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General Discussion / Best Non-Killbox Defenses?
« on: September 11, 2015, 08:51:04 PM »
I'm wondering what everyone's preferred strategies are for fighting off enemies without funneling them all into a turret killbox. My go-to strategy has always been a series of walls like this, where '[]' is a wall and '=' a sandbag:


I would set those little two-tile repetitions all around my base, with turrets at either end. It works reasonably well, but not exceptionally so, and it's a strategy that I haven't changed up since... the pre-alpha, I guess.

So, what works best, in your opinion?

General Discussion / Traps
« on: August 09, 2015, 06:02:53 PM »
Hi, everyone. I haven't played in a while, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to lay out deadfall traps in my little killbox so that they won't damage my pawns. I've tried putting them in a checkerboard pattern, but it seems like they still tend to activate the traps when trying to retrieve anything from the area or just after setting them. What is the optimal way to set up your traps so that they do the most damage to enemies but the least (preferably none) to one's colonists?

General Discussion / Dealing With Incapacitated Guests?
« on: April 26, 2015, 11:56:49 AM »
So recently in one of my Rimworld games, I had visitors from two hostile tribe at once, and didn't notice the fighting going on outside my walls until three people were nearly dead. So, being the good person I am, I had my colonists go and collect these maimed people, patch them up and send them on their way. The issue is, one of them actually ended up having their leg cut off, and so they're stuck lying in my medical bed and mooching off my food. I can't seem to access an operations tab for guests to install a peg-leg or what-have-you. Is my only option to stop giving him food and let him starve?

Ideas / Dynamic Traits
« on: August 15, 2014, 05:39:09 PM »
Basically, the idea here is that traits should be picked up and lost over the course of a game based off of the colonist's actions. A colonist who routinely fights against and kills raiders might gain the 'bloodlust' or 'psychopath' trait, or he might crack under the pressure and gain the 'volatile' trait instead. Surviving a near-death experience might give a character an iron will, or it could drive them to depression. Colonists who mine a lot could become hard workers, and colonists with a lot of free time could become lazy. Those who start out as optimists could become more and more pessimistic in hard times. Those who are psychically sensitive might gradually begin to tune out the psychic attacks as they're exposed to more, and slow colonists could become faster over time as they become more fit from the hard work.

I think that making traits dynamic could make for much more interesting stories, watching your optimistic and naive colonist turn into a jaded sociopath over the months of raids and sieges, or having a character get a taste of human flesh and decide they like it, giving them the 'cannibal' trait. It would add a bit more flavor to each individual.

General Discussion / Help: Loss of Eating Ability
« on: August 13, 2014, 03:19:05 PM »
So, in an unfortunate accident stemming from a besieger with an M-24, one of my colonists has ended up with his stomach completely destroyed. The health menu thus very rightly states that he is unable to eat. I assume this meant he was going to die of starvation immediately, but one of my colonists was able to feed him some potatoes while he was "recovering" in the hospital.

The worry is, he's now recovered from incapacitation and is walking around and such. I'm worried that now that it's not anybody's job to feed him, he won't be able to eat on his own and he'll die of starvation. I'm not going to just kill him because he was one of the starting colonists and I've got an emotional attachment to him after we rescued him at one health point.

So, then, my question is: is there any way to force the colonist to stay in the hospital as a patient? I can't jail him, because once they recover the prisoners are expected to eat their own meals.

General Discussion / Your Ideal Start
« on: August 11, 2014, 11:09:12 AM »
What three colonists would, in your opinion, constitute your perfect start?

Personally, I like to have one person who is good with cooking, social and (preferably) research, someone who is good at all-around labor (Medieval slave + colony settler is great) and someone who is great at growing and/or mining. Weapons skills preferred on at least one of them.

Ideas / Turn off custom characters / Choose backstories
« on: June 22, 2014, 11:35:44 AM »
Let me preface this by saying that I understand that the "Make your own backstory" characters were a benefit of paying more during the Kickstarter campaign, and that I know that they've all been checked to make sure that they fit mostly within the lore, and that I understand that you CAN get the default backstories as characters by pressing the 'random' button a few dozen times. With that said, at the current moment in time when there aren't a ton of custom characters to pick from, it gets a bit repetitive seeing the same people with the same names and backstories showing up every game, and so I think it would be nice to have an option in the game settings to disable custom backstories, at which point the game would generate characters based off of the early-development stuff (Con artist, medieval lordling, urbworld entrepreneur, etc.)

