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Mods / [Mod Idea] Stockpile hauling/restacking.
September 17, 2016, 03:38:56 PM
There is a problem with a stockpile - if there are 20 space taken by 20 bricks(1 brick in 1 tile) - noone restacks it/groups them together.

And here is a thing I would love to see. Stockpile "Move to"

For example: I have a 10x10 room for cooking food. It has 2 ovens  and 2 butcher tables.

The cooking room is near the dinner room so when meals are prepared by cooks - they put it in the 10x10 storage. But I don't want them to go to that storage room as it takes time to get the meal from it - So I put another storage of meals right at the dinner room - I isolated it and it is a 1x5 room for meals and I marked it as important one and the cooks started to haul 1(!!!!) fine meal each time they cook it to that room. I want them to haul stuffs only when the storage tile is full itself. Like when there will be 10 food - haul them, but don't haul 1-9 food from there.
Mods / [MOD IDEA]Randomize until
September 12, 2016, 10:55:09 AM
I don't know how everyone else does but this.
If you play w/o mods - you have to randomize your character.
Mod "Prepare carefully" gives us ability to edit colonist's stats and what we get when we start the game... but It doesn't have proper limitations. I can get an all 20 skills, sanguine, industrious, very neurotic and my colonist will work like he is a robor... But That's not interesting at all.

That's why I keep randomizing characters... Even if I have "Prepare carefully" mod.

But randomizing a good (for me) character takes 0-60 minutes and is kinda annoying.

I'm not good at modding so I'm leaving this idea here. Maybe it's done already(I hope).

Make a mod "Randomize until".
You put in your criterias and game randomizes the character untill all the criterias are fulfilled.

Criterias such as:
* "Has [Trait]"
* "Doesn't have [Trait]"
* "Is not incapable of [action/group of actions]"
* "Has [Skill] atleast [Number]"
* "Has passion to the [Skill] Atleast [Passion]"
* "Can have [Injury/sickness/addiction]"
* "Doesn't have [Injury/sickness/addiction]"
* "Has [Backstory] adulthood backstory"
* "Has [Backstory] childhood backstory]"
* "Age [Number] or [Lesser/bigger]"
* "Has Relationship"

And it will generate 100 colonists and if none are found that are fulfilling the criterias - it asks to continue(So it won't get endless if someone asks for all skills 20... chance of which is 0.[Alot of 0s]1%)
Support / Lags alot.
October 28, 2013, 11:48:50 AM
At 40+ colonists your game.... Freezes.. Actually. It freezes.
I dunno how lucky im to get something from it.
The thing is.... that...
Sometimes game goes on on any speed as usual.
But 90% of time it just freezes.
Now Im doing mining ops and you know what? After each tile there is a 10 seconds freeze. Its not that I got bad PC.
I got 4 GB RAM , 2x 2.33HZ CPU and Nice videocard.
I dont know why it lags like Arma ][ with maximum graphics on my PC(This requires really AWESOME VIDEOCARD)
Stories / Colony of Terrabitium
October 22, 2013, 12:02:33 PM
Colony log.
First day:Basic food and metal supplies gathered.
4 buildings built.

Second day: Some travelers pass nearby and joined new colony.
2 raiders attacked and were shot down by Noble. One of them survived.
1.5 mineral chunks mined, 3 more houses built, Solar generators and batteries built.

Third day:A prisoner was recruited easily by noble that shot him.
Areas for farming were sowed with potatoes(?), another 2 houses built.

4th day: Another 2 raiders landed and tried and were attacked before they tried to.
Every raider died. 2 mineral chunks mined.

5th day: Crops are dead due to unknown blight.
Colonists sow them again as 10 raiders land nearby.
Massive fight happened at town. No colonists dead, 8 raiders dead, 2 buildings destroyed, plants burned, food low.

6th day: Colonists sow crops again as another pack of raiders lands nearby. 12 raiders in total.
Another fight at town, plants burned. No colonists died due to excellent ambushes in town.
No food, plants burned, no buildings destroyed, all raiders dead.

7th day: Comms were built and detected a farmer ship nearby.
Bought food.
Nutrient paste dispenser, some chairs, tables were constructed, plants sowed.

8th day: Comms detected weapon supplier and M24 was bought and given to noble.
2 escape pods crashed nearby.
3 buildings were constructed.
No metal, plants sowed, food low, half armed colonists.

9th day: Quiet.
Food was gathered, 4 mineral chunks mined but not delivered to stockpile.

10th day: Massive psychotic wave made muffalos attack citizens.
30-50 muffalos died, no casualties, every colonist but noble in critical condition.

11th day:
5 more buildings were constructed, weapons storage was constructed, 1 mineral chunk mined, metal delivered to stockpile.

12th day: 1 traveller joined colony.
Cleaning day.
64th day:
Group of 42 raiders deployed near colony edge and instantly attacked.
Due to un-rebuilt mine field there are some casualties:1.
Slave trader ship passed.
2 slaves bought.
Industrial ship passed.
350 metal bought.
10 pistols sold.
2 frag grenades sold.
65th day:Quiet.
Cleaning day.
66th day:Quiet.
Cleaing day.
67th day: Eclipse.Quiet.
Cleaning day.
68th day: Mining day.
Farming ship passed.
15 metal bought.
4 mineral chunks were mined and metal delivered to stockpile.
69th day: group of 23 raiders landed nearby.
4 mineral chunks were mined.
Mine field rebuilt.
Sand bags rebuilt.
70th day: Raiders attacked.
20 raiders died. No casualties.
Weapon supplier ship appeared.
Lee-Enfield bought.
Uzi bought.
6 pistols sold.
6 pump shotguns sold.
Blight destroyed all crops.
High metal, moderate food, part of colony for miners finished.
71th day:
57 raiders invaded and instantly attacked colony.
Were blown up at mine field. All raiders died.
No casualties.
Farming ship passed.
24 metal bought.
Mining day.
No mineral chunks discovered and mined.
72th day:Mining day.
7 mineral chuncks were mined and delivered to stockpile.
2 buildings were constructed in cave.
73th day:
Industrial ship passed
77th day: 15 buildings were constructed in cave.
78th day: 15 buildings were constructed in cave.
1 Nutrient dispenser built.
79th day: Junk was half removed from in-cave part of colony.
Energy storage room built.
80th day: Cleaning day. Quiet.
Dump area moved.
81th day: Finished outdoor construction in in-cave part of colony.
Low metal.
82th day:
Industry ship passed near.
320 metal bought.
7 frag grenades sold.
Slaver ship passed near.
Slave bought.
2 frag grenades sold.
2 molotov cocktails sold.
4 pistols sold.
2 Incendiary rifles sold.
Mining operations.
Dump area was cleared of junk.
No mineral chunks found.
No metal.
83th day:
Industrial ship passed by.
406 metal bought.
Combat supplier ship passed by.
34 metal bought.
Uzi bought.
84th day: Mining ops.
85th day: 38 raiders landed nearby.
Steam geyser found.
Mining ops.

Colonists amount:49.
Total casualties:2.
Weapon storage is full.
Colony:Image unavailible.
Battle going on:

P.S:If that will go on like that - i'll need bigger map.