Main"values will decide on "Sub"values
Examples: "Jungle" will result in more Fauna, Flora and water, wich means more food, but higher chances for hostile creatures / plants
"Snow/Ice" will result in much water for use, but less/no Fauna and Flora and the risk of your colonists freezing to death

And then there are the Resource values: Metals etc.
And some "extras": Alien-ruins, Wreckage etc. (example: an zone with an already established "Base" is easier to colonise, but the question is: Why is it empty/abandoned? ..... What was that shadow?! ;) )

You could scout zones to be able to find a suitable place for an "Sub"-colony, wich you don't really control but it will provide you with resources (water, metal, uranium etc.), it will grow etc.
"Colonising" zones takes an amount of materials and food and ofc. an amount of colonists you choose, don't even try sending an 5 ppl colonising force without weapons into an dangerous zone, it will end in a disaster.

You could even gift/trade the data of one of your scouted zones with another faction this would allow some "nice" plays: A faction is nearly wiped out by raiders/another faction wich wants the zones your "friends" are currently in and your friends want to go to another zone to avoid conflict. You could give them info about a good zone with many resources and no danger or you give them a zone with many resources BUT many/great dangers.... You can decide wich info you give about the zones.

Info for Terraforming: Just planting plants with high "Terraform" value, won't work. They will move it into an more "Eden" like direction but won't step over "borders" (won't push "very cold" to "cold"), you will need special Terraforming tech to do it.


Terraformer: Will turn the planet into the direction you want, environment wise: Higher/Lower Temperature etc. Will mainly change your zone and slowly the planet overall. But 1 Terraformer alone will take a ton of power and won't change the planet fast.... 1 Terraformer would take around 10 in-game years to change the planet, but it also depends on the size of the planet (amount of "zones"), how far the environment is away from the targeted goal and the "Quality" of the Terraformer.
"Grinder": Will turn Meat/Humans/Animals/Waste-Meat into Organic-Mass, Plants/Fruits will get turned into Plant-Mass. The Mass can be cooked, inserted into an Paste-Dispenser, or eaten raw (but it will give an morale penality, regardles if it was Human meat or not, it is all turned into the main componenets so it doesn't matter [as long as you don't know it that is! :P ])
Compostation/Bio-gas production: for fertilizer and Bio-gas for the gas-generator. You can used all organic stuff for it (including Humans, organic-mass etc.)
Assembler/Auto-Assembler: "Low-tech": Assembler will produce stuff if you give it the needed materials and that faster than a human could, "High-Tech": will produce stuff from RAW-materials and that much faster than a human. Both would be the only way of getting the even more High-tech stuff

Now to some techs:

Cloning: as the name suggest you can clone your colonists or even create completly new ppl
Learning/Brainwashing Tech: Allows your ppl to learn skills in an VR-chair... And Prisoners can be faster "convinced" to join you.... We don't talk about it but you could change it from "Nice" to "Torturing"  ;)
Chemicals/Medicine: Even if there is no Oil on the planet you can get the componenets for Chemicals/Drugs/Medicine from plants (some plants directly produce some drugs etc.), you'll get the componenets for Drugs etc. via "cracking" the molecules of Plant-Mass or Organic-Mass (most of our drugs are Oil based and Oil was living stuff before, so that isn't that far away)
Stasis-Tanks: Storage for Colonists, Prisoners for further healing/drugging/Brain-washing, but only with additional tech. So you stun an aggressive person and put them in and then "work" on them: Drugs to pacify them / Cure them from their psycho behavior etc.
Robotics/Automation: Allows production of robots for different purposes and overall automation. (example: Auto-Hydro-tables, wich will plant, grow, water, harvest etc. the plants. Robots for manual labor: Mining, building, cleaning etc. Could be avaible in different focus and with different power supplies)
Computing/Self-learning-Programms/AI: To give your machines an "intelligence" and support for organisation, research etc. most techs would take AGES to research without support from computers and it would improve the overall efficency of automation etc. (better/computer controlled machines, generators etc.)
Nano-technology: Nano-fibres/materials, Nano-construction, Nano-Medicine, Nano-Machines etc.

Some ideas for research

The main topics: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Research/Knowledge accumulation etc.
Sub-topics (can have more than 1 main topic): Automation/Machines, Power storage, Power Generation, Bio-tech etc.

As it is already suggest somewhere else: Research with an specific goal, general research in a topic (without an preset goal, wich could result into finding new "topics" [genetic-manipulation, cloning etc. for BIOLOGY for example]) and designing/improving techs (for example an higher class fission-reactor [more power with less uranium usage, less chance for accidents, less materials used for the construction and less space needed]). It would go like this: PROTOTYPE, Mk. I, Mk. II, Mk. III etc. but there should be an cap ofc. and you could still upgrade the already built machines (either transform the prototype into an Mk. I or give it an 25% boost an the aspects [these values are all examples ofc. and maybe need some tweaking for balance issues])

Ideas for Factions/realtions etc.

Requests for help from both sides (materials, new colonists, Techs, infos etc.), more in-dept diplomacy, different leading systems for other factions (democracy, autocracy etc.), "sabotage": sending poisonus food, poisoning water-supply, "Bio attacks" (sending an ill colonist to them, infected food/materials).

More will follow, I have to sort my ideas first and "re-think" some stuff I may have forgotten. ;D I'll flesh the ideas out a bit more later, maybe you could help with it and even provide some nice new ideas too!  ;)

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