Alternatively, it would be interesting if you could click on the backstory name and it would let you pick from a list of available options, to keep people from having to click 'random' a hundred times to get something that they're looking for as far as skills go (I can't be the only one who doesn't want two people who can't mine at the start, right?). If possible, maybe even a little editor that lets you write your own flavor-text and pick some skills using a pool of, say, 20 points; the thing that would differentiate these from the Kickstarter ones is that they would only show up in your save.

Anyways, that's just my two cents - the biggest issue I could see would be finding a way to implement this without devaluing the Kickstarter rewards that let people make custom backstories in the first place, but I'm sure we could find a way around it?


General Discussion / Uranium
« on: April 12, 2014, 04:32:20 PM »
Do any traders still buy or sell uranium in alpha 3? I've been getting it rain down in pods on occasion and I hoped someone would come along that I could sell it to, but so far it's just sat uselessly around my stockpiles. This same thing goes for medicine, too.

General Discussion / How do YOU play?
« on: November 09, 2013, 01:52:01 PM »
*Emphasis on the 'you' in the title because otherwise it sounds like I'm asking how to play the game*

Anyways, this thread is basically just to satisfy my curiosity on how people play the game. Do you build a sprawling mega-fortress over days IRL of playing, or play one game for a few hours and then go to another? Do you build huge, elaborate killboxes to fight raiders, or do you build a defensive line and fight directly? Do you use a ton of turrets or no turrets? That kind of stuff.

Personally, this is what I do:
• Individual runs will last either until I'm overwhelmed by raiders, which doesn't happen much unless it's an RR or Kassandra game, or for a day or two, at which point I declare my colony a success and move on to the next.
• No killboxes. I go with 2-wall, 2-sandbag lines at the outskirts of my colony, which is usually mostly-outdoors, and fight from there.
• Average of three turrets, one on each cardinal direction (Since there's always a huge mountain on one side).

I was just wondering because, based off of the 'show off your base' thread, it seems like most people prefer to build huge bases with killboxes in the mountains and I was wondering how many people do it differently.

Stories / The Many Lives of Blevins Pointe
« on: November 05, 2013, 08:44:08 PM »
I had a particularly riveting playthrough on tough Kassandra earlier today, so I figured I'd share a shortened version of the events here:

Everything started out normal enough; I built a prison, a common room with a table and a food dispenser and comms and such, got techs researched, and set up defenses. I ended up with six people; The leader of the group, the entrepreneur Blevins, whom the colony had been named after, two farm oafs, a settler, a shipwright and an assassin.

Everything went well until a huge group of raiders arrived. While our men outpaced them technologically as far as weapons went, we were outnumbered at least 2:1. Everyone fought as well as they could, but everyone was incapacitated one by one until, eventually, everyone was on the ground and only Blevins, who had gone down first, was actually healing.

Time passed as health points gradually ticked down and the raiders torched the place. Eventually the raiders got bored, and I watched my colony, fully ready for the 'All your colonists are dead' notice to appear, as all but one person was bleeding out and that one person was about to starve.


Blevins woke up. He woke up, he stood up, and he started getting people, their health at measly ones and twos, to their beds. He got two people, the settler Le and the assassin McCormick to their beds before he finally gave in and ran to get food.

By the time he finished eating, McCormick had starved. Blevins managed to get food to Le, and began the long, difficult task that repairing the place would entail with only two men, one of whom was still bedridden.

Gradually, though, things recovered. Random events yielded more and more new colonists, and Kassandra seemed to have given me a break as only small groups of three or four assaulted Blevins Pointe. Le made a full recovery and began working full-time as our resident farmer. Blevins acquired a sniper rifle, which he used with great satisfaction as he picked off bandits and the occasional squirrel.

