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Ideas / Ability to attack or otherwise spit on "peace talks"
« on: July 06, 2019, 07:16:29 PM »
Little story first:

So in my most recent game, I had a psychic ship less than a day after....a mechanoid raid.

all of my traps were down, no turrets left.  I had lost a colonist in the previous raid and had to harvest an organ from a prisoner to replace a colonist kidney, so mood was already going to be rough and I couldn't let the ship sit.  All i had was my defensive position.  So....I called in some favors.  I called the outlander factions and requested military aid after springing the ship.  I knew the outlanders would get obliterated  and make only a small dent in the mechanoids, so when the allies engaged, I marched out my troops and tried to "judiciously" engage the mechanoids.

As the fight progressed, all the outlander melee troops were down, and two heavy charge blaster centipedes were turning towards my clump of troops (marched them out in a tight group and let them stay that way so they could engage quickly, since i was on a timer before the outlanders dropped).  I sent in my 3 shielded brawlers at the 2 centipedes, dropped one of them after taking a casualty (seriously, my colonists seem to only ever die from perfectly healthy -> 1 shot in the heart -> dead) and finally was mopping up the last centipede...when the last nearby outlander chucked a frag grenade...right at one of my brawlers' feet.

Tried to run as soon as i saw the grenade in the air, but couldn't clear the blast with the centipede swinging too, and the brawler was insta-killed.  I was trying REALLY hard to take the game as it happened, and not save scum back out, and I was doing well, and it had quite an effect....I felt a lot more attached to these colonists than i usually do when i play.  Naturally, I did what anyone would do in that situation - I ordered all my colonists to fire at the allied grenadier.

Their faction goes hostile, I shoot them up til they flee, and back to our regularly scheduled program...

...Except now they send me a peace talks request.

...And i'm still upset.

I don't WANT to be at peace with them.  I don't WANT to "just ignore" the peace talks.  I don't even really want to "make peace" and then attack them later....I want to send a message.

I want to take my colonists, get to the peace talks, and send some sort of message, right then and there.  I mean, I'd settle for just straight up attacking the peace talks, and likely, if this suggestion gets implemented in any way, that's what we'll get - the ability to negotiate peace or attack peace talks instead of insta-peace.  But I'd really like to, like, drop pod a bunch of human meat and leather onto them, or light the entire surrounding area on fire, or otherwise show my extreme displeasure with them through some act of vandalism and/or violence.

So my suggestion/request is this:  Allow us to show up to the peace talks with NO intention of making peace.  Obviously, attacking a peace conference would make you look bad, and should probably involve a negative faction hit with ALL factions as a result.  It's certainly not an efficient or ideal course of action if you're trying to make or keep friends with ANYONE, but it'd be really gratifying, and it'd fit in with the story-generator and FEEL immersive.

This no-save-scum game I'm going through is the first time i've really felt the whole "we're creating a story, not just playing a game," and there are plenty of things i've fiddled with in the game.  Lots of mods I use.  But right now, I'd love to march in, in force, and just lay waste to a peace talks, and the game doesn't allow that.  It feels like a missed opportunity to make a small change and add just that tiny bit more player agency to the game.

(side note, in case anyone's wondering, since i CAN'T attack the peace talks, I think I'll go smash up one of their settlements, RIGHT before my negotiator arrives at the peace talks, just for that lovely moment of irony)

Ideas / Trapping as a hunting alternative
« on: July 01, 2019, 02:34:45 PM »
Been a while since i thought of anything that could be under "cheap ideas," but I've got one that makes gameplay and common sense and should be fairly easy to implement, but it has the potential to impact the game enough that I thought (hoped?) it deserved it's own thread rather than being posted as a little blurb in "cheapest ideas."

- Animal snares -

Trapping or snaring animals has been a staple of humankind since it's earliest days.  Using tools to catch small game, or kill medium game, or injure large game is not only a common sense and risk-free way of trying to get food, but it both makes sense from a "real life" perspective and from a gameplay POV (no risk hunting balanced by inconsistent results and resource cost per trap)

I was playing on desert with 1 tribal pawn and emus kept wandering over and eating my plants.  My pawn was fairly useless in combat, so i put a trap at the doorway of my one building and kept it open (i walked in and out the other door) so that if a raid came, i'd at least be fighting 1 on 1 at an advantage.  I couldn't mess with the emus because of their 100% attack chance and my shooting skill of 2 with a poor shortbow, but eventually an emu tried to walk into my building and eat a meal, and the trap killed it.

