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My current colony has three cooks and every one of them is skill 10 or above. Yet I still get messages of food poisoning and the cause is always "incompetent cook" when it's clearly the vast amount of filth in the kitchen causing the food poisoning. Perhaps it's the mods I'm rolling with, but the game seems incapable of distinguishing inherent skill from environmental factors, and I think the cooks deserve better.
Ideas / Raid size limit option
October 14, 2020, 06:48:26 PM
So my last game went 7 years and in that time I managed to deal with a great deal of threats, mostly Mechanoids, without having to build a super cheesy killbox, just something basic that allowed me to take a few centipedes at a time instead of getting completely overwhelmed. In the 7th year I got a pirate raid and over 100 guys showed up. I only had 18 colonists so my non-cheesing killbox was rapidly overwhelmed and there was no chance of us ever fending off a group that size.

After playing this game for so long this has honestly killed my interest in the game, because there is no way to ultimately avoid this scenario. I play with a lot of mods that add wealth and over time it all begins to add up. What really bothers me about these raids is if you play long enough your wealth guarantees a raid of overwhelming size, and the only way to realistically combat a raid this size is to have a stupid tunnel lined with traps for these guys to march through. These trap tunnels are extremely cheap, but that's the meta because raids grow to ridiculous sizes. I really cannot emphasize enough how much I detest this meta. It is stupid and not at all interesting, either from a gameplay standpoint or a "story" standpoint.

What the game needs is a simple option in the scenario settings that allows you to limit raids to either a flat number, or better, some multiple of the current colonists. So for example, if I set it to "x3", I never get more than 3 times the number of my colonists in any raid. All the extra wealth that would have gone to more raiders instead gives raiders better gear so their threat level grows over time. I've never seen raiders arrive in cataphract and 30-50 guys in power armor would be a serious threat, but perhaps manageable. Over 100 raiders some of who are not wearing armor but carrying Doomsdays are not manageable without cheesing.

If there's a mod that does this, that's great, but putting it into the scenario settings would be much better, that way there's no mod to break, or cause conflicts, and it shouldn't be that difficult to add to the raid logic. I'm not a programmer but this seems like a simple task, it's just limiting the number of pawns a raid can spawn. I think there are much more interesting things that could be done with raids (being able to pay raiders off, some way to raise relationship with them so they don't always raid you) that would make the game more interesting from a story standpoint, and if Tynan ever makes a DLC that adds that kind of dynamic I would be very interested. But in the meantime I cannot justify playing the game anymore since every colony is ultimately doomed to failure. I've never been a member of the "losing is fun" tribe. Losing is for losers.

So I am curious how this works and I just want to confirm if I am correct in my reasoning. It's set to 100% for all the difficulties so I assume what this means is, if a hit were to kill instantly (headshots for example), there is 100% chance it will. If I change it to 50% there is only a 50% chance the pawn will actually get killed instantly and will instead survive the hit with major damage. Is that correct? And if not what does this setting do? Thanks.
So apparently colonists can spring traps now... this is aggravating. Since trap damage has been buffed it is essentially a death sentence, which is what just happened to a colonist. One of just 4, the first I recruited since the game has been shoveling garbage pawns at me and I don't need sheriffs or medieval lords in my roster.

I've taken to playing Ironman as I think that is the correct way to play, but this bit of RNG has me seriously reconsidering. I think it's a trash mechanic.

edit: typo

[attachment deleted due to age]
See attached picture. This same pawn has Medical appropriately nulled out as he is incapable of Caring. However pawns incapable of Animal still get skill and passions they have no use for.

[attachment deleted due to age]
General Discussion / Tough trait, what does it do?
July 30, 2018, 05:00:49 PM
Self explanatory. I had a wild man with Tough make an attempt on some survival meals, I was having none of it so I stabbed him to death. He'd survived a trap but it only took two shivs to finish him. How does it work? Some sort of hidden armor or extra hitpoints? I couldn't find anything in info that was different from the colonists.
Ideas / Thoughts on intelligent auto-queuing tasks
July 24, 2018, 07:32:46 AM
With the introduction of the auto-queuing of hauling if a colonist is headed to a particular destination (a good feature, and certainly one who's implementation could use a little more work), I started wondering how this might be expanded. The idea is to reduce micro by getting pawns to engage in this sort of thing in instances that are intuitive. I'm sure it's a difficult AI problem, so I'm not expecting miracles. The first suggestion I have in particular seems challenging, the second one seems easier. Two examples immediately sprang to mind, as I was performing some micro in my Naked Brutality game. Let this thread serve as a reservoir of more.

  • When designating foraging, particularly of plants distant to a relevant stockpile, the colonist could auto-queue hauling if all the designated for harvesting plants within a certain radius have been harvested.
  • When hunting, colonists will occasionally stop to eat food they're carrying. During this delay, another colonist may "take" the hunting job, resulting in inefficiency. If a colonist is on a hunting job and stops to eat, it would be great if they would automatically queue the hunting target they're currently on.
Has anyone seen this before? One of my wardens went to talk to a prisoner (we keep him around in case I need a spare organ) and I got the New Lovers notification. I have a bunch of mods installed so it could be one of those. Hospitality might be the culprit.