And then, of course, deja vu hit. It was a simple raid, perhaps nine raiders against my seven and one turret, with somewhat even technology. However, they quickly proved that my defenses weren't all they were cracked up to be, as the raiders cleverly managed to completely skip around the various bits of debris I'd put mines at and hid behind the ones I hadn't noticed.

Things took a sharp turn downhill. First, a raider with molotov cocktails got close enough to start throwing, and the entire northern line was up in flames before he was gunned down. Mack, another entrepreneur, went down and didn't get back up as the fire devoured his remains.

At this point, I tried to pull back, but my colonists were shot down one by one trying to pull each other to salvation. I ended up with three people, including Blevins, recuperating in bed. Frey, our scientist, had been killed lugging Le, who was bleeding out on the ground for the second time, to his bed.

But, of course, fate had its way, and once again Blevins, who had again gone down first, managed to wake up in time to save Le, as well as a farm oaf, Leonard. I set Blevins to doing nothing but caring, and he somehow managed to get everyone food before they starved, and then went about repairing the colony again as the raiders disappeared off the map, scared off by a battery explosion that had killed one of the people and sent them running.

In the end, I had five people still left standing, the same five that would be with me until the colony's eventual demise, about a cycle later. Up until that point, time was spent mostly attempting to rebuild a geothermal generator practically on the other side of the map.

Then, of course, the bane of so many colonies' existence, the reason I had chosen Kassandra instead of Cassandra, appeared: The Sniper Squad. They had stepped it up a bit; five men with M-24s, one with grenades, one with an uzi and one with a pistol. Blevins spooked them as I frantically tried to get him away from where they had spawned and the battle was on.

Everyone fought bravely once more, but we hadn't even had time to rebuild the turrets. Still, I felt confident that-

Blevins was killed by a stray sniper bullet.

No incapacitation, no time to drag him back to his bed as had happened two times before, just one moment standing there with upwards of half his health and the next, dead on the ground.

Things went downhill further from here. After sustaining two more casualties, Le and Leonard, the only survivors, decided their time would be better spent putting out fires on a power cable a mile away than putting out the fire that was tearing apart the colony. By the time I realized what was happening and got them back, half the colony had been burnt to a crisp, including the batteries and poor Blevins' body. I didn't have enough metals to rebuild batteries.

At this point, I pretty much gave up, sad as I am to say it. I probably could've done something to save the colony, but my ~3,000 food was tantalizingly stored in an inaccessible stockpile, the hydroponics setup had been destroyed, and BLEVINS WAS DEAD. My colonists resigned themselves to their fate, walking slowly into the armory and building a couple of blasting charges. You can probably guess how it went from there.

Anyways, that's the end of that story. It ended up being longer than I thought it would when I started writing it, but hey, that's life. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Support / Finding Save Files on Mac
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:05:48 PM »
Not sure this really qualifies as support, but does anyone know where you find your save files on Mac? I can't seem to find them; I've checked documents, application support, etc.

General Discussion / Enough Is Enough
« on: November 04, 2013, 09:08:09 PM »
So far since I've gotten the game, every second Cassandra Classic raid has had five raiders, three of whom have M-24s. I assume this is the new sniper squad or whatever that was added, but seriously, it's a bit much for a situation in which you can only have two pistols at max unless you buy from a combat trader. It takes two hits to kill one of my colonists and three to destroy a turret, and they can do it from out of the turret range.

This hasn't been a one-time thing either, it's literally every time. First raid is normal, I get a longer-than-usual pause, and then Sniper Squad shows up, kills my colonists and torches the place. I could handle even five normal raiders, but when three of them are nigh-untouchable because they can decimate my people from outside of their firing range, it gets kind of ridiculous.

Anyways, I figured I'd post here to make sure it wasn't just this happening to me and to get some tips on how to deal with them, short of just 'Hope a combat trader shows up and you can afford a good weapon' (Because I'm not even sure that would work).

Bugs / Psychotic Squirrel Has No "Go To Location" Option
« on: November 04, 2013, 07:40:28 PM »
As the title might imply, this is a pretty simple bug: Whenever the individual psychotic squirrel event occurs, there isn't a 'Go To Location' option available. This is in build 250, and upon further inspection it doesn't occur with boomrats. Muffalo have yet to be tested.