So i thought about using that as a viable hunting strategy, but at 35 resources a pop, it's very cost inefficient, especially in the desert.

What about animal-only traps that cost less?  you can seed a building with a bit of food manually, or just scatter them about, and when an animal paths over it, it has a chance to hurt the animal least as badly as the 35 resource deadfall traps.

With this, there is a "very simple" idea and a slightly more involved idea:

- Most basic:  A deadfall trap coded to not spring on humanoids at all, that costs much less resources.  That's it.  It'd be up to the player to figure out how to lure animals over it or where to place them.  It's an idea worthy of the "cheapest ideas" thread and would probably take someone who can navigate the xmls about 5-10 minutes to mod (assuming disallowing a certain type of creature to trigger traps is a thing the xmls allow)

- somewhat more involved:  a unique trap that would actually have to be "seeded" with food manually by a pawn, like refuelling a fire.  Animals would see it as a food source (but might ignore it if there is other plentiful food nearby), and if they eat the food, there'd be a chance the trap would spring (maybe like 50% spring chance, but the trap isn't destroyed, or 100% spring chance, but the trap dies like a deadfall).  It might even be guaranteed to "incapacitate" animals under a certain body size, probably up to around boar sized (maybe a reduced chance of downing the animal as it goes over a certain body size), and immediately flag the incapacitated animal for "hunting" so that a pawn prioritized to it would go over and kill it like they do normal downed "hunting" flagged animals.  I have no idea the complexity involved in coding a whole new item with a whole new behavior, but i tried to keep my idea as much 'within the bounds of things already represented in game' as i could.

I thought of this due to the complaints over the (perceived as way too high of) risk while hunting normally and the people who skip the entire hunting mechanic to do drafted animal murder squads, as well as the specific challenges facing me in my most recent game, with a poor shooting pawn on a resource scarce map - but the pawn is otherwise good at building things and smart.  It feels like he should be able to outsmart a giant bird to figure out a way to get meat from it.

So I felt like sharing some of the changes I put into the scenarios when I play Rimworld.  I had two ideas, which will be two separate forum threads, just for clarity and ease of looking at one specific type of scenarios.

This thread I made for people to post their weird, off-the-wall, or extreme scenarios.  I'm looking for scenario settings that HUGELY change the basic way you play the game.  I'll share some of my ideas, and would love to hear what other people have come up with, because some of these TYPE of games can be really fun to play a couple times through (This is for big, extreme changes to make a comprehensive scenario in the scenario editor.  For little tweaks you like to use in your day-to-day games, I have another thread open and would love to hear them there).

The one idea that I have where I didn't shamelessly rip it off from something I'd read elsewhere:
Chaos Planet -
Scenario settings:
Permanent game condition - Aurora
Permanent game condition - Flashstorm
Permanent game condition - Climate Cycle
Create Incident - Meteor impact - Repeat incident every 0.1 days
Create Incident - Flashstorm - Repeat incident every 0.1 days
Create Incident - Ship chunk drop - Repeat incident every 1.5 days
Create Incident - Resource Pod Crash - Repeat incident every 1 day
Create Incident - Transport pod crash - Repeat incident every 5 days

Starting resources, pawns, faction type, and anything else is up to you.

This scenario virtually forces you into a mountain to live.  Furthermore, with the constant flashstorms, even a temperate forest will be stripped of vegetation in no time.  The meteors landing roughly every 2.5 hours make outdoor travel dangerous, but extremely lucrative.  You'll have enough resources to build a base out of stone, steel, jade, silver, uranium, gold, or plasteel no problem....but forget wood.  Food will be a real concern, with outdoor gardens almost guaranteed to fail before yielding a harvest.  Some of the events are just for flavor (like the aurora), but most should have a real game impact, and simulate trying to build a colony on a planet with a permanent dense debris field above it that constantly crashes onto it's scarred, hellish surface.

I'd love to hear any crazy scenarios that other people have come up with that they want to share, or hear stories of your attempts to try scenarios posted here.

