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Mods / CCL v0.14.2 - Get your outfits ready!
August 10, 2016, 06:56:27 AM
v0.14.2 - Get your outfits ready!

This release adds OutfitDefs including a new "Nothing" default outfit so nudists can set to be propery naked.  Also adds a new French translation as well as an automatic remote version checker against the github master branch.  Further improvements include detours to the Pawn_RelationsTracker so that all humanlike pawns of the same flesh type (Normal) can have interactions with each other.

The commit log contains all the details.
Mods / CCL v0.14.1 - He's Backstories People!
July 22, 2016, 12:21:15 AM

v0.14.1 - He's Backstories People!

This version builds against RimWorld Alpha 14 (build 1241).

This build adds BackstoriesCore originally by mipen (who integrated the code into CCL) as well as fixes some small bugs.

As per usual, see our commit log for full details.
Outdated / [A14] Community Core Library v0.14.3.1
October 20, 2015, 12:08:13 PM


Compatible with RimWorld builds:
1220, 1230, 1232, 1234, 1238, 1241, 1249

This forum thread and the first 10 posts serve as the "manual".

Be sure to read this every time you upgrade, things change, these posts are here to tell you how and how to avoid the most common issues.

Table of Contents

Basic Description

This is a basic set of functions which modders can use to enhance their RimWorld mods. Most of the library can be used from xml without any additional C# skill or requirement.

If you are a user which has a mod using CCL, you only need to download the latest CCL release zip.  Make sure it is enabled immediately after the 'Core' mod and before any other mod.

If you are a modder, download the modders resource or the source package.

Install Instructions

ALWAYS delete any previous install of both the core library and the vanilla tweaks before installing a new version.  This will avoid most common problems.

Regular users download the "User Release" package.

  • Extract all the folders in the zip into your Mods folder.
  • Enable "Community Core Library" immediately after "Core" - This is REQUIRED and a popup window will open to correct this if the library does not detect the correct load order position.
  • The "Community Core Library - Vanilla Tweaks" is entirely optional but highly recommended.  It does not matter where in your load order it is as it uses injection to modify the vanilla game objects.  Other mods may make changes to the same vanilla game objects but the tweaks mod will still take affect as a result of this mechanic.  The only rule is that this mod must be loaded after the core library.
  • The "Community Core Library - Mod Tweaks" is also optional and likewise is highly recommended.  This mod should be enabled last after every other mod.

Modders download the "Modders Resource" package.

  • Do not unzip this into Mods.
  • Install the mod folders into your Mods directory and enable them as per the user release.  (Although, installing and enabling the tweaks mods is still optional.)
  • Turn on development mode in the games main options menu, and;
  • Check your output_log.txt!  It will contain valuable information if CCL encounters errors when handling your mod!  This will help you fix those trivial bugs.
  • Always refer to "Def Descriptions", "Examples" and these forum posts (#1-10) herein refered to as "the documentation" for how to use this library.
  • If something is not covered, please ask a question.  Be ready to be given a polite "rtfm" if it is covered in the documentation. ;)
  • As a modder, if you use the user release to develop your mod, no help or support will be given.  If you want help, use the modders release, turn on development mode and refer your your log file and the documentation FIRST.

C# Developers
  • If you are simply wanting to mod and take advantage of CCL, use the source download or fork from the master branch (recommended).
  • If you want to contribute, bug fix, nitpick, etc, you should fork from the unstable development branch and propose changes through pull requests.

Once installed and placed in the correct load order, your load order should look like this:

Latest release | All releases | GitHub repository


This project started in Alpha 9, continued to be developed in Alpha 10 (some ideas had to be dropped due to complexity) and was first publicly released for Alpha 11.  Ideas and suggestions plus a lot of help came from the RimWorld community on the Ludeon Forums.  If you have an idea which fits into the context of CCL, please leave feedback or better, develop your idea and submit code!  CCL and it's team could always be fleshed out with additional talent!

Basic Troubleshooting

If all else fails, read all of the documentation ("Def Descriptions", "Examples" and this forum thread posts #1-10), don't skim over anything.  Especially read "note" sections.

Always do a "clean" install.  Delete the old version from /Mods/ before copying the new version.  Do not overwrite an existing copy.