Anyway now I feel compelled to recruit the guy.
I'm running a number of mods so it may be related to them. This is the issue though: when I attempt to draw a stockpile, it fails. It's like it gets stuck: instead of drawing the stockpile, the selection box restarts wherever the cursor ended. This would be stockpile #21 if I counted correctly. But then it gets really weird. When I unpause the game, all the objects and the map start blinking on and off. Everything (objects, map, interface) vanishes like it's not there, but I can still see the fog, and then a second later it comes back, at very regular intervals. This will continue forever, and persists after a save and restart.

Sorry if this is confusing, it's very difficult to describe. If there is an easy way to make a recording of this in Steam I will.
Bugs / Typographical error on World Map Named Region
December 14, 2017, 04:46:54 PM
Noticed this on the world map of a game I'm currently playing.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]
Playing a tribal game; going into year 4 I realized there had been zero romantic relationships in a colony of 14 people. We recruited a 15th colonist and after a couple weeks he hit it off with someone. I was glad to see a double-bed actually being utilized and it freed up a room.

Their relationship lasted 24 hours and now they're "ex-lovers".

Was relationship chance heavily tweaked? 2 alphas ago and I remember quite a few pawns forming strong, lasting relationships that progress to marriage. Lately though everyone is forever alone and any romance is lucky to last a season, if that. It's not very realistic; romantic love is a very basal, powerful human motivation and there's no reason more people shouldn't be getting into relationships. And those relationships should be a lot more durable than the ones I'm seeing.

Feedback welcome.
Off-Topic / Ready Player One - Movie Trailer
December 10, 2017, 04:25:30 PM
So this is happening.

I thought the novel was sort of "meh" but this looks pretty rad.
Alright so I was playing a tribal game and everything was fine until the Poison Ship. How do you deal with these? Let's assume for argument you don't get a trader or pirate raid, so no EMP grenades and the best firearm is maybe the starter rifle. What can a tribal start do? Rushing Machining research seems really expensive. When the ship dropped I hadn't finished electricity yet.  I had 7 pawns by this point in the game.

Wall and sandbag cover at max recurve distance = lots of dead tribals, so I'm guessing you have to cheese here.
General Discussion / Probability of Events in Randy
November 19, 2017, 09:12:27 PM
I started a Rich Explorer game in Randy Permadeath and was hoping to get a free colonist within the first week, didn't happen. Got a Raid on Day 7. Is this now standard? Is the possibility of a "crashlanded" or "wanderer joins" event tied to Randy's randomness? I've got three mods running but none of them change game behavior, afaik. They're of the more stuff variety.

Also, perhaps related. I never got a chance to naming event either. This may be tied to a mod that messed with map generation but I'm not sure. I wound up with a random faction name and "Colony" for the colony name.
Not sure if it's possible, but, if a pawn with a bionic implant needs medical attention, it would be interesting if this required crafting (or perhaps construction?) skill, to reflect the mechanical nature of augmentations. If they're wholesale limb replacements they're probably going to need servicing anyway, could be an entire sub-industry, but I wonder if the medical code can even differ between bionic and organic limbs? Expertise welcome.
Ideas / Opportunity to recruit visitors
April 19, 2016, 07:27:03 PM
So I recently had a group of visitors so I looked over the pawn stats like the voyeur I am. I thought to myself, "I wish I could recruit these people... you know, without possibly killing them."

Pawns are free agents, essentially. The new social mechanics shows they have desires like anyone else. I think it would be cool if while a visitor was on the map, there was a "chat and recruit" option like we have with prisoners. I don't think it should be EASY, but it would be a nice way to bolster the ranks when we're playing anything other than Randy, or our favorite medic just got the frail trait. I'm playing Phoebe Rough and in a standard tribal raid I'll be lucky if one pawn survives my assault rifle barrage. This is too slow. Give me some options here. It would also give us the opportunity to bring family pawns into the colony. I mean, I think if I found my brother (or hypothetical child) on a Rimworld, I'd prefer to live with him instead of apart. Just my thoughts.
General Discussion / Best use of devilstrand?
April 18, 2016, 02:04:01 PM
I'm thinking dusters. I had someone make a 2.5k Masterwork boomalope duster, so I think I can crack 3k with devilstrand. What is the most cost-effective clothing use for devilstrand?
General Discussion / Steel vs. Stone walls
April 16, 2016, 09:16:18 PM
Any advantage to steel? I prefer the look but it's got less HP and 20% flammability. So unless I'm missing something...
As the title says. Look, I get that a lot of people from better-off worlds are not used to heavy lifting or cleaning up after themselves. But it's just ridiculous that they can't, or won't after being thrust into the situation of Rimworld. 3 random people and only one of them is doing the lifting/cleaning? Where is the justification here? I don't see how it encourages balance, since it just ensures no non-job specific hauling gets done and the entire colony looks like a pigsty. It's a bit of a chore rerolling colonists with decent builds because they don't do basic, necessary labor. There is no free lunch in the colony. Locking people out of other specific jobs is fine for RP reasons, but Dumb Labor is something that everyone SHOULD be able to do, by virtue of it's nature. I can see some real hardcases like Sheriff or Assassin flat-out refusing, and who's going to make them? But some of these special snowflakes (I'm looking at you Pop Idol) need to buck up and get with the times.

Just my thoughts.
General Discussion / Who builds the ship?
April 08, 2016, 10:45:13 PM
Who actually builds a ship? I can't imagine a reason except as some sort of benevolent exporting of undesirables.