General Discussion / Your favorite basic scenario tweaks - and why
« on: March 19, 2019, 04:23:01 PM »
So I felt like sharing some of the changes I put into the scenarios when I play Rimworld.  I had two ideas, which will be two separate forum threads, just for clarity and ease of looking at one specific type of scenarios.

This thread I made for people to post the tweaks they tend to repeatedly put into most of their games when they start a new game, by altering the scenario in the scenario editor.  Maybe you have a certain event you hate, or love, or you really think a certain game value should be higher or lower.  I'll share some of my ideas, and would love to hear what other people like to change, and why, because I never know when I'll hear something I'd never thought of and would love to try (The other thread will regard extreme, weird, or crazy scenario ideas.  This is just for your go-to, normal tweaks).

I tend to disable single animal insanity and self-tame (where a single animal randomly becomes tamed).  The reason for this is because the events feel insignificant or JUST annoying to me.  a single animal going manhunter never feels like a threat (yes, it COULD be a day 2 elephant or rhino, or coincide with a thrumbo migration, but 99% of the time, its a completely insignificant thing), AND as is evidenced by reloading a save from right before a given event, when the game reaches the time that event happened in the past game, you'll get a new, similar but different event.  This implies that the game will still roll up a minor negative (my own term) event, but it'll pick something other than single animal manhunter.  I notice that my games have seemed a bit more interesting and dynamic with this (and a couple others) event disabled.  As for disabling self tame, it's often a pet I don't want, and again feels insignificant.  I leave on both "farm animals join" and "mass animal insanity" because those DO feel more impactful (that being said, I have gotten cool self-tames before, like a panther day 2, but like the earlier reason, it's rare enough to not feel worth it to me).

I disable short circuit and solar flare (and I would disable random electronic item breakdowns if there was an option to) because they happen SO often in the base game, and I'd rather my electronics be reliable....sure I might have an eclipse or a dead-wind period leave be blacked out, but that feels like MY failure, rather than losing a freezer of meat or a crop of hydroponics because the game rolled up a short circuit.  Oddly enough, I don't disable blight.  Not sure why, but it doesn't annoy me as much.

I occasionally disable toxic fallout or volcanic winter, but not lately.  I used to hate just having my colonists wander around indoors for days on end.  Felt like it just limited the game for no reason to me for a while.  Now I just play them out.  They feel shorter, but maybe I'm just better at keeping occupied.

I usually CREATE a recurring trade ship visit.  Usually a 15-30 day interval.  I enjoy interacting with the game economy, and using items i can produce to get CONSISTENT access to items I can't produce.  It makes the game feel more interactive.  I've considered playing a no/reduced trading game before, but I almost always change my mind because it feels like it'd be less fun.

Stat modifiers:
I run with a stack size modification mod and crank allowable stack sizes way up...around 3000 or more often.  I just hate sprawling, gigantic storage rooms.  To that end, I always run with "carry capacity" modified to 1000% (allows colonists to carry 750 at a time instead of 75).  Just a QoL improvement in keeping with the stack size change.

I like to modify "sleep effectiveness" to approximately 150%.  Yes - I get that modelling sleep is realistic and necessary, but having my pawns awake a little bit longer in each day...just makes it more fun to me.  Does it make it easier?  i suppose yes, they're getting the same sleep in less time, but it feels more active, and that's a plus to me.

I also tend to modify "mass" to about 20-50% which reduces how much objects weigh for the purposes of caravans.  It ties into liking to trade.  I often constantly have caravans visiting and buying and selling, and this opens up easier transport and purchase of things like steel and wood without dozens of draft animals, and lets me haul back bodies from nearby combat encounters (for burning into fertilizer with Rainbeau's Fertile Fields mod, and recycling clothes into 20% of their materials with "Mend and Recycle" mod).

I have other things I try from time to time, but those are the big ones...the ones I tend to use in almost every Rimworld game I play.

Ideas / Change or fix traps
« on: September 12, 2018, 09:52:59 AM »
No, I'm not asking for accidental spring chance to be removed.  That makes sense, it fits the flavor, and game-wise, it balances out the strong traps in B19 (if there was no accidental chance, bases would be flooded with 1-tile, trap-laden hallways).