Stories / The Sad Story of Mineston
« on: November 04, 2013, 05:50:33 PM »
The Sad Story of Mineston
A tale of mining, adventure, raiders and romance.
Written by DeltaV.

So, the game came out today, so I excitedly booted 'er up and started a colony. This is the tale of its creation, growth, and eventual destruction.

*Long story ahead, but I like to think it's worth it.*
Things started off well enough; I'd obsessed over enough youtube series that I already had a precise idea of what I needed to do. I spied a little mouth in the mountains to the south with a geothermal vent inside, and decided that would be my colonists' home. Digging began on a dormitory/eventual prison, and the  colony was christened Mineston, because I completely fail at creativity.

Anyways, things were going well enough leading up to the first raider attack; food was low, because I didn't want to make any useless farms when I could have hydroponics soon, but otherwise everything was good. I'd managed to recruit a military commissar, and he was the one on the frontlines when an assassin decided to try her luck.

The fight took a nasty turn pretty quickly when she managed to skirt around my turret range and into the dump pile, where she had good cover and protection from the turret. Eventually, though, she was incapacitated by Commissar Guy (It's a shame, somehow in this last five minutes I've been writing I've forgotten most of the colonists' names. RIP guys.) and shown to the prison.

(Gameplay feedback: Pathing doesn't seem to do much besides try the shortest route; Commissar Guy ended up clambering slowly through the dump and back to get Assassin Woman to prison, even though there was a perfectly good path around that, while not directly shorter, would have taken less time in the long run.)

Anyways, I'd learned my lesson and built a wall around the dump. A time of peace was had from here out; ample power was built from the geothermal vent, more housing was built, and Assassin Woman was recruited, bringing our total to five, who will be referred to as such:

1. Mr. Entrepreneur - A midworld nerd and then an urbworld entrepreneur. I let him ignore all physical work in favor of research and wardening, since he was the only one with social or technological skills.
2. Oaf Lady - A medieval slave and then a medieval oaf. Simple enough.
3. Settler Man - A vatgrown soldier turned colony settler. Decent all-around, except for social.
4. Commissar Guy - Detailed above. A medieval lordling turned military commissar.
5. Assassin Woman - Vatgrown assassin. Basically a killing machine.

Anyways, a sort of golden age was achieved as we went through the second cycle; aside from a psychotic squirrel wave (Which Commissar Guy and Assassin Woman, the two with the only weapons, quickly dispatched) and a battery short-circuit (They catch on fire in the rain, apparently, and they explode when on fire, so it didn't end very well), things were going well. Hydroponics were set up, the main common room was expanded, an armory was built and plenty of materials were obtained.

And that is when the Sniper Squad (Proper noun because these guys were DEAD-LY) showed up. Five against two and a couple turrets would be dangerous enough, but three of those five had M-24s or whatever the advanced snipers are called. They approached from the north, and the battle went like so:

The snipers stayed back, out of reach of pistol-wielding Commissar Guy and Assassin Woman, and focused on the turrets, which promptly exploded. One of them, with help from CG and AW, managed to take out the two pistol-wielders. Things were looking up, so obviously this is where things went horribly wrong.

In the misguided belief that they would have to come for me sometime, I let CG and AW remain on the frontlines, out of range of attacking the Sniper Squad. Needless to say, that didn't work out, and the Sniper Squad, left to their own devices, plinked at the 2-wall, 2-sandbag cover until it was obliterated.

My next plan was to pull AW back and move CG up to a nearby rock face, where he would hopefully be able to flank the Sniper Squad, who were taking cover in rubble and cacti. This worked about as well as you'd expect; two direct hits killed Commissar Guy, bless his soul, and incapacitated Assassin Woman. I conscripted Mr. Entrepreneur to save AW, and Mr. Entrepreneur took a hit in the process; thankfully, he survived (The Sniper Squad was focusing on my one, out-of-range remaining turret at the time, which died horribly almost immediately but kept Mr. Entrepreneur from being the target). Next, while ME saved Assassin Woman, I sent Settler Man, my next best shot, to grab Commissar Guy's pistol in an effort to kill off the Sniper Squad.

