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Well, the name pretty much speaks for itself.
Got this bug twice while trying to carry my colonists to  cryptosleep caskets to prevent them dying from infection. I was too late and they died in the hands of their mates. But they also had all their inventory disappear.
General Discussion / Teh pity endings
April 19, 2016, 07:14:18 PM
Just to whine about

Ever since A13 I had colonies rise to their glory and then inevitably collapse in the most soul crushing way. I mean I was playing with Randy before A13, but since that release the grade of absurdity has increased dramatically.

The first colony (desert biome) was hit by heat wave during solar flare and all but two colonists died by heatstroke. And when it came to an end, a boar (it kinda had to be ANGRY DESERT BOAR) rushed in and finished them off.

The second one had burned to ashes in one evening just when everything seemed to be going extremely well. That was just one damn boomalope gone wild and shot by turrets immediately, but all seven (well, six, except one incapable of firefighting) just weren't able to extinguish that fire, moreover, this damn thing HAD BURNED ALL THE MAP, EVERY SINGLE TREE WAS BURNED, THE WHOLE MAP HAD JUST TURNED INTO DESERT IN TWO MINUTES. Two of my colonists had almost managed to survive this apocalypse when an angry rhinocero (srsly?) came to finish them.

And the third one in temperate forest was, perhaps, the most insulting. All my colonists died of malaria during cold snap. I mean HOW THE HELL CAN YOU GET SICK FROM MALARIA IN MOUNTAINS? ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE'S NOTHING BUT SNOW AND GRIZZLY BEARS HUNTING DOWN YOUR ALPACAS AROUND?!   :'(