I'm asking for 2 changes:
Allow uninstall/reinstall of traps to not require you to STAND on the trap and risk springing it
Allow hauling to access items in adjacent tiles OR make trap squares unable to hold other objects, including bodies.

I make use of traps, and I take reasonable precautions when i do.  I make sure i have safe access to all accessible squares AROUND traps (so i can clean and build new traps without risk).  I also manually flag the auto-rebuild of traps as "forbidden" until items and corpses have been cleared off of them.

Unfortunately, If a raid comes in, and a raider dies on a trap, and his weapon falls on another trap, that weapon CANNOT be accessed without risking a death....oftentimes the raider didn't even die in the same HALLWAY!  The gun falls on the other side of a wall onto a trap! 

Please allow pawns to pick up items off of traps without stepping on the trap.  Failing that, make tiles with traps unable to hold items, so that dropped items are shunted to an empty tile.  (I can live without the uninstall/reinstall and can live with deconstructing/contructing, but it makes sense to fix, because currently using the reinstall option on a trap is itself a trap)

Stories / Merlin the geriatric magic wizard...
« on: October 19, 2017, 10:43:13 AM »
One of my colonists in my 1st year colony, Pigeon, apparently had a father (who knew!?).  That father was apparently in space, and named Merlin.

Merlin crashed in an escape pod....from space...and landed on my map.  I mean, with the whole of the rimworld to land on, it's pretty impressive he lands in the tiny map hex his son is in.

Unfortunately, Merlin is 77, has dementia, 2 cataracts, hearing loss in both ears, asthma in both lungs, and is frail.  He was only missing heart disease, cirrhosis, and a bad back to have the whole variety pack.

Well, i certainly didn't want merlin in my colony, but he was pigeon's father, so i rescued him, healed him, and he wandered (SOOOO SLOOOWWWLY) off the map.

Not one day later, an escape pod crashes...from space....on my map.  Guess who's in it?

Yup...somehow Merlin the magic wizard got himself not only back up into space in ONE DAY, but also managed to have some sort of catastrophe that necessitated him crashing in an escape pod again...guess he just used the coordinates from the last crash.

My wife (in real life, not rimworld) is convinced he's just showing up for the free healthcare...

General Discussion / Headdesk...
« on: October 13, 2017, 11:43:03 AM »
Recovering from a raid, no serious damage except apparently i hadn't ACTUALLY drafted everyone, so the pirates arrived as my tamer and his animals were leaving the base...the tamer got out of range, but his pet grizzly was nearly killed.  pure luck he pulled through.

Anyways, finish cleaning up bodies, resetting traps, extinguishing fires, and finally the colonists go to bed.

ZZZZT happens along a bedroom wall, immediately setting fire to a colonist's bed, and the very first burn scars an eye.   :-\

that colonist wakes up and starts putting out fires, and another nearby colonist walks in to put out fires...and promptly stops to start a social fight with the burned colonist BECAUSE SHE'S DISFIGURED  :o ::)

A wee bit frustrating, a lot amusing.  Luckily no real damage from the fight and i have a spare bionic eye in storage.  I'd have been genuinely annoyed (at least until i savescummed) if that social fight (caused by the burn scar the colonist received from the fire that the other pawn was coming to extinguish) had caused a death.

Ideas / Give doors a "forbid to pets" checkbox
« on: May 26, 2017, 03:24:21 PM »
Doors with a "Forbid to pets" option.  Just a little checkbox, like the "make gather spot" option on tables and campfires

Doors are already mysteriously locked to raiders, but open to colonists and visitors.  Being able to prevent pets from getting through specific doors would be a big QoL improvement, especially as pets are able to ignore allowed zones to consume meals or drugs.

At LEAST give autodoors this option.

I think it is small, I do not know enough about the code to actually say "yes. this is simple"

From the A17 update notes:
-Equipment rack is now a general shelf which can hold pretty much anything.

From a Bug report I made a while back:
"Just had a husky walk into a room it was not allowed to enter and eat luciferium."

And the response from Tynan:
"It's as designed; the pawns don't always do what you tell them. (Area restrictions are an AI request, not a force-field.)"

My suggestion/request:
Make animals UNABLE to interact with shelves or anything on them.  They can't haul things to a shelf, haul them off of a shelf, or consume any item on a shelf.