Settler Man was killed instantly.

(Gameplay Feedback: Advanced snipers should not show up on the second raid of Cassandra Classic raiders, especially when there's three of them.)

Realizing that I was dead meat, since the only weapons the colony had were in the immediate Sniper Squad killzone, I decided on my last, desperate flanking move: I would dig a tunnel from the hall that housed the colonists' rooms to the outside to the south of the colony, which was only two tiles or so of mining. While one of my colonists did that, I recalled the rest to said hallway. Once we had broken through, everyone began sneaking around the edge of the mountain in an ingenious effort to flank the Sniper Squad while they were busy attacking the colony, grab the pistols, retreat to the desert nearby, which had a long stretch of open land that would supply no cover for them, and start plink-plinking away. For a second, I thought we were saved.

Sadly, it doesn't look like sneaking is implemented in the game (Gameplay feedback: Put in sneaking), and immediately one of the three Sniper Squad members noticed us coming and went around to take us out. I made a hasty retreat, but Oaf Lady was killed. Luckily, the Sniper Squad member decided that was enough, leading Mr. Entrepreneur alive to go back and hide in the room of the recuperating Assassin Woman.

While Mr. Entrepreneur and Assassin Woman hid, the Sniper Squad marched around my colony, attempting but mostly failing to do any damage, since they didn't have any way of starting fires or blowing things up. The most they could do was sort of hit doors, which they did for a while. Eventually, the notice of my salvation appeared:

"The raiders have given up and started to leave."

This revelation made me laugh a bit. I began running through the laundry list of things I would need to do: Two colonists wasn't necessarily a death sentence, so long as I got the pistols back, rebuilt the turrets, repaired the damages, et cetera.

And of course, Mr. Entrepreneur decided that was the perfect time to go insane.

He was fed up; He was hungry, he was injured, he'd seen all his friends gunned down around him, and he was huddling in a cramped bedroom while a bunch of raiders stomped around, and now the raiders had decided that their colony wasn't even good enough to attack!

Injured, starving and meaning well, Mr. Entrepreneur marched out the door into the rain and mist and thunder...

And punched one of the members of the Sniper Squad square in the jaw.

Interestingly enough, the Sniper Squad member didn't just whip out his M-24 and blow a hole in Mr. Entrepreneur's head; they proceeded to trade blows for a while. The rest of the Sniper Squad, apparently not having noticed, calmly continued punching doors; it seemed the notice that the raiders were about to leave had been a bit preliminary.

Assassin Woman woke up at this point from her coma/several sniper shots to the head and body, and I sent her out to help Mr. Entrepreneur beat up the Sniper Squad member.

Sadly, and this was the part that broke my heart the most, eventually Mr. Entrepreneur, and then Assassin Lady, were incapacitated by the Sniper Squad member, who proceeded to light the doorway they were standing in on fire and leave with the others. I was forced to watch as the two bled out, together, presumably confessing their undying love to each other as their health points slowly ticked down.

"Assassin Lady, I know this is a bad time, since we're both bleeding out in a heap together, but... I've always loved you, since the day I met you a cycle ago."


"I know! You may be a barely-human vatgrown assassin with no social skills who tried to kill us all at one point, but since this is the end... I love you, Assassin Lady, I really do and I always have."


They both died, and the camera panned out as the game ended.

Anyways, that's the (Slightly dramatized towards the end) story of Mineston. Sorry there was only the one picture at the end, I expected this to be a successful colony and I wasn't assuming there'd be enough real action to write a story on it.

As usual, please leave your comments and feedback below. I'd love to write some more stories like this based off my RimWorld escapades if you guys enjoyed it.

General Discussion / The Prototype Pack
« on: November 01, 2013, 08:41:09 PM »
So, does the prototype pack come out at the same time as the game does, or did I miss an email at some point? I'll admit, I'm nearly as excited for the 'zombie tactical sim' and 'starship constructor', unfinished as they may be, as I am for the RimWorld release :P

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