My thinking on the matter:
It is perfectly understandable that animals/pawns will occasionally stray out of allowed areas to interact with objects.  I wholeheartedly agree that animals would go nibbling strange objects.  On the other hand, there are INCREDIBLY low-tech solutions to prevent animals from getting at things they aren't supposed to.  An overhead shelf would likely stop all but elephants or thrumbos accessing its contents.  A simple hinged chest with a latch would defeat all but the cleverest animals (and the double-lock latches, like on instrument cases would stop ALL animals). 

I do think that a "foolproof" "protection from animals" stockpile/shelf/item-holder should be in the game.  If you model animals getting into stuff and eating strange objects based on realism, then it feels like the most basic, common sense solution to this problem should be implemented as well, also based on realism.

I further think that preventing animals from accessing an area should come with the common sense drawbacks you would expect it to.  If animals can't access the stockpile/shelf/item-holder to consume it's contents, then they shouldn't be able to haul to it or from it either.

This suggestion is coming due to the change in function (and description) of the equipment rack in A17, though an alternative, also "realistic" and common-sense solution would be to add a toggle mark to doors that allows/forbids animal passage through the door (already colonists vs. raiders are distinguished, and the rationale for "no animal passage" doors could easily be a latch or lock)

Bugs / pet entering restricted area to eat luciferium
« on: May 12, 2017, 06:19:46 PM »
Just had a husky walk into a room it was not allowed to enter and eat luciferium.

Soon as i got the message, i confirmed that the luciferium was not in an allowed zone, the dog was restricted to a zone that did not include the luciferium.

Beyond annoying to lose both a couple hundred silver worth of drugs AND a dog to a bug when I did take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Bugs / Social impact rescue bug
« on: February 13, 2017, 12:52:50 PM »
just found a bug with rescuing (which allows a social boost)

If an anesthetized pawn attempts to "drop" their weapon, they will become rescuable on top of the bed they were on, without dropping their weapon.

This means you could click drop weapon, rescue with pawn A, click drop weapon, rescue with pawn B, click drop, rescue with pawn C, etc. 

Since the weapon never drops and they become re-rescuable (it appears that the +15 'rescued me' social impact does not stack, so you can not completely make every pawn amazing friends, but with a few medicine, you could make everyone in the entire colony a good bit more friendly to each other.

General Discussion / Post a cool tip you know about!
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:55:07 PM »
Rimworld is quite a complex game.  There are LOADS of object and mechanic interactions that go on, and some are quite subtle or often missed.

Think you know a lot about the game?  Want to share some of that knowledge?  Do it here!

Post a tip or trick that works in the game that YOU think others maybe, just maybe, don't know about. 

Here's mine to start it off: toolboxes, multi-analyzer, and vitals monitor efficiency.

Any number of work stations can be linked to the same 2 toolboxes.  range (and blocking terrain like walls) is the only limiting factor.  A carefully constructed workroom can have all workstations running at +12% (+6% twice from 2 toolboxes) with only having built 2 toolboxes.  The confusing wording is clarifying that you cannot stack insane % boosts by linking 24 toolboxes to your sculptors table...though you CAN link 24 sculptors tables to 1 toolbox.

This also works for:
Multi-analyzer.  Any number of hi tech research tables touching ONE multi analyzer will benefit.  In other words, more than 1 multi-analyzer = useless.  more than 1 hi tech research bench = great IF it can be placed touching the multi analyzer.

Vitals monitors.  Any number of beds (obviously a max of 4) can benefit from a single vitals monitor they are touching.  More than 1 vitals monitor touching a bed = no added effect.  More than 1 bed touching a vitals monitor = each bed benefits from the monitor simultaneously. 

Hope this helps anyone who was curious about the interaction with these objects.  Btw, all of these are personally tested and confirmed (connections show all affected workstations, i can research multi analyzer only items at multiple benches with only 1 analyzer touching those benches, and the info tab clearly shows the benefits of the single vitals monitor on all adjacent beds at once)

General Discussion / How do you use Luciferium?
« on: January 31, 2017, 12:28:00 PM »
I'm curious, and other people have commented as well on the controversial nature of the drug.  It would be interesting to see what people think about the drug, and how they use (or why they don't).

General Discussion / Never knew about this event before...
« on: January 27, 2017, 05:51:06 PM »
Played since A11 or A12.  I just saw something awesome and terrible for the first time ever today.

"Birthday!" event.
"Today is Red's Birthday, he has now reached a biological age of 52.
However, he has also gained the 'Bad Back' Health condition as a result of his advancing age"

Cool birthdays!
also "dammit!  Red was useful!"
Now he's just cooks pemmican and cleans...

Ideas / Suggestion: diseases - more transparency, more options
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:53:17 AM »
A little preparation for my suggestion:

In A15:
disease was treatable by medicine.  Medicine was easily obtained, plentiful, cheap, and stockpilable.  Disease was not a threat, it was an annoyance.

In A16:
Disease is usually treatable by modern meds, always by glittermeds, but a serious threat with herbal.  Herbal meds are very easy to get, modern meds aren't too hard to get, are cheap, and plentiful, and glittermeds are rare and expensive.  Disease is expensive for glittermeds, risky for regular meds, and deadly to herbal meds.  Penoxycyline is introduced as a tradeoff-style way to deal with diseases (treat no one, treat your doctor all the time cheaply, or treat everyone at GREAT expense) - but because disease actually hits days before the "disease event," penoxycyline is misunderstood, as well as the fact that complete avoidance of an event leaves you never sure if you prevented the event or just luck made the disease not hit.

I think that the new state of diseases in A16 is better than A15:
1) disease is a threat now, where it almost never was in A15
2) Disease now has several levels of distinct treatment quality, finally separating tribal from survivor starts (sorry folks, if something is a threat to survivor, it needs to be deadly to tribal, and if its a threat to tribal, its likely only a minor annoyance to survivor)
3) there is a preventative measure with a cost/availability vs. reward

That being said, there could be a few things that would further improve disease - making them more manageable without necessarily making them easier or harder.  Here are my proposals :

1) make disease mechanics and medicine more transparent in the game. 
           Rate of disease progression and immunity gain would be really helpful for players to know if they're on track or if the patient is doomed.  This helps make informed decisions both in the current game and in future playthroughs.  Informed decisions with measurable, predictable effects help to make a game more fulfilling.  The risk is still there.  A player can still think "well, he's looking ok, maybe i can try a regular med instead of my last glittermed" and then realize the treatment quality just didn't cut it, and you'll fall short.  At least you made an informed choice and learned the results of your choice in a timely manner.

2) More clarity in penoxycyline effects.
        This involves letting the player know when disease WOULD have hit a pawn, but was prevented by penoxycyline.  Players LOVE knowing that their choices made a difference.  By leaving it ambiguous whether disease was prevented by immunity or just didn't hit, the players never know if their actions mattered.  It also involves letting the player know if their taking penoxycyline was too late.  If penoxycyline was taken AFTER the disease was contracted (hidden) but BEFORE the notification of disease, then the penoxycyline would not grant immunity (though it might boost immunity).  Players need to know this or it leads to a fundamentally unintuitive system of disease prevention.  Possible methods are a notification of WHEN the disease was actually contracted (date/time) on the notification or health tab and/or the disease notification saying that while the pawn is under penoxycyline effects, it wasn't taken in time.  None of this changes how penoxycyline works, it just makes it clearer to the players.

3) Add a low-cost, high risk, high success option disease treatment (not prevention)
        Add or modify a drug that boosts blood filtration or some other immunity gain metric (in a clear, easily understood way), but is highly addictive, and could cause overdoses or permanent damage, just like the current risks of Yayo and Flake.  This gives players the choice of saving their pawns, but at risk of addiction and maybe eventually long-term problems like carcinoma or asthma or something.  This could even be an easily obtainable tribal remedy, allowing tribes to survive disease, but at SERIOUSLY more risk than survivor-type colonies.

None of these options fundamentally change the deadliness of disease (except possibly the last one, indirectly), they just give players the knowledge or informed options to deal with disease without blundering around, guessing at game mechanics, or misunderstanding less intuitive aspects.

Would love community thoughts on these proposals.  Agree or disagree as you see fit.  For the purposes of a clear and concise suggestion thread, please keep discussion limited to these points.  I'm NOT discussing a complete overhaul of the random "event based" diseases.  Needed or not, if that's what you want, make a different suggestion thread about that.  This is just for the 3 minor changes suggested above.

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